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Natural Mood Stabilizer

I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for natural mood stabilizers. After my second child I elected to have an IUD rather than take the pill. My IUD is free of hormones and therein lies the problem. I feel like when I was taking the pill, I did not have huge mood swings. Now, the week before my period I am VERY short tempered with my kids and my husband. I get very angry over minute 'problems' and get very depressed. I have not been back to my OB since the IUD check up, but have an appointment next month. I don't really want to take any medications, but think I may have to resort to them. I really don't like the way I am during that time, but also don't feel like I have any control over it. I know that my children and husband suffer when I get in that 'mood'. The week of my period, I level out again and am fine until the next cycle. I am hoping someone might have some experience with natural remedies or can help me understand this.

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Hello moms!! Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I went with the majority rule and bought some fish oil and a B complex. It has worked wonders! I didn't even notice the PMS symptoms, except some bloting. Thanks again.

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You definitely need Vitamin B-Complex, and multiple for iron, and some Omega 3's (recommend Flax Oil).

Dear S.,
I just needed to thank you for asking this question. I'm going through the same thing right now and have found reading the thread VERY helpful!! Thanks so much for being brave enough to ask. :)

Evening Primrose Oil! The best of the best on this website www.getitherenow.mychoices.biz
Let me know how it goes for you. It works get for me.

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Something that helped me tremendously with my moods has been the Herbalife products. Relax Now, Tang Kuei and Woman's Choice. (when you want to get pregnant again you need to stop taking the Woman's Choice though, it helps level out your progesterone levels!) Also I highly suggest getting bloodwork done to tell exactly WHICH hormone you are off in. You could be high in progesterone and low in estrogen, or vice versa, or there could be some testosterone challenges too. I wouldn't put off going to the doctor to find out WHAT the problem is, but I too would put off taking medications for it. You can find an Herbalife Distributor by going to Herbalife.com and getting one there, OR I know a few that are on mamasource and I can try to connect you with one. Let me know!!


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not an inexpensive solution, but "natural"... but have you tried accupuncture? I have seen an accupuncturist in the past for several issues... least of which was helping to level off my hormone "jags" in between "the pill" and before i was ready to start trying for number 2. It really helped. I have a great accupuncturist in Lakewood please let me know if you are interested and I can send you her info.

Supplement your diet with high quality fish oils. It's a natural anti-depressant and get extra sleep when your attitude is fragile. Realizing your pattern of behavior is half the battle. Now you can *choose* to act differently when you recognize the same pattern creeping up.

The one that saved my life was natural progesterone cream. I tried all the ones at health food stores but the one that really worked for me is Prolief. My husband and children won't let me ever be without it. Your hormones are out of balance which is causing the mood swings. I host wellness classes dealing with this subject and will let you know when the next one is. It is a free class for informational purposes only or I could send you the information if you want.
I have been on it since October 2001 and after 15 years of hormone inbalance it is nice to be even.

Hi S.,

I understand your desire to have a natural mood stabilizer. The most knowledgeable natuaral pharmacist that I know, and highly recommend, is Dr. Tiffany Schilling. She is affiliated with Mayo Clinic and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. She works out of the Medicine Shoppe in Bon Shopping Center. Her cell phone number is ###-###-####. Give her a call, she is very reasonably priced, also.

Hi S.,

I hope this helps. I'm an RN and also an Arbonne Consultant. I've recorded a training on just this type of thing. Here is the info-you can just dial in and listen, and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to chat with you!
Women's Health and Hormone Balance Presentation
Free Teleconference Playback Number: ###-###-####. Access code: 28954#
Press "1" to rewind 30 seconds. Press "2" to fast forward 30 seconds. Press "5" to pause/resume.
Recorded time of 54 minutes.

Hello S.,

I went through the exact same thing after getting the IUD. My doc suggested that I take B12. It worked pretty well. Anything was better than what I was going through-EXCESSIVE, rapid mood swings,etc. I was convinced I had PMDD. It was a horrible time and the B12 did assist. I wish you luck, I know it' difficult.


Hi S., A friend of mine sent me your consern for a natural mood stabalizer. So I wanted to get back to you she told you about the womans choice. Well let me tell you about that I am a mother of 5 children and I also have an IUD without the hormones and I am so greatful I had the womans choice. So if you would like to talk more I would love to help you out. just emial me and we can talk. ____@____.com www.nrgforyou.com

S. - I would be interested to know what type of IUD. I had the Mirena, which was supposed to be virtually hormone free. I had it in for about 8 weeks and I felt a lot like what you describe. I had it removed....even though my doctor disagreed with me...and went back to normal. I know the Mirena has worked for people, but for me it did not.

