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Need a Sitter for This Weekend!? Any Suggestions Moms?? THANKS!!

Hi fellow mommies!

I reside in sunny south florida, Boca Raton to be exact and am facing a huge problem with finding a sitter for this upcoming weekend for my two tots. Also overall am and have been wantig to hire a right steady regualr sitter for my family ;)

Any suggestions where to go or how to find a good reliable sitter these days? Btw im a busy self-ceo buisness mom, who doesn't have much time extra to do the gumba mumble of interviewing and calling, etc ;)


B. , Boca Mommy :)

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If you are not going to take the time to call and interview, you are not going
to get a sitter. Very simple.

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I would use a sitting service because they often are able to give you a variety of sitters to choose from. I happen to agree with some of the other moms and comments below too, especially about babymatcher. Hands down they are number one in providing sitters. Second is nannies to go in my opinion. Goodluck to you.

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Hey B.,

I personally was just in the same situation as you not too long.

I was recommened of the matchmaking sitting service called BabyMatcher.

I use to use the other ones sitter city and care, but found those ot be overpriced and I had to do all the work to find a good sitter that mostly didnt exist you know ha!

I am a busy career driven mom as well, and thats why I used BabyMatcher they like do the work for you and give you like your top 5 awesome sitters just for you! So I think PERFECt for your situation.

Hope that helps some B., good luck!!


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You should double check all their references. Also make sure to ask for at least 2 references. If they are unable to give you that, then you might want to reconsider hiring them for your kids. I am a sitter myself, and have been for over 5 years now. Im also a new proud mommy of a 8 month old babygirl. Due to hard times, as i am sure many of you know, I stay at home with my baby and now am watching another child at my home as well. I was out of work for almost a year, really hard you can imagine.

I used for free babymatcher. not sure if B. you have heard of it but definitely try it out, I am a good qualified for real sitter on there. There are other women on there too like me. Hope this helps you and god bless.

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If you are not going to take the time to call and interview, you are not going
to get a sitter. Very simple.

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You gotta get the references I cannot emphasize that enough. The most important thing in my book. I have had many sitters over the last 2 years since my son was born. I tried using friends of friends but honestly didn't like to mix buisness with friendships, it just turned out sour in the end sadly.

So my next option was the usually sittercity route. That was a diaster as well. Customer service there was horrible, and rude too. Care.com I was on at the same time and they were not getting me any good qulaity sitters. Big disappointment.

Finally, found a newer but I find to be a much better qualitied site, babymatcher for parents especially because it is a match making service. I find them to be customer friendly and thats how I have Mandy, our sitter for the past 6 months and counthing, thank god!

Source: from my own personal experience of 2 yrs

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*thinly veiled attempt at self promotion methinks*

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Word of mouth is great. Check out the local highschool guidance councilor she may be able to suggest someone. I wanted to note that sitter city is not a rip off and there are many reliable people on the site. If you interview and call references you will find the right person. and while it may be time consuming you really need to be sure. I am a nanny and I can tell you right now I would never take a job from someone who didn't have the time to interview with me. If the parent didn't care enough to interview and make sure that "her children's" needs would be met why would I think that mine would be? just my opinion but its not a good idea to take someone elses word without doing your own interviews. Doesn't matter how busy you are your children are more important than any busy work.

Your children are the most precious things in your life so please take the time to make sure whoever you hire to care for them is truly someone that will be good with them.

Check with any colleges in the area. A lot of times there are students working on degrees in child development that you can get to sit for you. Another good place to look is local churches - lots of them have a bulletin boards with responsible teens advertising their services. We have a couple of business in town that provide last minute sitters and although I've never used them I hear positive things about them and one good thing is that they have to be screened by their employers.

There's also Sittercity.com, Care.com, Babymatcher.com, Bocanannies.com and Greataupair.com.

Talk to fellow Mom's who work outside the home and have their kids in daycare. Some of the daycare teachers babysit on the side and would appreciate the referal. If you talk to one of those Moms they may be able to give you the teacher's name and you can call.

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