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Natural Way to Help ADHD for 4 Year Old

My son is 4 years old and was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. My husband and I tried medication for 2 1/2 weeks because he was having a hard time at school and at home, but decided to take him off because we noticed he started to get emotional and didn't want to put him on it to begin with. We are desperate on trying to do this naturally, his teachers are not happy about it and know they are going to give us a hard time but feel if we try our best on his diet or even supplements it may help. Please if anyone has any recommendation please let us know. My son is very hyperactive and can be impulsive and just want to help my son the best we can.

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His Dr. told me I can give him more Omega's then I have been and eliminate foods from his diet like red dyes and preservatives but he said it can help 1 out of 100 kids but I look at that as hope to try. The Dr. is going to do allergy testing for me and heavy metal testing which I have heard may help, will keep you all posted on that.He also discussed Strattera which isn't a stimulant I don't know if you know much about that but I am thinking of even changing my schedule even if it's a drastic change just to help my son because I have noticed he just started getting aggressive along with his ADHD and I feel concerned I also strongly feel it is up to me to step in and give him more structure instead of depending on day care on helping him. My husband and I work days and I feel if I go to nights I can make sure he gets to his IEP program in the afternoon and my husband can pick him up after work just so I can have more of a structured routine for him and be able to manage his diet easier. Just have alot going on and alot to decide... daycare may kick him out since I took him off meds and if they do then I think I'm just going to change my schedule. Quick update on what has been going on.

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I would try chiropractics. My chiropractor is Dr. David Melendez located in Encinitas. He has had child ADHD patients who he has treated and no longer exhibit any ADHD symptoms. The office is called Gold Coast Chiropractics, located on Birmingham Dr. in Encinitas. They really are wonderful there. It's definitely worth looking into.

Feed him lean healthy proteins every 45min, no preservatives, low salt, low sugar diet. As a teacher I saw this work.

from what i remember from working in school with kids who were diagnosed as ADHD, there are certain kinds of food that intensify the behavior and avoiding them is a good solution. some that i remember are chocolate and tomatoes. i think there is a good chance of finding such a list on line, or getting it from ADHD organisations who assist in such situations. in addition, there are alternative medications, which widen the possibilties in terms of side affects.
another solution is to find a school which is more tolerant to kids with ADHD, meaning that its frame is more flexible and more attentive to the issue, thus kids with ADHD can function in such a school without medication. I am not familiar with such a school here, but back where I come from it was a democratic school and the like who offered this option. From what i've seen, it can be managed if the issue is addressed early in the child's development and it seems that you are on the right path.
good luck

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Pretty amazing how many people have a child with ADHD isn't it. First off, the education system will want you to medicate because it makes their job very easy. Second, most of this medication is not recommended for under Five. Third, there are so many things to do without resorting to medication so trust your instincts here. Please.

1. Read. The Dr. Bock book is an excellent start

2. Second Opinion. Try a doctor that is not so gun ho on prescriptions.

3. Most important is to look at the diet. Removing gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) is usually a strong contributor to behaviors. There are SO many websites that offer help on this. www.tacanow.org has a huge resource system. Remove any dyes, MSG, artificial sweetners. Shopping at Trader Joes was a great suggestion.

4. Supplements. Amino Acids have worked Great for my son and many others. Check out The Amen Clinic for more information on this.

5. Stop vaccinations! Do not get anymore until you are fully educated on them. This is the reason why in most cases why children are busting out of the classroom with behavioral issues. Places for more information on this:

Have hope, things will be better and know there are lots of people who have started to pave many roads before you on this so you have choices.