You should go see Dr. Dave at Dave's Health and Nutrition. He is a homeopathic practictioner. There is one in West Jordan and in Salt Lake. Even if you can't get into him right away the people there are very knowledable and can point you in the right direction.


He has helped me in SO many different areas. Good Luck!

Hi S.,
I understand what you are going through. Arbonne has an amazing natural hormone creme that helps balance out your hormaones which helps with your emotions. Let me know if you are interested in getting some. If you have an Arbonne consaultant then call her ASAP. The stuff works! If for some reason it does not there is a 45 day money back promise.
My website is www.bottomlessblessing.myarbonne.com if you want to order.

Let me know if you have any questions,
God bless, Ali

Black Kolish(SP) is suppose to be a hormone replacement remedy and 5-HTP is for depression.
You could ask at Vitamine Cottage. They are helpful and could recomend something to help.
C. B

hi S.,

boy, does this sound familiar. you many need hormones -- be sure your dr. does a full hormone blood panel on you. also, be sure you get your daily exercise --even though it's hard to find the time, it makes a huge difference. i have also found an all-natural nutritonal drink that has made a huge, huge difference in my mood, my sleeping patterns and my overall health. i also give it to my kids, and they are less sick. it's called Jus and you can check it out at my website www.myjus23.com/C.. be sure to check out the testimonials, because there is one there from a woman with a lot of female problems.

Good luck!

Dear S.,
I just needed to thank you for asking this question. I'm going through the same thing right now and have found reading the thread VERY helpful!! Thanks so much for being brave enough to ask. :)

When i had the IUD i eventually stopped getting my period all together..I think I had it a total of maybe 4 times in 5 years. Which my midwife said was normal. I didnt seem to have any problems with emotions, so maybe it is something else deeper. But I know everyone reacts differently. good luck

I have worked with 'at risk' youth for the majority of my career and was fortunate enough to work with a psychiatrist that was considered a 'naturalist'. Because many of the parents we have worked with were so against medications of any kind, he would prescribe the following vitamin regiment for those youth with 'mood swings and often with the diagnosis of bi-polar or depression. Omacor (omega oils) twice daily, plus a vitamin B in the morning. Seems to help a lot. Good luck to you. Also, St John's Wort has been known to help people with mood swings.

When dealing with any kind of depression, even if you want natural you need to talk to your Dr. It is imperative you get him to check you out and make sure you can handle certain medications and he is aware. Post partum doesn't have a timeline and with a 1 year old that very well could be part of the problem. If it just PMS there are natural ways but if you are breast feeding you need to have those monitored too.
Natural is great, Vitamin B, folic acid are great ways to boost energy and moods. I honestly did a 180 from the week prior to my period by boosting my vitamins, taking B. I also have been drinking a lot of brewed green tea, yummy flavors out there, the caffiene in it is natural and absorbed. If you don't like hot tea, let it cool and pour it over ice. I am not on any birth control and believe me, my temperment was not pretty before my period. I take liquid B under my tongue once a day the week before my period to help ease the symptoms of PMS. It helps a lot.
Talk to your Dr and don't do anything before that. Some natural methods can have adverse side effects if you are diagnosed properly.

I have had very good experiences with a few different things: natural bioidentical hormone therapy was helpful (although I would make sure you are working with a legitimate clinic that can test your blood levels and work with you on appropriate dosage). I also have a good regimine of vitamins that include a good B-complex, and I also had a therapist suggest high dosages of Omega-3 fatty acids every day (6000 mg/per day). This helps immensely! For me, I take it in the form of flaxseed oil (1 Tbl.), which I just pour over my cereal/oatmeal in the morning. The flavor is not bad at all--it has a The ability for Omega-3's to help rebuild the brain cells has been proven many studies, and Dr. Oz was even on T.V. yesterday talking about the fact that it can assist mothers after having a baby to help rebuild their brains that have taken a real hit ("mom brain" is apparently real). My doctor confirmed this by saying that it is a building block to rebuilding the cell membrane for your brain cells.

Be aware that if you start on it, it may take a little bit of time to notice a real difference. My therapist predicted a couple weeks, which I think is pretty accurate. She said, "At first you'll notice not much of a difference, but then you'll notice that your kids seem more calm. That's actually b/c you're actually more calm, etc." That was true in my experience. Also, she also forewarned me to keep up the daily dosage at the 6000 mg b/c scientific studies show that depression-like symptoms start to return once patients dipped under that level.

