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Need Help Naming My Breast Cancer Walk Team

These are the names we are deciding between

Breast feet Forward
Girls gone miles
Pink Cupcakes
Walkin' for "The Girls"
Save the "Wonder Twins"

What do you think? Feel free to add to the list. So far we are a team of 3. My niece, myself, and my Aunt who is a 5 yr survivor.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

I think the girls and I have decided on girls gone miles. We even made a myspace page(well my daughter made it for us). If any of you would like to register for the walk and join our team feel free. You should be able to find our team under Chicago by tomorrow on the Avon Walk web site. I'm thinking of designing t-shirts that say "Girls Gone Miles" , walking for a cure, underneath, with Save The Girls on the back, or vise versa. We'll then use marker to add names of people we're walking for and businesses that donate.

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Marathon Mammaries
Booby Prizes
Groovy Boobies
Breast Friends

that's all I got. Let me know what you pick!

Breast feet forward....or Save the Wonder Twins.

Too cute. Thanks for participating. My grandmother died of breast cancer so my aunt, sister and I walked for her twice.

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Wow, creative names!

I like
Breast feet Forward
Girls gone miles

Good luck! I did a the 3 day walk back in 2000 and it was an awesome experience. Enjoy!

Hi C.,

Thank you for doing this! My vote is for:

1) Ped-A-Cure! (love, love, LOVE it!!!)
2) Breast Feet Forward

Awesome for you for doing the Breast Cancer Walk. My vote is Girls Gone Miles!

I love Ped-A-Cure! Good luck on the walk and Thank you for taking the time to do this for the Cure!

Oh, Pink Cupcakes! I love it!

I love Breast Feet Forward! For obvious reasons, breast and feet... but forward is like saying you're moving forward for a cure! Good luck and thank you for what you're doing to contribute to finding a cure!

Are you doing the Avon 2 day or the Komen 3 day? I wish you all the best in your journey. If you need training tips, let me know-I was a training walk leader and ambassador for the 20 mile Overnight for suicide prevention and learned a LOT. our team (a friend and I were co-captains ended up with over 50 ppl 2 yrs in a row and top money team for the 2nd year!! It was way cool! I'll give you all a few here: go spend the money on good socks and get fitted by a running store for your shoes. I recommend the Brooks shoes but it depends on if you supinate or pronate your feet when walking. Running shoes give you the breathability that you'll need when walking distance and that is recommended by the experts...but socks are very important. I prefer the Balega socks (running stores have them) as they offer superior support, wicking and come in different thicknesses. You will want to change your socks every 10 miles or maybe more-depending on the weather. I also wore running shorts (kind w/the panties built in) to avoid chafing and other uncomfortable-ness to the girly parts.

as far as raising the amount you need to raise for either walk, it's easy once you get started, think of your life as circles. the inner circle-closest friends/family, you will ask in person. the next circle is other people who are semi close,like co workers ask them in person or on the phone, the next is acquaintances, such as friends of friends or the mailman. The next is strangers! Ask online on any forums you may be on, I also asked people at the jimmy buffett concert parking lot-raised $60 that way!
we also did a "tag day" outside of Walmart. Ask your walmart to schedule you a day this spring, buy a box of tootsie pops at sam's club and wear your shirts, with a bucket for change that people can donate. you might even get bigger donations, we had a lady that threw a $20 into our paint can.

and ask big. if you ask big, then you might get it, you might get less, but you'll most likely never get more than you ask-so ask each person if they can consider making a $100 tax deductible donation. If you don't get good response, start at $50 then. but never ask for less. People will give what they can. If you work outside the home, as we do, we were able to sell fundraiser candy bars at work, that brought in a TON. or have a Not-A Latte day each week, where people donate the money that they would have spent on their morning latte. I'm full of ideas, let me know if you need more!

Best wishes to you all, I hope you grow your team to be BIG and do some fun stuff. You can find pink pool floatie noodles, bend them into a giant pink ribbon and mount them on a broomstick. that is fun to carry at the end when walking into the closing ceremony! you can contact me at lmillercis118 at yahoo dot com if you need more suggestions!

I love Pink Cupcakes as the name, Cupcakes ROCK!-L.

That's great that you're walking! I think Breast Foot Foward & Ped a Cure are great names - very creative! Good luck!

I really like Girls gone miles. Great job on the walk!

I really like Breast Feet Forward...that is a great name.....You are doing a wonderful thing...Good luck on your walk!

"Girls Gone Miles" sounds great! Very Fun!!!

Cute names!

My faves are:
*Breast Feet Forward

Good luck and good for you for walking! You should be proud! :)


I had cancer in 2006 and thought if I had a team, it would be Breast Friends and Bosom Buddies.

Girls Gone Miles would be my first choice. They are all very creative and fun.

Walkin' for "The Girls" gets my vote.

Marathon Mammaries
Booby Prizes
Groovy Boobies
Breast Friends

that's all I got. Let me know what you pick!

Breast feet forward....or Save the Wonder Twins.

Too cute. Thanks for participating. My grandmother died of breast cancer so my aunt, sister and I walked for her twice.

My vote is the girls gone miles! So cute!

I love Girls Gone Miles or Save the Wonder Twins. How did you get involved in this? I would love to do something like this.
Good luck and have a great time!

How about Simply the Breast!

In Jesus' name, God Bless you all who walk! My mom is years out, as well as two close friends. We walked last year and plan to do it this year as well! I am on team "Boobie Bunch", watch for our black and pink t-shirts!

How about
The Terrific Ta-Ta's?
God Bless you and all of the best to you!

I love the name Breast Feet Forward! Good luck and great cause!!

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