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Need friends...VERY Lonely

Hey everyone. I am sorry for my first question to be about me me me. My husband and I just moved to Midletown Connecticut. We don't know anyone yet. I have a two month old son, and my husband is an airline pilot so he is gone for days at a time. I am just looking for friends. I need conversation. my son was born premature so the Dr's ask that we don't take him out in public until after flu season. I am homebound now going on 9 days. Anyway, I don't mean to complain but sometimes it is sooo hard. Thanks for listening and i hope you all have a great day.


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HI J.!

Welcome to Connecticut! I live in Guilford so we aren't THAT far from each other. But my girls are 3 and 5. If you need anything just email me and let me know! Hang in there... flu season is ALMOST over!

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Hi J.,
Thankfully, you've moved to a pretty active part of CT...(well, as active as CT can get!) I live in East Haddam and we spend a lot of time in Middletown. Anyway, definetly check out some of the kiddie programs at the local libraries. I know for a fact East Hampton public library (a short 10-15 trip over the river via rt.66) has a great "lapsit" program for younger babies, usually ages 12months and over, but no one is going to turn you away if you have a little little one. I met a lot of great Moms there. Stay and Play in Old Saybrook (South of M-town via rt. 9) has Mom and baby yoga classes and Kid City, a resource you will LOVE when your baby gets older, has a number of Mom's groups that post meetings. You could also join your local Mom's Club Organization. I know East Haddam has one, as does East Hampton. Check your local church/synagouge for informal play groups that might meet there. The one here in East Haddam meets at the Congregational Church, Wednesdays, at 9:30. We recently had our second baby, who was also a preemie. I know it's really difficult and nerve wracking. But you need to give yourself some time. I don't know where you've moved from, but New Englanders aren't the friendliest people in the world. We need to take a lot of time to get to know people---something my neighbor from Virginia just doesn't get! So be patient. We'll eventually warm up and you'll feel like you are in less of a baby-bubble! But the good news, being so close to so many resources, your bound to find something that suits you! You just have to do a little legwork! Good Luck! Btw...where did you deliver your baby? If he was a preemie, I'm going to assume UCONN? That's where we were sent...anyway...hold tight and try to enjoy the time with your son...it goes by really fast and you never get it back. And hey...I'm looking to train for a 5K (I know, I know...I'm SOOO hardcore...hahaha...)but maybe you could give me some tips?
Hang in there!!

Hi J. - Go to the park!! I've met so many people there. Also if you're a runner, Google and see if there are any running groups around for Moms. When the baby gets a little older (6 months or so) check with your recreation department and see what Mommy and Me type classes they have - great way to meet other Moms. Good luck!

Hi J., My name is B., I'm 37 yrs old with a 2 yr old son and i live in Meriden. I belong to ymca here in town b/c A) I love to work out and B) there baby sitting room and the people that run it are so good I could go on and on about them. I love to garden (well actually just the flowers) My son was also a premie (almost 6 weeks early) if u want to chat hit me back and when you and your son are readt to venture out let me know.

Hi J.!
Another idea, if you're breastfeeding, is to attend the Breastfeeding Group at Middlesex Hospital. I'm not sure what time it is held these days. A couple of years ago it was held on Tuesday mornings at 10. You can call the hospital and they'll give you more info. Also, CafeMom.com has a lot of local groups and ways to hook up with local mommies. I'm also a 38 year old mom with my first child. (She turns 2 next week.) Let me know if you want to hang out sometime.

HI J.!

Welcome to Connecticut! I live in Guilford so we aren't THAT far from each other. But my girls are 3 and 5. If you need anything just email me and let me know! Hang in there... flu season is ALMOST over!

Have you looked for a local moms group? Also, you might try going to placed where others with kids go, like Kid City in Middletown or a park, and just chatting with some other mothers. I have moved every 2-4 years for a long time and those are two of the ways I have found to meet new friends. Good Luck!

I think you have gotten some great advice from previous posters, but I just want to let you know that I can so understand how you are feeling!!! I am originally from Virginia and I don't have family here either, however I have come to really like it here (except the winters). I believe the people here are just as nice and helpful as they are in Virginia (if not more so)! It is hard being in a new place and then on top of that not being able to get out and about. My baby was born in the Fall and while he was not premature I was still pretty determined not to take him out anywhere until he was over three months old (we will see if I loosen up more for the next child)!!

Anyways, definitely check out the MOMs club website, I am sure there is a chapter near you. Also once your little one gets bigger and you get the ok from you MD, you should bring him/her down to the East Hampton Library Lapsit on Monday and Friday mornings at 10:00am, you are sure to meet a lot of great MOMs there!! I try to get there at least once a week or so with my seven month old, lots of moms bring their little ones (under a year). One more piece of advice, I see you like to run, I too am a big fan of running (however I have to take some time off because I am pregnant right now). Have you tried looking for a running group in your area or maybe even starting one (you could post an inquiry here to see if anyone is interested)? Maybe you could set up a time to go when your husband is home, so you don't have to take the baby with you it would be a nice way for you to get some "mommy time". If you were to start one or find one I would love to join you after this baby is born!! Let me know.

Hi J.,
-Try Russell Library on Broad Street
-Go to the park - look on your town map
-I used to go to the Breastfeeding support group at Middlesex when my oldest (now 4 1/2!) was little...very, very nice...people hang out after in the cafeteria...ok if you didn't deliver there, they don't care
-we LOVE Kid city...but when yours gets a little bigger
-I've found joining the local Mom's club has been helpful. If you go online, the main website is www.momsclub.org. Then you click on "join". You will fill out a form and get an email in a few days from someone in your local chapter who you can talk to about what they offer, how it works, playgroups, etc. There is a nominal fee if you decide to join, but it basically covers mailings about monthly events, newletters, etc. Also, both towns that I joined in the my past two years allow you to try an event or two before joining officially. I've found it a nice way to meet other stay-at-home-moms or part-time working moms and kids.

Breastfeeding Group at Middlesex Hospital is on Tuesday mornings at 10. Last time I went was three - four months ago. Mary Carim runs the group, she is wonderful.

Please contact me, I am 37 with my first, She now 9mos. I would love to hang out with you. I live in East Hampton but go to Cromwell/ Middletown to meet my husband for lunch sometimes.

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