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Need Help on the Spech of My Child of 21/2Yrs

iam having trouble that my child is not talking at 2 yrs and i was just woundering that if its normal for not to talk and if theres a way that he could start to talk, cause he tells me that he wants the stuff by sighs that decribe the things that he wants.so i was just asking if u moms could give me any advice so that he could talk.

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my grandchild did the same thing and he would point to what he wanted, like cereral so I'd say, not until you say cereral, and he knew if he wanted it, he had to say it.

It didn't take long and he was talking a blue streak

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I would contact Child Find.They will come out and evaluate him.We did this.We used ECI at the Bluebonnet Hills.You can call them,too.The school district has many free programs available including sending them to preschool with a teacher aid for them.I am using this program at LEander school district and it has helped my son sooooooo much.Good Luck!

You don't say whether you have taken the child to a doctor for a professional evaluation. I'm a teacher with several "special needs" kids in my class over the years. The two things in particular that I would want the doctor to rule out would be autism and hearing impairment.

Good Luck!
J. Andrews

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my grandchild did the same thing and he would point to what he wanted, like cereral so I'd say, not until you say cereral, and he knew if he wanted it, he had to say it.

It didn't take long and he was talking a blue streak

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Hi C., You should take your child to an early intervention center in your town. In Austin, Any Baby Can will do a Speech eval on your child and give you good tips for working with him at home. Do encourage him to point to things that he wants and at least give a beginning sound of the item. Put things out of his reach and make him point ,or other wise indicate his desire for the item before you give it to him. Sit with him and play little games such as peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. What toys does he really like? If ,for example, he likes cars and trucks, buy a few special ones and put them on a shelf out of his reach. Have him get you and use pointing and gestures and some sounds to let you know what he wants from the shelf. Name the items as you give them to him. When he is three, he can go to any public school for Speech therapy if it is needed. However, do not wait until he is three. Get him some help right now.Also, a complete hearing eval would not hurt either. There are places, such as the school for the deaf in Austin, that do these evals. J. K.

C., first, is he saying any words? I am a mother of a grown son and a 14 year old daughter. My son, babbled with the exception of a few clear words until around 3 years of age and then one day he just started talking. My daughter who was born very premature started to literally speak sentences at 9 months (however she was around my mother and I daily 24/7) and we talked to her constantly and she was exposed to a lot of kid educational programs. Your son like my son may just be an introvert and will do things in his own time. However, if you are really concerned about his speech talk with his pediatrician to put you mind at ease. And if you are still concerned after that, schedule a visit with a Speech Therapist. Happy parenting! :)

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist - My suggestions are:
1. Have his hearing evaluated by an Audiologist.
2. Have his a Speech and Language Evaluation done by a Speech-Language Pathologist.

In the meantime, give him small portions of his meals and drinks and have him imitate "more" when he wants more of the food or drink - do this every meal and with toys.

2. Blow lots of bubbles and use words like "pop" when you pop the bubbles, "up" and "down", have him ask for "more", take turns and use as much language as possible.

3. When playing/dressing, etc. give him 2 choices of items and name the choices then ask him which he wants - e.g. Do you want the red block or the blue block? - encourage him to answer with a sound or words to get the block... do this many times.

Feel free to email me - ____@____.com if you want/need to ...


Hi C.,

All children develop at different rates, and some kids just talk later than others. Some kids need a little extra help. My middle child wasn't saying the "normal" amount of words that his pediatrician looked for at 18 mths, and again at 2 yrs. We were referred to an early intervention service that was available through the state (we were in Florida at the time) at no charge. So I contacted them, he was evaluated, and they recommended speech therapy for him. It worked wonders.

Check with your doctors office to see what TX offers. I assume your little one has been evaluated and there is nothing physical that is delaying his speech. I hope this helps.

I know of two children who both didn't speak at age 3 (or almost 3). Both of them were tested and put into the speech delay program in the public schools. It helped them both tremendously. My cousin who started the program in August is now speaking in full sentences -- and is a huge "drama queen". It was histerical to watch her at Christmas. Last year she said nothing, but this year she played toe to toe with my 4 year old son.

Good luck!

Your child should be speaking rather well at this point. Get to the doctor for a speech evaluation and they can refer. Depending upon which city/state in which you live, there are plenty of county (tax payer) funded early childhood intervention programs designed for your child. Get help soon as the longer you wait the greater the gap becomes once school starts. Good luck! There are great programs, be proactive!

As long as all he can get what he wants by sighing then that's what he'll use. If he wants milk - show him the milk, say the word milk and wait for him to use the word or a fashion of the word (pronunciations may vary for his age). Be prepared for fit throwing, he's trained you to respond to sighs, now it's time for you to train him to use words. He'll be happier as he learns to talk. Don't forget to reward with hugs!

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