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**Need Help with RLS**

I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and I need some help. I'm not getting enough good sleep and it's interfering with my job, home and LIFE. If you've ever had this then you know what I'm going through. Here are the things I DO: walk around every hour for about 10 minutes while at work; take a warm bath at night and do minimal stretches with my legs (too much will make it worse) I take OTC 'restful legs' (not recognizing any improvement) and I've quit drinking any caffeine drink a couple of hours before bed time.I don't want to take any of the medications the doctor has Rx'd because the side effects are too alarming.

If anyone can please help me, I would be forever grateful!! Last night I only got about 3 hours of sleep. PLEASE HELP!

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I go to the dr. next week and I'm going to request he do the mineral test and see what I'm lacking. Of course I want to take the most natural way of relieving the RLS and will take what I'm lacking and see if that helps. Thanks again!!

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I have had to cut my caffeine consumption to none after 5pm. It has helped with RLS and also my sleeping. I can go to sleep fine, but I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. I can tell on nights when I have had Dr Pepper with supper.

Maybe you could try taking a dose of Tylenol or drinking a glass of wine just before bed, just to help you relax. I know those may not sound like something you want to do long term, but every so often. On nights when I can't get back to sleep, I have taken tylenol to help me relax and it definitely helps. I'm not talking a PM version, just the regular stuff.

My husband has been taking Requip and it works great. We look at it as if he is taking a supplement to help. Also, Mirapax is supposed to be good. It is worth a try!

I have been suffering with RLS for about 10 years now and I started taking Requip. I know you said you did not want to try meds from the doctor but I was so sleep deprived that I decided to start taking them. I have been taking them now for about 6 years and it has worked wonders. I have had some side affects like tinging in my arms but I have now adjusted the dose to a quarter of a pill and that is still working fine. My husband laughs that I bother with a quarter of a pill but I have still tried to go without and the symptoms come back. So in my opinion, it is worth it... if you have side affects, adjust the dose

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I understand completely because I also have RLS and it is a very severe case. I was also a single mom with three children trying to teach and deal with children on less that a perfect nights sleep. I went to see Dr. Duhun at the Sleep Disorders clinic because I couldn't take it any more. I had been taking requip but it made me so sleepy that I couldn't function when I had to take it during the day. He changed my meds to Mirapex and it has worked like a miracle. I only have to take it at night and it doesn't make me sleepy during the day. There is also the Restless Leg Foundation that puts out a monthly newsletter that always has suggestions. It is free to join. There are some other remedies that claim to work but I haven't tried them. One is acupuncture and the second is chiropractic. I do see a Chiropractor twice a week but I have so many other issues that we haven't gotten to the restless legs yet. I go to Dr. Jon Guymon on Cypress Creek in Cedar Park and he is wonderful. I'm new to this part of Texas so I'm not sure where Kingwood is in relation to Cedar Park. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers because I know how devastating it can be.

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If possible dear sister - leave the caffeine alone after 12:00 p.m. -- I have not suffered with this particular ailment but know it has many calcium depleting, momma unraveling effects -- Know that I am praying for peaceful legs for you in Cypress, TX!!

1) Try not drinking any caffeine after noon daily.

2) Take iron supplements (be sure to eat something with them). This was recommended to my daughter. It takes a while to start helping, but should help.

Hope you get some sleep!

I have the same thing but my doctor insists I don't and it drives me crazy. He did prescribe me a mild 5 mg. sleeping pill to take if needed and then I took the rest in to my own hands. I first started standing by my bed with my feet slightly apart and bending backwards at the waist and holding it for a few seconds. Then I repeated it 5 - 10 times and also rotated my waist in a circle as well. This helped tremendously. Then bending backwards and holding it I got from researching on the internet. I then also went to get a massage which I never do nor have time for and I had a hard time finding someone who could give me a good nice one like a Swedish massage and not that darn sports or deep tissue one that only made things worse. I finally found this lady (Dianne Warner) at Rene's of Castle Hills on N.W.Military (if you are in San Antonio) and not only could she do the massage I wanted but she was also an expert in accupressure which I have to admit I wasn't really a true believer. I paid extra for the 90 minute massage vs. the hour or half hour and I have to tell you she was absolutely wonderful and I had no further problems for well over a month. I am just now starting to have some symptoms again and will be going back. As for the sleeping pills they are very mild and I can totally function on them. I do not take them every night but I do get a nice full sleep and they do not cause me not to be able to still wake up if needed and when I do wake up I feel so refreshed and not sluggish and tired. Oh by the way, I don't really get that much exercise anymore and I just couldn't stop all my caffeine and I am doing fine. I like you didn't want to take any medication for RLS. You might try the massage and see if that helps. It sure helps not taking medication. Good Luck to you.

I take extra Potassium and Iron everyday and it works for me. I suffer if I don't...


My husband suffers from the same. We've tried a lot of things. About a month ago we purchased Valerian Root at GNC which is a herbal supplement. He is sleeping throughout the night. He still has it when he lays down to rest, but this supplement has helped him to sleep better.
I hope this helps you too!

My husband was diagnosed with RLS about a year and 1/2 ago. He went through a sleep study to determine the severity then tried three different presciptions before finding the right one for him. It's amazing how much healthier he is because he can actually rest his body (not to mention easier to be around). It is a little expensive to go through the testing, but I would say it's an investment in you that will pay off 100 times over because you can take better care of your family. I strongly urge you to go to the doctor and pursue medical treatment.

Bless you! My husband has it too. I understand your concern about the side effects. Just remember that not everyone gets the scary side effects, and the drug companies are required to list them ALL. That's why it's important to keep trying different medications until you find one that works well with no or few or tolerable side effects for YOU, just like you do with your kids. If your child had RLS and wasn't getting enough sleep, what would you do? We all know that our immune system DEPENDS on restorative (REM) sleep to keep us mentally and physically healthy, pleasant, able to make solid decisions, drive safely, etc. So all I'm saying is, stay flexible, open, and practical. If you find something that works, please share it with us so we can all learn. Good luck!

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