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Need HELP for Severe Diaper Rash/yeast Infection

My 20-month-old developed a double ear infection and has been put on Omniceft for 10 days. A side effect of the meds is that he has very loose stools MULTIPLE times a day and his bottom is getting extremely sore. Regular Desitin only seemed to make the problem worse, and the pediatrian surmised that he had contracted a yeast infection from the meds. So now we are on equal parts of Desitin, hydrocordisone cream, and an antifungal ... which worked great for the last ear infection, but this time just seems to be irritating his poor bottom. Every diaper change is a screaming match! Any advice or suggestions for what I can try to give my little guy some relief??

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Thanks to ALL of you who responded! Oh my goodness, the number of replies was overwhelming and so very much appreciated. Lots of good ideas and I will keep a printout just in case we ever need it again. First and foremost, we ended up stopping that nasty antibiotic and switching to something a little tamer. That helped instantly. Then we used a combination of things recommended here and were given a prescription to clear up the sore bottom. That course of antibiotics was the longest 10 days of my life (and my baby's too, I'm sure)! Although his bottom is a little scarred, he has a happy hiney again and is back on track. I am eternally grateful for all the guidance and support given here. You guys are the best!

K. & Cameron

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Here's a Children's Hospital homemade remedy:

-Zinc Oxide (Walgreen's brand seems to be the best)
-Baby Powder
-**Lotrimin/chlortrimizol (for yeast) if want to add**

--mix equal amounts of zinc oxide and polysporin (and chlortrimizol if adding)
--microwave 30 seconds and stir
--add equal amount of baby powder and mix together
--let cool and apply liberally

Also, give plain water baths (with NO soap/wash) and AIR DRY AS LONG AS POSSIBLE...the more air the better, you'll be amazed at just what getting some air will do. I have 5 kids and have dealt with this with ALL of them!! :-) This works wonders!!! Good luck!

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My daughter had bad diarriah a couple of times so I know who you feel. So I'm just gonna tell you what worked for me. When I would change her "poop" diaper I would wash her bottom with mild soap and water. That way I'm not rubbin her bottom raw. Pat dry with a clean towel. With "pee" diapers I would just use a wipe. My daughter only like A&D ointment. She will scream her head off with anything else. But as soon as she see the A&D she'll laugh and let me put it on her. That on my goodness helped so much! Good Luck!

Try Saratoga ointment it was a miracle product for my daughter. You may have to have the pharmacist order it for you.

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Here's a Children's Hospital homemade remedy:

-Zinc Oxide (Walgreen's brand seems to be the best)
-Baby Powder
-**Lotrimin/chlortrimizol (for yeast) if want to add**

--mix equal amounts of zinc oxide and polysporin (and chlortrimizol if adding)
--microwave 30 seconds and stir
--add equal amount of baby powder and mix together
--let cool and apply liberally

Also, give plain water baths (with NO soap/wash) and AIR DRY AS LONG AS POSSIBLE...the more air the better, you'll be amazed at just what getting some air will do. I have 5 kids and have dealt with this with ALL of them!! :-) This works wonders!!! Good luck!

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vusion sp? it worked wonders on my daughter it has to be prescribed

this happened to my daughter too. Boudreaux's Butt Paste worked for her. You can get it at walmart or you can buy Triple paste which is a ton more expensive, I found triple paste at Walgreens. Try a baking soda bath/soak, cloth diapers or cotton underwear if you can and air time helps, letting that little bottom get as much air as possible.

best of luck

You may not need this anymore, but this is what helped my daughter with the same type of rash:
equal parts of bacitracin (over the counter), antifungal and zinc oxide--mix together and then coat with Aquaphor--it really is the best product for diaper problems. I, too, used it every time I changed a diaper and never had a reoccurence.

K., your little one may need probiotics to counter the effects of the antibiotic. Yogurt is helpful, also a probiotic liquid or chewable will help his little system recouperate. May he have quick healing!

My son had a terrible diaper rash when he cut his first two teeth. Now it wasn't yeasty, but it was seeping and it hurt really bad. I ended up using desitin and a&d. Use more a&d then desitin and make a paste in your hand, then put it on as thick as possible. It will help protect from a new poo and treat the problem with the last pooh. Also, use a warm wash cloth like other moms suggested. I hope he gets better soon.

