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Nasal Obstruction

My two-year-old stuck a cooked pea up his nose. It is visible and so far we have tried sucking it out with a nasal/ear syringe and a straw. My husband tried sucking it out of his nose by mouth and we tried getting him to sniff pepper in order to sneeze it out but he won't sneeze and furthermore he blew on the pepper getting it in his eye. He is breathing fine and is not too bothered by it currently but we really want to avoid a trip to the ER if at all possible. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions we can try. Thanks.

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We were putting him to bed with the plan of working on sucking it out after he fell asleep but, as luck would have it, he finally blew it out on his own. Thank goodness that is over with. Thanks for all the responses.

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Tweezers. If you have a pair of needlenose tweezers then you can grabbed the cooked pea and pull it out. It may even break into pieces and be easier to remove!

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Does your child understand the concept of blowing his nose? If so, plug the clear side and have him blow his nose hard. It's a soft pea, it should come right out. Worked for us with our two year old many years ago.

Our daughter did this when she was 3 with a pop corn kernal. What finally worked was using a huge dose of nasal spray to reduce the swelling in the nasal passage first, then grabbing it with a forcep (we raced to the doctor to do it, but I think you could do it at home with a long tweezer just as well). I will never forget, when I asked why she put popcorn up her nose she and her buddy explained that they were shooting them out! Why? "I'm only 3 mom, I don't know any better!" I laughed so hard I couldn't be mad!

Try using a needle to pick it out in pieces. Make sure you don't push it in further! At least the pea is a bit soft so you can try to pick it out. My daughter stuck a tic tac up her nose and it was really stuck. We tried everything! Finally, I took her to the emergency room. By the time we got there, the tic tac dissolved :) ....but boy was I frantic while driving her there!

My son did the same thing one day at preschool several years ago. I first called my son's pediatrician immediately who said that either my husband or I could try plugging his good nostril and sucking the pea out with our mouth from the nostril with the pea. If that didn't work, then we would have to take our son to the closest ear, nose, and throat specialist or the ER. I made an appointment immediately with the ear, nose, and throat specialist, but luckily my husband was able to suck the pea out at preschool.

take him to the doctor

Tweezers. If you have a pair of needlenose tweezers then you can grabbed the cooked pea and pull it out. It may even break into pieces and be easier to remove!

What about tweezers? Not sure if it would work but worth a try - good luck

Don't go to the ER if you don't want to deal with that hassle, just make a regular appt with your ped, they can probably get it out.

When we were younger my sister stuck a small piece of sponge up her nose, my parents thought they got it all out but weeks later, they were smelling a really weird smell coming from her and wondering what was wrong with her breath. Went to the doctor and lo&behold, a tiny little piece of sponge was still stuck up her nose all that time... starting to rot and smell funny and make my sister seem like she had really bad halitosis or dental hygeine problems!

Moral of the story, skip the home remedies, just go have a Dr. remove it so you can be sure you get it all out.

Try the Nosfrida. It will suck it out. I bought mine at whole foods for $17.00.

Take your child to the ER. IF you push it in further, it can go into the lungs and cause serious problems.

I hope you have gotten the pea out by the rime you get this! I just read that if you plug the
other nostril and blow into his mouth (like CPR) the air will force the pea out. Good

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