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Need Help with Dry Cracked Hands!!

Hi Moms,

I need some suggestions on a good hand cream or lotion to relieve dry cracked hands! I am a mom of a beatiful 19 month old son, and have a great husband of 3 years. I have been a hairstylist for 17 years and am always in water shampooing heads and washing my hands. In the winter months my hands get extra dry...I look like I have the hands of an eighty year old woman. My hands get dry, scaly, and break out around my nuckles and around my thumb and itch like crazy when it reaches this point! I realize it is from the constant water and try to wear gloves to shampoo, (although customers get offended) but lotions and even Vaseline does not work. Any suggestions besides a career change that any can offer me. Willing to try anything again!! Thanks everyone!

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Hi C.-

My sister in law has extremely dry and chapped hands. She has OCD and works in a hospital so she is constantly washing her hands. She has used Udderly Smooth Udder Cream for years and has seen improvement.

Good Luck,

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My spelling is off as I am sounding this out...neutrogena norweigen hand cream. It's a little tube that comes in a little box, my husband had horrible hands from working outside in the cold and this stuff worked well.

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Bag Balm is the best thing I have used on my hands. When they get so bad that they are cracked and even bleeding, most lotions sting me. My Mother in law suggested it and I was a little weary because it was originally designed for animals' udders but if it works on those poor things hanging out in the freezing cold, I thought I'd give it a shot. They felt better instantly and within a few days (I was only using it at night), the were as good as new.

It comes in pretty, green tin cube. I found mine at CVS but I have seen it other places (which escape me) and it lasts for a very long time.

Good luck!

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Hi C.-

My sister in law has extremely dry and chapped hands. She has OCD and works in a hospital so she is constantly washing her hands. She has used Udderly Smooth Udder Cream for years and has seen improvement.

Good Luck,

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Curel Ultra healing Lotion!

It's amazing.
I used it to heal from the massive tattoo on my back.
And i use it in winter (my nuckles used to split and bleed if too dry.)

try that!

oh yeah, and i wash my hands quite a bit with hand dish cleaning, household chores, and home renovations. if i didn't use that, i'd be in trouble!

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I have a children's play place and I too am always washing my hands, especially on days that we have parties. Mine gets so dry they bleed sometimes. In fact, as I was ready your post I was putting on Lubrinderm Skin Nourishing Lotion with oat extract (party day today) : ). I put it on about 3 times in 30 minutes and when I wake up in the morning my hands are as good as new! Hope you find something that works for you.

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I am from Colorado, where dry, cracked, & bleeding hands (and feet) were an annual reality. My step-mom showed me a trick that saved my painful hands every year.
She had me go get A&D ointment(Ointment, not the cream.) You put it on at night and put socks or cotton gloves on your hands. The downside is that it STINKS!
Since then, I have found that other thick creams work well. Just make sure that you put it on thick, and don't forget the gloves or socks. I use my husband's tube socks.
Keep on wearing those gloves to wash hair. Anyone that would be offended by that needs to seriously get a clue. In your line of work, you can't afford to have your hands cracked & bleeding. Not only does it look bad, but it hurts like heck.
I hope you find something that helps.

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this may sound crass but my father has the same prob (he works outside so his are a lot WORSE !!) but my mom said he needed to fix that if he ever wanted to touch her again...he purchased this crazy thick vasaline looking stuff called cornhuskers (not sure if its one word or two) but his hands are a lot BETTER !!!

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My spelling is off as I am sounding this out...neutrogena norweigen hand cream. It's a little tube that comes in a little box, my husband had horrible hands from working outside in the cold and this stuff worked well.

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Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream...message me for more information

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I have a product-(BeautiControl) called Extreme Repair Hand Lotion and it is fabulous! It will give you a moisture barrier after applying so you can wash your hands up to 3 times and still feel the benefits. It is not greasy but it will heal damaged and dry hands. I wouldl ove to send you a tube and youcan let me knwo how you like it.

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Cetaphil works GREAT!!!

