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Need Christmas Gift Ideas for Families Out of State

Ok ladies, I know it is down to the wire, but I am at a loss as to what to give our families that live out of state for Christmas. I don't want to spend a bundle. I have four families to buy for. I know you guys would be the best to help me with this. Any creative ideas that won't leave me broke?

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Blockbuster gift card, a package or 2 of microwave popcorm and some candy for a family movie night. I have also sent a big container of hot chocolate and a bag of marshmellows tied together with some holiday ribbon. Sam's has a huge container of hot chocolate mix that we love. The brand is Stephens.

Jen D.-Frisco

Make a gift basket with a certain theme such as a movie basket. Fill it with packaged pop corn, candy, a movie or two, hot chocolate and marshmallows and wrap it in holiday saran wrap.

Hope this helps.

What about personalized gifts, blankets, towels, ornaments, I have a website, however it needs to be updated...but feel free to look at it... www.nanapuddins.com. We do custom orders and can ship it to you if needed.

J. T.

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Hi... I have several gift box options for out of town gifts... check out my website and I would love to create some custom gift boxes filled with your choice of items/theme and to fit your budget...give me a call or email

A. J

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Do a movie night or game night in a bag. Get each family a movie/game that you know they would like, a box of microwave popcorn, some candy, and if you don't have to mail the gift, a two liter or 6-pack of soda. It's fun, it's cheap and everyone will love it.

christmas ornaments with a gift card

Since I miss my family so much I always make them a puzzle. I make it large enough to send each person a few pieces of it. My daughter and I write messages an draw pictures all over a shaped puzzle like a heart. Then we take crazy scissors and cut it up. I then divide the pieces by the number of people in my family and put the pieces in seperate envelopes with their names - one per envelope. Sometimes I even send instructions - makes it more like I am there. IE: partnering people up, etc. Then they all have to get together and put the puzzle together and call me when there done. Last year I sent the envelopes to whom evers house they were in to make sure they saw each other LOL. Merry Christmas!

My family lives in CA so I know about the out of state thing. What I have started to do is send a ham (I get them from Honey Baked hams and have them shipped directly). It's a great gift and on Christmas they feel like I am there having dinner with them.


YOu may want to check out www.personalcreations.com. They have some really neat personalized gift ideas. They have a wide range of costs and I believe they even gift wrap.

Get someone to take your families picture, a neighbor or friend or you can go to Target or a photographer. You could do a Christmas picture with the tree in it or a regular picture, then get it developed. I would give them a "family" picture in a nice frame This would cost maybe $10-$15 or more if you want to do a bigger picture and frame. If you keep it a 4x6 or 3x5 those are the smaller pictures and frame you could get at a dollar store or Wal-Mart or Target.

Not sure what your limit is on spending per family? I know there is shipping cost as well. Gift card would be the cheapest, cause you could send that in an envelope. How about a Movie Gift card for $15-$20? That would help on a night out at the movies. You may have to do some research to find out what movie theaters are in the town they live in. You could also go with Arby's, McDonald's or other fast food restaurants. If they Putt-Putt, you could do a Putt-Putt gift card.

Do you cook? You could make or buy candy. I'm making pretzels and dipping them in chocolate and putting sprinkles on the chocolate and wrapping them up to give to church SS Teachers and Preschool Teachers. This is something that you could do that is easy, and not expensive. Or you could go to a specialty local chocolate shop and get a few things there too.

All my relatives are out of state. What I did for my brothers this year is buy local barbeque sauce-jars from the grocery store, queso sauce and local salsa. This is all made in Texas. I bubble wrapped it all and my Mom is putting them in baskets when the box arrives.

Central Market is neat and unique. They have handmade soaps, you could get a few bars and wrap them up and they have some that are made in Texas. I did this with my cousin this year.

Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!

I also like Omaha Steaks - I get it for my dad cause he doesn't need anything :) Some of the online food things are great. Depending on your budget, there are "... of the month" clubs where you can give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year - monthly, quarterly, etc. Just google "of the month clubs" and a bunch will come up - amazingclubs.com has a bbq of the month for example :)

Good luck!

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