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Need a Good (Inexpensive) Location for My Sons 1St B-day Party!

I really need some help on finding a good place to have my sons 1st B-Day party, his Birthday is Jan. 3, which falls on a Saturday, but I also need something inexpensive because it's right after Christmas. I live in an apartment and thought about having it at my complexes club house, but I don't think that is a good place to entertain the older kids that will come to celebrate. I also thought about Chuckie Cheese's but then I was just like eehh on that thought. Any ideas would be much appreciated. By the way I live in Plano.

Thanks in advance

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Remember the 1st bday the baby won't remember at all so the location is for you. We either went to a family restr. Or had finger foods in the club house.

We did my son's at McDonalds. It was really "cheap". Also another way to cut cost some people like me. We only pay for the kids to eat. I feel that the party is for the kids and not the adults. Just an idea. Hope it helps.

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I'm not sure where you live, but we're having my son's first birthday party this Saturday at Monkey Business in Bedford. It's a great play place for toddlers, and can entertain older kids as well. It's not at all chaotic like Chuck E Cheese. It's $5 per kid over 15 months, plus $50 for the room rental, and adults are free. Also, if you mention you heard about them on mamasource (they have a little ad in the business reviews section) you can save 15% on your party. You should check it out. You can take your little one there to play for free some time (since they're under 15 months). We take Corbin all the time because he has a great time and it doesn't cost us anything. Plus, with it being cold out, we can't go to the park as much, so that's good too.

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Hi T.,

I recommend Monkey Business as well! My son loves that place so much that we are considering having his party there as well (he will be five). They have an array of activities for kids of all ages. You should definitely check it out!

Good luck!

We took our daughter for her first birthday to Chuckee E. Cheese. But not their party. take your party there . they don't mind as long as you don't use the party tables. you can download coupons online for pizza and tokens. She had so much fun. Take your cake and presents sit back and have pizza or what have you and let the kids have fun. You will enjoy it also.

We had our child's birthday at home and invited a couple of friends and family. It was a small party and perfect. I would recommend the apartment club house idea, that sounds perfect. You could activities for the older kids, if you feel the need. You could have games-board or cards or coloring or special craft activities for them to do.

Your child won't remember since it is their first birthday. I would recommend not going to a fancy place and spending lots of money on the location. Some place quiet would be the best. Chuck E Cheese is very loud,we've been to parties there before. It is mad house, yes there's a lot for the kids to do. There isn't much privacy cause it is all out in the open.

Not sure where you live but you can try Excite Gym in Highland Village. They are currently running a special on a Mini Party. It's $125 for a 1 hour party. It's up to 20 kids. Their number is ###-###-#### or www.excitegym.com.

Honestly for our daughters 1st b-day we just had like a "family gathering" if you have family in town. Its hard in the winter time to have it somewhere where everyone can enjoy themselves...(cold outside) I would maybe look at a community center or a church fellowship hall and have like a craft activity or let children play old outdoor games(hopscotch , jacks...etc) or board games. Good luck!

Remember the 1st bday the baby won't remember at all so the location is for you. We either went to a family restr. Or had finger foods in the club house.

Hi, I own Monkey Business Indoor Play & Party Center in Bedford. We host a lot of 1 year old parties cause we have such a great array of activities for all ages. Check out our website for more info (www.monkeybusinesstx.com) or give us a call ###-###-#### and I'll be glad to answer and questions you have. Mention you heard about us on Mamasource and get FREE ice cream with your party!!!

We did my son's at McDonalds. It was really "cheap". Also another way to cut cost some people like me. We only pay for the kids to eat. I feel that the party is for the kids and not the adults. Just an idea. Hope it helps.

try www.wiggleyplaycenter.com (the wiggles themed) in frisco unsure of the $ but it worth a call just to check it out. maybe your party could just go there w/o getting their listed package deal. I think there is a Scotty Ps hamburger rest. in the same shopping center--maybe you can all eat there and then head over to wiggly town to play!

i've heard that there is a bouncing place somewhere in Ft. Worth (?) that has "open gym" on Sundays (I think) and it's very cheap, maybe free. You could just go there for a couple of hours and bring your own cake, or even just send each kid home with a cupcake instead so thatyou don't have to do birthday cake. Just an idea - sorry it's so vague! If you need more info, just contact me here and I'll get the details from my friend.

your apt club house is an awesome idea! they have a tv, put a movie on for the older kids or hook up one of their video games. Your job isn't to entertain the older kids, its to make sure that your child has an awesome first bday!

Hi T.,

Check with the local fire departments...they offer Free birthday packages.

Best Wishes,

C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams

I, too, recommend Monkey Business in Euless (above the Kid to Kid) off of Central Dr. We just happened to stop in after shopping at Kid to Kid just to see what it was about. After letting my son play for an hour on the playsets & with all the toys, we decided to have his 2nd B-day party there. The rates are reasonable for a party room but you do have to pay for the other kids to play ($5 each). But, I figure it's worth it for my son to have fun & all of his friends as well. You can bring in your own food/cake/supplies or you can pay them to take care of all that for you. (or a combination of both) I spoke with the owners & they seem very nice and willing to help. I'm looking forward to having my son's party there!

We also did family birthday parties until our kids were old enough to understand the concept and it saves alot of hassle and money. And, honestly parties at this age aren't for the child, it's for everyone else. This is a "want" versus a "need" situation ;)

We have always kept parties fairly low key and as a result, my kids aren't at all demanding now as teens - they just like to have a few good friends over for a small party and sleepover. They went to enough Chuck e. cheese,etc. when they were younger that they had no interest at all in that sort of party (and I do think the party should always be what the child wants - since it's their birthday). Once kids get into school, you can just join with other families to have larger group parties once a month for all the birthday kids - that totally reduces the burden (time and cost) for everyone. The most important thing IMHO is that the child gets something special at home on their birthday - i.e., picking dinner, the kind of cake they want, etc.

Sounds like the party is more for the older kids than your son, who won't actually care. You don't mention where you live, but I know there are a bunch of indoor bounce house play places, although I don't know much about their rate. You might also get some good ideas from dallaschild.com; click the following link for their party section: http://www.dfweverythingfamily.com/category.asp?c=4

The recreation center in Carrollton/Rosemeade has a room or two that you can rent. Also, the Carrollton Library at Hebron has a room that you can use. It all depends on the type of gathering you are wanting.

I have another thought but I'm not sure if it would work for a 1 year old's b-day or not. Do you have a family member or friend with a home that you could borrow? You could rent a bounce house and have hot dogs, etc. This would allow inside play and outside play for all ages.

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