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Need Help to Get Urine Odor Out of My Carpet

I am in desperate need of help. My son had a friend spend the night New Years Eve and he slept on my living room floor and sometime in the night had an accident on the floor. He didn't tell me about it and it dried- I didn't know until the next day when the odor was strong and then he admitted it. It has been over a week- I have used Febreeze, lysol, oust, two boxes of Baking soda left on for many hours at a time, and even had the carpets steamed cleaned over the weekend. Nothing is getting the odor out and it's driving me absolutely crazy. Is there any "miracle" cure that anybody has come across to help me out. The carpet is only a year old and I will be highly angry if my only option is to replace the carpet and padding.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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HI L.,
I use a great product that is called either pets and kids or kids and pets. I can never remember and I'm out right now. I buy it at WalMart and Target in the carpet cleaning supply section. It is non toxic and works great. It takes out all kinds of stains and any orders left behind.
Good luck!

My grandmother is very wise at 80 years old and her house is in perfect order and odor(HaHaHa). She swears by using white vinegar and hot water together to get a smell out of the carpet. Try it!!!

I always use oxy clean with hot water. I let it soak for about 5-10 minutes and the soak it up. I have 3 dogs and if one has an accident this always works! Hope it helps!

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Try "host'. You should be able to find it at a local True Value or Ace. Or google it for a location. It's a dry carpet cleaner (as opposed to wet). You can spot stain or have your entire carpet cleaned and it works GREAT. We just moved our two year old into a different bedroom where the cats spent a lot of time. We have the carpets hosted first and it reduced the odor, stains and allergens a ton. My husband has severe allergies and could hardly go in that room and now doesn't even notice it.

Plus it saves on the carpet and pad because it's a dry cleaner and doesn't 'soak in'.

There is product called Urine Gone. I believe you can get it at Rite Aid. I've also seen it on info commercials. The T.V. showed it being used with a black light. You could see the urine and when you sprayed the Urine Gone the lite up area disappeared. Just make sure it goes deep enough. Even if the carpet is clean, the pad may smell.(poss. even the wood below)

If all else fails, Cling toilet bowl cleaner cleaner get smells out of anything. I would be VERY concerned about the chemicals in this not being safe, specially where your child would be in contact. IF you choose this route, I would rent a carpet extractor and repeatedly rinse and suck out fresh water after for safety purposes. Smelly diaper pails, trash cans filled with water and 1 cup of cling soaked over night will be totally refreshed. Smelly mildewed camping clothing can be freshed up by adding Cling to the laundry cycle too. Again I would RINSE RINSE RINSE. THIS STUFF SCARES ME, PERSONALLY. But...it does work.

I use the Get Clean line from Shaklee. The combination that I recommend is the Nature Boost Stain Remover and Basic H. The products are non-toxic and biodegradeable. They are safe for your home and the environment. I have used this combination many things, including spilled beer, green paint, and cat throw up. I have berber carpet that is very hard to clean. This stuff works wonders! Let me know if you would like more info. ANGIE ____@____.com

L. -

Visit your local pet store or vet. There's a product called Urine Off. Soak the spot in it heavily, blot it, soak again, blot it, and then let the third application dry on the carpet. It's an enzyme based product for pet stains, and works really well. Took care of the accident on our couch like a dream.

Good luck!

L. - I am so sorry to hear that... that sucks. I would recommend you pouring white vinegar on and around the area and letting it sit - then steam clean it - I used this to eliminate cat urine and it worked... so I would be it would help you. Best of luck! A.

Hi L.,
Sorry, to here about your problem. My husband owned a carpet store for over fifteen years. I told him about your dilema. He informed me that the you will have to remove the carpet & pull the padding up also. That is the only way to see the extent of the damage. Then deodorize the floor and use clorox.
Please let me know what you decide.

I agree that spraying white vinegar works well. I've also used a product by the company Earth Friendly called Everyday Stain & Odor Remover that works wonders. Although I've never had to clean up a stain that was completely dry. Earth Friendly is available at health food stores, Ace Hardware, and on-line: www.ecos.com
Best of luck!

vinegar works wonders!

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