Change diapers as soon as they get wet or dirty. Soak the little one for 5-15 minutes in the bath tub after every diaper change. If you are not at home and have to use wipes rinse them out really well with water before you use them. Desitin is a waste of money. Use Flander's Buttocks Cream. It works and it works quickly. Feed your little one plain yogurt if the diaper rash is from an oral antibiotic.

aquaphor works really well on my son. also, instead of wipes use warm wash clothes. the wipes may irritate his skin more.

I had the same problem with my little girl. She would blister and scream at every diaper change. It seems like the creams only keep it moist when it really needs to dry up. I was told to use straight corn starch, johnsons has a baby powder that is mostly corn starch and this cleared it up in no time!

I had the same problem with my kids and my doctor told me to use milk of magnesium. Just buy any kind and take the diaper off. Put your son on a towel and pour over his bottom, wherever it is red. I only did it at night. I then put the diaper right back on. There should be a little of the left over in the diaper for him to sit in. When he wakes up he will be good as new and soo happy. Also I swear by Flanders butt oitment. You usually can only get it in behind the pharmacy but you don't need a prescription. It costs like $8 or $9 (that's why it is back there, I think). It is brown and once I started using that I never had any more problems. Hope this helps.

Hi K.!!
Great to hear from you. On the diaper rash - if it's still occurring, my pediatrician recommended not using wipes, use a warm wash cloth instead. Keep using the Desitin (and other methods) religiously, that should do the trick. We had 1 diaper rash and I think it was from using formula. Hope this helps!

Go ahead and start him on a chewable or liquid acidophilus while he is on the antibiotics, this can replace the good bacteria in his system and curb the diarreah and the yeast infection. Feed him yogurt if you can, as well because it has natural acidophilus cultures as well.

Also try using gentian violet on his bum and genitals for 3-4 days. It stain so be aware of that. This will help clear up yeast as well.


Will your child eat yogurt? If so, please consider giving some of this to help balance out the bacteria in the body, particularly with the medication being administered.

Talk to the medical staff or pharmacy staff about the loose stools - it may be that he needs to eat more before taking the medication or do something different with eating habits to lessen this side effect.

Also, if you have a hair dryer with a cool setting, use it to dry his bottom after each diaper change as this seems to be as good or better than all those ointments.

Additionally, can you use cloth diapers or training pants with the plastic pants over top for now? They are much more comfortable than the synthetic disposable diapers in a situation like this.

I hope he is feeling better soon.


Hi K.,

Try reading through this thread. It gives lots of ideas on how to help baby through this time of diaper rash and sore bottom.


Good luck to you and your sweet little guy!

My daughter had this same problem at that same age with Omniceft. What worked for us was a lukewarm soak in the sink for with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda once a day and Aquaphor/Lotrimin combination when changing. Since you can only use the Lotrimin AF 4 times a day, any other diaper change we used the Aquaphor and slathered it on at night. It took a while but that was the only thing that worked. Also, we tried not to use wipes as much. It's tough when you have ten thousand extra changes, but we used the disposable baby washcloths which have no soap on them. It did take a while for all of this to work but don't worry, he'll get better soon.

loose the desitin. the zinc oxide in it, can really hurt a sore bottom. also, loose the wipes, and try using a warm, wet washcloth. the alcohol in wipes can really hurt there little bottoms also.

I was out of my normal diaper rash cream one time and used monistat cream. I swear by the next morning it was gone. (You might want to just call his ped and make sure it would be okay for your baby).I never bought another tube of any diaper rash cream. HTH

K., I have a daughter who is also prone to the yeast infections. My pediatrian gave me some samples of Vusion Cream. It works miracles. I now a great big tube and take it everywhere. It was about $40 even with insurance but worth every cent.
Good Luck!
M. M.

There is a product sold at drug stores called "Butt Paste". It is a thick paste that will calm the irritation and protect against future rash. I hope this helps!

Ask your pediatrician for a probiotic prescription or find one for children at a health food store. This is very important to get their bowels back in balance and these good bacteria will "digest" the yeast.

You can get powdered forms to add to their food with no fuss.


Shockingly, the only thing that ever worked for us was Huggies Liquid Powder. Someone recommended it, and I bought it out of desperation, and it actually worked! It was sort of hard to find though. The only places I could find it were Kmart and Bilo.

Try some cornstarch it cools and aborbs moisture. Also ask you dr for a prescription cream and liquid for the infection, that's what mine gave me for my daughter. hope this helps

You are not going to belive this but my sitter did this to my son...worked like a charm and he was really close to having sores develope.

