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Natural Way to Help ADHD for 4 Year Old

My son is 4 years old and was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. My husband and I tried medication for 2 1/2 weeks because he was having a hard time at school and at home, but decided to take him off because we noticed he started to get emotional and didn't want to put him on it to begin with. We are desperate on trying to do this naturally, his teachers are not happy about it and know they are going to give us a hard time but feel if we try our best on his diet or even supplements it may help. Please if anyone has any recommendation please let us know. My son is very hyperactive and can be impulsive and just want to help my son the best we can.

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His Dr. told me I can give him more Omega's then I have been and eliminate foods from his diet like red dyes and preservatives but he said it can help 1 out of 100 kids but I look at that as hope to try. The Dr. is going to do allergy testing for me and heavy metal testing which I have heard may help, will keep you all posted on that.He also discussed Strattera which isn't a stimulant I don't know if you know much about that but I am thinking of even changing my schedule even if it's a drastic change just to help my son because I have noticed he just started getting aggressive along with his ADHD and I feel concerned I also strongly feel it is up to me to step in and give him more structure instead of depending on day care on helping him. My husband and I work days and I feel if I go to nights I can make sure he gets to his IEP program in the afternoon and my husband can pick him up after work just so I can have more of a structured routine for him and be able to manage his diet easier. Just have alot going on and alot to decide... daycare may kick him out since I took him off meds and if they do then I think I'm just going to change my schedule. Quick update on what has been going on.

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I would try chiropractics. My chiropractor is Dr. David Melendez located in Encinitas. He has had child ADHD patients who he has treated and no longer exhibit any ADHD symptoms. The office is called Gold Coast Chiropractics, located on Birmingham Dr. in Encinitas. They really are wonderful there. It's definitely worth looking into.

Feed him lean healthy proteins every 45min, no preservatives, low salt, low sugar diet. As a teacher I saw this work.

from what i remember from working in school with kids who were diagnosed as ADHD, there are certain kinds of food that intensify the behavior and avoiding them is a good solution. some that i remember are chocolate and tomatoes. i think there is a good chance of finding such a list on line, or getting it from ADHD organisations who assist in such situations. in addition, there are alternative medications, which widen the possibilties in terms of side affects.
another solution is to find a school which is more tolerant to kids with ADHD, meaning that its frame is more flexible and more attentive to the issue, thus kids with ADHD can function in such a school without medication. I am not familiar with such a school here, but back where I come from it was a democratic school and the like who offered this option. From what i've seen, it can be managed if the issue is addressed early in the child's development and it seems that you are on the right path.
good luck

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Pretty amazing how many people have a child with ADHD isn't it. First off, the education system will want you to medicate because it makes their job very easy. Second, most of this medication is not recommended for under Five. Third, there are so many things to do without resorting to medication so trust your instincts here. Please.

1. Read. The Dr. Bock book is an excellent start

2. Second Opinion. Try a doctor that is not so gun ho on prescriptions.

3. Most important is to look at the diet. Removing gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) is usually a strong contributor to behaviors. There are SO many websites that offer help on this. www.tacanow.org has a huge resource system. Remove any dyes, MSG, artificial sweetners. Shopping at Trader Joes was a great suggestion.

4. Supplements. Amino Acids have worked Great for my son and many others. Check out The Amen Clinic for more information on this.

5. Stop vaccinations! Do not get anymore until you are fully educated on them. This is the reason why in most cases why children are busting out of the classroom with behavioral issues. Places for more information on this:

Have hope, things will be better and know there are lots of people who have started to pave many roads before you on this so you have choices.

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Hi M.:
I don't want to appear unfeeling to the parents of those children, who actually suffer from ADHD. I'm sure there are certain cases, that are legitimately diagnosed.However,It angers me,that there are physicians,who intentionaly misdiagnose,and put our childrens health,and welfare in jeopardy,for their own (profit) Each and every time your Dr. perscribes a medication,especially a (new medication) on the market,they recieve a (kickback) from the pharmaceutical companies.For Each patient they put on meds, A statin,for cholesterol,blood presure medication,insullin, medication for woman,in fear of osteo. You name it,theres a kickback for every single one.Check your search bar for how many children are on Meds today.It will shock you.They recently did a study, on type two diabetics. Those who have to inject their insullin. They discovered,that all the patients,who had (gastric bypass) surgery,no longer suffered from type 2 diabetis. It was gone! They stopped taking insulin the day after their surgery.The US Government will not allow just anyone to have this surgery. You have to be over weight.If your thin, and just want to rid yourself of your diabetis, you can't.Hmmm...Wonder why that is? Imagine the losses the Pharmaceutical companies will insue, if individuals don't need their insulin any more??Back to your response.I knew a young boy,around 13,who was taken to the Drs,and told that he is hyper and always causing trouble.The Dr. diagnosed him with ADHD,and he started him on meds.What the parents failed to tell the Dr. was that they were both alcolholics,both abused their kids,and were in the process of getting a divorse.It would appear,that the Dr. (guessed wrong) in this instance,wouldn't it? The boy had every reason in the world,to be acting the way he was.His whole life,had been miserable to this point,and now?? He was going to be put on MEDS>? I would imagine, that those meds probably would have made him feel a little better about his crappy life, and I'd put money on him feeling he couldn't function without them after a few years.Talking about dependancy.When does he go off? Or does he go on to bigger and better things? like crack? I'm sorry, but it it disgusts me to see whats going on right in front of our eyes.I would never take the word of one Dr. Not even two.I probably would take my son to someone who believes in natural cures,and have him tested. (He) isn't going to get a kickback from the pharmaceuticals.I wish to commend,and extend my gratitude to Leah as well,for all her helpful info above. Please take the time to watch her u-tube videos.They are very informative. I wish you, and your son the very best.

