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Nausea in the Second Trimester?

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am now 23 weeks along. The past couple of weeks I keep getting nauseated during mid day and it lasts until I go to sleep. I also am getting random pains in my wrists and chest that last for only a second and I cannot sleep to save my life. I am so exhausted it's hard to stay awake during the day to take care of my two girls. In both previous pregnancies my second trimester has brought elation and relaxation but this time I am a wreck. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what caused it. I have a prenatal appointment on Friday but I just wanted some different opinions.

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Consider that your symptoms might not be related to each other. Be sure you aren't dehydrated as this can cause nausea. Random pains in chest can possibly be from heartburn or "gerd" - gastric reflux - common in pregnancy - (when I get the pains it can sometimes feel almost like they are coming from the heart). Carpal tunnel from repetitive tasks cause wrist pain - with a 19 month old you are probably using your wrists quite a bit.

Congratulations by the way!!!
I know how you feel!! I have a 4 year old son and his pregnancy was perfect. And i have a 1 year old daughter which i was sick the whole time with her. I was nauseated ALL the time!! The doctor said its normal. Different child, different pregnancy. Although you want to get checked out completely first. Just to make sure that everything is good. Im sorry your for you discomfort.

HI K.,

Make sure that you're not getting the symptoms of preeclampsia. I just saw my Dr. today and she said a few of the warning signs are nausea, chest pains, swelling in the feet, hands and face. I've been looking puffy myself and have had nausea a couple of times (I'm 32 weeks). So now I've been asked to collect my urine for a 24 hr. period to rule that out. Hopefully, it's not that, but be sure to look out for them.


K....I can tell you from experience with my twin boys that my second trimester brought on all kinds of new experiences. I was pretty sick throughout my first trimester, however, I never threw up until my 2nd trimester. It was also at that time that I really became sensitive to food...and in fact I couldn't eat garlic at all without getting sick. Most of the sick feelings went away around 20 weeks pregnant. So I wouldn't be concerned...each pregnancy is different and this is your first boy pregnancy which has different hormones than girls. I have heard that boys are harder to carry than girls...could be a myth though. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and drinking enough. Good Luck.

Talk to you doctor about 1/2 tab unisom. I took it while pregnant to help with the nausea. It worked for that and helped me sleep. You can buy it yourself or sometimes the dr. will order a compound of this plus something else ( can't remember).

Hi K.,

I felt nauseated during my entire pregnancy w/ number 3 and number 4. Number4 , (my only son by the way:)> I was sick so much. I also developed "carpell tunnel syndrome"Sp?from the pressure of pregnancy. The Dr said it should go away after I gave birth.. It did. Or at least the symptoms did. I had a OBGYN and a specialist for my pregnancy w/ my son, and I thought I was falling apart! If the nausea is limiting your activities, or causing you to lose a lot of weight, I would make sure the DR gave you something to help w/ it.I know how busy you are w/ the babies and being home...But try to take it easy. Good Luck

Ah the joys of pregnancy. I am sorry to hear you are feeling sick in your second trimester. I went through 7 months of nausea and had a beautiful third trimester. Hopefully you have that to look forward to. I also had carpal tunnel...pain in my wrists during pregnancy. B Vitamins (and extra Folic Acid) helped me immensely. Also, have you thought about seeing an accupuncturist? The Keller Clinic in PB specializes in pregnancy and treating women. Lisa there is fantastic and helped me during my pregnancy. Good luck!

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