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Need Gift Idea for 8-Year-old

My brother just got married last year to a wonderful woman who has a really good 8-year-old son. With Christmas approaching, I need some gift ideas. I've asked him and I've asked his mom and neither of them are able to give me any ideas. He's not really interested in anything at all except skateboards (which his mom is getting him for Christmas) and video games (but he doesn't have any kind of game console, and purchasing one for him is really out of the question). He is absolutely not interested in reading, so any kind of book or magazine subscription is out. I thought about a gift certificate to Toys R'Us but his mom said that he really does not play with toys. Last year, I did get him a make-your-own gummy bugs kit (my brother and my husband thought it was pretty cool) but he wasn't really interested in that either. He also is not interested in playing board games or any other kind of game like that. I do have a tendency to buy educational toys for my daughter but my now-nephew is really not interested in that kind of stuff either.
I do not have any boys, so I am really at a loss as to what to get this young man that he will enjoy. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks to everyone who responded, and thanks for the suggestions. Since we are going Christmas shopping in the next few days (to avoid the after Thanksgiving crowd everywhere we go), my husband and I decided that we would go with some gift certificates to our local movie theater.
I appreciate all the thought you guys put into this request.

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sounds like he will have a boring life like my 18 yr old nephew. My 8 yr old is still into toys, especially transformers, video games, legos, and cowboy stuff. Maybe he likes to watch movies? The new batman is coming out in December and is a good movie. Also KungFu Panda is a good one that my 8 yr old loves. I give money to my nieces and nephews that are now teenagers because I have no idea what to give them and have a lot of video games and stuff and don't know which ones they don't already have so easier to give them money or gift cards. Does he like to play lazer tag or go places like that? Maybe you could buy him a game card to do several activities at a place like that.

I have 8 & 10 year old nephews. They are really into Legos (the more complicated kits), Ripley's Believe it or Not books, and Star Wars, as well as video games. You can get the plug & play games that are very inexpensive, but some of the other ideas may work as well. Some others have also suggested Skateboard mags. Good idea. My 8YO daughter loves getting magazines in the mail. My nephews also love anything that shoots, i.e. Nerf guns, massive water guns, etc. Good Luck!

If he's into skateboarding, you could always buy him a cool skater helemt or pads. Last year I bought a board, my Mom & Gramma bought the saftey gear as well for my now 8y/o. Or you could buy him skateboard videos, or a skateboard magazine subscription, or clothes or toys skateboard related... You could also look around on Craigslist or such for a used cheaper playstation or some other kind of console. I got my son a PS1 with a bunch of games for like $60 on there last year for his B-day... Maybe computer games for him? Good Luck!

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I have an 8 year old son, and this age is hard, cause all he wants are the big pricey electronics for Christmas. But one thing he does like getting are gift cards to McDonalds, Burger King, and the Movie Theater. My son sees every movie that comes out for kids in the theater. He also owns most of them on DVD also. Also in the stores they do make skateboarding toys. They have miniture skateboards and ramps.
Good Luck.

With him liking skateboards, how about a helment or some pads or something like that. Maybe a kit to make a skateboard ramp (a small one) or something along those lines. I always find it so hard to come up with ideas, hope this helps though :)

How about skating posters or memobilia of some sort? Maybe a skating magazine so then he would want to read.

Good luck,

My kids are into skateboarding too, and not much else. They love to have cool skateboard shoes, and clothes. You can go to Kohls and get Tony Hawk clothes (a hoodie for cold would be nice), or skate shoes like Vans or DC or Element. Also the kids love to get "finger boards". They are small skateboards that you can buy at like Walmart or Toys R Us and they are only about 3-4 inches long and they kids play with them on table tops. There is a skateboard store at the Great Mall in Olathe, can't remember the name but it has skateboard everything there. Good luck!!!

My grandson is also a skateboard fanatic and a few of the things I got him over the years are: Toy Hawk pro skater videos, Extra cool wheels and bearings (They wear out fast)skate board shoes(made to grip skateboard better then tennis shoes)a "all in 1" tool to work on skateboards. Good luck hope this helps.

If he's into skateboarding and you live in the St. Louis area, maybe you could find a store that specializes in skateboard accessories and get him a gift certificate for that. I think Mid River's Mall has one and I think there's one on Hwy. K in O'Fallon. Not sure of the names, sorry.

One thing I think is cool is those games you just hook into the tv. It looks like a joystick and has the games programed in and is pretty reasonably priced, I think under 20 dollars at walmart. They have things like pac man, but I think star wars and stuff too. Good luck! Boys are super hard to buy for.

Wow, I can't believe he is already so uninterested at 8. My suggestion would be a gift card to a skate shop if that is all that he is interested in, or a jacket or other skate apparel with the logo of his fav brand.

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