Best of luck. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

Avocados are supposed to be a natual anti-depressant. I also like the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy for emergencies. ;-) I hate taking anything in pill form, and both the avocados and Rescue Remedy (which is liguid that you put under your tongue) work for me! I don't use the Rescue Remedy very often, but it sure works fast when you feel like you're getting ready to flip out. I had a friend who was on anti-depressant medication for many years try them both after talking with her doctor, and they worked for her too. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

I'm not sure if it would help with all of that, but St. John's Wort helps with depression. I can totally tell the difference it makes. I'm less irritable and more patient. And you can get it pretty much anywhere, I think.
I've also read that egg protein helps. I read it on a forum for those living with people with a certain personality disorder (my husband has it). Mood stabilizers are often prescribed for this disorder, but they don't think they need them, so they won't go get a prescription, and even if they did, they wouldn't take it. So it's sort of up to the spouses to take care of it naturally. Feeding them eggs helps them not blow up and lose control of their emotions. So maybe you could try eating lots of eggs starting the day before you expect to get grumpy.
I hope that helps!

OK, this sounds weird, but I heard recently that what you're going through is now considered a medical condition (it was on an add for a low-dose pill, so who knows). So tell your doctor exactly what you're going through. He should be able to help.

I also have been told that fish oil (or really, the Omega-3s) is a good mood stabalizer, at least for depression. Trick is you have to take 6000mg daily (that's 6 fish oil pills!!) and I was always burping fish tast the rest of the day. Ick. Maybe there's another alt. Flax oil?

i have taken st john's wort. it helps with my mood swings, but i did not find it helpful with depression. if your depression is only during the one week, i have had a couple of doctors suggest taking a low dose of prozac during the week or two before a period as they have had that work for other patients, but i have not actually tried it yet (just had a baby). good luck!

I feel your "mood", S.!

When I started to experience moody PMS my nurse midwife suggested I take Evening Primrose oil and Borage Oil. When I asked her how much, she said, 'as much as it takes'.

It worked like a charm for me -- right from the first. At first I took them every day, instead of a week before my period. After a while, I noticed that if I doubled the dosage of each a week to 10 days before my period, it worked even better.

It may take a few months for you to find the right dosage and the right system. But the good news is it is cumulative; the longer and more you take it the better it will work. And it will make your skin glow!

I have also tried things like St. Johns Wort, but if your 'moodiness' is directly related to your cycle, you want something that will help balance the hormone rush.

Good for you for reaching for a natural approach!



Hi S.,
Glad to hear someone say they prefer not to do drugs. Our society and doctors have become too dependent on them. Email me off-line and I'd be happy to get you some info on some all natural technologies and supplements that have successfully helped others with PMS, depression, anxiety, and more. Naturally, you want to look into the whole picture - How are you sleeping? Nutrition? Exercise? Hydration? and more. Give the body what it needs and it is designed to do amazing things. Please let me know if I can help you with more info. I've seen over 75 amazing things in a year with this company's technologies. It is not my real job, but rather my obligation to let others know drugs and surgery are not always the only options.
Good luck.

You can go to Walmart and in the vitamin section you can find Sam-E or Sam-E with mood enhancers. It is natural and safe. My sister in-law takes it and has taken it for years. She is all about the natural healing process. She loves that stuff. I took it for about a year after my last baby was born and it seemed to help great. I have been the same way you are. I started feeling bad for my kids that they had to live with a mom that way. I also had the mirena and it has something else in it. I only had it for about 3-4 months because it caused me severe lower back pain. When I went to have it removed it had slipped way up and the doctor had to look for it. The back pain went away immediately after having it removed. My friend experienced the same thing.

I've been going through the same thing. I've been taking liquid vitamin B-12 and it seems to be working pretty well so far. Not only does it help with my mood but it gives you tons of energy. I've also heard Sam-E is awesome. St. John's Wort, too, but I think you have to take it for quite awhile before it starts working. Of course, you should talk to your doctor about all of this but I find that doctors will try and give you a prescription for something before they try a natural approach. I was put on Valium for awhile and I could barely function and take care of my kids. I'd exhaust all of the natural remedies first.

Good luck. I know how crappy you feel.

