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Natural Mood Stabilizer

I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for natural mood stabilizers. After my second child I elected to have an IUD rather than take the pill. My IUD is free of hormones and therein lies the problem. I feel like when I was taking the pill, I did not have huge mood swings. Now, the week before my period I am VERY short tempered with my kids and my husband. I get very angry over minute 'problems' and get very depressed. I have not been back to my OB since the IUD check up, but have an appointment next month. I don't really want to take any medications, but think I may have to resort to them. I really don't like the way I am during that time, but also don't feel like I have any control over it. I know that my children and husband suffer when I get in that 'mood'. The week of my period, I level out again and am fine until the next cycle. I am hoping someone might have some experience with natural remedies or can help me understand this.

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Hello moms!! Thank you so much for all the suggestions. I went with the majority rule and bought some fish oil and a B complex. It has worked wonders! I didn't even notice the PMS symptoms, except some bloting. Thanks again.

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You definitely need Vitamin B-Complex, and multiple for iron, and some Omega 3's (recommend Flax Oil).

Dear S.,
I just needed to thank you for asking this question. I'm going through the same thing right now and have found reading the thread VERY helpful!! Thanks so much for being brave enough to ask. :)

Evening Primrose Oil! The best of the best on this website www.getitherenow.mychoices.biz
Let me know how it goes for you. It works get for me.

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Something that helped me tremendously with my moods has been the Herbalife products. Relax Now, Tang Kuei and Woman's Choice. (when you want to get pregnant again you need to stop taking the Woman's Choice though, it helps level out your progesterone levels!) Also I highly suggest getting bloodwork done to tell exactly WHICH hormone you are off in. You could be high in progesterone and low in estrogen, or vice versa, or there could be some testosterone challenges too. I wouldn't put off going to the doctor to find out WHAT the problem is, but I too would put off taking medications for it. You can find an Herbalife Distributor by going to Herbalife.com and getting one there, OR I know a few that are on mamasource and I can try to connect you with one. Let me know!!


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not an inexpensive solution, but "natural"... but have you tried accupuncture? I have seen an accupuncturist in the past for several issues... least of which was helping to level off my hormone "jags" in between "the pill" and before i was ready to start trying for number 2. It really helped. I have a great accupuncturist in Lakewood please let me know if you are interested and I can send you her info.

Supplement your diet with high quality fish oils. It's a natural anti-depressant and get extra sleep when your attitude is fragile. Realizing your pattern of behavior is half the battle. Now you can *choose* to act differently when you recognize the same pattern creeping up.

The one that saved my life was natural progesterone cream. I tried all the ones at health food stores but the one that really worked for me is Prolief. My husband and children won't let me ever be without it. Your hormones are out of balance which is causing the mood swings. I host wellness classes dealing with this subject and will let you know when the next one is. It is a free class for informational purposes only or I could send you the information if you want.
I have been on it since October 2001 and after 15 years of hormone inbalance it is nice to be even.

Hi S.,

I understand your desire to have a natural mood stabilizer. The most knowledgeable natuaral pharmacist that I know, and highly recommend, is Dr. Tiffany Schilling. She is affiliated with Mayo Clinic and has a wealth of knowledge in this area. She works out of the Medicine Shoppe in Bon Shopping Center. Her cell phone number is ###-###-####. Give her a call, she is very reasonably priced, also.

Hi S.,

I hope this helps. I'm an RN and also an Arbonne Consultant. I've recorded a training on just this type of thing. Here is the info-you can just dial in and listen, and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to chat with you!
Women's Health and Hormone Balance Presentation
Free Teleconference Playback Number: ###-###-####. Access code: 28954#
Press "1" to rewind 30 seconds. Press "2" to fast forward 30 seconds. Press "5" to pause/resume.
Recorded time of 54 minutes.

Hello S.,

I went through the exact same thing after getting the IUD. My doc suggested that I take B12. It worked pretty well. Anything was better than what I was going through-EXCESSIVE, rapid mood swings,etc. I was convinced I had PMDD. It was a horrible time and the B12 did assist. I wish you luck, I know it' difficult.


Hi S., A friend of mine sent me your consern for a natural mood stabalizer. So I wanted to get back to you she told you about the womans choice. Well let me tell you about that I am a mother of 5 children and I also have an IUD without the hormones and I am so greatful I had the womans choice. So if you would like to talk more I would love to help you out. just emial me and we can talk. ____@____.com www.nrgforyou.com

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