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Need Help on What to Give My Baby for His Cold

Does any body know what I can give my one month old baby if he seems to have mucus on his chest when ever he breathes and isn't taking his bottle and when ever he does he is just moving around?

What can I do next?

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No medications. Try saline nose drops and a suction bulb to clear his nose. Hopefully that will help the overall congestion. Using a humidifier and elevating the head of his crib should help too. good luck

Little Noses Saline Drops. Been there and that's the only option I had. When you're baby sleeps elevate the mattress a little to keep fluid from building up and causing an ear infection.

I would get LITTLEN NOSES and follow the dircetions RIGHT before each feeding if that dosen't help by mon morning or if baby has fever 99.7 or higher then take to doctor. I hope baby gets better soon i know how hard it is i have 5

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Hi A., Take a clove of garlic and crush it some so that the odor can get out. Put a sock on the baby's foot and wrap the garlic in a piece of cloth and put another sock over this as the garlic will burn the baby's foot if it has direct contact with the skin. Do this at night and take off in the morning and repeat again at night with a new clove of garlic. In a couple of days the cold will be gone from the baby as garlic is a natural antibotic and the fumes of the garlic will go thru the baby's system and clear up the cold. The garlic should be between the two socks as this will help it stay on the baby's foot during the night. It has worked for us over the years as we have 3 children of our own and we now have 7 foster children as well. Ed

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Give him a visit to the doctor's office before it turns into something bad. I do not take my children to the doctor as often when they get older but babies can not tell you what is wrong and mucus on their chest is nothing to play around with. This advise comes from a Mother who had to hospitalize a child and then suction his lungs several times a day for several weeks. It is not fun.

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A baby that small should be seen by a doctor. It could just be a cold, or perhaps he's allergic to his formula . . . so definitely get him checked.

Even if it is just a cold, there are no meds to be given. Last year the FDA ruled no cold meds for children under 2. Essentially you treat the symptoms . . . a humidifier helps with the breathing, and saline nose drops and a nasal aspirator help clear the nose. Also raise the head of his bassinet/crib which makes breathing easier.

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Hi A..
I'd vote to just not give him anything and make him comfortable with a crib wedge to raise one end of the mattress and use a vaporizer. As a mom of 4 kids, I always felt like I had to do something to help them with a cold, but really if he's not in pain and simply just uncomfortable, it will probably be safer to give him no meds and watch him closely than to give him meds that might mask a real symptom. If he continues to not take a bottle for more than a couple feedings, that might be of more concern and OF COURSE if he is having trouble breathing or spikes a fever definitely go to the doc or ER. But for just a simple cold I think it is okay to not give him meds.

But, no matter what anyone says here, INCLUDING ME, trust your gut and also trust your doctor. This is just my mommy opinion, and I don't have a medical degree so I don't want to lead you astray! Just my little disclaimer! :-)

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Do NOT put Vicks on his chest. A recent study was done saying that this can actually hinder an infants breathing not help. Where you can put Vicks, is on the soles of his feet and cover them with socks. Use a cold mist humidifier in his room and the thing that will help most is to pat his chest and back. Turn him on his stomach and lay him across your lap at a slight angle with his head down. Lightly pat his back with a flat hand to help loosen up the mucus. Then turn him on his back and do the same thing. If he has mucus in his lungs this will help loosen it up so he can cough it up or it can come out his nose. If he does not seem to be getting better though and seems to be getting dehydrated you need to take him to the doctor. We are not completely out of RSV season yet and it may be RSV instead of a cold, especially since he is so young and susceptible. Good luck and I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