YES!! I found a great natural alternative. Chemical messengers called neurotransmitters in the brain affect your mood and your ability to cope. One of the most important messengers is the brain’s own mood elevating neurotransmitter - serotonin. This natural pill is great! You buy it through a wholesale catalog. Give me a call if you are interested in knowing more- ###-###-####.

After my 3rd child, I went through a period of post-partum. After I finished nursing, I was seeing a therapist and she informed me that Fish Oil in larger doses is natural anti-depressant. I had to consult my doctor to find out how much I could and should take. It really made a difference. I'm through the stage now and continue to take a regular daily dose as directed on the bottle. I use Whole Foods brand. It also helps with moisture, which is great in such a dry climate.

Hi S.,

I definitely have a couple of suggestions. I had very similar symptoms to what you are describing until 5 years ago when I started taking Body Balance, and haven't had a single symptom since. I swear by the stuff. It's all-natural, organic, etc. and it's a liquid (that tastes good!), so it's highly absorbable. Go here for more info:


You will need my pin # if you want to order, it's 20374028.

We also have a brand new product that would probably help as well, it's called TruBoost. You can see it here:


These products have a 45-day money back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free.

Please feel free to contact me as well if you have any questions, etc. ###-###-#### or ____@____.com

Good luck... hope this helps!


Evening Primrose Oil! The best of the best on this website www.getitherenow.mychoices.biz
Let me know how it goes for you. It works get for me.

You definitely need Vitamin B-Complex, and multiple for iron, and some Omega 3's (recommend Flax Oil).

I take Rhodiola and a Omega-3 fish oil. The fish oil helps with brain activity and the Rhodiola helps with stress. I have experienced the same symptoms as you and both of these have helped me. I've also looked into St. John's Wort, but it can take up to 6 months to take effect - that was way too long for me to wait. I get the Rhodiola at any natural grocer (I like the Gaia Herbs brand the best) and I get the fish oil at Sam's club. Hope this helps - good luck!

I have seen a couple of things that work, it just depends on what you are willing to try. I found when I was on acupuncture I was more stable emotionally, also a Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy is always good. You should check one of those out. If you go to a health food store; Whole Foods(?) or Wild Oats and ask some people there. My Mom works for a store up in Idaho, if you need some more ideas feel free to contact me and I will get hold of my mom and see what she recommends past those options.

I take St. John's Wort and Gaba Plus when I'm stressed, depressed or irritable. It never makes me feel foggy brained or tranquilized. My Goddaughter who was diagnosed with Bipolar and depression was taking alot of prescription medications. She weaned herself off of them and started on St. John's Wort and Gaba Plus. She states she's so happy to get her life back and be able to think and feel for herself and not feel "doped up". Another friend also uses St. John's Wort for her son who has ADHD. They didn't like the "zoned out" side effect from taking Ridilin or Welbutrin. I hope this helps but as always do check with your Dr. before starting any medications.


I had the depo provera shot and I turnined into a total loon. I was over the top about everything and gained 20 lbs. My Dr said that if any kind of history of mental illness such as bi-polar, manic depression or OCD, etc... runs in your family history that it is not a good idea to use certain kinds of birth control, and I was actually diagnosed with OCD later. I also had better luck with the pill. Just thought I would share my own experience within the general forum of your issue.

That was about 10 years ago, today I do not use any kind of hormones and started taking a 'Nature's Way' supplement called "PMS" about 2 months ago. It has B vitamins, Magnesium, Black Cohosh, Dandelion leaf etc... I purchased it from the local health food store after a brief consultation. You can take it 1-3 times a day for about 12$ a bottle, 100 capsules. I totally love it. I noticed that I was much less irritated and impatiente from the first time I took it and didn't feel medicated, weird or anything. I was able to gauge how much to take depending on how I felt the previous day went or how the day is going so far. You can take it all month long.

Hope this is at least helpful on a informational level.

Good Luck.


Dear S.,

There is a great book that I read by Dr Janet Maccaro called the "90 Day Immune System Makeover". There is a ton of great information in there about hormones and such. I highly recommend it.

Here is a list of her other books that might help you.
Author: Books
"The 90 Day Immune System Makeover"
"Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions"
"A Woman's Body Balanced by Nature" (Audio Series)
"Natural Health Remedies:
An A-Z Family Guide" *Bestseller
"Mid-Life Meltdown"

I did find that my moods and pms seemed to improve also with the less sugar that I have in my system during that time of each month. If I crave sugar i eat fruit now. Although I still have a downfall for starbucks and their chi tea or green tea frabs.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


Hi S.,
I would definatly try B vitamins. They help my husband with his mood and also with depression and it has also helped my sister. I have read that St. John Wort can interfere with your birth control. I am not sure with an IUD, but I would look into that before taking it.