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Extreme Repair Hand Creme from BeautiControl - the BEST!! Even lasts through 3 handwashings.

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Mine do the same thing. I'm an EMT and all I do is wear gloves and wash my hands all day. I've used the Oil of Olay lotion in the purple container, that seems to help if I catch it ahead of time. My other suggestion would be to try using bag balm on your hands when they're real bad. Eucerin also makes a heavy cream that I have used on my feet when they get bad. I would suggest putting that on your hands before bed and then wear mittens or gloves to bed.

I SO can relate to you! I was a hairstylist for 34 yrs, and for the last 8 yrs or so, I started having the same problem as you. I, too, tried almost everything that has been suggested, but, it is totally different for a hairstylist! When your hands are greasy or sticky from the creams, ointments, etc., it gets on the clients' hair, and you can't get the shampoo gloves off and on!! The Dermatologist told me I had Contact Dermatitis, and prescribed an expensive prescriptive ointment to use at night, with gloves. My hands would be great in the morning, but would get worse throughout the day again. Finally, it got worse and blistered and spread up my forearms. The Dermatologist tested me for career-related chemicals and the worst reaction was in perms, and goes right through latex and rubber gloves!I am even allergic to hair color and hair spray now. I can't even color my hair anymore. It's funny, because my husband told me I had "eighty year old hands"! So, even though I never wanted to do anything else, I prayed for God to lead me to something else.....at 50 yrs old, and He did! I started my own Arbonne business, and after 2 years, retired from my career as a hairstylist, and I LOVE it. And, the botanically based skin care products are great for my skin and I don't have the itchy, blistery dry hands anymore. I know you don't want to change careers.....as I didn't....but if the condition gets bad enough, you will. If you would like to talk to me, contact me at ____@____.com
Many blessings,
S. Martinez

Hi C.,

I am a Beauty Consultant and I have a set call Satin Hands. Use it once and you will see the difference. It even comes with a night emollient cream to really help you over night. It is even good for your feet. Let me know where I can send you some samples. You hands will truly feel like Satin!!


Bag Balm is the best thing I have used on my hands. When they get so bad that they are cracked and even bleeding, most lotions sting me. My Mother in law suggested it and I was a little weary because it was originally designed for animals' udders but if it works on those poor things hanging out in the freezing cold, I thought I'd give it a shot. They felt better instantly and within a few days (I was only using it at night), the were as good as new.

It comes in pretty, green tin cube. I found mine at CVS but I have seen it other places (which escape me) and it lasts for a very long time.

Good luck!

Hi C.,
I just read your request and the lady before me talked about Avon hand cream. I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep. I have had the same problem, but now I use Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive hand cream. If I don't use the hand cream I get dry cracked hands and need to use Avon Footworks Cracked heel cream. It can seal a crack overnight, it's wonderful!
The Intensive hand cream is on sale for $0.99 and the footworks cracked heel cream is on sale for $1.99.

If you would like to try these products or talk with me about others my info is:
W. Bierschenk
Avon Independent Sales Representative

Thanks and I look foreward to hearing from you :)

I have had this same problem and I found that avon had a lotion that worked wonder for me. It is not overly oily and goes into the skin fast. It has three drops on it. Check with them. It worked even for husband when he did alot of work and his hands got overly dry and rough. Good luck.

Hi, C.,

I've been going through dry, cracked hands lately, especially from hand washing during this winter season. Cetaphil cream that comes in the tub works well for me. I believe it's water-based, so it helps soften the skin.

So many responses I don't have time to read them all to see if you have already received this suggestion: I was told by a doctor that once your hands get dry enough they start cracking you should use neosporin or similar after you moisturize like a lotion. It will help heal the cracks and mini-cracks unseen to the naked eye and speed your skins return to "normal." There are also good lotions out there that can act to bar water and protect your skin through multiple washings. I don't remember the names of any but have had friends who used them. Good luck.

I sell EXCELLENT hand creams and lotions. You can check out my web site at: www.beautipage.com/rosalruiz-wise you can order off my website or contact me to place an order.