Brown flour on the stove over medium heat stirring a lot. After it turns real brown let it cool then sprinkle on like it was baby powder. After a couple of days looks like a miracle. God Bless you and your wonderful family. C. H

i'm not sure of the name, i think it starts with a v, but there is an Rx yeast cream that your ped can perscribe for him if nothing else is working. in the mean time, try butt paste or triple paste and medicated baby gold bond powder. also, let him run around with out a diaper for a while to let the area get some fresh air. yeast thrives in warm moist places. also give him yogurt with live active cultures.

Although I am not sure about the yeast infection...I know that my baby had the same problem with antibiotics, loose stools and diaper rash. The pediatrician said to make sure her bottom was dry and put lotrimin on it, but you must make sure it is dry! Plus feed her starchy things like bananas, potatoes etc. and **plain** yogurt plus stay away from juice temporarily - use pedialyte if you want. This worked great for my 13 month old!! Good luck, P

Try plain yogurt with active cuktures. Apply it to his bottom at diaper changes and he is old enough to eat yogurt as well. Get him some flavors he likes. My son went through severe diaper rashes for nearly six months, trying everything, the doctor finally recommended this and it worked.

I have a 19 month old, and we have had that problem before. Here are two things that have worked for me. (they may sound funny but they work!) First one is Lavender oil. I can't tell you how it works, but it does. and second is corn starch. That helps keeps them dry I geuss. All I know is that my Son has sensitive skin and his rashes can get so bad they bleed. It is awfull!!! but those two things worked for me.

K. S,

Anytime you take antibiotics for anything it not only kills the bad bacteria, but also the good that your body needs to function properly. Give your little one some yogurt (with live active cultures) or cottage cheese also with active cultures in it. This reestablishes the good bacteria in his system and will stop the loose bowels. Take it as long as on meds and it will take care of that problem. As for the sore bottom...get some Borofax skin protectant,(from the makers of Neosporin)distributed by Warner Wellcome Consumer Health Products. This is the BEST ointment for diaper rash, skin irritation, etc., much better than Desitin. Also when you bathe the baby, or if you just want to soak his little bottom, use Aveeno Natural Colloidal Oatmeal bath treatment. It also is healing and will take the burn out of his little bottom.

Ooh, the butt paste is wonderful!! Also, if she's still having diarrhea, (I know this sounds crazy) paint on some mylanta on her bottom. it will help neutralize the acid from the diarrhea.
There's nothing worse than listening to your child in pain during a diaper change. Also, wash the bottom with a washcloth and water instead of wipes. Good luck!!!

I live by Butt Paste! After you put the medicine on (Ihope it is anti-yeast not anti-fungal) slther his bottom in butt paste. Should clear it up in a couple of days!

My daughter also got a severe diaper rash from being on that antibiotic. I ALWAYS use Boudreaux's Butt Paste (Target should carry it). Also let him run around w/o his diaper on for at least 10 minutes a day until it's gone. I know he may have an accident but it really worked w/my daughter! Hope this helps him - I would always blow on her bottom to help cool it when I was putting the diaper cream on - it seemed to help to (weird I know but it helped). Hope he's feeling better soon.

Triple Paste is also a great one. I bought it at Walgreens but I am sure it is available other places. Also yogurt helps if it is truely a yeast infection.

My son had the same problems. Some things that worked for me -
1 - never use the regular desitin - it actually HURTS them when there is a bad rash - use the "purple" one - the original.
2 - hydrocortisone works great, too!
3 - allow his bottom to "air" out. I would put my son on his tummy for HOURS sometimes. If you go to a medical supply store you can buy "chucks" which are for adults that don't have bladder control - this way if my son did go to the bathroom - it was not all over the mattress.
4 - using my hand, warm water and dove sensitive skin soap - i washed my son's bottom after every poopie diaper.
These things worked for me - hope they work for you!

There is a cream that you can get from the pharmacist, you have to ask for it though even though you don't need a prescription. I cannot remember the name of it but it worked miracles. Ask your pharmacist if they know what it is, if not talk to your peditrician, that is who told me about it. In the mean time if I remember the name I will let you know.

Sorry I can't remember the name.

