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Need a Queen Bed Platform That Will Fit Doorways and Frame and save My Back

Hi Mamas,
Help.., I've been sleeping inside the letter "U" !
My Queen size bed has no box-spring and is killing my back. I need to find a solid support that will fit inside the existing bedframe I have and through the door and stairways of my home. Are there any platform-like solutions that are portable and will fit?

I've had pressboard planks under the mattress, but it sags, and adding more planks just makes a mess of bedding, and I don't want to give up the sleight bedframe which is part of a bedroom set.

Do I need to hire a cabinet maker to make to halves of a platform or something as customized as that? Or is there a more convenient and available solution?

Thanks Mamas!

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Wow, so many resourceful people. I cannot believe I waited so long to ask for help on this after trying to devise ways of fixing this problem myself. Several Mamas mentioned a split box spring that is available at mattress stores and several tips were offered on how to make the best use of them. Thank you very much to all who responded. I and my back appreciate the time you took to help.

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They do make queen size box springs that come in two pieces.
I got mine at the water bed store in toms river.
Love it.

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My friend had the same problem with her queen size mattress. We went shopping and bought 2 single platforms...both have 3 storage draws on one side of each of them...the other sides flat. They were easy for us to carry side ways up stairs, through her bedroom door. We placed them (((the flat sides)))together and her mattress sat firmly on top and she enjoys having the storage draws.
If your funds are low and want to keep the exsisting box spring, buy a solid thick piece of ply wood at a lumber store and lay that on top of the wood planks. To make that even easier to carry, you can have them cut the ply wood in half and lay them side by side on top of the wood planks.

In terms of stopping the back pain and making your back stronger...join a pilates class.

You can buy a split box spring, which is two small box springs that form the queen size box spring when put together. Each piece is slightly smaller than a twin box spring and makes it easy getting it into tight spaces, around corners, etc.

Warning though: Make sure you use extra clamps along the middle section of the bed frame. Or get plywood strips that run opposite (left to right instead of head to toe) of the box springs. If you don't and especially if you have kids who LOVE to jump on your bed, the bed frame will give and the two box springs where they meet in the middle will droop in the middle. It's not fun. Or comfortable. Been there, hated that.

Good luck!

Can you just place a large plank of wood under your mattress? (Or two planks side-by-side.) I don't think it needs to fit exactly. Also, it may be that your mattress might need to be replaced. They last longer if you rotate them and also flip them a few times a year. Hope you find something that works. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in bed! Good luck.

You can buy a split box spring that comes in two parts for a queen bed just like you get for a king bed. We just got a set of these for our 1700's house that has a staircase that looks more like a small ladder in a closet than a real staircase! We bought our new bed from Sleepy's, so I know you can get one from them.

Mom of three (oh boy!)

My husband and I ran into this problem when moving into our new house with our narrow and winding stairs. We took our existing box spring, cut it, folded it, and got it up there. Can't tell any difference from before we cut it! Got the instructions here:

I would only employ that if the cost difference between a regular box spring and a folding one is huge. We just didn't want to have to buy a new box spring since we had a perfectly good one already.

We have an old house and had to but a queen boxspring that either folded in half or came in 2 pieces (I can't remember!) That may be an easier find and solve your back problem.

I'm not clear on why you don't have a boxspring other than it may not fit through the doorway. My mother and I have queen sized beds with split boxsprings. You end up with two boxsprings instead of just one. This solved the problem of the queensized boxspring not fitting through doorways or up stairwells. In the future when I gradutate to my house, my future husband and I are going to get a king sized bed and when we do we will be ordering a split boxspring for that too.

Let me know if this helps. FYI - the split boxspring is actually two twin sized boxsprings. Shop wisely and always hold out for the best offer, remembering cash is king.

Can u buy a boxspring that folds in half (for doorway)? Or two twin boxsprings?

Call a mattress store for options.

They do make queen size box springs that come in two pieces.
I got mine at the water bed store in toms river.
Love it.

Try looking at the sleepnumber beds. The mattress comes in pieces and is assembled in the room then filled with air. I have had mine for several years and we still love it You can adjust the firmness by the click of a button, We had a waterbed before and I kept my platform bed frame savingus from buying the box bottom. The best part is te individual settings. Check them out, Carol D

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