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Need Help with Indiana Jones Themed Party

I am looking for some great ideas for my 6yr turning 7yr olds birthday party. He wants Indiana Jones for a theme. This is a toughie. I am thinking some Tiki Torches, maybe a tent....
What kind of food do I serve, game ideas, maybe an obstacle course? I would really appreciate any help you can give...this one is difficult. There really isn't anything out there for this theme. Thanks!

Well, based upon all of the responses so far...
I have ordered, hats for the kids (not indy, but pretty close), wicker cup holders (to decorate for pencil holders), gems, coins, yard toss game (as part of the obstacle course), snakes, bugs (that jump, for a game), a color changing brain (as the thing they need to find), high-five ribbons (because there will be 5 things in the obstacle course to achieve), bunches of things to 'dig' for in a 'pit', eyeballs (for decoration in the 'soup'), and marshmallow brains for the dessert...So far this is working great! Thanks for all the SUPER ideas ladies! I will write a story about what happens at the party!

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Well, the party has been scheduled for the 31st. of this month. But, I have already gotten everything and am setting up all the decorations and making all the stuff. I started with the invitations being made on parchment paper, I tore the edges, stained them and burned around the edges and in the middle to make them authentic looking. I went with a huge boulder (paper mache' around a 36" balloon). I will be painted grey and the kids will dodge it in the obstacle course. I am making each child a "whip" out of dark brown yarn. They are braided, 5 foot long, and have a handle made of masking tape. I found the hats for the kids at party city, so each child will have a hat and a whip. The goodie bags are going to be paper lunch bags stained with coffee and such. I will tie the top with twine and all of the things inside are Adventure related. They will have the childs name on them and they will need to find them as they will be hidden throughout the yard. The cake is going to be a big sheet cake with dirt (crushed oreo cookies) and chocolate spiders and gold. I am making all the candy spiders and gold bars. I am making a danger sign to sit on top of the cake that says Danger Arics Birthday! You will have fun! I am going to have a special item that they will need to find as with all Indie movies, and there will be clues leading to more clues, and finally to the treasure. This will be alot of fun! Thanks to all of you for your super ideas! They were very helpful!

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I see that you have had a lot of responses, but, I thought that I would send you this site... it has given me a lot of ideas for parties and maybe you can find something for you as well. I was doing a Jo Jo party for my son and looked under circus as well as a Ariel party for my daughter and had to look up Mermaid parties. You just have to be creative as to where you look, but, I hope that it will help you out. http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/party_ideas.html

Good Luck!

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Hi M.-
I too love to throw themed parties for my kids birthdays. Orientaltrading.com is great for decorations, hats and party favors. I found familyfun.com to have great games and even complete party ideas. I also found that the games could be simple as hot potato, just give it a themed name, such as "hot boulder" from the movie. This trick works with the food too, you could serve potato chips and call them "insect wings". The kids don't always notice if everything fits into the theme, they just have a great time. Good Luck and have fun!
Annemarie Ryan

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Have you sat down with a coloring book, reading book, etc. on the movie and then questioned him about what his ideas and how they would work? Sometimes we, as adults, forget to get their ideas and make it much more work than it needs to be. He might be happy with a tent for he and his friends to play in in the backyard and fake spiders being thrown on the table around the food and serving items.

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There's nothing better than a party where "there isn't anything out there for this theme."

I can't tell you how great it is to hear that you're onto something that requires imagination and resourcefulness! Kids who don't get totally sucked into all the stuff that's marketed to them don't need much to truly be happy - give them a great hat that you've distressed with grease and jungle vines, etc. Give them a giant "wrecking ball" of a pinata (you can make this yourself quite easily). Make their goodie bags out of distressed, torn shirt material with a string tie at the top and put a baggie of gummi bugs and worms and stuff in there - creepy eyeballs from the dollar store and such.

And the obstacle course is a great idea - make sure all kids are told to bring a spare set of clothes and to wear ones that can get messed up - because that obstacle course should require some mud, for sure! A scavenger hunt is another great idea - maybe with a map that's worn and has crucial bits missing - maybe each kid has a piece of it so they have to work together. And what they find could be great or funky - a hollowed out book with something inside that would thrill or something cool like a pair of binoculars!

Good for you for having some real fun with this stuff - he and his little friends will never forget this piece of actual, get dirty, go outside, play with the kids and never look at the t.v. or gameboy childhood!

By the way, you could serve cake in half coconut shells or on large leaves or something - don't give them the luxury of forks unless it's part of their 'survival kit' - the ideas are endless! Cheers, T. B.

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I would suggest you watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and possibly the Last Crusade. Maybe actually seeing the movies will give you some ideas.

