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Need Advice! 4 Yr Old Daughter Complains of Headaches

Recently, in the last month or so my daughter, who is 4 has been complaining of headaches. Has anyone else had experience with this? Last week she had a fever of 102 and said her head hurt, but she said her whole body hurt too, so I didn't think much of it. I gave her Motrin and Tylenol for her fever and by the next day she was fine. Tonight, she said "I have a cramp in my head" and points to her forehead. This is going on about 4 times now in the last 4-5 weeks that she's said her head hurts. She says it hurts "really really bad". What could be causing a 4 year old to have headaches? Any advice is appreciated. I haven't given her any Tylenol or anything for a headache, she hates taking medicine, and says she doesn't want any even when I tell her it'll help her "cramp in her head". I have migraines occasionally... but isn't 4 too young to be inheriting this? Please help!! Thanks!

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Thanks everyone.. I am calling the Dr. today to make an appointment. As far as the comment about "why don't you just call the Dr."? Well, I wanted to see if I was being paranoid or not. I tend to be a hypocondriac, and I have been labled that at the Dr.'s office before. So, I am trying not to be that way with my kids... I don't want them thinking I'm a "crazy" mom who thinks their kid is going to die every week!! Thank you all for the support and advice.. I'll let you know what happens.

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Has she had any fillings in her teeth? If so, they can caust problems because of toxicity or allergies. I think it would warrant a doctor visit just to rule out anything seriously wrong. I had occasional migraines at 4 and 5 years old... I think it was heat, dehydration and not being used to being around lots of people.

L. C.

My son had migrains at that age. I would get calls to come and pick him up at pre-school. I would give him motrin and out him to bed. I would make his room as dark as possible. He would usually sleep through the night. The next day he would be fine. He used get them about once a month. Now he only gets them about twice a year. Hope that helps you.

I have an 41/2 yr old son he complains of headaches every now and then I do belive water is good to offer since he goes with out sometimes to busy playing and when it is offered he takes a sip and off he goes but another signal for me is when he sounds like he is talking through his nose I have taken him in a few times to see the dr and yep allergies he is clogged up one time it was both sinuses and ears no antibiotic just prescription allergy medicine and cleared up within a week.Also food sugar and stress will cause headaches hope it's nothing serious.Sahm of 2 kids

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I asked my ped the same questestion when my daugther was 2. Answer...no she's not to young. It's rare, but not unheard of. Call the doc and make an appt and have her checked out. Keep a log of date/time she gets a headache, what she ate before got the headace, what you gave her to relieve the headache and if or how well it worked. I pray for you and your daughter. I know the pain. Take Care!

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I have 2 children that had migraines at that age. My oldest son would go to his room and lay in the dark with his head covered up and cry. He would say the light hurt his eyes. My youngest son has complained of headaches since he was about that age. But, considering the fact that you cannot see inside the head I would take her to the doctor. 4 in 4 weeks are too many. CALL your pediatrician or family doctor, whichever the case may be, and get her in immediately. I don't want to scare you, but you can never be too safe when it comes to your children. Good luck. By the way, if it is migraines, there are preventative medications they can give her.

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My son has been having migraines since he was 2. An early sign, according to his neurologist, was the car sickness he had as an infant until he was diagnosed with the migraines. The only thing that is different is the temperature. I would get a referral to a pediatric neurologist. Just don't be surprised if you cannot get an appointment for a couple of months. You should also watch to see what she has had to eat prior to the headaches. My son's migraines are triggered by hot dogs, Doritos (or any snack similar to them, anything with nitrates or MSG. Also high humidity. Keep a log. Good luck!

Whatever you do, please do not take her complaints lightly. I myself deal with migraines, and I have since before I even knew what a headache was. I too was very young (around 5 or so)and if my mother had acted on it, I may not have the problems that I have today with bad headaches almost on a daily basis and actual migraines once or twice a week. Please talk to her pediatrician, maybe they can get an early control. Since she won't take medicine (nor will my daughter), your doc may opt for injections. If she will take Tylenol, give her that, but if she refuses, try giving her a cold pack or warm pack for her head. Lavender oil or peppermint oil may also help take the edge off.

I would have your pediatrician AND eye doctor examine. My sons eyes were overlooked at pediatrician. Your little one might be straining to see. Or, stress? I don't think that it is "normal" for kids to get headaches so I'd have it checked.

Good Morning C.,
My neice had the exact same problem at the age of two and my sister after my consideration and research took her to a chiropractor. Come to find out her little spine was out-of-wack and was pinching a nerve causing all these headaches. She was adjusted (not like you think an adult is adjusted) and never complained again. She is 8 years old now and she and her mom and sister go routinely. They have in the past 6 years only been sick once and that was with the chicken pox. And headaches? Not an issue anymore. I hope this helps. It may be the way to go since your precious one doesn't like to take medicine. Good luck!


Dear C.,
I have no previous experience with this. But it sounds like it might be a warning signal for the doctor. Aside from making sure she has no fever, you could try some "ambient" changes to see if that affects her comfort level... try less direct lighting in the room, avoid using perfumes or chemicals near her, lightly massage her upper back with small therapeutic circles (could be neck strain or "sleeping wrong" on her neck or head), and make sure she isn't having vision problems (either from straining to see or from irregular things in her field of vision). Even though you might want to experiment and see if you can isolate the problem, you should also definitely take her to a doctor to make sure it's nothing more serious. You never really want to mess with headaches. The only other thing I thought of is that she might quite possibly be imitating you if she hears you complain of headaches (and perhaps the fever was a fluke?). Anyway, good luck in finding a solution to her seeming discomfort. Take care,

My daughter had that problem too from little. My husband had the problem when he was a child, so said we needed to take red dyes out of her diet (drinks mostly). It was a constant problem, but when we did that, it immediately solved it. She knew growing up to stay away of red dyes and she is 16 now, but she still avoids them saying every time she will get a headache.

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