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Before I responded, I read all of the other advice given thus far. I must say, I am impressed with the variety of treatments and options now available. My brother, who is 25, was diagnosed in 1st grade, at a time when ADHD was NOT well known or mainstream. My parents went through many types of therapies, doctors and medications. Due to their diligence, I feel that my brother was able to learn to manage his issues and become a VERY successful adult. An interesting fact about him: when he started eating whole, mostly unprocessed foods, no junk food and very little dairy, he was able to successfully go off meds. He also went through many years of behavior modification therapies to learn to manage his control and impulse behaviors.
All that having been said, I think that at this point, your son is too young for medication, as some of his behaviors may be age appropriate. You may want to put some serious research into modifying his diet and working with him on modifying behavior. IF your son is still struggling once you've exhausted the many possible treatments listed here, AND he is of a more appropriate age for diagnosis, then I would suggest meeting with a developmental pediatrician, as well as a neuropsychiatrist and psychologist. For a child with true ADD/ADHD, several doctors who SPECIALIZE should be involved in his/her care.
Finally, I suggest you look into a new school for your son. One that encourages play based learning and allows for the age appropriate exploration that your son is probably seeking.
I wish the best of luck!!!
Take Care,

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Dear M.,

I sell a product that has shown wonderful benefits for ADD and ADHD children. Out of respect for Mamasource, I'm not sure if I can give you my contact info. since I haven't paid for any adverising rights here.

-so let me just say, if you don't buy it from me, find a distributor for Tahitian Noni Juice somewhere. Don’t try the “me too” products from Costco, and other various stores in town. Most of them have water as their first ingredient and taste terrible. Some have very little noni at all in them.

When I began selling this juice in 1998, one of my husband's cousins was among our first customers. Her 11 year old hanai son was prescribed ADHD and if she ever forgot to give him his Ridalin(sp?), they would get a call from the school about his behavior. She hated giving the drug to him, didn’t like how it dulled his senses, so was willing to try TNJ. He started drinking one ounce per day. Michael almost immediately responded favorably. A couple of months later, his teacher called home again. Apparently, in a classroom discussion, drugs were discussed, and it was mentioned that some drugs were good for people, like the one that Michael took. It was at this point that Michael said he didn’t take any drugs anymore. The teacher wanted to know what it was that Michael said he drank instead. She went on to say that she had noticed that he had behaved differently over those two months, but she hadn’t known why he was more attentive and more responsive.

Michael is all grown up now, and has never gone back to Ridalin.

I see others have given websites, so here's mine:

I sell the juice at cost, and it can be drop shipped to any location. I've been drinking it myself since 1998, but that's another story. The health benefits I've seen over those years to myself as well as others have been amazing.


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You may have received this advice already, but before going the herbal/supplement route (which isn't always as 'natural' as it sounds), I would look for a good therapist for your son that specializes in treating ADHD, specifically a behavioral modification therapist. I've worked with children before and have frequently been surpised at how well they do once they learn the appropriate skills. Also, remember that ADHD is frequently over-diagnosed - so good for you in trying to avoid the meds for now. Good luck.

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M., thanks so much for sharing your story, and please know that it's wonderful to hear that you are choosing not to medicate your son. Also, know that his teachers have no right to give you or him a hard time about this.

I was wondering have you ever thought about researching homeopathic and natural remedies for him? Sugar, dyes, different food combinations and even toxins (in the environment and home) can truly make a difference in a child's behavior. In fact, there are many natural solutions that can actually help with what your son is going through.

I highly recommend contacting Dr. Anita Pepi who is truly an amazing Chiropractor and Nutritionist and would definitely be able to help your son naturally.

Here's her data:

2950 Los Feliz Blvd. Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666~1088

If she is too far for you, please let me know as I may know of an incredible nutritionist that is closer to you.

I'd also recommend contacting the most amazing Occupational Therapist I know: Dani Sigal. She approaches her work from a holistic perspective, using fun child and family-centered approaches to support children in developing the skills and foundations they need in order to thrive. She can be reached at ###-###-#### or via e~mail at: ____@____.com.

I'd also recommend checking out 5 organizations validating why going the natural route is best for you and your son:

You'll also find some amazing data regarding alternatives at: http://www.cchr.org/solutions_and_alternatives/

And, M., please watch:

Please free to contact me at: (323) 906~2784 or via e~mail me at ____@____.com.

I'd love to help you however I can.