Independent Beauty Consultant
R. Ruiz-Wise

Try Gold Bond I did and it works miracles.

Has some for dry hands and feet.

This is an OLD remedy, but my mom use to put Utter Cream (found in the lotion section of CVS and Walgreens and Walmart) At night, you rub the cream onto your hands and place socks on both hands so that it stays on. Just be careful that it does not get under your nails cause it will soften your nails as well. In the AM, your hands will be nice and soft.

You have had gobs of responses and I havn't read them. But I just took my daughter downtown to a pedi dermatologist and she recommended Cerave cream when I asked her about my own cracked hands. I picked it up at CVS. About $12.00 for a very large tub. It does seem to work very well.


I know how you feel! I work with my hands everyday using latex gloves, washing and drying them out all day! My coworker recommended this handcream and I swear that it is the best thing ever!! It is called Sense's moisturizing handcream by USANA and you can order it online at their website: www.healthrep.usana.com Put it on autoship (cheaper that way) and they deliver it right to your house. I have tried everything under the sun so I know it will put an end to your cracked hands! To better hands!


I have the same problem in the winter time. My hands get really dry to where they peel and crack and bleed. Nothing ever worked until I found a hand scrub and body butter that works wonders for me. They are from Sensaria Natural Body Care. I do the hand scrub when it gets really bad and then I put on the body butter every night and throughout the day if necessary. It has made a huge difference for me. If you would like to give it a try just let me know and I can order you some. My number is ###-###-#### or email ____@____.com. I know you will love it.

Hi C.,
I certainly can sympazize with your hand problem, and you have probably had tons of replies before now- but in all my years I have never seen a product like this one (I am 71) and so proud to be!!!

I have always struggled with that issue and I did find some products over the counter- but when I found this product about 4.5 years ago I was so thrilled. Nothing has worked as well. It is Renew Intensive Care Lotion and it has been hospital tested so I know it is really good. It cannot be purchased over the counter- but I can send you to the link if you are interested. Just PM me for the link-
being around chemicals all day can really dry out your skin- this is chemical and toxin free- so PM me at ____@____.com and let me tell you where you can get this product. Put Renew in subject line. thanks
Have a blessed day

Boy oh boy, can I relate! I spent over 25 years in the food service industry with my hands constantly in water & harsh detergents. I finally found relief from the dry skin (and as it turns out, even a career change!) using Arbonne products. The hand cream is awesome & is still ordered by past staff to keep at sinks. My favorite solution for winter is the Re9 Body system--last winter I had forgotten my hand cream when in Salt Lake City so tried it & couldn't believe how quickly I healed. If you are at all curious to try it, I would be happy to send a complimentary sample. Happy Holidays & best of luck!

My daughter had the same problem-her hands looked like raw meat. We tried "Aquaphor"-it's over the counter, and it worked great! Our most successful method was to put on the lotion before bed and she slept in gloves for the first week. Then she used it daily with no gloves. Good luck!

I'm constanly washing my hands. The only thing that helps me is to mix sugar and oil (I use mineral oil) and use it as a scrub. In a bowl put some sugar and oil mix it up well then scrub your hands over the sink for a 30 seconds or so. When you are finished they are soft as a babys bottom! I do it every night in the winter.

Hey, this is definitly my area, I was worked with body products for 10 years! Firtst start with a scrub. Make sure its a sugar and not a salt scrub. If you have dry cracked skin the salt will burn!! Bath and Body sells "One Minute Manicue" and it has sugars. Then put on some Eucerine lotion. Dr.'s recommend it for people with ezema, it has staying power! If at all possible put lotion on everytime you was your hands. Good luck, I've been here!

The best thing that has worked for me is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Because it's at the cosmetics counter, it's a bit more expensive than other lotions. I have some left from years ago (before kids when there was more disposable income!) and when I'm out, I will see if Aveeno Baby works well. It's what my daughter uses for her terribly dry skin (recommended by her pedi).

By the way, I just pulled out my old Clinique stuff last night for my dry, scaly hands, and I put it on before bed. There was a huge improvement by morning.