I have a 6mo old little girl who developed a rash and the only thing that I could find to make it better was air . Let him spend as much time as possible without his diaper .We would take a big quilt , put it on the floor , and let her roll around until she used the bath room . Then we would clean her up and put a clean one down for her to lay on . Also , rubber sheets for the crib are great for naps . After a couple days of doing this she had healed almost completly.I hope this works for your little guy.

Oxyfresh has a skin barrier that protects the skin from all kinds of things, including diaper rash, and is safe for babies. We also have a paraffin free cleansing gele` that is safe for babies as well. I would be happy to share what you could do to make it most effective. It has worked for many, and may be the answer for you.

you can put yogurt directly on the bottom / genitals as well - make sure it is the kind with live cultures and pump him full of it - the live cultures / bacterias will alleviate the yeast and will give his lil tummy back the good bacteria it needs thru the digestive system. Also be sure to keep liquids in him as well as electrolytes - having loose stools could lead to constipation as well as dehydration.

I know this is a few days late from your request, but I am just now catching up on emails.

I used Flander's Buttocks Ointment - it is the best. You can get it at the pharmacy or have them order it. It is about $14 a tube, but lasts a long time and is great! Much better than Desitin or any of the other "standard" diaper rash remedies. The only downside is that it does stain underwear if your child is potty trained (I still use it occasionally for my 4 year old if her bottom gets chapped - still hasn't learned to wipe herself perfectly)

Hi K.-
I recommend Triple Paste to everyone! When my daughter had her yeast infection/diaper rash someone recommended this to me and it cleared up in no time I also made sure that the area was dry before putting a new diaper on...I even had her lay there for 15 min or so to air it out naturally- it really helps. If you think you are using enough cream you probably aren't-- just slather it on and make a barrier. You can find Triple Paste at Target, Rite Aid, WAlgreens...it's a little pricy but worth every penny!

For the diarrhea, try the BRAT diet- bananas, rice, applesauce and toast- to firm things up a bit naturally. Limit juices and add Kefir (a yogurt drink with probiotics, if you can find it. A plus is that it's LOADED with protein- ~14g per cup- and most kids love it!)

For the rash (you know it's yeast due to the anti-biotics) I agree that the Monostat cream or other female yeast medication in a regular dose- NOT the three day or one day dosage- works best and is cheaper! Sooth with A&D oinment (or I put my leftover Lansinoh nursing ointment) over the yeast medication. With that, it should disappear quickly!

Good luck!


This happened to me as well. Her bottom changed colors. We tried creams but that didn't help. Gold Bond baby powder with cornstarch was our saving grace. Once the rash had dried out we were able to use an ointment. We use A&D ointment (the one that's like a yellow petrolium, not a creamy paste). For quite sometime afterwards (months) she seemed to be bothered by having her diaper changed, although the rasjh had healed. I think it was primarily from the trauma of the ordeal initially. We've continued to use A&D on her regularly although she no longer has the rash. Now she seems fine with diaper changes.

My daughter had bad diarriah a couple of times so I know who you feel. So I'm just gonna tell you what worked for me. When I would change her "poop" diaper I would wash her bottom with mild soap and water. That way I'm not rubbin her bottom raw. Pat dry with a clean towel. With "pee" diapers I would just use a wipe. My daughter only like A&D ointment. She will scream her head off with anything else. But as soon as she see the A&D she'll laugh and let me put it on her. That on my goodness helped so much! Good Luck!

My daughter had a horrible stomach flu when she was about 13 months old and because of that had severe diaper rash. A friend of mine got me a cream that was used for patients with bed sores. I cannot remember what the cream was called (my daughter is 12 now) but it was a blessing! I am sure you could ask a pharmasist about creams used on bed sores and effectiveness on diaper rash. All I know is the difference was day and night almost instantly!
Hope this helps!

Hi K.. I just went through this with my 3yr old and Omnicef for Conjunctivitis. Use Lotrimin AF, rub it in as good as you can with each diaper change, then apply Boudreaux Butt Paste on top of that with each diaper change. Give it about a day and a half to two days and he should be back to normal. This should help!!!

While it's probable that this diaper rash is due to the antibiotic, your baby may also have developed an allergy to the diapers you're using. My SIL's baby did this at 9 months, and she had to put him in cloth diapers, because everything else made his bottom too red. After about a year in cloth, she discovered that she could use the Kroger-brand disposable diapers, and he's still in those.

Let him go without diapers as much as possible -- keep him on non-carpeted surfaces to minimize clean-up. :-) Let it air out. If you have access to cloth diapers, you may want to use those, but don't use the diaper pants -- his bottom needs to "breathe." (Maybe start potty-training him? or at least get a little potty so you can put him on it while he's watching TV or whatever.)