With love,
L. (MAMA to 1 year old Dylan Orion) : )))

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I am so happy to hear that you want to help your son with natural ingredients verses those deadly meds. I too have a 6 and 2 year old little boys who are hyperactive and moody I dont want to classify them as add/adhd what is really happening is a vitamin and or mineral diffiency in their brains. I have been doing so much reaserch on this topic latey and if you know where to go there is so very educating and helpful advice out there. I have ordered a book by Jon Bennett called 3 steps to conquering add/adhd. In there is some very helpful advice but alot of the problem is in our childrens diets they are not getting the nutrients that they trully need to functuion properly all day long. I have put my boys on a super absorbable and chewable multi vitamin from the GNC store that they both take every morning and my six year old is on a all nautral supplement that Jon mentions in his book called nue-becalm'd it helps with focus and balences out there energy over the course of the day. He takes this 3 times a day One in the morning another right when he gets home from shool and then one more right around bed time. When you order they send you apaper on how to space the pills out for your childs needs. My six year old also drinks a protien
shake form GNC made for childern every morning. Protein for breakfast is so important for our childern. I have seen trmendous progress with this routine. He is so much better focused. The big thing I have noticed is when he comes home from school he is not on a huge bloodsugar low hes not craby he can accually now remember what he did all day at school he can tell me in detail. He used to just say I dont know Im hungry I want to go home and he would have an attitude and just be unhappy. I home school him 3 days out of the week and have also noticed that he is way smarter than even he relizes he is finishing his work now in about 10 min. verses day dreaming and complainig for 30min. He wants to work out all the problems on his homework by himself now, he used to just give up because he could not phisically sit there and focus. I am just so happy with the progress if you have other questions feel to ask.Jons website is 3stepsadd.com it has been so helpful. hope this is helpful. thanks, J.

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I would definitely look at his diet. There are plenty of books out there regarding this matter that recommend a gluten free diet. One I recommend is called "The Body Ecology Diet". I've come across some books at Whole Foods as well. I believe food is everything. Foods without preservatives and no processed foods. And no SUGAR!. Try a substitute like stevia or Agave. If you are not already doing some of these things, I believe you will see a profound change. Diet is everything. We can all heal ourselves with food. I wish you the very best.

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#1 - if you don't want to do meds, don't. But, it may well be the best solution, and if it is, you may just need a different medication. We tried them all - and experienced side effects from overly emotion, insomnia, lack of appetite, lethargy, etc - and finally found one that works great! I can't urge you enough to communicate with your doctor. We found that Omega3 helps - found in fish naturally and in fish oil capsules as a supplement. And, believe it or not, caffeine helps to. Don't rush to the coffee and soda aisle, try brewed tea - hot or cold with milk and/or honey. 4 years old is a little young for this diagnosis though, so maybe wait until 1st grade and have him tested. Good luck!

Hi, my daughter is 6 years old and has been on meditate for a year now and it helps tremendously. Medicine works for us, along with reducing sugar and additives from her diet. Fish oil has been said to help, and making sure they have enough vitamin d. Be careful with "natural" remedies such as becalm and others, many of those have the main ingrediant as NICOTENE. I really wanted to be natural with my daughters meds but when I talked to her psychologist about it I couldn't believe that a product is marketed for kids with nicotene in it.
Best wishes to you, it is a difficult road but your child will be appreciative! I had to also push for an IEP with the school and some special ed services, not because she is behind scholastic wise but because she is having social problems that interfere in the classroom. I had to move schools to find a principal that would listen and my daughter now has the most wonderful teachers and is getting better everyday!

What type of preschool is he in? Is he in a preschool or K public school? Is it an academic preschool that is expecting the children to "sit and do work?"

My children go to a developmental, play based parent co-op and our teachers would never in a million years come down on a parent for wanting to go a "natural" route, since the program is play based... and kids are free to move and play... and wander off and day dream. Especially at age 4.

My son is 8 now... when he was 4 I was wondering to myself... does he have ADHD???? He was so active... I asked his (genius, brain research loving, child development expert) preschool director, who knew him well because she was one of the 5 teachers in our big class (50 kids, co-op, MANY cool centers to explore). She said, no, he is not. She said that if a child is truly ADHD, other children would steer clear of him and give him a wide berth. I had to admit I did not see that, so it calmed me down.

If I were in your shoes, I would totally try the natural route. You have gotten some good tips.

What are his interests? If he loves to do certain fun things, let him. Give him the space to do it.

It may be that his dosage needs to be changed. Also why not wait until vacation time to try something else. Ask your child which way he feels better, on meds or without. Sometimes a child's insight into himself will surprise you. Sometimes medication is the best thing. I've been in education for over 25 years both in lower grades and in high school. And it is not that we get angry at parents for trying something different it's that we see the two sides of the child (with meds & without) and we see the potential of what the child can achieve if they can sit and participate in class instead of the child being disruptive and constantly being dealt with in a negative manner because of something he can't control.

Please don't medicate your son! If you read all the side effects created by these types of medications, you will know why. The medication does more harm than good. I really like what some of the moms are saying about adjusting diet. A MAJOR part of not paying attention in class has to do with something simple like words or phrases he doesn't understand. There's a book I would recommend that can explain a lot of what's happening to your son in school. We are have learning barriers and they end up giving us symptoms of "ADD/ADHD". It really is that simple.

M. - having just recently gone through the same thought process when my son was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, I know where you're at. I'm trying very hard to continue natural remedies, including accupuncture, chinese herbs, fish oil capsules and a healthy diet. I believe it's effective, but it's not a quick fix like drugs, but can help heal/balance the system so it works better over time. You would REALLY benefit from reading a book that I read called "The Healthiest Kid in the Neigborhood" by Dr. William Sears and Family. It's a phenominal guide for parents on how diet so drastically impacts short and long term health. He specifically talks about ADD and ADHD and how food can improve that behavior. Also, get your son on Juice Plus gummies - it's a daily guarantee that he gets the naturally balanced nutrition of 17 fruits, veggies and whole grains every day. That in itself will help him. Feel free to call me at ###-###-####, ____@____.com or check my website at www.wethriveonJuicePlus.com. I applaud you for having the patience and diligence to find healthier remedies for your child.