This may sound weird to do but I use Lansinoh Lanolin. I use it on my children as well. It is for nursing mothers. I couldn't have nursed with out it and found that it works great on all dry cracked skin. It is water resistant as well so it helps keep it from washing off. It is a little greasy at first and doesn't have perfume in it so doesn't have a wonderful smell but it doesn't smell bad either. Having no perfume keeps it from stinging your cracked shin as well. Use it twice a day. Especially when you go to bed. i use it under my children's nose as well when they have a runny nose. It protects it from getting sore. Good luck with all your advice and hope you find the right solution for you.

Hi C., I too have such problems ever since having kids. I also get the very intense itching and have to use prescription steroid creams when it gets really bad. That said I've tried many many creams and ointments. The one that has worked the best for me is Cetaphil Cream and also using the liquid cetaphil soap to wash my hands. I've tried many of the other suggestions listed here and they didn't work for me. But try away you don't know what will work for you. Best of luck!

Hi I know you tried vaseline-But i use it in the winter months. I put it on my hands at night and cover my hands with socks to sleep. It helps alot and has more time to work this way. good-luck

Vick's Vapor Rub!!! Vick's is awesome for a few things you wouldn't think and dry cracked skin is one of them. I use it on my nose and lips, especially when I'm sick and blowing my nose a lot (ie. dry & cracked). It works in a very short time and the results are pretty amazing! So, what I would do if I were you is apply Vick's liberally at night and then cover your hands with socks or gloves. In the morning you should see a difference! Good luck.

I know you said vaseline doesn't work, but I'd try getting a pair of gloves and put vaseline all over your hands and put the gloves on every night and sleep in them. it might feel kind-of weird, but I've done this before and it works really well

aveeno all day moisturizer works great

Mary Kay has an Extra Emolient Night Cream that will soothe your hands. You can also try Miracle Salve at Beeyoutiful.com. I haven't tried it on my hands as I use the Night Cream above. But, I do use it for other things. I like them both.

I've got a touch of OCD and wash and moisturize my hands all day long. I mix Neutrogena sesame oil in with my lotion. It's not heavy at all...actually light enough to use on my face! I sometimes use vitamin e oil with my lotion, especially on my cuticles! Whatever suits my current fancy is what I use. Eucerin in incredibly deep-moisturizing, but it's a little greasy for my taste. Vaseline Intensive Care lotion is really good for long-term.


I'm not a Mom, but a friend of mine hooked me up with this network, and I'm happy to learn from ya'll and share some of my knowledge as well.
For dry hands - I highly recommend Burt's Bees - Hand Repair Creme - It is very, very rich, and you just a use a wee bit. Use it every night before bed, and in one week you should feel a difference. (I use it in the wintertime, since my knuckles and cuticles get very, very dry and irritate. Too, the knuckles present with eckema - dry, cracked, will bleed, and hurt with the cold air and hot water.) I only put on about 1/10 tsp to each cuticle, then 1/8 tsp to the general knucle area of each hand and massage in (after getting ready for bed, and all face washing, teeth brushing, etc. have been completed, so the Burt's Bees' hand repair creme does not wash away.)

Also good are Burt's Bee's Beeswax and Banana hand creme.

For other times of the year: Aveno's non-sented every-day lotion.

For an old fashioned rememdy - you could do what Doris Day did: use Vasiline.

Lastly, my husband used a Vaseline lotion from a tube with Vitamin E, that a doctor recommended to help heal the skin around a suture - it worked wonders, and now he doesn't use it anymore.

So, that's my set of suggestions. Hope these are of assistance.

Take care-
Happy New Year.


I'm just wanting to concur with the Mary Kay night cream. I gave a tube of that stuff to all the lady's in the infant room at our Pre-school. They have to wash there hands soooo much every day and they just bleed from it. They all said it was the best stuff they ever used! I now make my husband use it, I use it, every one I know uses it. Its also really good for chapped lips.

