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Need 1 Year Photo Ideas!!

My daughter will be 1 year old sept 1st! We are getting her 1 year photos taken on Saturday and I need some ideas for some fun and creative poses. We had her pictures taken at christmas and did a cute pose with a santa hat, but at her 6 month photos I couldn't think of what to do so we just got some of her sitting and smiling. I'm not very creative, so I'm wondering what some of you have done to make 1 year photos special.

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Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! I'm planning to do the cake picture at her b-day party this saturday. We'll be outside so I figure I'll just strip her down to her diaper, lay a sheet out on ther ground and let her go to town. We went to sears for the professional pic's yesterday and it went well. I liked some of your ideas about being natural and not going over the top. We had two outfits for her and ended up getting a couple pictures of her in between outfits with just her diaper on holding her favorite toy - these were my favorite. We also got some good ones of her eating a fake flower!

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One photographer I know, puts the child in front of a large hanging sheet and then a simple cake with a candle and takes pics of that and then, when she's done, takes pics of the child eatign it! Cute!

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If you are taking her to a professional photo place, the usually will pose her for you. I took my daughter to Sears and they took wonderful poses with all sorts of different back grounds.


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I have a friend who has put her little boys in one of their dad's dress shirts and a tie every year, to see how much they grow, and for her little girl she used a pair of her own dress shoes and just let her play with them.

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We took our son to Portrait Innovations in Charlotte for his 1 year photos. They had told me ahead of time to bring in some props. What we did was bring in 4 different colored balloons, a fake present wrapped up in birthday paper and a small birthday cake. We got our cake free from Harris Teeter for the first birthday. Most grocery stores give you the 1 year cake for free.

They taped the four balloons on the floor behind the baby as as backdrop and used a solid white background. This way, you only saw the baby and the cake, not the background. He was just dressed in his diaper. They put the cake in front of him on the floor and took pictures as he ate the cake. The pictures came out great. He is covered in cake and you can see his cute little belly and fat little legs. We also took pictures of him in his special outfit that his grandparents got him, but I love the one of him eating his cake the best. These pics came out better than the ones of us at home with him eating his cake. I would recommend Portrait Innovations. They are not expensive and you get tons of pictures to share!

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You could put her in a nice 2 year old outfit and take a picture of her in it each month, watching her grow into it.

My friend had her little boy's picture taken with him standing in her cowboy boots. Something like that, with a piece of your clothing?

Also any pictures with the baby wearing mom and dad's wedding rings get me. so sweet!

Congrats and Happy Birthday to your girl!

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My little girl will be one on Oct. 3rd. I am looking at having her pictures done in her wearing a Tutu. I haven't decided if she'll wear a top or not. When my son was one I had him in a diaper with a cake for him to explore, eat or smash. Those are some cute pictures too! I'll probably try to do that with my daughter too. I have also seen some cute ones with a big flower on a headband-a head shot that gets the face and those look beautiful. So those are some ideas I have. Enjoy!

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We had so much fun with our one year pictures. We did a few things. First, we purchased a birthday shirt from Babies R Us. Then, we planned the poses. The first set was with balloons. We had about 30 of them and he had never seen them before. It was so fun watching him discover and play and the pictures turned out great. The second set was outside with bubbles. Those made for some great pics! The last set was really messy but made the best pictures. We bought a mini birthday cake and got pictures of him tearing into it. The pictures are simply amazing! Have fun! :)

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My daughter will be 1 at the end of October and what I plan on doing at the end of the session is having her eat a smash cake from Publix. You know the little individual cakes they make for a first birthday? Anyway, I didn't do this with my sons 1 yr photos (almost 4)but my photographer suggested it and says it makes really great pictures. She also suggested using pink icing instead of white since the sun will reflect off the white and we are taking the pictures outdoors.

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Hi Jo Ann, They grow up so fast and it's wonderful to be able to look back..and remember when. What about a Labor day Theme? My niece is 2 and her mom had some pictures taken with this theme and they turned out really wonderful. Her mom made sure that the photographer was able to give her what she wanted by asking ahead of time.Good Luck!
This is a special day...My mother's birthday is on Sept 1st as well! :)

I'm a 36 yr.old wife,mother and friend.I have 4 wonderful kids(1daughter;3sons). Life is good! God Bless

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If you can get outdoor photos - those are the best, and you'll have all kinds of options.
Any type of fall pictures would be cute - pumpkins, hay bale, by a fence, by a tree w/ leaves...etc.
You could also do some labor-day type poses w/ Americana type stuff. Or, a wooden wagon...etc.
I love the pictures of a plain white background and just the little kidoes themselves.... sometimes a portrait studio will have oversized alphabet blocks that make great props.
They do the #1 a lot - but, I personally think that is cheesy... actually, I like the pictures w/ the least amount of fake props as possible because I like to focus on the person and get creative w/ the actual photography part (but this wouldn't be an option, really, at a studio like Sears...so, it would depend on the photographer).

Happy "Birth"day to you both!!!

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Who needs to be creative about baby photos? The pic is s'posed to be of the CHILD, and most of the other stuff is just distraction! Whoever takes the photo might suggest a theme or background, but I'd not 'sweat it'! Just enjoy the baby!

We get our family portraits done at Wal-Mart once a year (10 of us - parents, 4 adults kids, SIL and 3 'grands'), and they did what I consider 'good' portraits of our grandkids quite inexpensively.

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