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Need Advice for Baby with C-diff a New Illness

My 1 year old son was hospitalized this week with C-Diff. SEVERRE diahrrea every 10-15 minutes that dehydrated him. They hooked him up to IV's and tried to give him Flaygl which is the drug of choice for this illness but he can not take this medication (many people can not) and threw it up. They are starting a second medicine (vancomycin) and he has been on it for 24 hours with NO improvement. Has anyone seen this before and if so what can you tell me. Is this drug working and it takes time or what else is going to clear this up. My pediatrician has never had a patient with this before.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

THANK EVERYONE SO MUCH FOR ALL THE ADVICE!!!! I used all the advice I received and
was able to ride through this scary time with more knowledge and courage than I ever would have. My son has recovered as the antibiotics did the trick. Again,
I really appreciate everyone taking their personal time to provide support!!

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Hi M.,
The medicine is working, it takes 24-48hr for the medication to start working. Is he getting IV or by mouth? If it is IV it takes less time than taking it by mouth. For more information on c-diff go to md on the computer. Go to the home page and type c-diff in and if that doesn't work type medical doctor in to fine it. Hope this helps.

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My son had C-diff, but he is an adult. With little ones it is especially important to keep them from getting dehydrated when they are throwing up and having diahrrea. When my children were little, our pediatrican recommended Pedialyte for them.

My son found out that he needed to take probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in his digestive track because the antibiotics that he was on killed the bad bacteria as well as the good bacteria. Health food stores carry many things that contain probiotics. He took capsules which, of course, your son is too young to do. But he also ate a lot of yogurt such as Activia with live cultures that can replenish the good bacteria and drank beverages containing probiotics. He also drastically changed his diet for a period of time cutting out everything red (beef, tomato sauces, etc.) and spicy.

I would strongly recommend that you ask your pediatrician to refer your son to a gastro-enderologist or some other specialist who has experience with C-diff. My son didn't seem to get better until he was under the care of one. Also go online and do some research. You are the best advocate for your child. Be pushy if you have to. I'll be praying for you and your son.

Well i am not a person to approve drugs of any kind especially when the drugs are for children. I would research all alternative methods, see if there is a natural approach to this, I think a baby taking drugs is not a good idea at all. The internet is at your fingertips, take advantage of it.

I agree with Samantha...find a doctor who knows about this. I have never heard of it before. I am praying for you and your whole family.
I understand the struggle of having a sick child. Good luck and God bless.

Hi M.,
The medicine is working, it takes 24-48hr for the medication to start working. Is he getting IV or by mouth? If it is IV it takes less time than taking it by mouth. For more information on c-diff go to md on the computer. Go to the home page and type c-diff in and if that doesn't work type medical doctor in to fine it. Hope this helps.

i would maybe get another pediatiatrician or a second opinion depending who your doc is. I take my children to a pediatrican in winchester and never had to question yet but one time in 6 yrs his advice or the medical care. your child is very young and should not have to go through that. i would get a specialist involved who deals with these kinds of illnesses. you could also maybe look some info on the web but some stuff people read is worse than what is really going on and every child is different just like adults. i have never heard about this before and i would definattely make sure there is not anything more going wrong to ease your mind.

If you would like to be more informed about the disease, check out webmd.com I usually look there for advice. My mom is an RN so I usually ask her things too. Do your research. This c-diff looks bad and you need to make sure your doctors aren't blowing you off.

If your child's doctor has never had a patient with C-Diff, take him to a doctor who has!

Hello M.,
I am so sorry to hear that your son is sick. I use to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the pediatrics department so I would recommend that you take him there. They have so much knowledge. Is he in the hospital now? or at home? I hope that helps, let me know if you have more questions. S.

M.- I am a nurse and Flagyl can be given IV, but I'm not sure if this is possible for babies. Adult patients get c-diff a lot, especially if they are on a lot of antibiotics. Will he eat yogurt? Also can ask your doc about acidophyllus (sp?). This can help restore the normal flora in the intestines. Also, c-diff is very contagious so be very careful and make sure to do good handwashing!
Good luck and I hope he is better soon!

I'm so sorry to hear that. My aunt had that (in Los Angeles) and got very sick, but recovered fine. (She is in her late 60s) I will keep you and your baby in our prayers. Please let us know how he is doing.

my son suffered from birth but not with the diahrrea but with vomiting...after trying to convince many doctors I was not a hysterical 1st time mom (he was my fifth son) and it definetly was not spitting up...but projectile vomitting..I finally had an upper gi done it was his pyloric...there is a little known thing called pyloric synosis ( where stomach empties into you small intestines) that if it is over active could cause alot of BM's but also if it is under active it does the opposite and you throw up...it's worth a shot...good luck

Unfortunatly I have no answers or advice for you but I want to let you know I will certainly be praying for your son and that the drs will find something that works.

