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Need Bachelorette Party Ideas

My sister is 31 years old and recently got engaged. She hasn't set a date yet, but is thinking about January. Being her only sister, I will be planning a bachelorette party for her. I've never planned a bachelorette party... My own consisted of going out to a few bars with my best friend and having our guys come pick us up at the end of the night.

I need some ideas! She doesn't want it to be too large--maybe a total of 4 or 5 of us. We would like to at least hit a bar or two for some drinks. She's not really wanting to go to a strip club though. I've looked around online at limos, which wouldn't be completely out of the question, and saw that some of them can arrange packages for you to accomodate bachelorette parties or whatever. I've also thought about looking into some kind of spa package where we could all get a massage or something to start the evening off (but then we might feel too relaxed to want to do anything!). I don't know if I should spend the money doing something extravagant like that or just try to come up with some really good ideas that won't cost so much...

Anyways, I am hoping some other people might could share some experiences and/or ideas! I live in Nashville.

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Thank you to EVERYONE for all of the great ideas! So much I hadn't thought of... And now I have too many ideas, and it's gonna be hard to narrow it down! Haha! Thanks!

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Host a Passion Party the bride to be earns free products, and we provide the games and prizes. They are tastefully done and a whole lot of fun.

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I suggest finding a Slumber Party representative in your area. I live in Georgia and my sis-in-law does them in our area. I can ask her for a recommendation for someone in your area if you want. If you've never heard of Slumber, it's "adult novelties" (toys & goodies for adults to share together if you get my drift).

In August, we gave a coworker a bachlorette party. She was getting married in Vegas and was going to have a "traditional" party there....bars, strippers, etc. So we wanted something a little different. We rented a clubhouse and had a Slumber Party. It's only for females over the age of 18. No males allowed. But it was VERY fun. Everyone bought goodies for themselves to take home and each person contributed $10 toward Sue's "wish list" that she and her fiance had compiled together. Plus the hostess of the party gets "hostess credits" toward free products and even though I was the hostess, all credits were given to my coworker. She ended up with about $250 in free "stuff".

We catered the food ourselves, just simple finger foods, had spiked punch and an adult themed cake.

You can also look on the internet, Google "bachlorette parties" and there are several stores to purchase party items or even get more ideas.



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Look up www.slumberparties.com maybe this is something you all could do to have some fun


I have planned many parties, catered them, etc., here are some thoughts. First get more out of your sis. You must know her style. Is she a bit crazy or more conservative? If she's a bit zany go all out. The typical bar may not be for her. There are loads to choose from. Karaoke? Theme party? (hula/teen scene slumber/ Spa-as you mentioned) Scavenger hut for wedding items.
Such as the garter belt, sexy nighties, wedding bubbles. Bar hop with clues to the next scavenger gift. Set up booby prizes such as toilet paper for the new hubby(men go through it fast!)
Three guesses and she gets the goods,wrong guess she has to drink and she gets the booby prize. PLEASE designate a driver! Or you could do a roast. Make sure the other ladies
know enough dirt to really roast her. It could be set up in a private room, food drink, etc. She can even get a bride to be award.

These are great ideas people have giving you, just wanted to let you know, usually in Nashville they will let you in for free in the bars if the bride to be is dressed. I have been on several bachlorette parties in Nashville and they always have let us in with no cover charge and sometimes the bartenders will give free shots.

I know at the Hustler store and I am sure Spencers has it also...a whole kit called bachelorette party in a box, they also have bachelorette party for dumbies. They might not be exactly what you want but I am sure it could give you some ideas.

Hi T., my advice is to grab her best girlfriends and take her out for a great dinner and then just spend time talking over a few glasses of wine - make it memorable by being there for her and letting her share her feelings and excitement - you could easily do a home spa by lighting some candles, making some homade masks and doing nails and chatting - if you are looking for ideas for a wedding shower - I sell beautiful home decor - you can check it out here ... http://www.athome.com/lisab we could set up a registry if you think it is something that she would like feel free to e-mail me ____@____.com and I hope you all have a wonderful time! ~ L.