Looks like you have lots of responses.. I have the same problem and my 5 year old daughter has been having the same problem alot this year because they make her use Germ-X constantly at school!! I have used 2 different things that work. Don't laugh.. but, Dr.Smith's diaper cream works wonders when you put it on at night before bed. Its one of the only things I've found that doesn't burn upon application. Recently, I did find some moisturizing lotion by Vaseline that is specially for this problem. I got it at Target and cannot remember exactly which one it is. I will try to check tonight at home and let you know. It is a new product, so you should be able to locate it.
Good Luck! =)

Bag balm.... it can be a bit greasy at first but it will protect your hands well. It comes in a green tin at the pharmacy or wal mart

Crack Cream, Udder Butter, Mane & Tail, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Neutragena are all good. I used to use Dermacil but can't find it anymore so I've been using Palmers & my hubby uses Crack Cream, Palmers, Neutragena, etc. My step-MIL uses Mane & Tail, I've heard Udder Butter is good too. All of these I've heard good things about but due to skin sensitivities, I can only use certain things on my skin but I'm sure the others are great. Good Luck!

send me your mailing address and i will send you some free hand cream to try... ____@____.com unless you have allready tried arbonne??

Hi C.. I too suffer from horribly dry skin. Shea butter works wonders. My favorite brand is L'Occitane. Their hand cream feels soooo good. Also, a less expensive alternative that really works wonders is glycerin mixed with water. Sounds weird I know, but it works. Good luck - & remember, winter only lasts for so long. I know the cracked skin is so much worse in the winter!

Try Glimpse, it is a skin nutrition,
green, clean, toxic and chemical free.
I use it and it works wonderful.

www.CosmeticsDatabase.com (not my website)
you can enter your product name and see how harmful and toxic these are. check it out.
www.NotJustAPrettyFace.org will also show how toxicity in our skin products will cause damage to your skin and your insides, since these penetrate into your bloodstream.


When my son was in the NICU we scrubbed in every 3 hours. The nurses used Johnson's & Johnson's 24 hour mouisturizer (pink lid with white bottle) It worked well. I too have awful hands anyways. My son has severe eczema and I use his products and they worked in no time! This is what his dermatologist at TX children's told us to use. We use vasaline take about 4 tablespoons out of the jar and then mix in 2-3 tablespoons of mineral oil. Lather up (areas is need) at night and cover with cotton gloves, socks, etc. Use Vanicream (target has it - you have to ask the pharmacy for it it is considered a "special over the counter" product) during the day as often as you like- it absorbs right in and doesn't feel greasy. My son's teachers at school love it- they are older and bought some for themselves b/c they could see how fast it worked. Good luck and I hope this helps.

I've had the best luck with Avon's Moisture Therapy intensive hand cream. It soaks into your skin within a minute of putting it on and works wonderful.

Have you tried Crisco? My grandma used it; just a little dab and it did the trick. I use it to this day because of how dry my hands get this time of the year.



Have you tried Mary Kay's Satin Hands? I like to use that, and also Jergens hand lotion.

Good Luck!


Have you tried utter cream yet, it is a thick cream that was originally for cow utters it can also be used for chafed nipples due to breast feeding. The only other thing that comes to mind is cocoa butter. While they are real itchy though a little hydrcortisone rubbed on will help a lot.

I too suffer with severely dry skin and my hands crack. It's awful and I worry about the cracked areas getting infected. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything that works either. If you learn of something please let me know.

Get the gold bond hand cream in a tube. It works wonders! It is not greasy either. I bought it for my husband when I ran out of things to try and now I use it too.

Hi C.,
If you have a Mary Kay consultant, ask her for the extra emollient night cream... It is part of the Satin Hands set and can also be purchased separately... To start with, I would suggest you use only the extra emollient night cream - at night and whenever you can during the day... It is a truly wonderful cream.
If you don't have a consultant, I would be happy to help you. I always have the extra emollient night cream in stock.
K. T
Mary Kay Consultant

Mary Kay has a great hand treatment set called Satin Hands. It is a 3 step treatment and it really works great to make your hands silky soft. You will love it! If you want to try it, visit my web site www.marykay.com/llittle and I can send you a sample first.