If he is in diapers, you must change him immediately, and wash his bottom with plain water (some soaps and cleansers and baby wipes may irritate). If it's a yeast infection, putting plain yogurt on his bottom may help, and feeding him yogurt with live active cultures may also help.

i use mylanta for my son if he gets a bad rash (told to do so by my pediatrician) and it works wonders. you can also let him soak in a tub with a couple tablespoons of baking soda in it for about 15 mins, do this a few times daily.

Try asodopholus, you can get it at the health food store. asodopholus is the live culture that is in Yogurt. When someone takes antibiotics it kills ALL of the bacteria. Our bodies have good and bad bacteria. When everything is killed there is not a balance in the body and it makes it a clean field for the bad bacteria to grow, IE a yeast infection. asodopholus is the good bacteria will balance out/get rid of the bad bacteria.

I gave this to my toddler when she had yeast infections. It was what my natural doctor told me to do.It is the only thing I do. The creams that they sell only suppress the infection just for it to come out another time, and sometimes it comes back worse.

They usually come in a capsule and I would just break it open and poured it over her food a few times a day. It is made with Rice flour which is easy for children to digest. (Probiotics are the same thing)

H.~ Mother of three kids, military wife

Try Saratoga ointment it was a miracle product for my daughter. You may have to have the pharmacist order it for you.

equal parts of desitin and maalox, mix up some in a bowl and every time you change a diaper put some on. It will help the poor lil red stingin bum. Also try not to use baby wipes instead uses wet toilet paper or wet baby rags. The wipes might have something in them that makes it sting too. Relief is in the future!

Try a combination of your prescription (we were prescribed nystatin) first, followed by aquaphor, followed by desitin with 40% zinc oxide. Yes, you put all three on in that order, every time you change his butt. I also give baths with baking soda and corn starch in the water. Hope this helps!

When my girls would get a rash I would rinse them off in the bathtub with cool water each time I changed their diaper. (I have a moveable shower hose.) They didn't have to deal with the painful wiping from a cloth and it always seemed to cool off the burning. I also followed up with corn starch.

Hi. My son has always been prone to loose stools for various reasons and I tried all the named-brand ointments (Desitin, Boudr.Butt Paste, etc.) Then I came across the two cheapest remedies - for bad irritation - Dr. Scheffield's diaper rash ointment(from Family Dollar, Dollar General) - it worked better than all the rest. Once things cleared up a little bit, I took my mother-in-law's advice and kept coating his bottom with Vaseline - which served as a protectorant. That's the pattern I followed when he had those bad rashes. Unfortunately, it became difficult to find Dr. Scheffield's and someone told me about Triple Paste (from Target): it's not cheap stuff, but works almost as well as the other. I hope this helps a little.
M. D.
Mother of 4 year old and
2 year old

put vasaline on after each diaper change this will keep it dry... try to let him go with out a diaper for as long as you can... you can also try aveno oatmeal baths they work great. use a warm soft wash cloth instead of baby wipes to wipe him (sounds gross but anything for a red bottom!) good luck i know how hard this is my daughter would get terrible rashes and my nephew had one so bad it was pusing and bleeding. good luck!

My daughter had the same problem. I bought some diaper cream that had 40% zinc in it. You can find it at the Dollar Tree here in Nashville. It was a cheap brand and stiff in the tube. It worked really great. Then I washed her also in cornstarch water, just cornstarch added to warm water, and I held her butt naked in the sunshine and I let her stay that way for as long as I could. I also used cloth diapers during this time, with no rubber pants. If you can't find cloth diapers, a thick dishcloth works fine.

Also, my daughter had to use Borak Acid Ointment, instead of diaper rash ointment. The pharmacist in Atlanta told me to use it and it worked great. That is all I used on her from then on.

I just read another response to you and Dr. Scheffield's is the cheap cream I was trying to think of. Great stuff.

It should be much better by tomorrow.

K. A.

my son has had a problem like this (on antiboitic for 5 weeks and once when he had dirrea for 7 days)i tried everything what helped the most was i bought the desitian overnight creamy and put it on thick before he went to be and the next day i seen a big difference i tried the reg desitian and i tried over the counter stuff also let him run around in just a tee shirt with no undawear or diaper on that can help also

I know this sounds crazy, but my friend got me hooked on this stuff called Corona. It is a pet ointment but she used it on all her kids. I have since found others that use it to. It has a lot of lanolin in it which provides a great moisture barrier. It really helps my baby.

