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Need Help with Labels for Boys Drawers

My husband and I are currently expecting our third child. We decided to have our boys (a 2 yr old and 10 mo old) share a room. I have consolidated their clothes into one chest of drawers. I would really like some cute picture labels that I could put on each drawer so that everyone in the family will know who's stuff is in which drawer. I thought the pictures might be nice for when my oldest starts picking out his clothes and dressing himself. If anyone has any good ideas about this please let me know. Thanks!!

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How about stenciled names if the drawer fronts are wood, maybe in contrasting colors? Simple and room to grow.

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Hi A.. Eveyone has great ideas. I also agree and recommend that regardless of where you get your pictures (hand drawn, photos, clip art etc) that they are removable and adjustable, so you can be more flexible in making changes as they grow. Another idea is to color code your children. Starting with the laundry baskets, drawer tags/pictures, and even clothing dots or labels that go on shoes, socks, clothing, backpacks etc. Child A - knows he/she is "green" and their dirties go in the green basket and they get thier clothes from the green shirt drawer etc.
It will help when they are older also, so they can sort clothes (and it can help you too when sorting!) It takes a little up front work, but once everyone knows thier "colors" -
sorting, laundry, finding, and bieng responsible for your own clothes is a breeze! If using the color code system, then I recommend you just have a die cut or solid color cutout/sillouette of the shirt or shorts and then laminate and use velcro or tags to put onto drawers or bins.
You can use this color system for everything that leaves the house too (if you tag backpacks, lunch boxes, etc..)

Here is a source for color labels/dots

Good luck and have fun!

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You could take a picture of the child in his pj's for his pj drawer, or him in shorts, etc. Then there's no confusion which drawers are for which child and what's in each one.

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Dear A.,

I realize you're asking for ideas for labeling the outsides of the drawers (did you think of color-coding?), but this suggestion is about helping them learn to keep their clothes neatly in their drawers. Use a roll of white or craft paper to line the drawers with. Trace around a folded shirt (for instance) and then add the details freehand. Do this for each place in each drawer where the clothes will be kept. It works! I used this method when my children were small and shared rooms (I have 5 kids).

How about stenciled names if the drawer fronts are wood, maybe in contrasting colors? Simple and room to grow.

Well I think you could probably find a picture on clip-art and print it off and laminate it. You might even try putting velcro strips on the back so if he decides he wants things in another place you can rearrange the pictures. Or, search the internet. You can find just about anything these days. Hope this helps!

You can get free clip art picture print them off and then put a picture of them or the first letter in their name next to the picture of the item.. Like get a picture of pants and but a B next to it for Ben.

hi A.
when i worked in with the 2 yr olds in the nursery at a day care, we taught the kids to pick up their toys and put them in the "right places" by taking a picture of the toy and taping it to the box...maybe you could take his picture and laminate it and put it on his drawer or go even further and take a pic of HIS clothes for that drawer!
hope that helps!

Hi A.,

Hobby Lobby and probably WalMart also sells printable mailing address labels that you create yourself and you can go online and usually find templates at the brand's website (i.e. avery.com). You could probably add a picture to them with a description and print them yourself! You can find white labels and clear labels. Just an idea! Also, if the labels like that aren't what you like, you can buy printable sticker paper where you create your own stickers and cut them to whatever size. :)

Hi A., the stickers on the outside of drawers are a great idea, but over time when the kids out grow them, you may be left with a bunch of gook on the wood when you try to pull them off. Another idea is to use luggage tags that you can tie on to the drawer hardware and change out the pictures, description as needed and leave no permanent marks on your furniture. Good luck and have fun!

Hey A., photos on the drawers are a great idea, I did the same thing when my boys were little. They are now 18, 16, and 12. One thing that worked great for me, was to have a bin, or laundry basket for each boy in their room or closet that had outfits ready to wear. It made getting dressed soooo much easier for them. They each had their own underwear/sock drawer and their own outfit bin. I put a photo of them on their specific drawer until they learned to read. Then I used that blue painters tape and wrote what went on each bin once they could read. I folded their clothes in outfits for years, probably thur 1st or 2nd grade.
Good Luck -- baby #3 was quite a challenge for me. if you have any other questions feel free to email me directly
take care

Another thought, what about looking at all the scrapbooking cutouts that are out there? I know I've seen little shirts and pant cutouts before at Michael's and Hobby Lobby you could maybe even pick out each shape and then trace them and cut them out in different colors - maybe complimentary to their room colors- and chose one color for each boy.

if you can find an old polaroid you can take pictures of your sons in the clothing items and stick those to the drawers.

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