Please try a Gluten Free (wheat free) diet. It has helped many children out there with ADHD and other adults/children with other disabilities (autism/anxiety/etc). There is a lot of information out there on this diet, just google "gluten free diet". Good luck and blessings to your family!

Years ago, when my oldest sone was young, the medical profession did not start testing for ADD/ADHD until the middle of first grade because most of the behavior exhibited was really just age appropriate and something they would out grow. I have to agree. My son was diagnosed at the age of 7. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who was not PRO medicine, however we did try it for the physical discomforts (headaches, stomache aches, etc). We only used it for a few years. When he was a bit older (5th grade), I would send him to school with a Mountain Dew on test days as the caffene has a stabilizing effect. The doctor let me experiment with the dosage so that it would have the maximum effect at the most needed times. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION is key weather you choose to use medication or not. By 5th grade my son was not on any medication. I felt that it was really important for my son to know that despite the ADHD, he was still responsible for his choices. ADHD is a reason for the behavior, not an excuse. I told him that the world would not change for him, that he needed to teach himself how to get along in this world. I also was in constanct communication with his teachers and school personnel. He graduated high school with a 4.0 in 2004. It is a lot of work, a lot of experimenting with different reward and consequence systems and a lot of talking! Good luck. There is alot of good information out there. Find the one that works best for you.

my daughter also has ADHD. she's 3. i will not use the meds on her because i was on them as a child and became violent while on them. if you have a heath food/supplement store i would go there. we are currently using learning factors school aid by natural factors. its about $11 for 45 days. we also are on flaxseed oil, we mix it in juice in the morning. we are doing alot better with these thing. she is focused, attentive and alot easier to deal with. its all natural,no weird stuff in it. it basically is your DHA, ARA, GLA, AA, vitamin E and thyme oil.i use it as well and it has been great for us. hope this helps.

this helps you.

Hi M.,
I am a family nutrition coach. I do free consultations. We talk about your situation, behaviours, foods etc then I offer you suggestions. That is it.

B. H. B.A.:B.Ed.
Family Nutrition Coach

Please go to twinow.com/jlwagner. They have a couple of products that should help. One is Colustrom tablets, and the other is called Generate 1000. Look up the ingredients to both products. I'm sure you will see a difference in your child.

I give all my children the colostrum chewables. They taste good and adults can take them too.

Let me know if I can answer any questions on any of the products. I will get the answers for you.


My daughter, now 14 was diagnosed with ADHD when she was sick. I worked with theraputic oils, flower remedies and homeopathic,all which helped but as she got older the anxiety she was having with homework etc was too much.

She was on Adderoll for about 5 months, the down time was killer!!! I now have her on a total Amino Acid protocol thru
Dr. Greg Cantu in Carmel Valley. His number is ###-###-####. He also does neurological feed but is currently working on her anxiety parts of the brain. The amino acids are awesome! Big difference! Big relief for her.

We also had her tested at the Amen Clinic he wrote Change you Brain, Change your life)in Newport Beach. They recommended no Adderoll and put her on specific amino which I already had her on only in way smaller doses.

I highly recommend Dr. Cantu

Hope this helps

N. Brandt- ###-###-####

P.S. I also use Omega 3, 6, & 9 which all help.

Hi M.,

If you find out anything natural that may help, please let me know. My little guy who's 5 is having some issues and is definitely ADHD as well - just now in the process of being diagnosed. I'd love to try something natural first!

Would love to chat w/ you!

Best regards,

from what i remember from working in school with kids who were diagnosed as ADHD, there are certain kinds of food that intensify the behavior and avoiding them is a good solution. some that i remember are chocolate and tomatoes. i think there is a good chance of finding such a list on line, or getting it from ADHD organisations who assist in such situations. in addition, there are alternative medications, which widen the possibilties in terms of side affects.
another solution is to find a school which is more tolerant to kids with ADHD, meaning that its frame is more flexible and more attentive to the issue, thus kids with ADHD can function in such a school without medication. I am not familiar with such a school here, but back where I come from it was a democratic school and the like who offered this option. From what i've seen, it can be managed if the issue is addressed early in the child's development and it seems that you are on the right path.
good luck

Hi Mnica,
You should have him do the Biofeedback for attention deficit disorder. I'ts a brian training, which normally takes from twenty to forty sessions, most will reduce or entirely eliminate their need for medication. Like I said its a brain training to self regulate both attention and behavior. The technique also helps for children with specific learning disabilities, behavior problems, and problems of emotional disturbance.. Its really neat. my 9 yr old boy is doing it. He does not have ADHD, but im still having him do that and its been helping him a lot.
Go on line and read more about it. look for Biofeedback or Neurofeedback... Or call the Psychiatrist Karen Kiefer, D.O, She is located in Diamon Bar CA. ###-###-####. If you make an appointment and they give it to you 3 months later take it. She is a very good DR. and has lots of people going to see her...
I hope this helps a little.
Good luck.

Check out www.testingkit.com. It is the website for the Nadeau Education Foundation. There are 8 tests on the website that you do with your child and then send them the results. For under $50 they will evaluate the results and send you things to do with your child to help reduce and correct the problems that they are having.
People from all over the world come here to California to get help from these people. Well worth looking into.
Oh, and they prefer to NOT use meds.

