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Need a Good Sleeping Pill

I have horrible insomnia. Well I get sleepy around 9 ish but if I go to sleep at 9PM I wake up around 2AM ready to go. So I try to stay up a little longer. But then around 11PM when I hope to be sleepy I am not sleepy. I end up staying up until 2 or 3. It is driving me CRAZY! It could very well be due to stress, anxiety, and depression. Anyways I would like to find a decent over the counter sleeping pill (are there any otc ones?). I would like one that doesnt put me out to where I am not aware of anything else going on at night. I have 2 kids so I dont want to be knocked unconscious just enough to help me get sleepy. And sleepy enough where if I get into a TV show or something I will still pass out. Because sometimes I will lay down in hopes to get sleepy and it wont work. Or even if I try to just lay there I end up thinking about things and end up staying awake in bed till 2 AM anyways. HELP!

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Thanks for the quick feedback. I havent tried anything as of yet i may try the herb (hoping it tastes good) then goto the otc drug and another otc drug my grandmothers friend suggested....then if nothing works I will do the DR thing. Going to see if maybe this depression, stress and anxiety eases with better sleep and if not I will definately go to the DR. I HATE Dr. as cheesy as that sounds so I will try about anything (legal lol) before going to the DR and if nothing happens I will book an appointment. I will edit this post after I have tried everything and have made a final decision. again ty for the responses. :o)

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I'm not a doctor, but someone who has suffered sleeping problems like yours where I felt my best at 11 pm and could go all nite. It turns out my adrenals were crashing and my levels of cortisol were backwards from normal. This doesn't show up on normal blood tests, nor even a 24 hour urine test. You need to do a saliva test where they measure your cortisol 4 times a day in the morning, around noon, around 4 pm and at 11pm. My cortisol was below normal in the morning when it should be at its highest for the day, and then gradually worked its way up and peaked at 11 pm, where it was way above normal. And, it turns out many of my other hormones were also out of balance, including thyroid, progesterone and DHEA. So, before you just cover the problem with a sleeping pill, you might want to try to find a doctor that's willing to evaluate your hormones. Especially, if you are feeling stressed, anxious and/or depressed. A good starting point for understanding these problems that many women now suffer from is the book "Feeling Fat, Fuzzled or Frazzled" by Richard Shames.

My doctor gave me Rozerem. I only had to take it a week. It resets you bodys clock. I now sleep normal and sont have to take anything.

I am a pharmacist and do not recommend using Ambien or other drugs in this class. They are not a long term solution and you need to find out the root cause of your problems. All the over the counter meds all contain diphenhydramine (benadryl). They are all the same!!! I do agree that you may try melatonin. It is a naturally occurring substance in your body that helps control the sleep cycle. I would strongly suggest going to your doctor for an evaluation for depression, thyroid issues or other hormonal problems.

I have always had sleeping problems. Well, my Dr. gave me Paxil to help me sleep and with anxiety too, but I ended up crashing on it (this was about 6 years ago).

My husband has terrible sleepwalking spells and the Dr. tried to give him Prozac, but we didn't like that so we just deal with the sleepwalking.

I have heard Ambien or Lunesta is good, but I've never heard many great things about otc sleeping aids. Just do the research and make sure it's not addicting.

Oh, I am also hypoglycemic and that could possibly be a factor in my weird sleeping patterns, you never know, underlying health issues can effect your sleep.

And yes, having a nice routine, maybe taking a bath with lavender scented soap and candles, turning down the lights and tv a good hour before you go to bed will also help relax your body. You have to make a comfortable environment so your body can be able to relax.

One thing that has helped me sleep better, since my mind wanders like crazy at night, I put a notebook beside my bed and write down ideas, shopping lists, plans, anything that is bugging me before I go to sleep. Amazingly, once I do that, I feel like I can relax, I guess b/c I am not scared of forgetting a detail or something.

Good luck!

I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have trouble sleeping. I've tried many sleeping pills, some prescription and some otc. But the one that works best for me is melatonin. It's an herb in pill form and I get it at GNC, 120 pills for about $3.50. It works like a charm for me and it doesn't leave me with a hangover the next morning.

Have you tried reading in bed? That ALWAYS makes me knockout. Or maybe a glass of wine before bed?? I have to unwind before I'm able to sleep well. Since you mentioned you probably suffer from depression/stress, I recommend talking to your family dr. I was feeling the same way and my dr prescribed Zoloft in the lowest dose. Not only does it help with my moods, it also helps with sleep!! Kill two birds right there!!! I was in a car accident in January that I'm still dealing with and that was causing me to lose sleep and be an emotional wreck (no pun!). My dr. gave me Lunesta to take before the Zoloft kicked in (2weeks) and it knocked me out!!! My DD is 4, but I wouldn't recommend if you have younger children that you might wake up more often for.

I highly recommend the Zoloft, but only your dr can tell you what they think is best. This my second time on it (I had post-partum really bad) and I noticed a HUGE difference both times. Lunesta is good, but it does knock you out and one of the side effects is it leaves a horrible taste in your throat. You wake up tasting it. YUCK!!! Good luck and if you have any questions just ask!

Just wanted to add a few things...
#1)Valerian Root does NOT taste good!! LOL :) Most herbal supplements don't.
#2) for depression you may want to try st johns wort, also found at walmart!
#3) I am also a huge advocate of feng shui. One of the biggest things I have figured out studying it is CLUTTER!! Make sure the room you sleep in is free of clutter, laundry, etc, is kept clean and tidy with your bed made DAILY! When you think about it it really makes sense. When I try to sleep in my room when it is cluttered, the last thing I am thinking (even subconsciously) is the fact that my room is cluttered and it is probably one of MANY things on my mind I still need to do--that can be very draining!! A nice, neat tidy room is very inviting and much easier to sleep well in. I have gotten so bad I simply CANT sleep in a bed that hasn't been neatly made.
#4) No matter what time I go to bed, I read at least ONE chapter in a book. Reading helps me turn my mind OFF to the things that are bothering me, still need to be done, etc. Maybe reading isn't "it" for you, but find something to do every single night to help you unwind...

I hope these additions help!!!
I am a HUGE advocate of doing things with herbs, minerals, etc as much as I possibly can. When I have trouble sleeping I take what is called Valerian root. I buy mine at wal mart. It works WONDERS!!! and it is really inexpensive!! I used to take script sleeping pills and wow!! These really do help you sleep and I personally don't feel groggy at all in the morning UNLESS for some reason I don't get sleep anyway (kids waking up etc)...well then, you feel like crud no matter what!!!
Good luck! Let us know if you find anything else.
hugs and brightest blessings

I can't help you with an OTC one (b/c I dont think one exists that doesn't leave you feeling like you have jet lag). I was doing the EXACT same thing you were and it was driving me NUTS! I finally went to the doctor and he put me on Ambien CR. I haven't slept so good in my WHOLE LIFE! I've never been an advocate of drugs for anything really (other than to help you get over like the flu or something... strep throat) but if nothing else.... try it. They will knock your butt out though... but you won't wake up feeling like you have jet lag...

I've used melatonin for years (not consecutive!!) Its over the counter, non addictive, sleep aid. I've seen it at Target and Whole Foods.
Good Luck!

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