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Need a Tear Free Way to Get Desitin Out of My Son's Hair

Ok, it's been a wacky day in my house. My 25 month old twin sons were supposed to be taking a nap. I heard them playing but decided to give them a few minutes before going in with my mean mama voice to make them go to sleep. Boy was that a bad mistake. I went in and found every diaper and every baby wipe all over the room, one of the boys with no diaper on and enough desitin in his hair for a year's worth of diaper rashes. I've washed his hair twice but maybe because it's kid shampoo, it's not taking it off his hair and scalp. Any ideas for something other than adult shampoo that could burn his eyes? I guess this is the "joy of boys" I keep hearing about. LOL Thanks ladies.

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My daughter had craddle cap and infact still does so I have to use that horrible greasy stuff to remove it from her scalp. But her baby shampoo just would not get the cream out of her hair.

So I just used regular shampoo but I put her on her back in the tub put a towel over her eyes and washed her hair.

Hope this helps...

Well, since the desitin will burn his eyes anyway I'd go ahead and use a clarifying shampoo.

By the way it's not just boys, my daughter did this too (wipes & lotion, no desitin).

ETA - put goggles on him, that will help keep the shampoo and desitin out of his eyes.

My friends daughter and my son were palying one day and somehow her daughter ended up with a boat load of vaseline in her hair! She washed her hair about 30 times to no avail and what finally worked was Dawn dishwashing detergent. You may want to try it. Good luck - I am the mother of two mischievious boys so I know how you feel!

I would use a clarifying shampoo too. I like Prell for that. What I have to do with Ryan since he hates water in his face is lay him in the tub on his back and use a big cup to rinse the shampoo. That way you can kind of get it from the side and use the other hand to shield his forehead.

Or, since I didn't like water in my face when I was little either, lol, my mom always folded a washcloth for my eyes while I'd lean back or lay down.

~ t

My Son did the same thing today and all I can say is I went through tons of shampoo and soap trying to get it out and not all of it came out. I but a little bit of DAWN Dishsoap and it did wonders :D

I know this is SO not what you want to hear but thanks so much for the much needed laugh today! LOL :) I have no idea what to do to fix your woe... BUT... I do wish you luck in finding something! :)

Diluted vinegar is miraculous; can't guarantee it will not burn his eyes; get someone to help so that you can bend his head backward and keep it out of his eyes. Last time that happened to me with my twin girls I discovered that one had found a pencil and was "writing" on my antique Stonleigh mahogany dinner table, so don't feel bad about a diapers & wipes. I see what I have to look forward to already. I have twin 4 yr old girls and twin almost 1 yr old boys. The boys are much more routy and trouble-making than the girls ever were. I don't really dare to leave any of my children alone very long.

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