I highly suggest a probiotic. Ask to see if they would give him something with live cultures. It can ONLY help him!! It's good for all of us. Any antibiotics will take away the good things we have to have for proper balance and health. Do you nurse? You can buy probiotics yourself and add to his milk with no problems. They make it for children, found at most health food store!
God Bless!

Where do they suspect your child got C.diff from? Do you work in healthcare? Poor baby.....vanco is a pretty potent antibiotic. Are you seeing a pediatric infectious disease specialist? You should be. Feel free to send me a message as I'm happy to help. I'm a nurse practitioner in the area.

There should be some excellent peds specialists at Childrens in DC and/or Hopkins or Univ MD in Baltimore. I trained there and have many colleagues that might be of assistance.


I know that C-Diff is quite rare in babies and healthy adults. My husband's grandmother had it when she was in a nursing home and we had a toddler and newborn. We were told to keep the babies away until she tested negative again. What you do need to know if you do not already is:
1. C-Diff is VERY CONTAGIOUS. This is why you see it spread so easily from patient to patient in hospitals and nursing homes.
2. C-Diff is NOT killed by anti-bacterial hand gels. YOU MUST WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER THOROUGHLY FOR AT LEAST 20 SECONDS every time you come into contact with your baby's feces or anything that may have had contact with it.
3. In hospitals, room that have housed patients with C-Diff are typically cleaned with a solution containing bleach. Ask your doctor what concentration for cleaning your baby's room and toys to ensure he doesn't become re-infected or pass it on to other member's of your family.
4. Consider using latex gloves when cleaning your son after his BM's until he tests negative.
I am a health care provider in a hospital and have worked in nursing homes as well so I know how quickly this illness can spread and how awful it is to have to deal with it. My prayers are with you, your son, and the rest of your family as you combat it. You will get past this - just hang in there!
God bless,
J. :-)

Hi M.,

I am a Certified Natural Health Professional and my thought on the issue that you're having with your son, is that you need to have him on a good multiple plant based enzyme. This will allow his digestion to work properly. How long has he had this problem? Most medications are going to have "side" effects that normally cause more irritation to the body. There are so many unanswered questions to truly know what could be the issue, but I would start with some enzymes. Did you change to a new food???? or dairy? Dairy if he's lactose intolerant can have that effect as well. Let me know if you have any questions. ____@____.com

Nikki Kimble, mother of 2 boys. 6 and 4.

Hello M. S,

I was just wondering how they diagnosed your son as having C. diff. I am assuming that he must have been on an antibiotic recently and that is what led to his acquiring C. diff. I am asking because there is a very specific test for diagnosing C. diff. They normally take a stool sample and have to detect the toxin, not the bacteria. If they diagnosed it on clinical picture only, then they could not be treating the correct condition.

As you stated, Flagyl is the gold standard treatment for C. diff diarrhea with vancomycin being second line. With my limited research, his diarrhea should start to improve within 4-6 days of being on vancomycin so give it a little more time - which I know is difficult to do as a Mom. Just be sure to do everything you can to keep your daughter and yourself from acquiring C. diff.

I just looked this up on webmd.com. They have several articles, and the CDC know about it. The article that I just read said:
'... that vancomycin cures severe C. diff disease 97% of the time -- compared with a 76% cure rate for Flagyl.'

So it may just need more time. I would also contact Children's Hospital or NIH for more info and options.

Another thought is could it be allergy related? When my son was 1, he developed extreme fevers, vomitting, and diahrrea. They always said it was a virus. It would last for 6-7 days and stop, then a week later start again. I had him allergy tested and it turns out that he was allergic to a food that his daycare was serving.


try pouring water onto uncooked and giving him that water which also has starch in it. This was a remedy used by my mother and grandmother to help control our bowels.

Also increase the iron in their diet.

I would definitely try to speak with the head resident at the hospital, and also ask the different nurses what their experience has been. When my daughter was hospitalized with RSV as a newborn, I found the nurses to be the most informed and helpful, to be honest. They spend the most time with patients, and generally become familiar with the processes. Just keep asking until you get one or two who are familiar with this illness -- in a hospital you most likely will.

I know how stressful it is to have a child in the hospital for an extended stay. Sending you lots of hugs and strength to make it through. Always remember that you are your child's best advocate, and never be afraid to question the doctors or nurses, and ask as many questions as you can. If you at ALL feel that something is not right, push until you get answers. No need to be mean, but firm is good. I found that the more I asked questions and demanded answers, the better care my baby rec'd.

Hope your son's stay is brief, and you are all home together again soon. And I hope you find answers soon.

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