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Need Help with Birthday Cake!

Hello ladies....
My soon to be 7 year old son wants a parakeet birthday cake. I have searched on line for over an hour tonite trying to find a cake pan in the shape of a parkeet.No luck. I have also searched for a do-it-yourself parakeet cake recipe/instructions...no such luck. I have looked into our local bakery, but it would be very expensive to have a parakeet shaped cake made. Any ideas would be so very much appreciated!! Thank You!

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Wow what a request from the little one!:) I don't have any new suggestions but as some of the other moms mentioned, try the sheet cakes with decorations and airbrushing. I once saw (i think at joann fabrics) little decorative cages with birds (about 5 inches tall) inside of them and so maybe you could make a nice round cake and add this to the top. Shape cakes may be easy for some but reading one of the postings below on how to cut it, it didn't make me want to give it a try. :) I would have someone make a great big colorful parakeet cake for less (sams/costco/jewel) and enjoy my day with little birthday superstar.

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I know someone in the Elgin area that does cakes and of you want I can give yoiu her name and number if you are interested??? Let me know!!! She would do an awesome job I promise you that!!! :)

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I carve up cakes myself all the time. It just takes a little patience. Print out an outline as big as you can. Bake a sheet cake, /freeze it/ so it's firm and the with a sharp knife, cut it out around the outline. Be careful not to cut yourself!!!

Before frosting, seal the crumbs in with an apricot glaze (recipes online) or a thin layer of melted chocolate.

Alternatively, I think there are dragon/t-rex cake pans out there. You could frost one of those to look like a parakeet. Good luck

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This is a great book for making creative cakes: http://www.amazon.com/FamilyFun-Birthday-Cakes-Party-Trea...
I have to make dairy and egg free cakes so, they are rather creative since the centers usually sink : ( This book has been great. To make a bird shaped cake, it suggest starting with a loaf pan, a small round and a large round. ( I cook in my pyrex storage containers to get different sized rounds). Cover a cardboard cake sheet with tin foil and then gently place your cooled cakes on the sheet so that they fit together to make a bird. You'll need to cut a semi-circle out of the body for the head to fit. For the tail, cut the loaf cake into a long triangle type shape that would resemble the tail. You could use the extra piece as a perch for the bird to "sit" on since it would be hard to make feet out of cake. You could use black licorice for the feet and green gum drops for eyes. You could ice in yellow and then use some kind of flat yellow candy to layer to make a wing. It helps if you put the cake in the freezer for a couple of hours before trying to ice it too. Hope that helps. My cakes are far from perfect but, they are always the talk of the party. I've made a Transformer, a panda, a huge ladybug and a 3-tiered princess cake. Hope that helps : )

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Hey B.,
Why not make a sheet cake with green frosting (to be like tree/grass colored) and then get a bunch of fake parakeets and put them on top. I'm sure they have all sorts of birds at your local art/craft supply store.
Or maybe you could find a parakeet stencil that you could use to paint one on the sheet cake.
Or you could place an ad on your local craigslist in the artists section and see if anyone might have a better idea and/or be able to do it for you for a decent price/trade.
I hope that helps. :)

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Like the previous post, I carve it myself. Depending on how many people you need to feed, bake a cake(s) from a box mix in a 9 x 13 pan. Carve it up using a picture of a parakeet that you can blow up to the size you need by copying the picture. I end up having to tape pieces of paper together. Cut out the parakeet from the paper, lay it on top of your sheet cakes, use a serated knife and cut around the picture. I've done this doing a Nemo cake and a Hula Girl cake. Tricky, but the decorating is fun. Good luck!

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Deerfield's Bakery will make any design

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make a 9 X 13 cake. Use a circle cookie cutter to cut out a corner to be the head. Use a scrap to be the beak. Cut out a rectangle and round the corners to be an oval for the body. Use a large rectangle for the tail. Frost, add frosting or some candy to look like feet and there you go.

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I would recommend using a rectangular pan to bake cakes make a template of a picture & carve the cake out in that shape u might wantto lightly ice it &use fondants or just ice &decorate

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OMG. That is the most adorable request for a b-day cake ever:^)

Is his heart set on a bird-shaped cake, or would your son want a sheet cake with a picture of a parakeet? There are places like Jewel that will air-brush photos on cakes for a reasonable price.

Another option would be to get some novelty decorations, like toy birds, and put them on a round cake. Just a thought...

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