I would try chiropractics. My chiropractor is Dr. David Melendez located in Encinitas. He has had child ADHD patients who he has treated and no longer exhibit any ADHD symptoms. The office is called Gold Coast Chiropractics, located on Birmingham Dr. in Encinitas. They really are wonderful there. It's definitely worth looking into.


I totally understand! A good friend of mine went through the same issue. She ended up using Omega-3. They get it in powder form (Sam's club I think, little packets like the sweeteners come in) and give it to him with a spoonful of ice cream every morning. The powdered form didn't give him the "fishy burps" that most other forms do. Best of all, there are NO side effects, other then better health! On a particularly high excitment day (picture day, field trips, etc), she will give him half a cup of coffee (the cafeine works as a depressent for short periods fo time for ADD children). Godd luck and please post what works for your son when you figure it out!


My friend has tried eliminating most gluton from her son's diet. Trader Joes sells lots of gluton free items. Also, it sounds strange, but caffeine often helps ADHD kids calm down, my friend has had luck with that. She gives a little soda to her son in the AM.
Her son is on meds in addition to diet and it took several tries and dosages to get the right one. Just because the first med didn't work doesn't mean none of them will. The very first one she tried had the same effect, like your son, he became out of control and was even worse.
She is also working on behavior modification.
At four, it may be hard to tell which is ADHD and what is a normal 4 year old boy behavior. However, keep in mind that as much as you may not want it, a little medication may be the help he needs if the natural remedies don't work. This is what my friend has discovered.

it can take a month for his body to fully adjust to the meds. also it can take months for you to find the right meds for your son. my neice and nephew both have adhd they are on herble meds to help them (their parents wanted it to be their choice to take the medication when they are older). they take flaxseed oil with b 12 i believe (you can ask his dr about herble ways to help this instead of the meds). also diet change can help it too you may be able to look up foods good for adhd children. i think red number 5 is one but not totally sure. i know its not easy to have a child that cant concentrate well but her will learn to cope as he gets older. i dont think its appropriate that his teachers are upset that you took him off the meds. they are their to aide him in anyway possible and i would talk to the princaple about their behavior. good luck with your son im sure hes a very bright boy whos mind is on hyperspeed :)

I will be happy to send you a copy of my book Victory over ADHD
I healed my twins naturally. My website www.victoryoveradhd.com
Remove all food dyes form diet and have your son tested for heavy metals.
D. Merlin


Definitely get your child checked by a Chiropractor and put him on a fish oil supplement like Carlson for Kids Chewable DHA, it is fantastic! If you need a referral to a good DC in your area, contact me and my husband can search his network, he is a DC with a Fellowship in Pediatrics and has a group that he belongs to.

It is great that you are saving your childs organs and trying a natural approach and please remember, 4 year old boys are suppose to be hyper, they are FOUR year old children!! I can't believe the school would already try to label him!!

Best of luck to you!!

My older daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 4. I went to the bookstore and bought every book I could find and did my best to become an expert. There are behavioral methods for dealing with ADHD, especially those involving reward systems for positive behavior. We followed plan after plan religiously. I won't say it was easy, and it certainly took a lot of teacher cooperation, but by second grade we had her at a point where she was no longer causing disruptions in the classroom. She still had a lot of trouble concentrating, and again we got help from her teachers in keeping her focused and on-task. We did not have to put her on medication until her freshman year in high school, when she was so overwelmed with information that she simply could not function. After a few medication changes she settled down and is doing well on Strattera. Even with medication she still needs extra care and attention to stay organized and make good use of time.

We tried supplements but to no avail. All fish oil ever did for her was give her an upset stomach. We do watch her carefully to make sure her blood sugar is managed with regular meals and healthy snacks. Junk food is not good. Once she ate a bowl of Frosted Flakes and...well, it wasn't a good scene!

What I am trying to say through all this is that the best thing for your child is for you to become the expert. Teachers, doctors, and councelors can be tremendous help, but you should do what you can to put yourself in the place of team leader. Nobody knows your child as you do, and nobody will act as his advocate as you will.

My daughter was a delightful child and has grown into a wonderful young woman. I recommend a book called The Gift of ADHD to give you a different perspective than you will get from people such as your son's teachers. I know that in spite of her challenges, our daughter has some special and wonderous qualities that her non-ADHD friends marvel at.

Good luck! Nothing will ever give you the satisfaction that you will feel by becoming an effective advocate for your special child.

Try contacting Nancy Sacks .. she practices Holistic Medicine .. her web address is nancysacks.com her business in Agoura Hills is called The Holistic Haven
Good Luck

Hi M.:

Sometimes ADHD can be cured/helped using naet (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques). You may want to talk with a doctor who is naet certified. I know he will give you a free consultation to help educate you in this regard, so you can decide if this is an avenue you would like to pursue. I go to Dr. David Karaba in Fullerton and love him dearly. This method is safe and non invasive. Let me know if you want his number.

Best wishes,


I have a cousin who's son was hyperactive and she totally changed his diet. She now makes sure that everything is organic and eliminated process sugars. He's a little older, but we have seen significant changes. Hope this helps and good luck.

