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Naturally Curly Hair

I have naturally curly hair and it is quite long. Many people do compliment me on it but it gets frizzy sometimes (especially in wet weather) and to be honest I don't know much about how to take care of it. If I brush it too often it takes out all the curl and makes it frizzy. I use Pantene for curly hair and that does help. But now that I am single again and job hunting I would like to find some new ways to wear it. I never cared how I looked before-I was a stay at home mom and certainly wasn't trying to look good for my husband!!!!

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My hair is naturally curly but I usually use a flat iron to straighten it but when I did wear it curly I would brush it out after my shower and flip my head over and scrunch it wil some mousse. Good luck!

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My oldest child has naturaly curly hair. She uses a Pantene shampoo with conditioner and Pantene conditioner in the shower. When she gets out, she combs in Herbal Essence Conditioner for curly hair and leaves it in. When she needs to freshen it up, she uses water, Herbal Essence conditioner and her fingers. She never uses a brush and only combs it when it after shampooing it. I had read somewhere that brushes cause curly hair to split and makes it more frizzy. I have to say that since we started this routine about a year ago, she has received so many compliments on her hair.

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Hello! I have naturally curly hair too. For the most part I would always pull my hair up until recently. My hair used to be down below the middle of my back...but recently I got it cut to just below my shoulder and had layers put in it and thinned out some, and I started using different products. I could never find a product that I liked for my hair, even Pantene Pro-V never seemed to do anything good for my hair. I recently started using Frutese (I think I'm spelling that right)...but those products are truly awesome, and I totally love my hair now, and always wear it down. I get comments all the time! And I'm not want to "fuss with my hair", I simply wash it in the morning, put some smoothing cream gel in it, upside down and scrunch the product through my hair, and put some hair in place and out the door I go....I'm not much on "styling" but I don't have to worry about it! I use the shampoo, the conditioner, the smoothing creme gel, and the hair spray to finish it off. Today I hardly put any of the creme gel in because I'm almost out...I just sprayed the hairspray in it and scrunched it around...and I absolutely love the look that it gave me today:)

Good luck...I hope this helps!

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Hi! I'm in the same boat! When I was young, I hated my hair and would blow dry it while brushing all the curl out. It made it frizzy, but I didn't care. Now I totally appreciate having curly hair and love to show it off. For shampoo and conditioner, I use Garnier Fructis (for rebelliosly curly hair) and for finishing, I use Aussie's Aussome Volume mousse-gel fusion, and Aussie hair spray. The Aussie smells nicer that normal hair sprays. And you can get the hold that you want (flexible to strong). What I like about the Aussome Volume is that it doesn't feel like I have anything in my hair. Gel seems to feel "heavy" and this mousse-gel fusion is very light. Like someone previously mentioned, you can get it layered and thinned to maximize the curl. Especially if it is thick...getting it layered will give your curls more bounce and not feel as heavy.
Hope this has helped you! Let us know how you make out!!
AMH :)

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I saw you got s lot of responses and just wanted to second the nomination of TiGi's Curls Rock line of products as some of the best products I've found for my naturally curly hair. I've tried a lot (and I mean a LOT) of products in my life, but this works great. Even if you don't go all out for the full line, pick up the curl amplifier at least. It works like a leave in gel that leaves you with great curls and no frizz.

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Hi E.,
Sounds like you have some really great tips. Hope I can be of some help, (I'm a busy stylist/make up artist in my area). Although I have poker straight hair, my sis and sis-in-law have very, I mean very curly hair! To be honest w/you, I haven't used OTC products in quite some time but as for professional I think I have tried them all! One that I really like is by TiGi and it's called "Curls Rock". It has the shampoo, cond and styling aids. Matrix "Curl Life" is also a nice line. Choosing a product line will also depend on your hair type; thick, fine, coarse, etc....certain mousses may be to light for your hair and make it look more frizzy than not and likewise w/other products. Never brush your hair when it's dry and you really shouldn't when it's wet. Use a pick both times. I could talk forever (as you can see) so my suggestion to you is go to a stylist who is experienced w/curly hair and get some advise from them. If you have ANY questions for me, I would be more than happy to help and give some tips, tricks and products for your hair (and make up too) that could help.

Buy a straightening iron you can get a cheap one at family dollar to see if you like it and if you do it might be a good idea tospend a little more for a good one
this will also help with the friz

hi!, i too, have curly hair, and i thought all the responses were good and helpful... my advice is also to use hair oil... you can get in saloons (really good stuff) but they sell other stuff at the grocery stores.

and for whats its worth, i experienced the same feeling vs how i feel now about having curly hair... i used to be teased as a child and now i am envyed by the same ppl.

i use good conditioner for dry hair (i change it up), and spray leave in conditioner in it and use oil. depending how i am going to wear it depends on what i put in it... but i always put oil and leave in conditioner.

good luck, (btw, i hate rainy days too.)

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