The Temple of Doom is the one with the monkey brains and eye ball soup (yummy). One of the dishes was a snake (or eel) that was cut open and live babies came out. You could so something like that with gummy worms.

Definatley try to find an Indiana outfit for your son to wear, or at least the hat.

Depending how big you backyard is, and obstacle course would be good idea. I believe both The Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade had some good obstacles that Indie went through.

Good luck, sounds like lots of fun.

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Dear M.,
What about chilled "monkey brains" or candy bugs and snakes to eat? Remember that gross out dinner scene from the Temple of Doom?
A game could be a treasure hunt with parts of the house or yard set up as parts of the world. The treasures could be gold candy coins or books on archaeology.
What about a game where they try to outrun a "giant boulder" made from a big exericse ball?
Party bags can contain exotic items. Toys from other parts of the world. Try rice candy. The paper melting in the mouth is such a treat for little ones.
For decor get placemats with maps on them, hang maps on the wall, travel posters of India, Mongolia, Egypt etc.
Your birthday boy could be Indy and wear his hat.
What a fun time you are going to have!
Light and Love,
One more thing...the dollar store is a great place for party shopping. They often have foam hats, rubber snakes, plastic or candy bugs as well as plates, cups and decorations. Have fun!

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This sounds like fun! For food, what about things like chicken skewers, pineapple, pulled pork - Hawaiian style food? I would definitely get some plastic snakes to use as favors and decorations. You could do a ring toss around some tiki heads...

Check out OrientalTradingCompany.com - they have a ton of fun, inexpensive party supplies.

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Not sure when your party is but apparently there's the official stuff from the new movie available May 15th:


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Definitely do some kind of treasure hunt/scavenger hunt. Wasn't Indiana Jones an archeologist? Why don't you give them a map, like in teams, and have each team find some old "bones" or something burried in the sand/dirt. Also, wasn't it in Indiana Jones that they had this awesome mud slide scene? Do you have a slide? Maybe fashion it up as a jungle slide and put streamers or something that appears to be vegetation that kids can slide through as part of the route in the scavenger hunt. As desserts, you could hide candy bones in chocolate pudding with crushed up oreo cookie on the top. Have you done a google search on birthday ideas? There might be more interesting ideas out there. Also, another thing you could perhaps do is have the kids make their own maps and then have each kid hide an item, make sure that they put them on the map and then trade maps. (Instead of you doing all the work). I think also you could have roasted marshmellows over a fire and tell stories, that seems Indiana Joneish. Good luck! Sounds like a ton of fun to me! :)

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Hi M.!

Fun! I have a few ideas ... Food wise, have you ever heard of "dirt cake"? It's basically layered cool whip, chocolate pudding and mashed up chocolate wafers (or oreos) -- but the hidden SURPRISE ... gummy worms! Kids, especially boys LOVE this dessert, plus its so easy to throw together. You can make it ahead of time and then put it in the fridge and keep cold. Or, you can put it in individual clear cups with some worms showing thru and maybe one coming out of the top thru the whipped topping. (Think Indie and snakes ...). Games ... I think an obstacle course is a great idea -- anything with ropes, even tug of war would be fun at this age -- maybe with water for them to fall into on the one side (depends on how messy you want them to get). Also you could use a rope to "lasso" things ... also you could have "creepy" things put in containers for them to identify (kind of like we use to do when we were young at Halloween parties) ... the thought being that Indian Jones has to enter places where he doesn't know "what awaits him" ... I would look for cookie/snack ideas that are shaped like spiders or snakes -- that should be easy to find. How about a TREASURE HUNT? You could hide things (whatever) and put them in small brown bags and paint them gold (or to look like Indie's treasures) and put gum or cheap stuff in them ... gold coins ... and have a treasure hunt with clues -- kids LOVE that!

Hope these ideas help! Theme's are so fun ... I have teenagers now and they still enjoy a themed party once in a while!

Blessings to you and your family,


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So I really don't remember that much about the movie except that they were looking for treasure. For my son's 6th b-day we had a super hero party. All the boys came dressed as their favorite superhero...we had spiderman, robin, superman, red power ranger etc. We put them through a series of "challenges" like...plowing through a wall of boxes, shooting silly string at a joker poster, hot potatoe with a cryptonite stick (glow stick) and a show us your signature move for the video camera. This was all to prepare them for the finale...rescuing the cupcakes from Miss Evil and her minions...a neighbor girl down the street. It was a battle of epic proportions and one of the boxes of cupcakes got a little shaken up, but it was awesome. The boys still talk about the party and it was 6 months ago. And for thank you's we made copies of the video with some fancy editing by my amazingly creative husband. I hope this gives you some ideas...if you like them you can tweak them to Indiana Jones!

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