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here's what we did for our babies:
(cliff notes version: 3 S's: steam, suction, sodium ascorbate)
-if we had to supplement with formula, we used Neocate so as to avoid all dairy and soy
-if i was nursing, i avoided all dairy and soy (and other culprits more particular to my firstborn, but not common allergens)
-avoiding all supplements other than formula mixed to the proper proportions (i.e. no sugar water, no water, no rice cereal)
-vicks or chopped garlic on feet covered with socks
-hold the baby upright and if not being held, then laying on a small incline (we put blankets under the mattress) or sit in swing
-STEAM STEAM STEAM either i or my husband would stand in a steamy bathroom or shower stall for about 15 min. (taking care to change the baby's diaper (with the body covered as much as possible to avoid chill) immediately afterward if one was worn)
-saline drops in the nose then gentle suction -- this should help him feel more comfortable to suck on his bottle
-gentle suction in the back of the mouth if especially 'gunky,' taking care to avoid triggering a gag
-avoiding chills
-avoiding stress
-accomodating as much sleep as possible
-no fever reducers unless the baby was having trouble sleeping, and then only a teeny teeny bit (fevers are usually not dangerous unless above 105 or so, depending on the method you use to take the temperature); for a month old baby, though, i don't know that i would even give one at all -- that's pretty a pretty little guy

-and lastly, (and i saved an important one for last!): small pinches of sodium ascorbate, put in his mouth or sprinkled on the bottle nipple, several times per day. sodium ascorbate is a more bio-available, buffered form of vitamin c suitable for therapeutic dosing (not just vitamin deficiency supplementation). it is a crystalline powder and can be found in health food stores and grocery stores like central market. DO NOT get calcium ascorbate or ascorbic acid -- those are different and not good to give for reasons i won't get into here. remember: SA SA SA SA SA...! (and if the baby gets especially gassy or has more frequent stools than usual, just step back on the dose and everything should be fine).

myths or things to otherwise NOT do:
-cool mist
-supplement with pedialyte or similar drink
-give rice cereal; a one month old's intestinal lining is not mature enough to handle those well -- it's too permeable and sometimes it can lead to food allergies (you don't know until it's too late -- most who try it are lucky, some are not)
-administer cough or cold medicine of any kind (even those made for small children)
and definitely call your pediatrician prior to giving any kind of fever reducer (i.e. tylenol, motrin)

HTH & your poor babe is feeling better soon!

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If your one-month old is not taking his bottle - then you should take him to the pediatrician ASAP. They will tell you that you will need to use saline solution in his little nose and a suction bulb to get it out. The danger of letting congestion sit in his little system for more than a few days is 1) he could get ear infections pretty quickly; 2) the congestion could get into his little chest. The other thing that the pediatrician may tell you is that you will need to give him breathing treatments. I have had to do this with both of my kiddos. The nebulizer can be purchased for around $50 at Meadows Pharmacy off of 407 (near I-35E) - otherwise it could be more than $100. The meds that I have used with it are Xopenex - which is like a rescue inhalant that opens up their little throat and breathing passages. The other for more severe congestion is Pulmicort. When they cannot breath properly because of the congestion, it is a possibility that the oxygen level in their blood can decrease - which is not a good thing. The last thing I would tell you is to let him sleep in a swing - if you have one. This helps TREMENDOUSLY with any drainage and he will be propped up at the right angle! I know how miserable it is to see them and feel like you can't help them - but you can. :) Get this little one to the doctor ASAP and I hope he feels better very soon!!! My best wishes for his speedy recovery.

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My son at 6 weeks old had a cold and wouldn't eat. i took him to the doctor and he had an ear infection at a very young age. So for sure take him to the doctor!

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A. please do not play around with this! My son had mucus in his chest when he was three months old and the diagnosised him with bronchilitis which is also known as RSV they gave him breathing machine to take home and everything. U also said that your baby was not taking it bottle that's serious. I would say get him to a pediatrition asap or even the ER. But until then I would say try using a suction bulb and suction out his nose and then try feeding him and if the mucus is too thick or dry go to walmart and some saline drops its call LITTlE NOSES this will help thin the mucus and help u suction all the mucus out and can use it as often as needed. If u have any more questions send me a personal messege! PRAYING FOR U!

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You really should call your Dr. He could have RSV and that is deadly. Please check with your dr before taking any advise here for a baby that young.