All I want to say is BE CAREFUL about suppliments, they are not FDA regulated and can be even more harmful then RX. My son was diagnosed in Pre School and takes time released Aderall only during school days and a minimum dosage, 1/4th of what the Dr. tried to give him. I first cut the dosage in 1/2 and it was giving him too many side effects so I cut in in 1/4 and it is just enough to get him off the edge but not over medicated. By the way he is 13 now. There is many behavior medifications and diet is VERY important, my son reacts poorly to red die so anything with red die he stays away from. Look on line, google ADHD or go to www.everydayhealth.com and search ADD ADHD.

PS: he is re-evaluated at the begining of every school year (we try to go at least the first month and then I set up a 504 meeting to see how he had done because kids sometimes grow out of this diesease) because he ONLY takes meds when he is attending, he takes "vacations" during holidays and summer.

Hi, M.,

I was a teacher for 15 years, come from a family of physicians, school counselors and psychologists, and have read various books on ADHD. I don't claim to know the cure or even the best treatment for ADHD.

I don't know whether Julia comes from a family of doctors, but based on my experience with my relatives who are doctors as well as my own, I can tell you that not all doctors (even MDs with traditional mainstream Western training) automatically prescribe drugs. A lot don't.

2 1/2 weeks doesn't seem like a very long time to try a medication, or any type of treatment for that matter. Have you talked to the doctor who prescribed the medication since he prescribed it? Does the doctor even know you took your son off it? Adjustment of dosage to smaller dosages might help. Diet might help, too, but if diet does not noticeably help, I would try medication again after explaining to your son's doctor what happened after the first trial with medication. Some of my students feel better on medication.

Good luck,
L. E

Feed him lean healthy proteins every 45min, no preservatives, low salt, low sugar diet. As a teacher I saw this work.

Hi M.,

Read the book Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies: The Ground-Breaking Program for the 4-A Disorders by Dr. Kenneth Bock. It is about how environmental toxins affect our children and how diet and supplements can help balance out their system so that they can function as they should.

I would also recommend getting rid of all the junk from your son's diet. A lot of kids foods have dyes, MSG, and high fructose corn syrup in them and some believe (myself included) that those items cause hyperactivity in kids who have attentional issues. Just think more fruits and vegetables and foods as close to their natura state as possible and you'll be on the right track.

When my son turned four he was very hyperactive as well. Fortunatley I was at a private school and the principal and I discussed some possibilities without going to medical advice. I do believe if I took him for medical treatment they would have told me he was ADHD. What the principal had informed me of was her research in how dairy effects young children. At the time my son was eating a ton of dairy everyday whether it was milk, cheese, yogurt etc... She told me to cut back on his dairy to see if that would help. What a difference. I could totally see a difference when he had dairy - his behavior was out of control sometimes. Many children cannot digest dairy properly even though they don't show signs of stomach discomfort etc... I can tell you now that I am very thankful for her advice. My son is now eight, never on medication and very well behaved. I still cut back on the dairy because I do notice a difference in him when he's had too much. I do honestly believe that the food we feed our children effect the behaviors of our children drastically. I would really check into some books that may talk about what you are looking to do. Of course sugar is another culprit in all this too. I hope this helps. I'm a big advocate for not using pharmeceuticals unless necessary. K.

My son is ADHD and can be impulsive and hyper too. Before trying meidcation, tried all kinds of behavior techniques with little success.We put him on medication last year. He was emotional too at first. His body had to get used to the medication. Have you consulted the doctor? It took us three tries before we found the right meidcation or him. There are several different ones. Believe when I say this, we felt apprehensive about the idea of medication too, but I noticed once we found the right one, he has done so much better at school and with friends. I also see improved self-esteem because he isn't in trouble all the time. Good luck with your decision.

There is a way of hurting him and helping him, you have to look at all the facts, by talking him off, is this going to effect the way he learns, he cant settle down to learn, also there is other children in the class who need an education, they have the right to have one with out disruption, if the teacher is always dealing with your son , then the other kids miss out, do not be surprised if another parent notices this and demands for your son to be taken out of the class. There should be an I.E.P meeting called and have your son accessed see if he would do better in special education.

Diet is not the cure with ADHD it can add in making it worse, 2 1/2 weeks for the meds to start making a difference is not long enough this type of medication needs to be regulated first before it to work right,the levels then can be adjusted. He started to get emotional, vs out of control wont be able to learn, he will be all over the place at home.. I hate meds with kids but sometimes just sometimes they help.

ADHD works get with schudele, repetative ( < spell check )
meaning dinner same time, bath or shower same time, keeping him on task so he knoew what is expected of him, do not over stimulate him, watch the high sugar foods & drinks, both mom & dad have to be on the same page. Its not easy to keep them on task, and you end up giving up life for you and hubby because of all the things you do for your son. research other meds..

I have ADHD and my son, who is 2 and a half is showing signs of it as well. Although some of it can be attributed to him being 2, he is three times as active as any other 2 year old I've ever met (and my therapist actually mentioned it) and we started therapy when he started exhibiting signs of agression when he would get too understimulated.
We've been going to family therapy in order to understand how to use behavior modification because the dietary aspect of it is as controlled as possible. We already had set routines for him in the morning and evening but my lack of routines were causing him stress so I've had to implement routines for myself as well. That along with other recommendations, in the month or so that we've been seeing her, there has been a tremendous improvement in his behaviour. If you'd like the name of my therapist, just email me at kimberj32 at hotmail dot com and I'll send you her information.

