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Need Idas to Make a Flower Costume

Hi moms,
My daughter will be in a play in kindergaten in May and she will be a flower. I need ideas on how to make a simple costume. The teacher said nothing fancy, and most moms are making the other costumes out of cardboard, i really dont want to make hers out of cardboard, but im also not very creative...i was thinking of getting her green leggins and a green longsleeve shirt for the "stem" and make a flower headband or something like that. Any ideas? please help.

Also, the teahcer does not want any masks or anything that covers their faces.

Thanks! :-)

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Do you have a tutu? If you go to a place that sells fake flowers..pick some up, take them off the stem and either hot glue them or safety pin them to the tutu. Get a headband and glue the flowers to that as well.

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My Mother did it for me and my little sister for Easter when we were kids. We wore a comfortable green dress ( they used to call it a shift) the flower part was made of petals made into a collar around our necks. I was a rose..and my sister was a daisy.Try using some fun foam from Michaels or Hobby lobby or somewhere..and attach peices to something like a baby bib..that you can remove or replace at will, You r daughter will be comfey and cute as a button. Good luck !

I would get green leggings or pants and a green hooded sweatshirt. Use paper or felt and tape, sew or staple yellow petals around the hood of the sweatshirt. If you staple them, make sure the pointy part is on the OUTSIDE of the hood.

Then when she puts the hood on the petals will frame her face. Just make sure you don't staple the drawstring so she can tighten the hood if necessary.

Easy! :)

Have fun!

A bunch of sunflower petals around the hooded face-part of a green sweatshirt could be adorable (Just look at Ann Gedde pictures for inspiration)


You can buy some large silk, cheap flowers and use their petals to attach to a sweatshirt or use fun foam that is a little thicker so that it has some body to it. Fun foam comes in many colors and you can easily color it with markers and crayons to shade the petals.

Also, attaching some green netting to her green sleeves or felt leaves may give her more of a stem look.

Although this idea will go over the head, it won't necessarily "hide" the face. My great aunt made a tutu for my daughter out of elastic and tulle. Not only did she wear it as a tutu, she put it around her head and called herself a flower. All you need is elastic that fits around your daughter's head, like a headband. Sew the ends together. Then buy tulle in 2 different colors and cut the tulle into strips double the length you want. Then knot the tulle around the elastic, alternating colors, until the whole elastic band is covered. I have pics on my facebook, so if you want to see pictures, email me at ____@____.com, and I can send you my facebook page.

Just to add to all the great ideas you've already received. Try gluing daisy petals that you can make yourself out of felt and glue them to a hair/headband. If you cut out twice as many petals as will cover the hairband, you can glue a pipe cleaner or two in between two petals (down the length of the petal). That way, you'll be able to bend and position each petal. She can look like a cute daisy (her face being the middle). I was a flower when I was little. I have little boys now! Good luck and have fun!

How about adding a tutu for some frills and it also would resembles petals. Good Luck I am sure anyhtring you think of will be grest!

If you go to familyfun.com and search in the Halloween costumes, you'll find directions to make a cute flower costume. Have fun!

I would google or yahoo search "flower costumes for kids" see what you get.

I think Family Fun magazine had a flower costume not too long ago.

My SIL made her daughter a flower costume when she was little by getting felt and making a bonnet of sorts out of it and then hot gluing fake roses all over it. She used wide ribbon to tie it around her chin. It was really cute.

Been there, done that sister! My son was actually the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk once, and my daughter was a flower power girl, and combining those things, ta-da! A flower! Super easy. Here's what I did: I bought some green felt, and cut out leaves and pinned them to my son's green clothes. There's the stem. For the flower, I got a little foam crown from the craft section of JoAnn Fabrics- 99 cents- can't be beat! Then I bought a few of the flower sponges they had in the dollar bins, and unhooked them so that I had a dozen little flowers and I put one on each point of the crown. I think that could easily be modified to petals instead of individual flowers on the crown. If you want, you could get that foamy stuff they use for cushions and cut out petals. Hope that wasn't too confusing! It really is simple, despite what I make it sound! :D
Best of luck!

I think you are right on target. I have done professional costumes in the past and must say that sometimes the simplest things make the greatest impact.
Will she wear a headband...you know the hard plastic type? Glue (hot glue works VERY well for this) a very LARGE artifical flower to it....just remove the flower from its original stem. You can find these at Michaels, JoAnn fabrics, Walmart....I know you will be happy with the results no matter what you do. You can make a flower petal collar out of felt with your darling daughters face as the flower center if you'd like also. Some scissors and a few safety pins and you would be set with this option....most felt comes in wide widths so can easily get petals that are wider than her shoulders cutting a circle first then the actual petals and head opening. Just be careful to use a fabric that won't fray easily if you choose something other than felt

Do you have a tutu? If you go to a place that sells fake flowers..pick some up, take them off the stem and either hot glue them or safety pin them to the tutu. Get a headband and glue the flowers to that as well.

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