Hope he feels better soon.
A. J

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You got a lot of good advice, but I would suggest you get him drinking original Limu. The fucoidan in the limu helps with your immune system which helps your body to fight off attackers.
It is a vegetable from the sea and not a medicine. Just give dropper amounts at that age.It's good for babies on up to senior adults. Check out my website: www.discoverlimu.com/jcarden and I have some testimonials I can share with you if you want them.
Please let me know if you have questions.
God bless,

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This is fairly common, but most medicines are not recommended to give babies that young without a Dr's prescription.

When my babies had a hard time nursing at that age due to mucus, I sucked the gunk it out of their noses with the nasal bulb thing while they were nursing. Also, a warm bath/steamy shower helps to drain the mucus as well.

If it gets worse or is interfering with his feeding/breathing/comfort, call the Dr. and mention it during his next checkup. Most pediatrition offices can give simple advice over the phone if you call the nurse help line anytime.

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Being that he's that young, I would take him to the doctor. Good luck helping him feel better!

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My baby is same age and he just saw his ped for same symptoms. He had me cut dairy out of my diet since I am nursing-said the enzymes were making the baby upset. Take him to ped before trying any medication. It is worth it to get a professional opinion.

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Little Noses Saline Drops. Been there and that's the only option I had. When you're baby sleeps elevate the mattress a little to keep fluid from building up and causing an ear infection.

No medications. Try saline nose drops and a suction bulb to clear his nose. Hopefully that will help the overall congestion. Using a humidifier and elevating the head of his crib should help too. good luck

I am so sorry for your little one, and you. I still remember when my two girls were little, I crossed my fingers and prey they don’t get any of that nasty stuff, but it didn’t go very far. All other mothers offered great tips and suggestions – humidifier, nose saline by Little Nose (don’t’ get the aerosol can, I found them more expensive, and sprayer don’t work every time), prop up his mattress, etc. The only thing I will like to add is the bulb syringe – I absolutely hate that thing, it doesn’t work. What they have available now is the nose aspirator. It’s an electric/battery operated suction devise, that sucks the mucus out a lot more efficient that the bulb syringe. Five years ago, when my older daughter was first born, this wasn’t available in the US market, and I had to ask a friend to buy it overseas, it was so expensive. But now, they are available in the US market also, Graco makes one that sells at Supermarket ($20.00) alone with other me too products.

Baby cold will last from 7-10 days, and there’s no medicine you can give, period! Throw your feeding schedule out of the window, nurse as often as you can to keep up with the fluid. Good thing is summer is around the corner, and they get less cold until winter hits again. Good luck to both!


If my one month old baby even had a sniffle, I would immediately take him to the pedi. Newborns are very vulnerable, especially this time of year when colds, flu, infections are everywhere.

Hello A.,

take your baby to the doctor. he may need a breathing treatment if he's so congested that he's not drinking his milk. he might be wheezing.

when you go to the doctor, ask them to use latex free gloves. since he's so little. my daughter was allegic to latex her reaction was delayed by a few hours and then she would end up wheezing and once it even became pneumonia.

if his nose is plugged, also take him to the doctor. I once heard that babies do not learn to breathe by mouth until about 6 months old.

to help with the stuffy nose, you can put 5 drops of peppermint oil on a tissue and put it in his room (on a glass plate and away from the baby)

I suggest you call the doctor's office now so he can be seen today --hopefully this morning.

To make sure he's not dehydrated, you can give him milk with a dropper a few drops at the time.

put a small pillow or a rolled towell under the crib matress so his head will be elevated and make it easier for him to breathe.

By the way, there's so much smoke in the air that I'd drape a light blankie over his carset/stroller/him as you're going in/out of buildings.
Good luck and I hope your baby gets well soon! ~C.~

At this age doctors tend not to give any medicine. You can buy a Nebulizer Compressor (around $60-$80) at the pharmacy counter and use it with Sodium Chloride Inhalation Solutions. This will help with the congestion.

I know lots of people have already said it, but saline and bulb suction! Remember, babies cannot blow their noses and on top of that they are what doctors call obligate nose breathers-which means they hate to breathe through their mouths (which makes them even crankier when they have to). I am a respiratory therapist and I tell all my patients to suction before eating and sleeping and anytime inbetween-suction until you don't get anymore snot back! I haven't run across 1 baby who liked it, but believe my you both will rest better when he can breathe through his nose!!!