He needs lots and lots of exercise. Somebody has to get up at 5:00 am and go running with this one (get some roller blades too) so that he is physically tired by the time he gets to school. Then he will be able to concentrate (and he may win a gold medal in 2016 Olympics).

Have you ever heard of Reliv? It is a dietary supplement (they have on especially made for kids) and I have just started learning about it. One of our neighbors has had some amazing experiences with it! You can learn about it at reliv.com or if you would like to get in contact with our neighbor he would be happy to talk with you about it and put you in contact with other people in your situation. Just a thought. Let me know if you would like more info!

I can understand how you must feel. My friend went through this too. There is just SO much to learn about it.
For my friend's son, he got emotional too and sorta depressed... but in relation with the Doctor... I think they figured out a better medication schedule/dosage. Things like this can/need to be adjusted perhaps. Tell your doctor of any concerns- that is what they are there for.

Understandably, the school/Teachers need to make sure the child is treated and/or not being disruptive to class/others. But at the same time, they have to follow protocols. Each school is different. Main thing is that you ARE trying to do something about it... get a note perhaps from the Doctor to prove it???

Here is a link from the Dr.Sears website on ADD/ADHD:

Each child is different. Hope this helps.
All the best,

we are going to try omega 3 and a diet that our doctor gave us.

There are so many wonderful natural things - cod liver oil, homeopathy, interactive metronome, eliminating food coloring, etc. There is a good summary on www.bluedomineos.com. There are suggestions for therapies and an article on homeopathy and ADHD.

Therapies such as HANDLE, Interactive Metronome, brainwave (Dr. Jeffrey Thompon - also on bluedominoes.com) were really helpful for us. The biggest for us was the brainwave music and eliminating food colors, but every child is different.


Hello M., (:

I have been exactly where you are since my son was three, now he is almost six (: First off Please do not let teachers our outsiders discourage you (: They recomeded medication for my son this year at the recomendation of my sons new general ed teacher, I do not care if medication makes it easier on the teacher, I have been a preschool teacher and that is what an IEP is for (: As for Natural ways to help your son control his very normal excitement level (: and conform to a schools requests, AHHHH! It takes time and repetition, as long as you work on what is expected at school everyday at home your son will automaticly click into school mode when it is time to go to school (: It just takes time. As for somthing to give your child, I had a fellow teacher at our special needs soccer team recomend caffine, if your son is truely ADHD you will notice that the caffine will bring him down much like the meds are supposed to. I have given my son a small cup of Diet Mt. Dew in the morning, and it does mellow him out for a while (: But the soda is a temp. fix time and repetion I have found to be the true answer. Good luck (:

Hello M. C,

Have you considered Acupuncture and Herbal medicine? These treatment methods are natural ways to manage ADHD. Many studies have been shown to be very effective for ADHD. Michael Smith in New York has done studies specific for ADHD.

Since I specialize in Pediatric Acupuncture, and if you have any questions, feel free to call me at Rhee's Acupuncture Clinic in Las Vegas: ###-###-####
Best wishes,
O. Rhee, O.M.D.

Hi M.,
You need alot more information and some professional help with your son. His condition is part behavioral and chemical. Educational specialists and behavioral therapists can give you and him some guidelines to work on the toughest times. His school(teacher and aides) may not have any idea what to do to help him learn and grow up. Don't blame them, it's not their responsibility to know how to work with him unless they are trained for ADHD.
You may have to take him out of school and work with him yourself at home. 4 is young for "school". He may do better in a school that is structured for kids with ADHD.
Do some investigation in your area and find the best placement and learn and practice what works for him. As far as "natural" there are many sources of information for holistic approaches. Buyer beware! Good luck, Deb

keep him away from processed sugars...the high fructose corn syrup and all the fake sugars too. And of course, keep real sugar to a minimum. You will see a big improvement.

There are some great things I can offer you, natural and organic vitamins and a sugarless energy drink with lots of B.
You can look at my site at we-us.mychoices.biz or send me a message via MamaSource for a free consultation.

First though you need to make sure that his diet is stripped of processed foods, this would include the food that he gets at school. Feed him 'clean' food, prepared simply so he gets rid of the chemicals. I am not a dietician but organic foods and teaching him to eat the right portions can easily be taught now by setting the right example.

The time you spend with him is very mportant, his good behavior needs to be reinforced and a positive way to deal with the hyper behavior needs to start at home so he can deal with the pressure he will feel at school. You may want to involve the teachers in your plan so they are aware and have patience.

I am sorry that you have to work full time, this is a period of life where he could use a full time mommy. My husband and I are in the business of bringing mommys home by replacing their income.

Blessings, Jacque


I applaud you for first of all for getting a diagnosis! So many parents sweep it under the rug. My son has Asperger's Syndrome co-morbid w/ ADD. I would encourage you to research yourself to death! Thank God for google. Sometimes combining natural methods with medicine can be the perfect combo. Ultimately you have to get a PHD in your own child. No one is going to fight to figure out your child like you! Also really educate yourself on ADHD because there is truly a chemical imbalance in the brain. It doesn't produce enough Dopamine. I am a huge fan of getting on a really pure diet as well as supplements to nourish what is missing and the www.talkaboutcuringautism.org/index.htm website can really help you. Even though it is addressing Autism many of our kids have ADD as well so there are lots of great resources.

