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Need a Good Shampoo/conditioner Recommendation

I have thick, wavy, dry hair. I'm looking for a good shampoo, there are so many out there! I"m okay with a more expensive brand, such as Biolage or Pureology or Matrix. I just am wondering which ones you like and why. Thank you!

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Thank you! I ended up deciding to try Infusium 23 shampoo/conditioner, along with their leave-in conditioner. I've been using it the past week and LOVE IT! My hair feels so much better already. Thanks again!

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I have really thick straight hair. (And I do mean really thick) I use Ganier from Wal-mart. I like it because my hair feels really soft after I use it and it also makes my hair stronger. There are different ones to chose from so you can pick the one that is right for you. Probably something for dry hair. Also have you tried going to a salon and getting a deep conditioning treatment? They really work well.

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I have very fine hair that tagles easily- I have found that the shampoo isn't as important as long as it cleans- the best conditioner I have found (at least for me) is Aussie's Moist line- even better than their three minute miracle. Also only wash your hair 2-3 times a week- pull it up on other days to keep it dry in the shower.

I al african american wirh wavy hair and I like Matrix and Carols Daughter. I feel they both have good conditioners and really hydrate my hair. I really don't have to put much mosturizer on my hair after washing. You said your hair was dry, Do you use a leave in conditioner? This is key for keeping my hair from being dry. I use Carol's daughter Koret Amen leave in hydrater. It's wonderful!

Oddly enough, Fantastic Sams has a great shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair super soft and you can use it every day. It's Fantastic Sams brand and just ask for the moisturizing conditioner/shampoo. Safe for color too.

Chemically, most shampoos are made the same. Unless you go with organic shampoos; they all have chemicals that can damage your hair and you won't realize it. Try to stay away from shampoos with Sulfates and that alone should help.
Also It may seem strange but try putting a little bit of baking soda in your shampoo. It will help remove the build up of chemicals without stripping or drying your hair out. Make sure your rinse well. If your hair still seems dry try adding a tiny bit of coconut oil in your hair. A little goes a long way! One more thing... if you hair and skin are dry, you may need to take some fish oils; Omega 3's. They really work for me.
Good luck!

Patti W.... Shaklee is FAR from all natural and it contains sulfates.

Hi B.,

The Envia line has many different shampoos for various types of hair, yours included. My girls and I all use several of them because of the different types of hair we have. Let me know and I can get you information on where to get it. It's an online company.


I use Redken 5th Avenue NYC... they have a variety to chose from but I use their Real Control (nourishing repair for dense/dry/sensitized hair) which is my favorite, I have used their All Soft (softness for dry/brittle hair) but with the thickness of my hair Real Control works the best :) I buy it at the salon where I get my hair cut, cost about $10 per bottle but it lasts about 3 months and my hair is so nice now. I believe they also have something for curly/wavy hair but my hair is barely wavy & dries straight so have never tired it. I buy it at the salon and have not searched for it other places so you may just have to look at random stores and salons to find it.

Before I got pregnant I used Tresemme and my hair, even though very thick, it worked really well. After my pregnancy my hair was still super thick but seemed drier and Tresemme (even the kinds for dry hair) just were not working as well so I asked my hair dresser for a new product and she suggested Redken and I have my old soft, shiny hair back :)

HI B.,
I too have thick, wavy, dry hair. I love FC5 haircare. My background is in hair & makeup, I am super picky about both. And if I'm not careful about haircare I come out of the shower with frizzy, out of control, BIG hair. I also have 5 little ones all with different hair types & they can all use it too.

It has no parabens, propylene glycol, SLS, petrolatum, etc. And leaves your hair hydrated, shiny & manageable.I have tried MANY on the market, and hate pouring money into products that don't work. You can see more details about the shampoo & conditioner at www.naturallylovely.myarbonne.com Take care, G

I don't have curly hair but I can recommend a conditoner.....REDKIN BUTTER TREATMENT. It works great for my dry hair, which is medium course. I use it a almost everyday.

My daughters have thick, curly, dry hair. I take them to the local beauty school every 6 weeks or so for a deep conditioning. It works really well and makes their hair soft. Since it's the beauty school they only charge $6 for each of them. So for both of them with tip I only spend $18 each time and it's well worth it.

I like Redken and Aveda products

I like Organix. I like the smell and the way they make my hair feel. I have long, straight, thick hair. I am currently using the cherry blossom ginseng. Although you didn't ask about organic - they are sulfate free and paraben free. Coconut milk and lavendar soymilk are also good. I also like the Nexxus products : therappe shampoo and humectress conditioner: you can now find them other places (Target, Walmart) than just at a salon.

I have really thick straight hair. (And I do mean really thick) I use Ganier from Wal-mart. I like it because my hair feels really soft after I use it and it also makes my hair stronger. There are different ones to chose from so you can pick the one that is right for you. Probably something for dry hair. Also have you tried going to a salon and getting a deep conditioning treatment? They really work well.

I am African American, and I don't have any relaxers/perms, just natural hair that is thick and wavy, and tends to be dry. I use the Pantene pro V shampoo / conditioner for women of color (coppe/brown bottle). It's good for everyday wash and conditioner, not heavy at all. I try to get to the salon (Walmart's salon) every 6 weeks for a deep conditioner and trim. Hope that helps! D.

I've tried a lot of stuff but right now I'm loving Aveeno Nourish and Moisturize. It's reasonable at about $7 per bottle.
I have wavy, dry highlighted hair and I really like it. I used Pantene for a long time now I hate it when I try it after using Aveeno. Good luck!

I use all natural shampoo and conditioner from this line:
Until I switched to this shampoo and conditioner my scalp was broken out all the time.

I use moroccan oil to soften my hair, which is curly and dry due to graying. That you can search and find a salon in your area. Then, Neiman Marcus carries Kiehls and I use a stay in conditioner on top of that to help with styling.

I am in love with Suave's new rosemary mint shampoo. I have naturally <very) curly hair and this takes the frizz out of my hair and it feels and looks so much better...plus a good hair cut is always a good help

I have thin wavy dry hair, but I love the infusium 23 I think its called, it comes in a grey bottle in most stores. I use the mosturize one and love it.

My daughter has thick hair that can be difficult to maintain. I was turned onto a shampoo and conditioner that works great on her hair and makes mine (which is dry) feel soft and more manageable. Regis salons is the only place I know that sells them - Cashmere Kera-Forte.

I have board straight, fine hair--But my sister has thick, wavy, course hair and she uses Envia Ultra Hydrating shampoo by Melalueca--Her hair always looks good and she doesn't even try!! Im jealous...anyway. Its comparable to Aveda but half the cost, which is a plus and it is made without any of the harsh chemicals you find in most other products on the market--no sodium lauryl sulfate or anything like that. Let me know if you are interested in trying it and I can get some info from her on how you can order it. I think she orders it directly from the company.

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