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Need Help with White Buildup from Dishwasher.

Ok my diswasher is driving me crazy! Everytime I do a load of dishes I have a white film on all of my dishes I am guessing it's build up. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of this and nothing works. I have used bleach, limeaway, clr, and even 2 bottles of dishwaher cleaner for lime and build up that I go from walmart and nothing has helped.
I know my dishwasher is on the older side ( 8 or 9 yrs old ) but I really can't afford to buy a new on right now and any advise would be appreciated. I work nights 12 hour shifts and really don't want to do dishes by hand if I can avoid it since I don't have much free time as it is with my son. Thanks in advance.

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For several months now I have been using a product I too found at Walmart - Lemmi Shine. (I have not looked for it anywhere else yet.) I found it next to the dishwasher detergents. I use it every time I run the dishwasher. The first time I ran the dishwasher empty. Then I use it in my closing detergent cup and regular dishwasher powder in the open cup. It took a couple of washes and now my dishes are coming out cleaner.

I had the same issue - we were using generic dishwasher detergent. Now I buy Cascade complete and don't have any problems. After reading some of the feedback -I'm going to look into my water softner as well. good luck- I know it drove me crazy. having to re-wash/wipe clean dishes.

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Try to add a little bit of regular dish soap to your load of dishes. I use powder detergent plus I add liguid dawn when I wash my cycle, my dishes come out nice and clean and clear. Just put it in the little tray for extra cleaning.

Probably not what yoy want to hear, but a water softener also got rid of this problem for us.
We tried about every kind of detergent out there.
On the plus side, with a water softener, you can also use less product (dish and clothes washing, and also in the shower). The soap doesn't have to fight with the minerals in the water to work. Our skin also feels cleaner after showers.

We bought ours, but I know that they can also be rented pretty reasonably.
Hope you find something!! It was definitely an annoying issue.

I had the same problem when my husband bought the wrong dishwasher tabs. Switching back to the Electrosol Finish brand tabs fixed it for me.

Check your water softener. We just had this happen and it was driving me crazy... then we realized we were out of salt. Filled in and now everything is fine again!

Hi L.,
I put about one cup of white vinegar in the empty dishwasher while on the wash cycle. It sounds like maybe it's your water though and not your dishwasher? I've had the problem in the past while living in apartments and had to resort to hand washing...yuck!

Good luck!

i had the same problem. it was my hard water. i just got a water purification system a week ago and the dishes look brand new.
good luck.

We had the same problem. We started buying the Cascade complete with Bleach. It's expensive but works really well.

Could it be that you're using too much detergent? I would cut back on the amount of detergent you are using. It could be that your dishwasher is rinsing as effectively as it used to. It doesn't sound, to me, like an issue with lime, since that usually builds up on the inside of the dishwasher. I'm not sure though...

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