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Need Help with Thrush and Breast Yeast Infection

My daughter has thrush. I breastfeed, so I also have this infection. It causes pain when she nurses and my milk comes in. The pediatrician prescribed nystatin for her and nystatin cream for my breasts. This was working, but very slowly and we ran out of the prescription.

I called and asked for a refill and instead she prescribed fluconazole for 2 weeks. So, I called my OB/Gyn to see if I could get a prescription for myself, so we could both clear up this infection at the same time. He ended up prescribing the same thing for me in a one pill dose. Well, it's been two weeks and her thrush looks just as bad and I still have a lot of pain in my breasts. This prescription seems to have done nothing for us.

Has anyone had as much problems as I have clearing this up? Can you offer any advice? I hate to have to contact the doctors again. It's such a long drive to the pediatrition and I have her (my one month old) and a two year old that is no picnic to continue taking back and forth to the doctor. What clears this stuff up?

Thank you.

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Thank you so much, everyone! I did call the doctor back.. I got the nurses and they again prescribed the diflucan... oh well. I mentioned I wanted to try the nystatin, but I'm really not a pushy person, so I didn't push the issue. They said if that didn't work in a week, that my doctor wanted to see Kendal.

I've started using the vinegar that was suggested, because I have that around the house and today I'm going to try to get to the pharmacy and get the gentian violet and look for some of the other things people have mentioned... I don't think I'll get the prescription. I do have tablets of the acidillophus (sp?)... I got a few weeks ago and I've been taking one a day. I'll try to find the capsules, so I can give some to Kendal.

I also decided to cut sugar out of my diet yesterday, which is so tough to stick by. It was my baby boys birthday yesterday (he turned 2) and boy did I want some of that cake. I'm trying to stick to the no sugar and no white flour thing, until this clears up in Kendal.

Thanks again!

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My son had thrush and it took almost a month to get rid of it. Fortunately I wasn't breastfeeding so I never got the infection. I had to give him medicine 3 times a day for a month before it cleared up. Good luck. I hope something works out for you. I would definitely call the doctor back though.

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Hi. I had this problem with both of my children. Here are my comments/suggestions.

1. Yeast is highly contagious! You have to be dilligent about hand washing Anything that touches your breast or baby's mouth needs to be washed in hot water and dried completely. You can use white vinegar to wipe down any surfaces/toys that come in contact with the yeast. I used to wipe down door handles, knobs of cabinets, and my counter tops with white vinegar (it kills yeast on surfaces).

2. Call a La Leche League mom. Your doctor's office will have their number. You can also look them up on the web.

3. Dr. Sears has a website as does Dr. Weil. They both give good information about yeast.

4. Go back to your doctor. Explain everything you have gone through. As for an agressive treatment and anything else that will help. I ended up having to scrape the thrush off the tongue of my infant after every feeding. I used a tongue depressor that the doctor provided and scraped as much off as I could. I'd toss it, wash my hands and administer the Nystatin. Then I'd wash up again and apply the Nystatin cream to my breasts.

5. Go to the health food store. Get acedopholis (mispelled, sorry), a probiotic. It puts the good bacteria back into your system to help fight the thrush. This is for you only. I don't know that it's safe for babies.

6. Cut out sugar. Eat fresh veggies and fruits. Drink a lot of water. No dairy except for yogurt with live and active cultures. I was on a high sugar/carb diet but changed because of the yeast...it's worth the sacrifice and I even lost a couple of pounds!

7. Keep your breasts dry. Use disposable breat pads after your nipples are dry from a feeding. Change the pads after each feeding/application of Nystatin.

I know that's a lot but yeast is a tough nut to crack. You can do this.

Good luck!

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GENTIAN VIOLET!!!! it turns the mouth purple but it works like a miracle!! we tried everything with my daughter and it's the only thing that worked. good luck!!

