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Need Help Getting Baby to Take Formula

My daughter is almost 7 months old and I am trying to get her to like formula. I am still nursing her, but want to stop within the next month or two. She has had formula before and will take it once in a while and I try to offer it to her everyday. She does not have a problem drinking with the bottle. I have tried multiple types of formula, but I can't say I blame her. It doesn't seem like it would taste very good.
Has anyone else had a problem like this? How can I get her to drink formula? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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At 7 months 'switching' to formula is not necessary. The proteins in formula are larger than the molecules in breastmilk so it actually blocks the good stuff that you want for your baby. Since you are planning to wean her at 9 months you could try water in a sippy cup and then switch to milk. It completely understandable if you want to wait a year to give milk. Some alternatives are almond milk or other high protein foods like avocado. My advice...skip the formula all together! P.S. Great job nursing for 7 months

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Is it possible for you to pump until the baby is set on solid food and juice and water? Every time I see formula I gag at the odor and the chunkiness of it all- it looks like a protein shake. =)
Just a thought.
Anyway, I hope this helps!

Try mixing it with your breastmilk and change the ratios till you're at a full formula bottle at the end. Also try different temperatures of the formula. Remember you breastmilk is always the right tempt....I found for my son it had to be room temp or he wouldn't take it. My friends daughter would only take it if it was heated up to a point where she thought it was too hot, but since she runs warm, her brestmilk was warmer than she thought.

Good luck

Hi L.,
I used Earth's Best because it has less junk in it than many other brands and at first she preferred breast milk, but she got used to it, and actually preferred the formula after a few months. Good luck.

I don't know if you are feeding solids and using a poly-vi-flor solution with your baby but provided you are and you are open to alternatives you could try goat's milk. My daughter was breastfed and wouldn't touch formula. I wouldn't either have you tasted that stuff! (no offence to those that have to use it). Anyway our daughter loved it. It should be right near the soymilk and such at the grocery store. If you try this option you must get pasturized or there is risk of bacteria. Most of the rest of the world uses this because it is the closest in composition to mother's milk and doesn't have the same ingredient that cow's milk has causing many people to be intolerant. It has been very helpful to use, good luck!

By starting out half formula and half breast milk and then keep adding more formula and less breast milk over a period of time. Or start out 3/4 breast milk and 1/4 formula.

HI L.,
This is very common. Here's what you need to do to transition. First few times or days, mix 3 parts breast milk with 1 part formula. Once she easily takes this, mix 2 parts breast milk with 2 parts formula. Once this is tolerated well, mix 3 parts formula with 1 part breast milk and continue with this until you think she is ready for full strength formula. This will probably take a few weeks to switch over but it's probably the least painful for all around. Hope this helps. Great job for breast feeding your little one up until now. Good luck !

Hi L.,

I ended up using Nestle Good Start with Natuarl Cutltures -Green Can-. I tried pretty much every other type and this is the one that went over the best. Most babies I know like nursing more than the bottle and if they are used to breastmilk in the bottle it is probably a little shocking when its tastes so different. If you can I would say only give her formula in a bottle and breast milk via nursing.

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