You've gotten some fantastic responses.

Just wanted to echo that Satin Hands from Mary Kay works wonderfully. Target and The Body Shop (Bed, Bath and Beyond might have them as well as Central Market) both carry 'moisturizing gloves' which are just cotton gloves. I use the night emollient cream from Mary Kay, applied on the heavy side, and then wear the gloves to sleep. My grandmother swore by sleeping in gloves. She was right!

I also keep a bottle of cheap lotion by my kitchen sink along with rubber gloves. I'll put on lotion before I don my gloves to do dishes. The heat helps the lotion really soak in.

Another treatment is to soak your hands in milk before applying the lotion of your choice.

I know that if you were cutting my hair and explained that you were wearing gloves to keep your hands from getting quite so beat up in the dryness of winter, I wouldn't be offended one bit.

Let us know when your hands are healed!

Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream and the Satin Hands they have. I'm not a consultant, but I know one.

One product that's always worked for me is Silicone Glove hand cream from Avon. I too get severely dry hands during the winter especially, but I also handle paper constantly, so it's ongoing. I've used this for several years, even before I became a rep. Send me an e-mail if you'd like me to send you a sample. ____@____.com

I work with clay and have dry hands too...they actually bleed a bit. I added cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and fish oil pills to my diet. It seems to hidrate my hands. Best of luck to you.

C., I have had the same problems for years since I became a nurse. I have been a nurse for 16 years and was a hairdresser for a few before that. I had to go to a dermatologist finally. You can use hydrocortisone cream on occasion but if you can find Epilyt to put on to is great. It is not a pleasant lotion because it seems kind of oily but if you use it especially when you sleep and can really let it soak in it works wonders. Eucerine cream works well for the babies I care for with skin conditions. Another thing you can do is lather up with vaseline and wear light gloves or socks on your hands at night...works great for cracked dried feet too. My hands look pretty darn good considering I wash them so often and they don't look my age...I am 42 now. I hope it helps! P. O

Try Emoliient Night Cream from Mary Kay at night and TW body lotion during the day. The emollient night cream works wonders. It's a little thicker but I use it on my hands and feet during the winter and it puts moisture back into your skin even if you work with water. I used to sell it and still have a few things I'm getting rid of. I can check to see if I have any left. I know I have the TW Lotion but not sure if I have the emollient night cream. Both are moisturizers instead of just a lotion. Most lotions have a wax in them that washes off when you get your hands wet. You need a moisturizer for your hands. You can even use a facial moisturizer. Let me know if you are interested.

You need to try Arbonne's products, they are absolutely the best. I will never go back to what I use to use. My skin feels and looks great!! My skin looks moisturized throughout the day. No oily and greasy skin for me! You should check it out. www.corissabell.myarbonne.com
Contact me if you want more information or if I can be of help in anyway!

C. B.
Member Perks Available!!

2 things to try. 1st to get your hands back in "normal" condition I recommend that you go to a feed/farm store and get some udder cream. Farmers use it to rub on the udders of milk cows that get extremely chafed. Another one that is used out here in the oilfield a lot is corn husker's oil. This can occasionally be found in supermarkets but should be available at the farm store as well.
After your hands begin to heal you can use sugar, cooking oil and a bit of dish washing liquid to make a cheap but very effective exfoliating hand wash. Just put about a table spoon of sugar in your hand. Pour about a tablespoon of veggie oil on top and then a drop of dish soap. A little water and then scrub your hands thoroughly then rinse. The sugar helps to exfoliate the skin and get the rough areas a little smoother. Do not use salt because it will dry your skin out further. The oil helps to moisturize and the dish soap is a gentle cleaner.
Good luck. I know how bad this can hurt.

Try Cetaphil creme. It's about $10 and comes in a tub--I would use this at night. During the day, Cetaphil also makes a lotion that has a much easier, more convenient dispenser that could be used. The cetaphil products are low to no fragance, so it won't be overpowering, I'll bet you'll notice a difference the first day. Stay away from the salt scrubs--very painful.

