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Need Creative Way to Tell Family "It's a Girl!"

We just found out the sex. This is the first girl to be born in either family in over 30 years for mine and 55 years in my husbands side. We are so excited to share the news, but want a very creative and memorable way to share our news. Any ideas?


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you could do a scroll notice with "Here ye Here ye... her royal princess will make her debut on or about..."

sounds pretty exciting... I'm thinking she'll either be a TOTAL diva or a MAJOR tomboy! :)

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I have two ideas for you.

1) Since christmas is coming up soon, take a copy of the sonogram and add little pink booties and a pink hat using photoshop. Wrap it up as a gift and have them open it.

2) My good friend finds out what she is having in two weeks. We are going to make her high hat cupcakes, which is a cupcake basically dipped in chocolate. But inside the chocolate will either be pink or blue frosting. They are going to gather all their local family together and bite into the cupcake together so everyone will see if it's pink or blue frosting on the inside. You can find the recipe for the cupcake on Martha Stewart's website.

Hope you find something really creative to do.

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you could do a scroll notice with "Here ye Here ye... her royal princess will make her debut on or about..."

sounds pretty exciting... I'm thinking she'll either be a TOTAL diva or a MAJOR tomboy! :)

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You can wear pink for Thanksgiving if you will see your family, or make a pink food item, like pink cake or pink mashed potatoes. See if they get the hint...

When we got pregnant with our 2nd child, we announced the news by having our 2-year-old wear a t-shirt that said, "I'm going to be a big sister!" and had a picture of a baby on it. She wore overalls over the shirt when we arrived at everyone's house for a "visit". Then, we just casually said, "Oh yeah... Almost forgot, Christiana has something she wants to show you." She unhooked her overall straps and let the bib-front fall down revealing the message. Everyone was so surprised and thrilled! You could do the same thing with a T-Shirt that reads, "I'm going to have a baby sister!" (You can make these yourself, have it made at an embroidery shop or buy them on Ebay or other website.)

Another cute way to do it would be to make adult T-Shirts that read, "I'm (finally!) going to have a Granddaughter!" for the grandparents. (I'm (finally) going to have a neice!, etc.) You could either give the relatives the shirts as a wrapped gift, or even have them put them on without looking at the message and then turn around to "reveal" the news to each other... This would also give them a fun and cute way to celebrate the news whenever they felt like wearing their shirt....

Hope this helps! And, CONGRATULATIONS! Girls are so much FUN!!! (And, BOY is she going to be SPOILED!! ha! ha!)

We have the first granddaughter both sides, great-granddaughter on both maternal sides, and we gave our moms wrapped girl grandma 'brag books'

I wish we had done something more fun, but we found out right before my sisters wedding and I promised her we would keep it low key, and wait until they left (I told her before she left).

Love the balloon idea! And just everyone wearing pink - especially if your husband isn't the 'type' to wear pink (or is that no longer the in thing?)

I don't have a good answer for you - I'm not that creative - but I just thought I'd pass on a story from a good friend of mine from college. I hope this DOESN'T happen to you, but at least this way if it does you won't be totally off guard.

My friend was the first girl in several generations on her dad's side, and (since the father determines the gender) her mom was actually accused by one elderly relative of being unfaithful to her husband, since men in his family "didn't produce girls."

Again, I hope this doesn't happen to you. It's funny now...even to my friend and her mom...but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time!



What popped into my head when I read your request was, when you are ready to tell everyone, if it's in person, all of you wear pink, your husband, your son, yourself. If possible, make whatever else you can pink, and then pop it on them all casual-like. Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

I am guessing you already told everyone but this is a cute idea to cherish either way. Congrats and good luck!


It would take a little while to get it in, but what about a personalized wine bottle? You can order one or a whole case with "ITS A GIRL" on the label, you can even put a picture on it if you want. Then, you can either give them away as gifts or use them the next time your family is together and see who notices the label first!

Call or email me and I can tell you more about it, you can also check it out online at www.finewinesathome.com


i one time got a baby announcement by email, and the email was just a normal "update" (boring), but then there was a picture attached that had the family wearing shirts that gave us the message. So maybe you, your husband could each wear a pink shirt--one saying "it's" one with "a" and one with "girl." If you are going to be with your family you could do basically the same thing and just one of you walk into the event at a time It's first, then a, then make sure there's a good, long pause before the GIRL shirt walks in.

Another idea would be to put messages in balloons. Then when they "accidentally" pop, act all curious, and ask someone to pick up the paper that will read, "it's a girl" or "you're going to have a GRANDDAUGHTER"

let us know what you do and how it turns out!

You can personalize M&M's now - I would order some pink M&M's that say It's a girl and give them to everyone! Have fun and congratulations!!!!

You have received very good suggestions! Have you checked out Sumo Cookies? They are based in Flower Mound. You can put a cute fortune in one and have your family read it aloud. www.sumocookies.com

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