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Hi M.:
I don't want to appear unfeeling to the parents of those children, who actually suffer from ADHD. I'm sure there are certain cases, that are legitimately diagnosed.However,It angers me,that there are physicians,who intentionaly misdiagnose,and put our childrens health,and welfare in jeopardy,for their own (profit) Each and every time your Dr. perscribes a medication,especially a (new medication) on the market,they recieve a (kickback) from the pharmaceutical companies.For Each patient they put on meds, A statin,for cholesterol,blood presure medication,insullin, medication for woman,in fear of osteo. You name it,theres a kickback for every single one.Check your search bar for how many children are on Meds today.It will shock you.They recently did a study, on type two diabetics. Those who have to inject their insullin. They discovered,that all the patients,who had (gastric bypass) surgery,no longer suffered from type 2 diabetis. It was gone! They stopped taking insulin the day after their surgery.The US Government will not allow just anyone to have this surgery. You have to be over weight.If your thin, and just want to rid yourself of your diabetis, you can't.Hmmm...Wonder why that is? Imagine the losses the Pharmaceutical companies will insue, if individuals don't need their insulin any more??Back to your response.I knew a young boy,around 13,who was taken to the Drs,and told that he is hyper and always causing trouble.The Dr. diagnosed him with ADHD,and he started him on meds.What the parents failed to tell the Dr. was that they were both alcolholics,both abused their kids,and were in the process of getting a divorse.It would appear,that the Dr. (guessed wrong) in this instance,wouldn't it? The boy had every reason in the world,to be acting the way he was.His whole life,had been miserable to this point,and now?? He was going to be put on MEDS>? I would imagine, that those meds probably would have made him feel a little better about his crappy life, and I'd put money on him feeling he couldn't function without them after a few years.Talking about dependancy.When does he go off? Or does he go on to bigger and better things? like crack? I'm sorry, but it it disgusts me to see whats going on right in front of our eyes.I would never take the word of one Dr. Not even two.I probably would take my son to someone who believes in natural cures,and have him tested. (He) isn't going to get a kickback from the pharmaceuticals.I wish to commend,and extend my gratitude to Leah as well,for all her helpful info above. Please take the time to watch her u-tube videos.They are very informative. I wish you, and your son the very best.

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Before I responded, I read all of the other advice given thus far. I must say, I am impressed with the variety of treatments and options now available. My brother, who is 25, was diagnosed in 1st grade, at a time when ADHD was NOT well known or mainstream. My parents went through many types of therapies, doctors and medications. Due to their diligence, I feel that my brother was able to learn to manage his issues and become a VERY successful adult. An interesting fact about him: when he started eating whole, mostly unprocessed foods, no junk food and very little dairy, he was able to successfully go off meds. He also went through many years of behavior modification therapies to learn to manage his control and impulse behaviors.
All that having been said, I think that at this point, your son is too young for medication, as some of his behaviors may be age appropriate. You may want to put some serious research into modifying his diet and working with him on modifying behavior. IF your son is still struggling once you've exhausted the many possible treatments listed here, AND he is of a more appropriate age for diagnosis, then I would suggest meeting with a developmental pediatrician, as well as a neuropsychiatrist and psychologist. For a child with true ADD/ADHD, several doctors who SPECIALIZE should be involved in his/her care.
Finally, I suggest you look into a new school for your son. One that encourages play based learning and allows for the age appropriate exploration that your son is probably seeking.
I wish the best of luck!!!
Take Care,

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Dear M.,

I sell a product that has shown wonderful benefits for ADD and ADHD children. Out of respect for Mamasource, I'm not sure if I can give you my contact info. since I haven't paid for any adverising rights here.

-so let me just say, if you don't buy it from me, find a distributor for Tahitian Noni Juice somewhere. Don’t try the “me too” products from Costco, and other various stores in town. Most of them have water as their first ingredient and taste terrible. Some have very little noni at all in them.

When I began selling this juice in 1998, one of my husband's cousins was among our first customers. Her 11 year old hanai son was prescribed ADHD and if she ever forgot to give him his Ridalin(sp?), they would get a call from the school about his behavior. She hated giving the drug to him, didn’t like how it dulled his senses, so was willing to try TNJ. He started drinking one ounce per day. Michael almost immediately responded favorably. A couple of months later, his teacher called home again. Apparently, in a classroom discussion, drugs were discussed, and it was mentioned that some drugs were good for people, like the one that Michael took. It was at this point that Michael said he didn’t take any drugs anymore. The teacher wanted to know what it was that Michael said he drank instead. She went on to say that she had noticed that he had behaved differently over those two months, but she hadn’t known why he was more attentive and more responsive.

Michael is all grown up now, and has never gone back to Ridalin.

