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Need Fluffy Bed Spread! but How?

Hello moms, I'm addicted to this site since my friend Esmy referred me! Anyway, I am writing to ask you mothers how do I get the "fluffy" bed look? I want something like in the department stores when the display beds look so warm and invitingly comfortable. I'm not sure whether to get a comforter, down, or duvet. I'm not even sure I know the difference. And what's a mattress pad? I thought those were for lil kids who wet the bed. Please help me! Thanks a bunch!

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Get a duvet girl...then you put a down comforter inside of it. You can put 2 sometimes and make it really fluffy!

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You can usually find matress pads where the sheets are anywhere sheets are sold, Walmart, Target, etc. and they come in all sizes. The ones you are probably thinking about are the waterproof ones for young children that have plastic on the bottom. Larger sizes usually don't have the plastic. They just protect your matress. As far as comforter, duvet, etc., just go pick out what you like, and usually a tumble in the dryer will fluff up a comforter pretty good. A Duvet is nice too--you pick out the duvet that you like best, then buy a cover for it. Hope this helps!! :) C.

If you want the fluffy look, buy a thick down comforter. One suggestion - when you are sleeping on your bed - take the down comforter off. If you don't all of the down tends to get shifted to one side or another and it is never quite the same. Also, if have little monkeys at home that like to jump on your bed, like we do at our house, you really have to make sure that they find a new trampoline or you will find yourself searching for a new comforter soon! If your mattress is remotely new and has a decent pillow top you really don't need a feather bed underneath your sheets. A mattress pad is actually a thicker pillowy sheet your put on over your mattress to protect your mattress. You would just put your sheets on top of the mattress pad. Happy shopping!

Hi M.,
I am a 41 year old mom of a 3 year old and an ex-interior designer. I can tell you how to get the fluffy bed look.
First, you need a mattress pad. This is just a cover for your mattress to help keep it clean. Then you should put down a featherbed. This is basically a down comforter but just the size of your mattress (no overhang). This makes it very soft and fluffy. Then put on your sheet set (the fitted sheet and flat sheet). Then your blanket and bedspread. Or you can top it off with a duvet. This is like two sheets sewn together on three sides that leaves an opening at the top. You slip a down comforter inside and it has buttons or ties to close off the top. That would be two layers of down and super fluffy. You can get all these items at Linens and Things or Target type stores. Just get everything in the size that goes with your bed (king, queen, full, or twin). Good luck!

Get a duvet girl...then you put a down comforter inside of it. You can put 2 sometimes and make it really fluffy!

My husband bought us a comfort-top mattress.It has a built in pad. Then I got a bed in a bag set. It has a comforter, sheet set,pillow shams, and bed skirt in it. I also bought extra pillows just for the shams. Everyone who sees it thinks it looks so... soft. I also like a lot of pillows on my bed. Most of them get put on the floor at night then back on the bed when I make it. My only complaint is I wish the comforter was bigger. I plann on making one myself soon.

Keep in mind that store display beds are often "lofted" so that it's higher off the ground and closer to your eyes (it's a eye/brain trick). Also, the display beds are generally not a normal length/width. Just likes clothes on a maniquin, if you look closely, the clothes/sheets have been pinned or otherwise manipulated so that it looks like the "perfect fit". But, off the rack, your clothes/bed won't look quite like that.

If you want that fluffy look, I suggest looking for a fluffy comforter (like a down comforter) and a fluffy mattress pad. But, keep in mind that if this is the bed you sleep in regularly, anything will get compressed with time and use. It won't stay that way for very long.

Every bed should have a matress pad. Even yours. it softens the surface you are laying on. Kids matress pads are usually lined on the back with plastic to protect the bed.

to get the soft look you need layers. the best choice is to buy a plain white fluffy down comfortor then cover it with a duvet. (a comforter cover)

put that on top of the bed over your childs cheet and blanket then fold back and place your pillows at the top.

You can go fluff without really breaking the bank! We use an English down comforter with deep baffles and change the look Spring/Autumn with new duvet covers! Pier 1, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc carry "pillow toppers" for your mattress, but you will have to change to deep pocket sheets. I watch the sale papers and try to catch Hobby Lobby or Kohl's sales for accent pillows. Good luck and happy decorating!

Hi M....

I was told once that the fluffy look on beds comes from putting a down comforter in a duvet that is a size larger than the duvet. For instance...if you have a queen duvet, you should put a king comforter. I've never actually tried this, because I have a king bed. However my duvet always looks pretty fluffy! Just make sure you get a pretty good quality down comforter. Always open the package it is in and smell it! I know! This sounds funny, but sometimes, some companies use chicken feathers instead of goose down and it will smell like a chicken, especially if it ever got damp, for some reason!

Also, a mattress pad is a very good thing to have on your bed. It just gives an extra barrier between you, the sheets and the mattress and ofcourse helps protect your mattress to some extent. I personally cannot stand to sleep on a bed that does not have a mattress pad! I think the kind you are thinking of for lil kids has a moisture barrier of some kind in it, which can be good for kids who might wet the bed, but for ordinary use, just get a good mattress pad that is actually stitched! Good luck! D. G.

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