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Need Help Finding the Right Caregiver to Deliver My Baby

I am new to Albuquerque and I am newly pregnant. I was hoping to find a midwife to deliver my baby but I want to do it in a hospital. Is this a possibility? I am really hoping to find someone who will be nurturing and willing to listen to me and not make me wait a long time. I am open to an ob as well. Please let me know if you have a recommendation!

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Thank you all so much. I have a lot to look into and I really appreciate your thoughtful responses.

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Hi S.,

I go to Women's Specialists of New Mexico. THey have a variety of locations and have both midwives and obgyns. They are fantastic! And I am also pregnant (with #3) and we plan on birthing with a midwife in the hospital. Hope this helps!

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Welcome to ABQ! I highly recommed Lovelace Women's Hospital! We are actually changing our insurance specifically so we can deliver baby #2 there again! I saw Dr. Shelburne for all my prenatal care and he was fabulous but we actually delivered with a midwife, Linda Johnson. I never thought I would like to have a midwife (I grew up as a doctor's daughter and always expected to deliver with a doctor) but we were really impressed by all the midwives we had the opportunity to work with at Lovelace! I believe the personal relationship with a provider is so important and you want to feel like you can talk to them and they will listen to your views and opinions. We definitely feel that way about every midwife we worked with at the hospital (I was induced twice, so we had the opportunity to meet several!) I will say that we were not as impressed by all the OBs! Good luck and feel free to email me directly if you need anything else as you settle into ABQ!


I absolutly loved my midwife. Her name is Wendy Kimmelman and she is with the lovelace group. I do not remember the name of the midwife that was on duty when I delivered but I would say that all of the lovelace midwifes are pretty good. Unfortunatley it looks like they dont carry my insurance anymore and I have to switch to Pres. when I have my second one. Good luck in finding one that you like!

I would really really REALLY suggest you attend the Great Expectations Early Pregnancy class TOMORROW at http://www.InspiredABQ.com
You'll cover a lot of information about the local provider options, including hospitals. It will be a wonderful introduction to the birthing community and pregnancy related service providers here, something you need in a short amount of time!

I absolutely LOVE the Women's Hospital. I had my son there about 3 years ago and my daughter there about 6 months ago. All the midwives are great but I especially LOVE Linda Johnson. She came highly recommended (on this site) and I totally agree! She always spent a lot of time with me (I never felt rushed). She was always willing to answer my questions. Towards the end of my last pregnancy, I was having complications (preeclampsia) and she went over and beyond. She sent me for testing and called me personally. She came in just to see me on several visits. I was fortunate enough to also have her deliver the baby. This was my third child and I felt she was so great! I really appreciate the team at Women's Hospital. I can't say enough about them and I know other women who feel the same.

Hi S. - congratulations!

I delivered with a midwife at Lovelace Womens Hospital. If you want to see an OB, Dr. Joel Teicher is awesome! He works really well with the midwives on Lovelace's staff. I had two wonderful midwives, Martha Tiryaki and Janice Zoloto. Janice is also a doctor of oriental medicine. We had a good birth experience and a good outcome. I was 39 when I gave birth and was 2 weeks past dates and did not get induced. No pain meds either. We hired a private doula, which was a really good thing also. The midwives were very supportive of us having a doula, which was nice.

I've only had the one pregnancy and birth, but I had a good experience with Lovelace Women's hospital. Other women I know had good experiences with UNMH. I recommend looking at some of the birthing classes offered by http://www.inspiredabq.com/ They used to offer a class called Albuquerque Birth Options, which was really great. Albuquerque is a great place to birth because it does offer so many options from safe home birth to fully medicated hospital birth with an ob plus everything in between. I hope you find what you are looking for here. Good luck!!

Hi S.,

I go to Women's Specialists of New Mexico. THey have a variety of locations and have both midwives and obgyns. They are fantastic! And I am also pregnant (with #3) and we plan on birthing with a midwife in the hospital. Hope this helps!

Linda Johnson who works at Lovelace Women's Hospital on Montergermy delivered my baby. She is not a midwife, though Lovelace has several midwives there, but does the same things that a midwife would do and she is amazing. She was the only doctor that we found that included Matt as well instead of just talking to me and answering my questions. She is wonderful.the number is ###-###-####. Hope this helps! And WELCOME to Albuquerque. I've only been here for 2 years.

My mid-wife here in Albuquerque is wonderful. Her name is Marian Hubbard and her office is in the Presbyterian Hospital at I-25 and Central. I can't tell you how impressed I was with her whole staff as well as the Presbyterian Hospital. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Her number is ###-###-####. She is so sweet and very concerned about listening to you. I'm hoping she will be there when I have my second. If you go, tell her L. and Dave referred you.


I HIGHLY recommend Women's Specialists of New Mexico! They have several offices around town. I saw Lisa Bishop (midwife) with both of my pregnancies, and she's wonderful. There were times when I received care from some of the other midwives, and they were all fabulous. The wonderful thing about their practice is that it is a mix of OB's and midwives. Their website is: www.wsnm.org.

Good luck, and congratulations!

Susan Moore Daniels at lovelace on Paseo/Jefferson was great

Hi S. -

My name is K. and I have had both my kids with a midwife here in ABQ. I actually had home births - but I know my midwife will deliver in a hospital as she did so for a friend of mine. Here's the midwife's contact info. Just let her know that I referred you.

Dusty Marie
123 Wellesley SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

I have loved working with Dusty and will have all my kids with her!

Hope this helps!! I am also a Mother to 2 little ones, and Mommy Coach if you need any assistance with Baby or Childhood Management. Additionally, I've just published an eBook entitled, From Bump to Baby: A Guide from Pregnancy to Motherhood. It's geared more for first time moms - but there is valuable information for 2nd time moms, too! My email is ____@____.com if you have any questions.

Congratulations on your 2nd baby!

My best to you - K.

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