I've been told not to give them anything. Since he is so little, visit the doc. Until then, make him comfortabe and help him breathe easier by rinsing/moistening their little nose. Drop a few drops of nasal saline (little noses brand or sea....something) in the nasal passages and suck it back out with a bulb syringe, the one you came home from the hospital with, works best. Repeat as necessry. Don't even bother with buying a new bulb syringe, there is not a brand that compares. If you don't have the hospital one, go to your pediatrician and ask for one from his/her office. Hope this isn't a repeat and that it helps.

I would run a humidfier in his room whenever he sleeps and if you can elevate him a little. Also filling the bathroom with steam from the shower and letting him breath it in for a little bit and then taking him into a nice cool room afterwards can help as well. If nothing relieves him a the next 24 hrs I would call the doctor to see what they might suggest you try. The thing with meds at this is age is they normally don't work and is not good for the baby. I know it is so frustrating you almost feel helpless. Just give him lots of comfort and try propping him up a little more during feeding. Good luck and hang in there! Also get used to this now you cannot give meds for colds or anything else other than tylenol until they are 4 unless it is a prescription but like I said before it usually does not work. I hope the little guy feels better soon!

The only thing that you can give him at this time is S
aline drops. You can use as much as you want and it won't hurt him. It will help the mucus release and run through him. He's too young to do anything else. Hopes this helps! Oh, and check with your dr to see if you can give just a small amount of Motrin yet?

Aww, poor baby! There really isn't anything you can give a little one that age unless the dr. has prescribed it. To get through the night I would suggest running a humidifer and if the congestion is in the nose suck it out with one of those bulb syringes.
I'd definitely put a call in to the doctor in the morning, it seems we are just getting out of RSV season but it's better to be safe than sorry. Hope your sweet babe gets better fast!

My daughter got a nasty cold when she was about 6 weeks old and the doctor gave us some prescription cold medicine. It works for her and she is 19 months old now and it is the only medicine she has ever taken (cold medicine). It might be worth it to call your doctor. However, she was coughing a lot. Most newborns are "snurgly" for a while, espcially if they are a c-section baby. Saline drops to break up the mucus and suction are good. The baby Vicks stuff is great. I would probably have the doctor check him out either way since it might be interfering with his feeding. Good luck!

A one month cannot have any type of medication, other than Tylenol for a fever. The best things you can do are use a humidifier to loosen up thick mucous (if the air seems dry), and give him a bath in a steamy bathroom & put some baby Vicks vapor rub on his chest. You may want to see a doctor if he sounds like he's got mucous in the chest- to rule out a bacterial infection. Good luck- I know how awful it is to have a sick little one :(

Have you thought of a humidifier?

I would get LITTLEN NOSES and follow the dircetions RIGHT before each feeding if that dosen't help by mon morning or if baby has fever 99.7 or higher then take to doctor. I hope baby gets better soon i know how hard it is i have 5

You have had some great suggestions. Humidifier, slightly evelating at night. My daughter had horrible congestion and my doctor couldn't give her anything because she was only 4 weeks old when this started. there was one KEY thing she told us to do... DO NOT KEEP YOU HOUSE HOT!!!! the house temp should remain at 68 or 70 degrees. The continues hot air build the mocus. The first night we tried this it worked wonders. We also had her sleep in the bouncer (strapped in of course) this give great elevation with out the worry of the baby sliding down in the middle of the night.
Good luck I promise it will get better. your babies body is still adjusting to the outside world. It took my daughter until she was 3 months old to get the mucus under control.

Humdifier will definitely be a good idea, also Johnson and Johnson makes a baby rub with Vicks mentholatum in it. You can rub this on his chest and it should help calm and soothe him. It is non-medicated and has aloe vera, eucalyptus, and lavender in it. I used it many times with my now 6 year old. I just had a newborn this week, and have already bought a new container of it. You can find it at Target.

Sailine drops...little noses is the name...3 drops in each nostril, and suck it out with syringe...every 3 to 4 hours...vics vapor rub on chest helps too..and it may last 2 weeks with cough.

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