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Need Chocolate Fountain Food Dipping Ideas...

I am haveing a Party this weekend and we are going to have a Chocolate Fountain. I was wanting to get some unique things to dip in the chocolate. All and any ideas will be great...

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My favorite are these Windmill Cookies

Rice crispy treats (cut into small 1/2" by 1/2" cubes) are super. Also, small cubes of brownie are fabulous too! I know that sounds like a lot of chocolate but it is one of my favorites!

How unique are you looking for?
You could find out if you can find ants or grasshoppers at an asian grocery.

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Oh My Goodness...............I will never have another party without one of these. They are absolutely wonderful!!! When I did an open house for a car dealership and when deciding what to serve with the chocolate I wanted to be a little different. So, some of the items I selected were CHEESE CAKE (which was the best thing ever), strawberries (of course), pound cake, marshmallows, pretzel sticks (the big ones) and a big selection of other fruits like bananas and apples. I hope you have a great time. I know everyone will enjoy the chocolate fountain.

I have a machine at my house and we did the Strawberries, pretzels & Chocolate Chip cookies, marshmellows, raisins, Nuts(Almonds, peanut, whatever.) apples, icecream, wafferrs. Use your imagination

Try some dried fruit, particularly apricots. And for the chocoholics, try some brownies. Graham crackers and mini oreos could be fun too. I have even heard of people doing gummy bears etc. Have fun!! ~A.~

We just did this! We used jumbo marshmallows, potatoe chips (yummy salty sweet), pretzels, strawberrys, and graham crackers. Be aware that the yummy chocolate will drip everywhere! It's fun though. Good luck!

I have one of these, fruit, pound cake,pretzels,marshmellows,
Hope this helps

I know that the melting pot uses bananas, strawberries, brownies, cheesecake, apples and marshmellows. Where is your party I may need to stop by. LOL!! Just kidding.

Rice crispy treats (cut into small 1/2" by 1/2" cubes) are super. Also, small cubes of brownie are fabulous too! I know that sounds like a lot of chocolate but it is one of my favorites!

Pineapple, marshmallows....

Dried coconut or coconut macaroons--are delish.....

We did one of these last year with some friends....rasberries, strawberries, pretzels, marshmellows, crackers, cherries,I know there were other things but right now I am drawing a blank. I think you could try anything you want.

This is going to sound like a very weird urban legend, but I actually know the person it happened to. I recently hosted a baby shower and one of the ladies who attended went to the ER the next day complaining of rapid pulse. The dr. said that it could be caused by too much caffeine OR (this is the weird part) pineapple and chocolate combined. Never heard of it, but the dr. mentioned it and she remembered she had consumed pineapple dipped in choc at my shower.

Strawberries, marshmellows, sponge cake, pineapple, bananas

Wow, I'm getting hungry reading all of the ideas below. I would suggest the things mentioned below in addition to these:

-Bread cut into cubes (ciabatta works well - similar to a nutella sandwich)
-Croissant cut into small pieces
-Shortbread cookies
-fried pastry dough (get one of those premade frozen pastry doughs and cut it into squares or other fun shapes with a cookie cutter. Bake it according to directions and dip in chocolate).
-ice cream (put ice cream in ice cube trays with toothpicks in each one and take them out when people are ready to eat so they don't melt. They already have a handle on them and you get a nice little cool taste in your mouth. Try getting different ice cube trys than the ordinary. I have some that are really small half circles and I know they make some with other shapes.)

By the way, I've had the cheesecake dipped in chocolate and it is amazing! Have fun with this party!


Everything mentioned below, but also cream puffs!! Those are excellent. They sell them frozen at Sam's or Costco and you simply thaw to serve. SO GOOD.


Marshmallows, apple slices (treated so they don't turn brown, same for banana slices, defrosted cream puffs (in frozen foods), graham crackers, potato chips, pretzels, strawberries, orange slices, angel food cake cut in chunks,
pineapple, almonds or walnuts or pecans, expecially salted, pound cake, caramels! and if I think of anything else I will let you know.

A little about me: I am a grandmom providing daycare for our grandson (1/25/07) every week day. He is our third grandson but the other two live in California.

We did all of the previously mention foods but, we also did rice crispie treats and pound cakes.


fruit pieces, plain cheesecake pieces, vanilla wafers, pound cake, and other things mentioned already.

How unique are you looking for?
You could find out if you can find ants or grasshoppers at an asian grocery.

I had a chocolate fondue party and here are the items we used...Pretzels, apples, grapes, pinapples, marshmellows, graham crackers, nilla wafers, oranges, bananas, little choc chip cookies

Hope this helps

We did a party where we used pretzel rods, marshmallows, Oreos, strawberries, dried apricot, bananas, sliced apples, etc. Good luck!

Marshmallows, fresh fruit chunks(go beyond bananas & strawberries and try some tropicals: pineapple,mango,coconut, etc. there are also lots of other berries available and apples are yummy too), soft pretzels, pound cake, toasted bagel chunks (think cinnamon,almond,fruit flavors)
nuts, marzipan, caramel squares,try making a few quick breads to chunk & dip (banana nut bread, lemon bread,pumpkin bread etc)
Also - once you dip the item in chocolate, have additional dipping bowls for "extras" - sprinkles, crushed nuts, flaked coconut, crushed red hots, toffee bits, etc

This might sound strange and I see that no one has mentioned it...so.... Ruffles Potato Chips. They are sooooo good - sweet and salty at the same time. I had them at a shower before and they were great. I have also made them but I always have them set in the fridge for a few minutes before serving.


M. L.

Hi C.!
We love our chocolate fountain.
We've dipped just about eveything!
We like fruits, the best. All kinds work well; strawberries, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, etc.
We also like the long pretzel sticks.
Experiment. It's all good with chocolate!
Have fun!

Of course, there is the "normal"...


But how about some of these...

Graham crackers
A different chocolate in solid form :)
Candy bar chunks (sinfully delightful)

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