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Need Advice on Yeast Infections Treatmeants for 11 Month Old

My daughter is on different medications right now and I believe they are causing for her to have a yeast infection. I noticed this morning that she is swollen, red, and constantly grabbing at her diaper. I have been using diaper rash cream till I can get into the doctor. Does anyone know of any other treatment options I could use for my daughter? Thank you

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Lotrimin w/1% is what my ped told us for my daughter, and to discontinue diaper cream for now as they only make the area worse!

My 11 month old just had one. Peditrician told us to use Lotrimin AF. Do not use diaper rash creams...they just feed teh yeast. We experimented with several but Lotrimin AF worked best.

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Load up on the probiotics - you can get them at Whole Foods, Central Market, or Sprouts. Look near the vitamins, in a refrigerated section. You can open up a capsule and sprinkle the probiotics on her food, or dip a wet finger into the powder (after opening the capsule) and let her suck your finger. Yogurt is also a great idea.

I hope she starts to feel better soon.

My daughter was on preventitive antibiotics and used to get yeast infections a lot. My doctor had me use the same over the counter cream I would. Just use the external cream only, no inserts.

We always use anti fungal cream from walmart! It's in the foot isle. It's used for athletes foot but it works perfect on diaper rash and yeast infections. It's for external only but it will clear her bottom up fast!


Our pedi recommended anti-fungal cream for athletes foot. Lotrimin AF worked the best for us, and cleared it right up.

Stop using any zinc products, as they will trap in the yeast and moister and make it worse, them yes Lotrumin Af or generic will work perfectly, no need to call the Dr. save the money.

My 11 month old just had one. Peditrician told us to use Lotrimin AF. Do not use diaper rash creams...they just feed teh yeast. We experimented with several but Lotrimin AF worked best.

Wal-Mart's athlete's foot cream mixed in equal portions with cortisone cream. And feed plain unsweetened yogurt with live cultures.


You could water down some cranberry juice for start...
I would clean her, use lotrimin (sp) and then use some corn starch baby powder... There is a mixture with maalox in it that helps too... I found a site because I can't remember the exacts. This is what I typed in "maalox diaper mix for yeast infection" and here is one of the sites. http://www3.nbnet.nb.ca/normap/diaperrash.htm I tried lots of different things. My son was on antibiotics often... it was hell! lol

good luck!

one thing you can do is give her the baby yogurt... that helped my little boy, also, mix 1% hydrocortsone cream with antifungal cream and use that instead of diaper cream til it is gone... i've done this about 3 times now and it works. the hydrocortisone cream helps with any burning or itching. and the yeast is a fungal so the anti fungal cream eats that... you can buy the off brands... i think i spent like $2 for each one at walmart.

Yup! Athlete's foot cream - our pedi. recommended it for our son's diaper rash when he was on antibiotics. It worked overnight for us, but we've continued to use it while on antibiotics. Wal-Mart brand works fine.

Lotrimin w/1% is what my ped told us for my daughter, and to discontinue diaper cream for now as they only make the area worse!

We found the athelete's foot creme helpful but our dr. told us that it is too strong for a child so he gave us a prescription that wasn't as strong.

Also we've always found that putting plain yogurt on the yeast infection helps alot. We would just put some cold yogurt on it and then put her diaper on and it would always help. It also helps if she can go without her diaper for awhile to let the air get to it. my husband is a severe diabetic and gets yeast infections all over his body and he loves using the cold yogurt to help control it. He said that it really helps with the burning and itching.

Poor baby. My son suffers terribly from yeast also. My advice is a combination of everyone else's. Definitely give the Yogurt as much as you can, and acidophilus powder sprinkled over food is also great. You can get it at most pharmacies, no prescription needed.

I make my own treatment that works well. Equal parts Hydrocortisone Cream (for the itching), Lotrimin AF (to combat the yeast), and Vaseline (as a barrier against moisture), and add a little regular Maalox (counteracts acidity). Mix it all together to form a paste. Use it at every diaper change. Also, stop using wipes or at least rinse out wipes with water. Even the hypo-allergenic ones have chemicals that can irritate. I never use wipes without rinsing anymore.

Finally, if the affected area starts to get so sore it looks like it could get infected, don't be afraid to use a little Neosporin on it also. My son's got so bad once that my pedi actually prescribed mupirocin to go with the diaper cream. Finally, for her pain, you can always give some ibuprofen or tylenol. Good luck.

Feed her yogurt, and put some plain, unflavored yogurt on the itchy area several times a day. Yogurt is the natural enemy of yeast, and it keeps it in balance inside the body too.

Hi, I have a 15 month year old. And she has had a yeast infection before as well. I know this is going to sound weird but you need to go to the pharmacy and get over the counter athletes foot cream. Its called clotrimazole cream. And you just put it on the outside of the area. You can also ask any pharmacist and they will tell you to use that as well. I just buy the generic target brand. Hope that helps!

Feed her lots of yogurt with active cultures. This is a good idea any time she is on antibiotics for any reason.

Good luck!


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