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Natural (Chemical-free) Sunscreen

I've had such good responses from my questions that I thought I'd try again. I have tried various sunscreens from the health stores that do not have the Oxybenzone or other chemicals in question. The problem is that they are so thick and chalky...and hard to rub into your skin. Does anyone have any brand they really like? I've tried Burt's Bees and Sun as well as another I don't recall. Do you have any tips to make these types work better? I figured if you used a little water that it would lessen the effectiveness.


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Hi I use the sun screen products from Melaleuca we are all very fair and they are the only thing that I like and they work Want more info let me know

I think the Blue Lizard Baby is pretty easy to spread. Not too thick. I haven't had dryness problem like the previous poster said.

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Wasn't this question just posted yesterday or the day before?

Go here for a list of best-to-worst sun screens:

DON'T GET ARBONNE, it's rated at a 7/10 - hazzardous!!! YUCK:( You want 0-2.

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Okay I am not going to help, but to add another question on to this one. We have tried using "good for you" sunscreens, with only physical sunscreens. Lately we have been using Blue Lizard (I have tried sport, sensitive, and baby versions). They make all of us get dry skin and itch terribly. I am willing to deal with some whitening and being hard to rub in, but this dryness is driving us crazy. My son and I have sensitive skin, but my daughter does not and we have all had this reaction. It did not start until we started using this daily, as we are always outdoors. Has anyone else had this problem? or have a solution? I have 4 tubes of blue lizard baby, so I really want to be able to use it. thanks.

K., I'm with Amber on the Arbonne sunscreen. It's PABA-free and paraben-free (artificial preservatives that age your skin). BabyCenter.com has an article written by a pediatric dermatologist on this topic, and Dr. Treadwell recommends a chemical-free (or physical) sunscreen for babies and toddlers b/c the sunscreen isn't absorbed by the skin. She also recommended an SPF of at least 15, but preferably 30. Arbonne's sunscreen contains zinc oxide (a physical sunscreen) and is SPF 30+. It's a little thinner than most sunscreens because it contains no mineral oil (it also seems to last forever). My son has very sensitive skin and tolerates this sunscreen very well. In fact, Arbonne's baby care line has completely turned his skin around (i.e., eczema). If you'd like more information on the sunscreen or any of the baby items, send me a private message. Have fun this summer, and enjoy your time outdoors!

Update...So, I went to the website posted by Sarah concerning product safety, and the sunscreen listed for Arbonne is not for babies. The ingredients listed are not the active ingredients for babies. I appreciate knowing this resource is there, though, and will keep it in mind for the future. Thanks!

Have you tried any Arbonne products? I recently went to a party and the sunscreen for babies was highly recommended and ofcourse the ingredients are all natural.

Hi I use the sun screen products from Melaleuca we are all very fair and they are the only thing that I like and they work Want more info let me know

Have you tried Neutragena Sunscreens? I'm pretty sure they are a more "natural" type of sunscreen. I know they have a new baby one out too. Even though your kids are not babies, the baby one might be more "gentle".

Go to www.safemama.com for a list of "safe" and natural sunscreens. We use TruKids Sunny Days and love it.

Went to the website that rates sunscreens from best to worst. I am allegic to some sunscreens, and the ones I found I'm not allergic to rated the highest, as not good for me! Guess it depends what you are looking for. I will stick to my non-safe ones because they don't make me itch, even though they scored high.

I use a sunscreen from Melaleuca. It has micro-fine zinc so it won't look chalky, and a lot of moisturizers. I order it online.

Bubble & Bee organics has has some. I've tried their deoderants with some success.

Hi K.
We have been using Shaklee sunscreen for years. It is the only one I've found that works and has NO chemicals in it at all. livingwithsolutions.com

This past Sunday we used Huggies Little Swimmer's spray on our 2.5 year old. It was quick and light on her, she hardly noticed it and we spent all day at the zoo. We even bought an adult version in a spray and it was also very light and quick to put on.

I hope this helps.

I think the Blue Lizard Baby is pretty easy to spread. Not too thick. I haven't had dryness problem like the previous poster said.

K. -

Yes, I love Arbonne's Before Sun products with an SPF of either 15 or 30. I am an independent consulant, so if you would like more information, just let me know or go to www.LindaLuker.myarbonne.com. You will love it -- botanically based, pure, safe and beneficial to your skin!!!

L. L.

I purchased California Baby chemical free for my 1 year old, and it isn't chalky. Its slightly thick compared to other lotions, but it rubs in quite well. I'm sold on it.

Hi K.,
I bought Burt's Bees sunscreen recently, and then wound up promptly returning it to the store where I bought it, after I read its ingredients and realized it contains aluminum. So, caveat emptor: when it comes to sunscreen you cannot trust any brand automatically, without reading the label. Do you know about www.ewg.org - the Environmental Working Group's website? They rate the safety of many cosmetics, including sunscreens. After reading all that stuff, I decided that I would just have to put up with having that ghostly white appearance (courtesy of micronized zinc oxide)! We use Badger brand. However (and I know this may sound like heresy), I very seldom make my son wear sunscreen. Instead, he wears a wide-brimmed hat and sun-protective t-shirts when he's out in direct sun, and before 10 am or after 5 pm he doesn't even have to wear the hat. Luckily, we are not super-fair skinned people. However, some sun is GOOD for anyone. One has to use good judgment, to be sure. It's often a tricky business deciding the right option to choose in a toxic world. Good luck!

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