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Nasty rash...possibly Impetigo

Has anyone ever dealt with this skin rash? My 19 month old son has had these red dots all over him for a month now. The first time I tool him to the dr. she said she didn't think it was impetigo but after one round of anitbiotic ointment it came back with a vengeance! Now the dr. says she thinks it is impetigo. Anyone know anything about it? Any advice how to get him to stop scratching? Pants help, but it's been really warm...Thanks for your help!

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I really appreciate all of the advice! It's so comforting to know that I am really not the only one going through this! The impetigo gave way to another rash so my poor sweet boy was on some form of antibiotics (oral or ointment) for a month straight! It's all cleared up now, and we just watch him very closely. Now I have to deal with the scars from all the spots he scratched...

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From what I understand, impetigo is a sort of secondary infection to something else. I had this as a child...really bad...from about age 4 to age 9 consistently. I only had it in one place, but it would come back repeatedly in the same place. Even as an adult, I still get it about once every other year. I get it right above my top lip on the left side beside of my nose. About the area that creases when you smile. As a matter of fact, I got it so many times, I have a slight scar on my face and my skin is nub in the little area. The doctor told my mother that I had contracted it from a Strep type virus that had went around my daycare. Whatever virus that I contracted stayed with me, and it became constant in my blood stream. Everytime my immune system would be weakened in the slightest way, it would come back. He (dr.) said it was like carrying a herpes simplex type virus (cold sore virus) that appeared on the body instead of the mouth. Anything that is herpes related will blister. I remember that my mother would apply peroxide to my skin and slightly rub until the blister would pop, then use Neosporin (sp?) several times a day. She would do this (while I was kicking and screaming...haha...poor lady!) every day until it was gone. I just thought I'd tell you about my first hand experience with this "sickness". Hope this helps even a little.

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Iam not sure about impentigo. I had this myself about 17rs ago. I know it sounds like a long time ago but I remember it vividly. If your son is only experiencing "red bumps" then I would say it is probably not what you think it is. Impentigo is like could be like a red bump but it ischaracteristics include more of a crust like formation - mostly yellowish that is ucompanied by blisterish like bumps that are very itchy. I don't think pants would have stopped me from scratching! I would take him to a dermatologist and see if that is truely what it is. Impentigo is highly contagious and a staph infection at that. I think I would get a second opinion to see exactly what I was dealing with.

What does the rash look like, where is it, does it itch? My son has had a few harmless rashes in his life. The first one he had on his feet, legs, hands, and arms. They were little red blisters and didn't itch. The doctor said it was scabbies (a might that gets under the skin). After treating him for it twice we tried Benadryl. It cleared right. The second was what looked like little bits on his back that did itch. It took the doctor a while to figure out what it was, but turned out to be harmless and went away on its own. It was some sort of rosa. I don't know if any of this helps you, but hope you get the help you need soon.


Please check out this website. Hopefully you will get some good information from it. If you can't pull it up, go to mayoclinic.com and type in the search area on their web page Impetigo and it will pull up several scenarios including this one. This site it great to get a great amount of info. and it's very easy to navigate

I don't know too much about childhood diseases. Most of my medical training and experience is administrative. I will tell you that when I was a field nurse, I stressed the importance of being an "informed" patient. That is to say giving the patient as much information as I possibly could. What I have found to be the most informative if your doctors aren't telling you what you need to hear is visiting www.webmd.com. It's a free site with medical forums. It's not designed to replaceing going to the doctors, but it's a valuable source of medical information that will teach you signs, symptons, testing and help educate you so that you can actively ask your physician questions and participate in you or your childs care. It will help you feel confident that you are getting the right care for you and your family by being "informed".

Hi J., My daughter had Impetigo once...it kept coming and going and getting worst with each time. the doctor ended up haveing to give her med. that she had to take for 3 straight months...can't remember the name of it...but it hasn't came back since and that was about 6 months ago.

When we were growing up and had Impetigo, my mom would always put (and I'm sure I'm not spelling it right, but..) Ginchen Violet. It's a purple liquid that looks a sight but always helped cure it quick!

I have impetigo. Don't let him scratch it, if possible! I know that's hard, but it will spread! And make sure you wash his hands if you notice him touching it or scratching it, because if he then rubs his eyes, he can end up with a stye. No fun, especially not for a little one!
I'm not sure what you can do for a little one with it. My son had some spots when he was a baby, and what I had to do for him, was what I have to do for myself, and that's use a soap that dries out the skin, and that will dry it out. I have dry skin, but if I notice I'm starting to break out, I wash my face several times a day to really dry it out. Yes, I'll have a very dry face, but no outbreaks. It's worth it to me.
In other words, don't rub him down with lotion after a bath, or anytime, if you start to notice the rash. His skin will be dry, but it dries it out. That's what my doctors have always told me to do.

from your description I don't think it's impetigo.

I got impetigo few years ago and it looks like a little wound on the skin that tends to (and actually does!) enlarge. Also, it's higly contagious and if you touch the infected area and, then, you touch another part of your body, it get transferred from one place to the other...it's really bad!
The good thing is that the antibiotic (taken orally, not as ointment!) works fast, that's why I don't think your baby's got impetigo. Unless the doctor ordered an antibiotic towards which your son is resistant.
Impetigo doesn't itch and does not look like red dots.

I am pretty sure your son has a bad skin allergy (that's why it's got worse with the ointment and why it itches so bad): have you changed the laundry soap recently? Or the brand of diapers?

Don't put anything on his skin anymore, leave him naked as much as you can and change soaps (laundry soap and personal soap). Try Dove without scent, don't buy Johnson's Baby products, that's higlhy allergenic.

Let me know how it went, good luck.


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