Host a Passion Party the bride to be earns free products, and we provide the games and prizes. They are tastefully done and a whole lot of fun.

My bachelorette party was just like what your sister is describing what she wants. I had just 4 friends with me and we had a blast! The two friends who threw the party for me made us all go on a scavenger hunt. We started off on Beale street, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and started our night with a FEW drinks. This is where the fun began. We also took pictures of me doing everything on the scavenger list such as having to take a shot from another guy, find someone to sing to me (two very drunk guys obliged:), get a guy's number(he was a hottie!), get handcuffed, take a guy's article of clothing like a t-shirt etc. Since we were out on a Thursday night we also got into Atlas (a dance club in Peabody Place) for free since it was Lady's night. I think I enjoyed this the most because the DJ called attention to us since I was donning a veil and tiara and a plunger painted silver:) Hope this helps and have fun!

Well let's see, first I would set a budget because it's certainly easy to go overboard. You could do drinks at your house, maybe a theme or pink cosmo martinis are fun, with adult fun gifts. We have done seomthing where the bride gets all her "presents" and then unwraps one each night of the honeymoon with her new hubby. Then you could have a limo take you out. You could head to Coronet Club (beware there is also a womens dancing side) and then out to a few bars. Does she like dancing? Or you could just go somewhere fun for dinner in Midtown or Highlands and walk to bars then have someone bring you home. If you wanted something low key, Spa Sydell at the Forum is great and then you could do lunch/dinner. It's a night out for you too so whatever you do have fun!

what about a Pure Romance party?? http://prbyheidi.com
It costs you NOTHING and it is perfect for bachelorette parties since they offer Spa products, Lingerie AND bedroom accessories! Let me know if you have any questions!


I have heard of these party buses u can rent i know alot of people who have done this and just love it , they come in different sizes and different thems. if iam not mistaking they will take u out on the town to some bars to so u dont have to worry about driving . they have great themes inside. they have lights and music and some even have dancing poles inside them for fun. it would just be u girls inside and nobody can look in. It is almost like a limo but u can have a party inside and they can take u out

Girl, I am SO good at parties! I have done 3 bachelorette parties myself :-) The best thing to do is to make it all about HER. If you decide to go out to a club, make her a veil (cheap of course...you don't want an expensive one to get beer on it). For my sister, I made a cute sign that said, "Almost Married" and taped it to her back. You can do a t-shirt and tie life savers candies to it, and on the shirt it could say, "Suck for a Buck". Guys could pay a dollar to bite one of the candies off her shirt. And if the girls who go with her are in the wedding party, they could have t-shirts that say Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor...cute things like that.

As for spa packages...I don't know if you've thought of it, but have you considered finding a Mary Kay consultant in your area? I sell Mary Kay myself (I'm just too far away from you), and we do spa parties for free. The best thing is that you could have everyone at the party buy something for the bride. And we have some really good spa packages. Especially right now during the holiday season. Would you like me to find a consultant for you?

I have known some people who have went to some adult novelty stores and they will let you have a party and sell items. Also, you might look into going to a male strip club.

I live close to New Orleans and we made a weekend out of it. I went with just my brides maids and we rented a room down in the french quarter and spent the whole weekend hanging out and having fun.

Go to dinner! Have some friends over for a dinner party at your house. Have a spa party, or a candle light party! It doesn't have to be the wild get drunk and have a stripper over. But it can be fun.

If your sister needs any help in planning her honeymoon or a destination wedding, I would be very happy to help her. I am a travel agent, and a Certified Sandals Specialist. For further info, please email me at ____@____.com or visit www.islandperfect.com.

Good luck on the party. Whatever you do I'm sure will be fun!

J. Smith
Travel Consultant
GalaxSea Cruises & Tours

I've read the ideas the others have sent and I think they are all great. My only suggestion would be to make sure it's different from just another night out with the girls. If you go to dinner first have balloons set up around your table. It's a small touch but it makes it more special and a little different than a regular night. If you are looking for a color scheme black, pink, and white zebra print ballons look really nice together. At party stores they also have a car decorating kit made for bachelorette parties. Hope you girls have a blast!

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