You are the Mom and you are in charge. My head and heart fight over the medicine component constantly. You have to do what is right for you and your child! I try to look at it like this: If my child had diabetes I would do my best to manage his diabetes but I wouldn't say No to insulin when he needed that intervention. Like wise with cancer. Those are no brainers but try to keep an open mind about medicine. Right now might not be the right time for him to be medicated. But it might not be the right medicine either. I know kids that have suffered so much not being able to feel successful 'cause they can't manage their behavior and they are always in trouble which leads to poor self esteem and very frustrated parents and teachers. Kids know how we feel about them they aren't stupid. I also know lots of kids that got the right meds for them and have been able to overcome that issue! I have a dear friend who did his thesis in college on the correlation of UN-medicated teens with an ADHD diagnosis and drug addiction. Lots of kids learn how to self medicate with street drugs. I know this is a lot of heavy info. I have lots of experience with kids of my own, my spouse and my siblings with ADHD. If you want to chat more feel free to pick my brain! I'd love to help. This is something that is not going anywhere so you have lots of time to figure it out. Think of it like building a bridge...you are going to be under construction for a long time and that's okay! All the best you are doing a great job!

S. Bueno
Independent Consultant Arbonne Int.
Area Manager ###-###-####
I love someone with Autism!

Hi M.,

I am so sorry you are going through this. Although we have not had a child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, our neighbor did, and not early on. Her son lived with it until he was almost 10, and was a very angry, physical and destructive young boy. They tried medicines, therapy, etc., to no avail. Then they found a place that treats ADD/ADHD WITHOUT medicine...it's done through neurofeedback, and it basically re-trains the brain to function properly. Much of ADD/ADHD is caused by the brain waves functioning either too high or too low...and this neurofeedback actually will re-train the brain waves to function properly.

I was very skeptical of it, until I have seen the change in this boy! It has been amazing! Absolutely amazing!! And no drugs. Even he will tell you how much better he feels, how much he likes school now and can actually learn.

From what I've read, some of the treatment centers who do this won't treat a child until they are 5...but here are a few websites you can check into...

Good luck!!



Hi M.,

I am a CA Licensed Acupuncturist. I love working with kids. I have a 3 year old boy myself. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs can very useful for ADD. Kids usually respond well to it. I don't have to use needles, either. The needles are very tiny and painless, but still kids are often nervous with any needles. I have a little machine used to stimulate points on children. I also have a pediatric herbal formula by an excellent company for ADD. I have an office in Ocean Beach and work out of an office in Kearny Mesa. If you would like to ask me more questions, feel free to call me at ###-###-####. Sincerely, H. B., L.Ac. MSTOM

Hi Mnnica-

I just wanted to let you know that the natural approach is great, and by all means to try it, but if it doesn't appear to be working, then try the meds again. We suspected for a while that our daughter was ADD so we tried different herbs and different homeopathic remedies, although this thread gave some great ideas that I hadn't tried. Anyway, they didn't work for her but I kept trying other things because I didn't believe in meds. She was having a harder time focusing in school and was having problems socially. Things were not great for us because I was riding her hard on her school work. Well two years ago, at 5th grade, she told the counselor that she was thinking about suicide. So at that point we put her on meds but we had to switch three different types because of side efffects such as extreme mood swings, loss of hunger, and insomnia.

Good luck!

Below is a link for the Drake Institue who specializes in treating ADD and ADHD naturally without the harmful medications. They are local and have many payment options, they will work with you so your child can receive the best care. Good Luck!!!


The best way to start is eliminating all sugar and food coloring from his diet. Yes, it is VERY hard, but totally worth it and I have an enormous amount of respect for you and your choice to at least try a natural approach. I would be happy to talk more with you if you would like to get in touch with me. I wish you luck and I hope everything works out.

H. Carter


Check out www.feingold.org It is a diet and a lifestyle and is an absolute miracle for SOME kids with ADHD.

My son has autism and is extremely hyper. I don't do the full-on diet because he's very limited in his food choices. But I do seriously limit his intake of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and it makes a HUGE difference for him.


There are MANY natural remedies that you can try. I personally went with a friend of mine who had ADD and her daughter had ADHD to Robin at Health Hut on Rainbow and Charleston and she was able to give her much advice and supplements that have taken both of them off all medications. Also diet is HUGE!!!! Do research on the hormones in milk and it leads to many ADD/HD issues. Also sugar and many diet products cause issues. Good luck! there are solutions. I would also look into chiropractic and seeing and herbal or naturalist doctor.

Common to both Autism & ADHD is the negative impact certain foods - esp milk products and glutens - have on children. My mom's best friend works with children with austism and ADHD. She co-wrote a book called "The Kid Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook by Pamela Compart and Dana Laake. If you want to do it naturally I would start with his diet. Hope this helps and good luck!

I have a 12 yr. old son that was diagnosed w/ ADHD at age 8 and a 3 yr. old diagnosed w/ autism and after a lot of research found out that their diet has a lot to do w/ their energy level and behaviors. Many of these kids are allergic to things like corn, potato, gluten, etc. I purchased a cookbook called "The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook : The Ultimate Guide to the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet". You can also have a food allergy test done. There is a product called "stress J" by Nature's sunshine that is good and it comes in a liquid.

There is a line of supplements called Reliv. I and my family have been taking these for over a year and they have helped relieve several medical issues ( including a a serious disorder my 5-yr.old grandson has.)

I also know personally several people whose children have ADHD and Ausbergers who have been on the products and have had great results.

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