I see others have given websites, so here's mine:

I sell the juice at cost, and it can be drop shipped to any location. I've been drinking it myself since 1998, but that's another story. The health benefits I've seen over those years to myself as well as others have been amazing.


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You may have received this advice already, but before going the herbal/supplement route (which isn't always as 'natural' as it sounds), I would look for a good therapist for your son that specializes in treating ADHD, specifically a behavioral modification therapist. I've worked with children before and have frequently been surpised at how well they do once they learn the appropriate skills. Also, remember that ADHD is frequently over-diagnosed - so good for you in trying to avoid the meds for now. Good luck.

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M., thanks so much for sharing your story, and please know that it's wonderful to hear that you are choosing not to medicate your son. Also, know that his teachers have no right to give you or him a hard time about this.

I was wondering have you ever thought about researching homeopathic and natural remedies for him? Sugar, dyes, different food combinations and even toxins (in the environment and home) can truly make a difference in a child's behavior. In fact, there are many natural solutions that can actually help with what your son is going through.

I highly recommend contacting Dr. Anita Pepi who is truly an amazing Chiropractor and Nutritionist and would definitely be able to help your son naturally.

Here's her data:

2950 Los Feliz Blvd. Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666~1088

If she is too far for you, please let me know as I may know of an incredible nutritionist that is closer to you.

I'd also recommend contacting the most amazing Occupational Therapist I know: Dani Sigal. She approaches her work from a holistic perspective, using fun child and family-centered approaches to support children in developing the skills and foundations they need in order to thrive. She can be reached at ###-###-#### or via e~mail at: ____@____.com.

I'd also recommend checking out 5 organizations validating why going the natural route is best for you and your son:

You'll also find some amazing data regarding alternatives at: http://www.cchr.org/solutions_and_alternatives/

And, M., please watch:

Please free to contact me at: (323) 906~2784 or via e~mail me at ____@____.com.

I'd love to help you however I can.

With love,
L. (MAMA to 1 year old Dylan Orion) : )))

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I am so happy to hear that you want to help your son with natural ingredients verses those deadly meds. I too have a 6 and 2 year old little boys who are hyperactive and moody I dont want to classify them as add/adhd what is really happening is a vitamin and or mineral diffiency in their brains. I have been doing so much reaserch on this topic latey and if you know where to go there is so very educating and helpful advice out there. I have ordered a book by Jon Bennett called 3 steps to conquering add/adhd. In there is some very helpful advice but alot of the problem is in our childrens diets they are not getting the nutrients that they trully need to functuion properly all day long. I have put my boys on a super absorbable and chewable multi vitamin from the GNC store that they both take every morning and my six year old is on a all nautral supplement that Jon mentions in his book called nue-becalm'd it helps with focus and balences out there energy over the course of the day. He takes this 3 times a day One in the morning another right when he gets home from shool and then one more right around bed time. When you order they send you apaper on how to space the pills out for your childs needs. My six year old also drinks a protien
shake form GNC made for childern every morning. Protein for breakfast is so important for our childern. I have seen trmendous progress with this routine. He is so much better focused. The big thing I have noticed is when he comes home from school he is not on a huge bloodsugar low hes not craby he can accually now remember what he did all day at school he can tell me in detail. He used to just say I dont know Im hungry I want to go home and he would have an attitude and just be unhappy. I home school him 3 days out of the week and have also noticed that he is way smarter than even he relizes he is finishing his work now in about 10 min. verses day dreaming and complainig for 30min. He wants to work out all the problems on his homework by himself now, he used to just give up because he could not phisically sit there and focus. I am just so happy with the progress if you have other questions feel to ask.Jons website is 3stepsadd.com it has been so helpful. hope this is helpful. thanks, J.

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I would definitely look at his diet. There are plenty of books out there regarding this matter that recommend a gluten free diet. One I recommend is called "The Body Ecology Diet". I've come across some books at Whole Foods as well. I believe food is everything. Foods without preservatives and no processed foods. And no SUGAR!. Try a substitute like stevia or Agave. If you are not already doing some of these things, I believe you will see a profound change. Diet is everything. We can all heal ourselves with food. I wish you the very best.

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