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Need Help Potty Training Twin Boys

Any tips of potty training 21 month old twin boys? They each have their own potty, but the splash guards are a pain-one falls down on him and comes off and the other is not high enough. I'm thinking about getting the Baby Bjorn potty. They each have gone about 5-8 times in their potty over the past 5 months. Lately, they don't want to stay sitting on it, so I have been giving them Cheerios to "stay put". I've read about training singles, but have not seen advice on twins. Any advice for me?

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We have a Baby Bjorn Potty for our daughter who is 2, and she has used it a handful of times. I'm letting her go at ther own pace, but I think the splash guard on it would work well for boys. I have a son who is six, we had something else for him. The splash guard on this potty is attached, so none of the problems you mentioned would be happening.

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If you've been working on this on and off for 5 months, you must be a little frustrated by now.

I know a Registered Nurse who just potty-trained her own twins. She runs a potty-training workshop that will get the job done in 5 hours. It's billed as "potty training in less than a day" and is based on a well-established program that has been around since the 70's. Her name is Wendy Sweeney and the program is called "Booty Camp." You can learn more at www.bootycampmom.com. Normally she does the program on with up to 5 children in her home in West Chicago. They all bring their potty chairs and do the program in her kitchen. You do the program with your children on Friday or Saturday and then keep them home over the weekend to make sure they've mastered it and aren't having any accidents.

The program is $200 per family--not sure what she would charge for twins. Even at $400, you'll spend more than that in diapers over the next 5 months, so better to just get it over with. Wendy has questions on her web site to help you decide if they are physically and emotionally ready.

I can't say enough good things about Wendy. My son is 6 years old, autistic, and mentally retarded, and physically aggressive when asked to do something he doesn't want to. I thought he was going to be her hardest case ever, but she wasn't phased. We just did this over Thanksgiving 2006 and it's now Christmas. It was very intense and took longer than one weekend, but if my son could be potty-trained in 2 weeks and accident-free in 3 weeks, I'm sure your kids can master it in less time than that once you decide to go for it.

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Do you think that 21 months might be too young and maybe your boys aren't quite ready?
What worked for me was making my son and daughter use the potty every hour. We also did away with pull-ups/diapers and went straight to undies. I also think it doesn't help to go back and forth with diapers and undies. The kids did wear their pull-ups at night.
It takes lots of dedication and time. I also did not use any sort of rewards program, though I think it is good that you chose to use cheerios.
I also did not start my training until my kids were at least 2 1/2.
I will now be on my third child to train...it's not fun, but they eventually learn to use the potty. Also with my son I did not have a little potty...he just used the big potty. You will of course be cleaning up lots of peewee and pooh.
Keep the faith and good luck.

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That is great that you are starting to get them familiar with the potty. I have twin boys myself that are 3 1/2 yrs old. I have been trying to potty train them since 2. My youngest is now fully potty trained and he pretty much did it himself. We practiced everyday by just sitting on the potty and talking about what you do and what not. And then one day he actually did it and we just made a huge deal about it and it has stuck ever since...almost like a light bulb went on. My oldest, still could care less.

Good Luck!

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I have twin boys, also - they're 3 now. We potty trained at about 2 1/2. We just bought 2 stools at Babies' R Us (one for each bathroom) and had them sit backwards on the regular toilet. There's no need for a splashguard, then, and also no need to transition to a regular potty/toilet later. They just had to learn how to take turns.

When they were ready for serious training we had a "potty training boot camp" weekend. We stayed home all weekend and they spent the weekend with nothing on from the waist down. We put them on the potty every 20 minutes for the first day and eventually they just told us when they needed to go. It was a three day weekend, so the last day they had underwear on. They're in day car during the week, so it was reinforced there. Travis was pretty much accident free after about a month and Josh after two months. They had a bit of a setback recently, but "recovered" quickly.

Hope this helps

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That's great they have gone on the potty. Statistically, boys are generally later and twins are generally later. Anyway, I highly recommend the bjorn potty. It worked WONDERFULLY for my boy now 2.5 years old. He loved it, and everything went in it just fine. It's only 9.99 at babies r us, which is real good when you are buying 2 for twins. :) I don't know what you've done with juice, but I avoided juice until potty training. Then he got juice ONLY when he was sitting on the potty. It helped him to "stay put" and it also gave him ammunition to actually go on the potty. He potty trained really easily for me that way. He started out sitting on the bjorn potty, then he would stand and pee on the bjorn potty and then he transitioned smoothly to the big potty and only uses the big potty now. We went with his timeline and just encouraged him along the way and it worked great. Just some thoughts...as that's what worked well for us. Best wishes to you with your twin boys!!

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