Hi S.,

I can understand with your frustrations on the infection of you and the baby. I breast fed my son til he was almost 3 yrs of age and the only reason I stopped was because I kept getting the infections and so it was time for me to quit....long time, I know. Anyway as I remember for the first time they gave my son some purpleish/blueish (gentian violet) this stuff you will put on your breast and that goes in his mouth but very hard to clean and it did help. A big important thing that helped me.....sounds wierd but it helped, fill your sink up with warm water and let your breast soak in it. The next thing is to try not to wear anything as far as shirt, bra etc....that as well sounds wierd but your breast will heal better with the dry air as to if you were to wear something, the bacteria continues to grow and and is bothersome and after each feeding let your breast air dry . Trust me, I went to the naval hospital several times because of this infection and the one and only thing that really helped was a cream called, clotrimazole. Sorry if I'm not making much since, it's late and im extremely tired but I wanted to respond to you and give you a little info that could help you as it did for me. Keep your chin up and good luck :)


I also had thrush and gave it to my daughter when I breastfed. She took that medicine that turned her mouth purple. I can't remember the name of it. Honesty, I think that she would have been better had I used formula because it too soooo long to clear up the thrush and she was in so much pain as well as me. I did manage to breastfeed her 4 months but she was "colicky" the whole time. I think it was from the thrush. Good luck. I know its a nightmare.

I have never had trush myself but both of my first two daughters had it while I breast fed. It seems like you guys may be giving it back and forth to each other, so it's not gettig a chance to heal. Try pumping your milk into a bottle. Let the infection heal for the both of you before you begin nursing again. When My daughters had it I put them on a bottle, washing the bottles and nipples with bleach every night and then boiling them in water afterwards to make sure they were sterile for the next use.

I never had this problem. I did have a lot of pain in the beginning and I am still not sure why. For about 10 weeks!! I am still nursing my 1 year old and loving it. I really hope you can make it a little longer. I don't take drugs for much of anything if I can help it. I do use a lot of Lanilon on my nipples for pain and it does not have to be removed to feed. Eat better because you are what you eat and your baby eats it too. This will build your immune system to fight the infection naturally.

Hope this helps.

Hi S. OOOOO I am so sorry you have this. I had it and it was soooo bad. I cried every time he latched on and as he ate it was fine but every time I had to feed him I didn't want to it just hurt so bad. I would call your ob and tell them how you feel say listen I am still having a problem with the thrush could you please prescribe me Nystatin it was working when I first got this and I ran out. I would like to try it again. I can't drive in to see you because it is just to hard for me to do it my self with the two kids. If they don't do it then I would switch doctors. They should understand and help you out. Nystatin was what I used putting the liquid on my breast before feeding and after feeding in my baby's mouth and putting the cream on my breast after feeding. YOU REALLY just need to tell the doctors what you want them to do. Good luck I feel your pain! A. www.busymomsworkathome.com

To clarify: Nystatin and Diflucan are not antibiotics. They are anti-yeast/fungus medications.

My son had thrush and it took almost a month to get rid of it. Fortunately I wasn't breastfeeding so I never got the infection. I had to give him medicine 3 times a day for a month before it cleared up. Good luck. I hope something works out for you. I would definitely call the doctor back though.

A home remedy someone told me when my baby got thrush was to buy over the counter milk of magnesia and put it on a Q tip or finger and rub it on the infected mouth area once or twice a day. I think it did work for me, the second time she got it and I tried it, she got rid of it in like a week. That was a couple months ago. The first time they gave me a medication. Not sure if it will help your breast though...Good luck, that's got to be uncomfortable for both of you.

wow, i am backwards of you 2 girls and just got my 1st boy.
i went to the store and got a bottle of stuff called blue voliet,(i think that is what it is) it is over the counter , at the pharmacy. you take a q-tip and swab the mouth of baby, it will turn the babys mouth blue and dont put clothes on him until later, it will stain. but it only took 2 times of doing that in a 3 day time span it clear him up and i got better to. i took that same pill you are, i also keept heat to my breast and it helped with the pain. jess

Make sure you get acidofillious at the local herb shop. Anywhere has it but they will have good quality brands. Nature's sunshine is a great brand. Take two or three of those a day and it will be gone before you know it!! Even if you don't take it for the infection, take it to replace the good bacteria in your body after the antibiotic killed them. Otherwise, you will just keep getting the yeast infections.

Call both your doctor and your daughters pedicatrician and tell them the new antibiotic isn't working, but the other was. Don't let it go, and don't let them give you both another round of this antibiotic if it does nothing.

Good luck

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