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Need Food Ideas for 10 Month Old

I have a 10 and a half month old son, and I'm looking for some new, healthy food ideas. Currently, he is eating baby yogurt, cheese, bananas, grapes, black beans, garbanzo beans, chicken, pasta, potatoes, baby cereal mixed with veggies....if anyone has some new and interesting ideas for finger food (he loves to feed himself) I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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My grandson liked mac and cheese (shells they are easy for baby fingers to pick up), rice with melted cheese (simply make some white rice and sprinkle grated cheese on it while it's still hot). Graham crackers are good. Baby carrots (cooked till tender without being mushy), ice cream, my grandson also loved oatmeal.

Steamed veggies, all of them, avocados. My niece and nephew have been chowing on these since they could and love them. It's a great way to start veggies early so you don't have a picky eater.

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My daughter is almost 1 and here are some of her favorites (of course, all of these are cut up in little pieces):
Brocolli/cauliflower florets, Zucchini, Grilled Cheese, Mac & Cheese (you can make this yourself w/ wheat pasta or get Annie's organic mac & cheese), English Muffin Pizzas, canned mandarin oranges (you can find ones that come in pear juice instead of syrup), Hormel turkey or ham w/out nitrates (in the deli fridge area), whole wheat ravioli, cottage cheese.

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You can try tofu - a lot of kids like it just diced and uncooked because it's pretty sweet - try the silken kind.

Other suggestions - refried beans without jalapenos, mashed potatoes, cucumber (peeled and sliced really thin), cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (cut up really small), homemade quick breads (substitute wheat germ for about 1/4 of the flour and then they get really healthy, and cut the number of eggs in half if you are worried about that) and top the quick bread with cottage cheese.

If he's really eating well and you aren't worried about him choking, at this point he can pretty much have whatever you're eating. As long as they're cooked really well and soft, he can probably move on to real veggies instead of the mushed variety.

Happy eating!

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My daughter is only 6 mos but I wanted to suggest the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron - I have found it most helpful in feeding my little girl!

Not sure if these were already suggested- I tried to remember others posted but there might be duplicates:
Egg yolk - not white
cottage cheese
sweet & white potato

I got most of those ideas from the book I mentioned above.

Have fun feeding your little guy! :)

Hi J., When my son was at that age he loved frozen cantaloupe and watermelon, I would put it into one of those mesh bag things that you find on One step ahead. That was his treat. He also loved green beans uncooked something that he could just kind of naw on.

Hope that these ideas help
Good Luck
S. B.

I have an daughter who will be 11 months old next week and has basically refused to eat anymore jars of babyfood. I have given her what you have fed your child plus stuff like avacado, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon, toast, hamburg, hot dogs, ham, bologna, loves gerber puffs, cheerios, mum mums. Hope this helps.

You know, I used to give my boys corn on the cobb when they were really little. It took forever for them to eat, but they loved working on it and it took up quite a bit of time :-) They'd try so hard to get every kernal off the cobb and there was no choking hazard. I also used to cut up fruit really small and freeze it-I'd send it to daycare frozen and by the time they were ready to eat it, it had becone room temp. I think everyone has had some really great suggestions!

My son just turned eleven months, and he really likes to feed himself, too. I buy lots of frozen veggies (I try to buy organic), which cook up easily in the microwave, or I can steam them and cut them up into small pieces once they are soft. My son really likes petite peas and butternut squash cubes (both can be found in the grocer's freezer section). He also likes sweet potatoes, hard-boiled egg yolks, cut-up whole wheat toast/bagels (sometimes I melt cheese on it or spread hummus on it), kiwi, Cheerios, frozen waffles, avocados, ground turkey, or diced-up natural chicken sausage with diced apples in it. I also just bought those cheese crumbles that are found in the shredded cheese section, which my son loves! You can also use a grater to grate up pretty much any veggie or fruit, like apples, pears, green peppers, etc. It's always fun experimenting with new foods with these little ones!

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