I know this may sound a little crazy and I thought my father in-law was nuts when he told me this but it really worked for my daughter and son and several other people who have tried it since. If you take flour and put it in a cast iron skillet and "brown" the flour and use as a powder when you change diapers it should help.

If it is yeast, go to the drugstore and get gentian violet. It will turn EVERYTHING purple but clear it up in 1-2 days. (1-2 doses)

nystatin worked great for my baby

Get you some Aquaphor and you will find this is the best thing for rashes.

WHat Heidi suggested in her post of the ingreident in Yogurt is a great suggestion

get the Aquaphor ...

V. L.

Hi K.; My twin daughters are 2.5 now and they had diaper rash occurences. The only solution to this was the mixture of original flavored Mylanta and A&D OINTMENT. It may sound crazy but it worked everytime. One night the rash would be there the next morning voila.....Gone!

Desitin burns ==try something with cornstarch

try using vinigar in a sits bath and then let him air dry. Use a warm wet cloth during diaper changes not baby wipes and then let him air dry. Before putting the diaper back on grease him well with vaseline. this seems to be more water proof than destin and provides a better barrier for his skin. This treatment works wonders for my daughter. Good luck.

I use Aquaphor with my son and it works wonders! Good luck to you!

corn starch is great as is Aquaphor - heap globs of the Aquaphor on and it keeps any moisture from their bottoms (similar to vaseline but I think it's more soothing). You can use the Aquaphor with the corn starch.

We could never use the usual stuff like Desitin- the zinc in a lot of these meds prevent rashes but aren't always good about clearing them up. My daughter had a terrible time when she was younger and the doctor had me get OTC Lotrimin. I thought he was crazy- this is for athletes foot!! But dang if it didnt work wonders!! Hope this helps!!

I just went through this with my 5 month old. A friend said to use milk of magnesia. Sounds funny but it cleared it up in 3 days. Just apply with a cotton ball and try to let it dry some before you close the diaper. Good luck.


hi K.. when i got custody of my 1 yr old niece she was having a problem with diaper rash. the dr. prescribed nystatin which helped, until it ran out. when i called back for a refill the dr. said to mix equil parts of desitin, liquid malox, and ____@____.com ointment. this worked great. it lasted a long time and every time she got a rash after that i used this mixture. it worked every time. i hope this helps your little one.

After dealing with diaper rash with 3 babies, the best solution I found is to gently get off as much as you can with a wipe, and then immediately draw a warm bath for his bum to soak. It may mean 3-4 warm soakings for a day or two, but it really dries up the diaper rash. Let him run around without a diaper for an extended period of time. Of course, I would continue the Desitin (creamy is my favorite), hydrocordisone, and antifugal cream when he's wearing a diaper. Make sure his bottom is dry before applying anything. Just in case, I wouldn't feed him anything citrus- that really irritates my 2 yr olds bottom, especially when she has a diaper rash to begin with!! Good luck!

My daughter(21 months old) just had ear infections in both ears and a sinus infection and was put on Augmentin for 10 days. She had the exact same thing with the runs and diaper rash. We let her be without her diaper as much as possible. Usually about 30 minutes after each runny diaper. We then coated her down with corn starch. I have used corn starch on her and my older son for most of their diaper rashes. It seems to work faster and better than desitin or balmex. You also don't have to rub it on, which cuts down on pain to the kids. My neices actually asked for corn starch after I told my sister in law about it. I found out about corn starch from an old school doctor when my son had diaper rashes so bad he was bleeding. It worked. We always have it at the changing table. We have started using corn starch as soon as my children are put on antibiotics (My daughter got strep about 2 weeks after completing her 1st antibiotics). This seems to cut back on their discomfort. Also corn starch is cheaper than any of the other creams that you can buy. I hope this helps.

I work in a day care, and some of tyhe moms there use something called probiotic whe their children are on antibiotics. It keeps them from getting a bad rash, from the antibiotic. And some use a yeast topical. You can buy over the counter.

I am a peds nurse, and we tell our patients to use maloxx or mylanta, Pour over his/her bottom, let it air dry and put her diaper back on. It helps wonderfully, also if you can get a prescription for Vusion cream it is great also.

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