I'm sure you've already received lots of responses, but I also have dry skin and I lived in West Texas (where the climate is VERY dry, esp. for a gal who was born & raised in Houston) for a few years when I bartended/managed a bar. Same issues you have- you're constantly washing your hands! I found then that the Gold Bond medicated lotion works wonders! I would put it on at night before I went to bed and in the morning when I got up, and sometimes during the day when I got home from work. After about a week the cracking healed completely and I began only using it at night.

Neutrogena hand cream - the best!!!!

Personally I love the Aveda Hand Relief cream. It's thick enough so when you put it on it doesn't all soak in right away. I hate that "slick" feeling you get sometimes when you put thin lotions on. Next thing you know your hands feel even dryer. This stuff always feels like it's still there working. But it doesn't feel greasy either. Love it in the winter. My husband even uses it!

Good luck!

I used Gold Bond on my feet when they were really dry and had deep cracks from going barefoot or in sandals in the summer. It was EXCELLENT--healed the cracks and made them much softer. Hope this helps!

My hands used to do the same thing! I now use Aveeno intense relief hand cream. It stays on even after a hand washing, and its not greasy. It is about $6.00 for 3.5 oz. but it is well worth it. I bought my last tube at Target.
I highly recommend it!!

Hi C., I know exactly what you are experiencing. The only thing that helped me is Arbonne. The Intelligence Hand Lotion is amazing!
I would love to send you more information and even a sample!We can find you relief! Email me. Thank you, S. Miller

Get Balmex Diaper rash cream, yes, for your hands....

Slime them up real good and have someone help you put latex gloves on overnight!!

It sounds like you might have eczema. Your symptoms sound exactly what happens to my brothers' hands when they wash dishes . . . and to mine if I don't wear gloves. If the gloves don't seem to help, you might want to get checked out by a dermatologist--you may have another allergy.

In terms of a solution for you . . . I would recommend moisturizing heavily at night (when your hands can absorb it), plus trying something a bit lighter during the day.

Night options that have helped me at various times: Burt's Bees hand cream, a body butter that has shea butter and coconut butter, or even just straight vegetable oil (be sure to run in well and wear cotton gloves or old socks on your hands to protect your sheets). Some of the oils that are out there for cuticles can also do wonders for other parts of your hands.

During the day, you might want to try something with natural lavender (not the artificial stuff) in it as a natural antibiotic and soother. Or buy some nice unscented and add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bottle / jar. I avoid the petroleum products (mineral oil, petrolatum) because they don't really help the body heal. I like Aubrey Organics unscented lotion. A pump jar by your sink would be great (I had similar problems, too, when handwashing after changing lots of newborn diapers dried my hands out.)

Also, make sure to really hydrate and get lots of Omega-3s. Being slightly dehydrated will hurt your skin, and the Omegas are fabulous for dry skin.

Hi C.,

I am a retired R.M.T. and I used to do hair so I can feel your pain. I will tell you what I used and still use today its called RENEW now you don't have to buy this from the company, you can get from ebay, you can find a distributor just to get a sample before buying if you want. Its made with melaleuca which is tea tree oil and if you have ever heard of tea tree oil it has alot of healing factors. You can google tea tree oil and get alot of info or just google melaleuca. I think you would like it and if you get on ebay its way cheaper. And if you want to buy it through the company you can go to www.melaleuca.com. I can tell you, you won't go wrong. I have been using this product for over 15 years and I use my hands alot. I did massage and hair and my hand would just get eatin up. I wish you the best, in the mean while until you find something, Exfoliate your hands once a week,
put some lotion on your hands at night and then where some soft gloves it will help. Good Luck!

Mine are so horrible in the winter - red and almost bleeding and every lotion just burns. My husband bought me Miracle Hands at Walgreens and it is fabulous. Never burns and isnt greasy and after 3 days they are totally back to normal.

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