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Need Help on How to Use Playtex Drop in Bottles Correctly

My daughter is 2 weeks old and I am using the Playtex Drop In bottles. I am not to sure about these. It seems that when I set the bottle down to burp her the bottle takes in air so I am having to push the bag up each time. Do I need to be doing this? The bag is also not collaping during feedings. She also seems to be taking in a lot of air. Her tummy is always tightening up during feedings. I am current using the 4 oz bottles and making 2-3 oz of formula. It is also hard to check how much she is eating. I am currently pulling down on the bag and opening the bottle to let the formula settle to the bottom to tell how much she is eating. This seems like alot of work. I am not sure if it is worth all of hassle. I am hoping as she starts taking more formula is will get better so I have not gave up on them yet. Any tricks to these bottles? Thanks! I used the Vent Aire bottles with my last and loved them, but due to BPA I decided to try these.

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I to also tried these bottles and had the liners and bottles bought before he was born and unfortunately he was swallowing to much air also and getting tummy aches. I switched to the BPA Dr Brown bottles and they have been working well.

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We used playtex nursers exclusively from about 1 month on...

-i liked the target brand drop-ins better. the top was sturdier.

-once we got to larger bottles (6 oz or more), i actually preferred the "old school" plastic liners. they are plastic bags that fit inside. they can hold up to 9 oz, and do a better job collapsing in my opinion. you can sometimes find them at target, but i had the best luck at jewel.

I used the drop ins when my now 5 year old was very little, and they have changed the design since that time. I'm not sure if you're using it wrong, but you may want to consider another brand.

I use the drop ins as well. I used the Playtex Disposables with my first and bought the Vent Air this time around since so many people loved them. My daughter prefers the Playtex Dropins. When you put the bottle down, cover it and the air will not enter. It is easier to remove the cover than have to push the air out when there is only a little bit of liquid. Always make sure that when you first push the bag or drop in up, you push until the liquid starts to come out of the nipple and you'll know you got all the air out. Since you have to throw the bag out anyway, why not wait till she decides she is done to see how much she is eating. The great thing about the disposables -drop in or bag-is that if you are rushing around you do not have to wash the bottle. Just make sure you have extra nipples and put in a fresh bag.

I to also tried these bottles and had the liners and bottles bought before he was born and unfortunately he was swallowing to much air also and getting tummy aches. I switched to the BPA Dr Brown bottles and they have been working well.

My lactation consultant told me that the whole "swallowing air" concept is one a marketing gimick. Even breast fed babies need to be burped and they aren't getting air though that nipple!

I'm not sure who's right I just thought I'd let you know in case you want to try a more standard bottle that's easier for you to manage.

I never used them. I work at a daycare in a baby room and I have 3 babies that use the playtex and I hate them. For one thing your hand does not fit up there very well when you go to let the air out and as like you it always seems that I have to let the air out again. I have found that the Doctor Brown's works the best. It has a tube that goes down the middle to help ease with air my second child loved them and she had less gas. Hope this advice works. Mother of two and Daycare provider.

My mostly breastfed baby loves the Avent drop in style bag, we too have tried the Playtex and are much happier with the Avent style. As far as I know they are BPA free, easy to use, and liked by my little one. The liner itself is a bit sturdier and has a rim on the top that keeps itin place very well. Good luck and congrats on the little one.

I used dropins with the natural latch nipples for my oldest son and agree with Diane. Put the lid on or hold it in one hand with the sack pressed up. You can't really judge how much they have taken until they are done, but you really can get more air out of those bottles than the standard ones and it is so nice that the inside is always sterilized without any work on your part. The drop in bags don't collapse as much as the standard bags. You might try looking for the standard bags, but they are a little more tricky to assemble.

I have had the EXACT same problem! My daughter is 6 weeks old. I started with Avent bottles but the milk came out too fast and her sleeper would be soaked after feeding. I then switched to Nuk and had the opposite effect. My little one would fall asleep trying to get some milk out of the darn thing! The 0+ nipples just don't release the formula! (By the way, the next size up are too big!) I then tried Walmarts' Parents Choice regular bottles, which are okay. THEN....yes, then...I tried Doctor Browns'... Too many parts and I am always afraid I'm not getting them clean enough. So finally I switched to Playtex. I thought I was doing something wrong because the air would just get right back in the bottle. Instead of messing with putting the cap on to prevent air infiltration, I simply lay the bottle on its side. The milk will not leak!!! Isn't that cool!? Good luck to all!!
By the way, when I emailed Nuk, all they did was send me coupons for more Nuk products! Like I needed more bottles that didn't work! I bought the next size up nipples, which didn't work as I said, just because I could try them for free.

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