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Need Advice on Picking Formula

I have been breast feeding for the first 6 months. Recently my milk supply has been reduced significantly. Enough to have to dip into the freezer for her night feeding. So I have realized I need to supplement with formula. I have no idea what formula to buy? I would love to hear input on what formulas worked for you all. Thanks so much.

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I would like to thank all the mom's who stuck to the subject and gave me information on formulas. Nestle Good Start sounded like the formula of choice, so I tried it. She took the formula immediately, was a little gassy at the start but has no problems with it. Also she is back to sleeping 11 hours again, so I am sure we made the right decision.

I would also like to say how frustrating and disappointed I was in the amount of people who decided to tell me that I should not give formula and should only increase my breast milk. I really think you all need to stop assuming that all people who are using formula are uninformed. If increasing my milk supply was what I was looking to do, I would have asked for advice on that subject. I am 2 months pregnant and that is why my milk supply is low. It is very common for that to happen. I really did not think I needed to put that information in the question. I thought this community would be evolved enough to answer the question at hand and not go off subject. I was wrong. It is slightly sad that so many people are so onesided on the issue. There are always more than one side to the story, I hope as mothers you are teaching your children that. Many of the emails were kind but more than a few were very pointed. I would suggest when giving advice to look at both sides. You may have a strong opinion, but there is a good way and a very condescending to approach the subject. Hopefully in the future you will take a more delicate and less judgemental approach.

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I always had luck w/Good Start by Carnation!!!!I think the Whey protein did the trick!!!!!!!

It always takes quite a few days for anyone's system to adjust to a change, and Good Start was it for us!!!

Hi M.:

I too breastfed for the better part of the first year and ran into the same issue. I put my son on Enfamil Lipil and it worked out really well. If you register on their website and also email them asking for discounts, they will mail you coupons. Cheapest price I found was at Walmart.

Good Luck!

For both of my boys I used Carnation Good Start. In the last 8 years I noticed that Good Start has expanded their Good Start line of formula which is a great thing IMO. I will be using it again with this baby. What I had noticed while using it with my previous babies was that it didn't smell as nasty as some of the other formulas out there and the stains seemed to come out a bit easier from clothing. Among other things I just in general think that babies tolerate it very well. :-) Good luck with whatever you choose!

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I would reccommend that you work to increase your supply. Drink lots of water, eat oatmeal and take fenugreek. Then take a "nursing vacation" where you just lie in bed with baby all day and nurse on demand in order to up your supply. Nursing is all supply and demand so if you start giving formula you are going to be shooting yourself in the foot because you will be telling your body that you don't need to make as much.

What makes you think your supply is down? Output from pumping does not necessarily mean that is what you are putting out when the baby nurses...baby is much more efficient at getting the milk. If you are getting less pumping and baby is wanting to nurse more, that is normal, 6 months is a growth spurt so, yes, they will want to nurse more often. You are probably just getting less pumping because the baby is getting more. Also, about this time you will probably start to feel less full because your body has started to even out it's supply and demand since you have been nursing for a while now. As long as the baby is making the same amount of wet diapers and is still gaining weight well, I would not worry or give formula, just try some of the above things to help your supply.

If you want more info on the fenugreek, you can go here:

it is very safe, and works very well, assuming you are taking the proper dose of it.

Good luck, and I hope everything works out for you!

If you do use formula, most of them are all pretty much the same, just find one your baby likes. But especially since you are able to stay home with your baby, I would hope that you can increase your supply with the other methods.

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Costco carries Similac but with the Kirkland label.

First good job on breastfeeding this long. Next there are herbs and teas that you can take to increase your milk supply. DO NOT give your child formula. You've gone this long with out I'm sure you'll make it until baby is 12 months. Try these....1.)Powerpumping. This is where after you feed baby you pump for 15 minutes, you may not get any milk out but you are telling your body that your baby is going through a growing sprut. Continue this for 2-3 days and you will notice an increase in your milk supply. 2.) GNC or a naturaly vitamin store will have mother's tea. 3.) How much is the baby having in solids. A good site for that is www.kellymom.com 4.) You can take feungeek, which will have increase your supply as well. Go to this site. http://www.lactationconnection.com/SearchResult.aspx?Cate...
and you will get some great help.

Good luck,


I've been breastfeeding for 6 months 3 weeks.

First off, I bet you could build up your supply if you still want to exclusively breastfeed. The website www.kellymom.com has a lot of great info.

Second, most of the formulas are variations of each other. You can read the nutrition info on the back to compare. My daughter would only drink Good Start and my son has to have Alimentum ($$$$$) due to allergies. I would stay away from soy formulas unless you know your child needs it because milk-based formulas have fewer additives and personally I would try to avoid too much soy in a baby's diet.

Enfamil Lipil worked with both my kids.

Hi M.,

I used Good Start Supreme with Iron to supplement my breast milk. Good Luck!


i see that a lot of people have already shared their ideas with you. just wanted to add that once i became dry when my twins were only 3 months i started them on similac adv with iron. a little later i tried switching to a no-name brand just by comparing. and the dominics brand worked just fine. their tummies and their bodies were happy with it.
all the best :)

If you want to fight the slow down of your milk, you can do a few things. Eat oatmeal, that helps, also there are suppliments called galactalogues. "A substance that increases milk supply is called a galactagogue. Some of the most commonly used herbal galactagogues are fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa. There are also several prescription medications that can increase milk supply." This is from the following website, check it out if you would like. http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milksupply/herbal_galactag...

Ok, now for your real question... Formula, you want one with DHA and ARA. When I had to start supplimenting almost 2 years ago, Infamil Lipil was the best one out there, now they all have them. I would talk to your pediatrician and ask if they have any recommendations. Also, once you pick one, call the company. They all have offers where you can get coupons and samples in the mail.

Good luck!!!

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