After having my son (a few months into it) I found I was short tempered with my partner. I became more irritable with little releif that I started researching everything I could think of. I think for me a large part was that I was calcium deficient. I didn't even think this was possible because I drink so much more milk than anyone I know. The problem is I wasn't absorbing the calcium. Anyway, try adding some B vitamins to your diet and maybe a multivitamin and changing your eating habits to eating more healthy if you aren't already. Good luck and keep looking for something to help. You might want to look into teas...there are some that can help hormones.

You've had lots of responses, just wanted to add you should have a complete blood work up done to make sure it isn't thyroid or anemia etc. then talk with your doctor about going on something natural first with him monitoring. It might be as simple as needing Iron. I had a doctor put me on St. John's wort working with him for a while before it was determined that I was going to need something more. That was years ago--after my baby I had to go on Iron because I was anemic--and I have been on medication. Think of it this way, if you were worried your heart wasn't beating properly you would get tests done to rule out anything problematic. IF your doctor said in order to keep your heart functioning properly you will need to take this pill once a day, you would take it without hesitating--why is your brain any different if that is what it turns out to be? I had to have it put exactly like that before I started rethinking my negative view on meds--I mean its okay as long as it is someone else taking them but if I have to (shudder) I'm not "crazy" not that I think other people are but I'm better than that--so was my thinking--which also shows I wasn't thinking from a rational place at the time. lol. People can suggest all kinds of things and they may be right, they may not be, but if you are serious about getting answers, talk to your doctor, get a bloodwork up done and go from there--if you have a good doc, they will make sure you find the answers that you need. If it means a referral to a hormone specialist then there you go--none of us wants to be in that "mood" and I think there is a big difference between being grouchy around your period and having that "mood" and those of us who have truly felt out of control can relate. It is scary--there is also an answer. A medical answer. I know you can find it because I have gone through it myself--probably not the same situation but enough to relate and I'm telling you what my older sister told me and what I told both of my younger sisters who have dealt with this--talk to your doctor. There is nothing wrong with you, it is something with your body. There is a difference, it doesn't make you less of a person because there is an imbalance in your body--you won't know what that is until you get some blood work done. It's hard to take the emotion out of it, but if we can and we can look at this as a medical issue instead of an emotional issue (emotions out of control are a symptom not the cause) it makes more sense. Call your doctor okay?

I would recommend getting on a high quality vitamin. I love the brand New Chapter Organics--they are a whole food/probiotic vitamin you can get at health food stores. They have several versions--a stress vitamin with lots of B vitamins, a multi for women, a one a day, etc.... Along with that, I would try taking 5-HTP. It is an amino acid precursor to seratonin, and to melatonin. It will help to stabilize your mood, and also to help you sleep better. Also, fish oil can be a big helper with mood issues. You want to get a good quality fish oil that has been purified and is free of PCBs, mercury, heavy metals, etc... I recommend the Carlson's brand and also the Nordic Naturals brand. Also, just getting outside regularly, especially during the sunny part of the day can help a lot. Taking a walk at lunch time, for instance, can be really helpful. Also, avoiding or cutting back on caffeine and sugar can help with PMS type symptoms.

Hope that helps! Good luck.

I'm not sure if it would work for hormone spikes, but I've recently tried Kava. You can get it in liquid or capsule form and it's supposed to calm anxiety and just pretty much mellow you out. I don't have the same issues as you do - I was just looking for something to calm me down in the evenings because I get really anxious, so I'm not sure if it really eases getting really short, but I read that nobody can get angry when they take Kava. It's a natural supplement and the great thing about it is that it's non-addictive. You can take extra to help you fall asleep at night. If you're still breastfeeding though, wait until you're done.

Hope that helps!

It looks like you have a bunch of ideas here, but I wanted to add my experiences as well. I think bio-identical hormone therapy/replacement would be an excellent thing to look into. Also, I am always looking for help in this area - my son has started to show signs of depression, anxiety, etc. and the formula called Positive Mind at Dave's Nutrition has really made a difference. It is a liquid herbal tincture. It seems to calm his mood quite a bit. I don't know if you are in SLC or where but you can also order it online. http://daveshealth.com/shop/products/herbs_daves_formulas... down to "Positive Mind") Good luck to you.

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