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Nanny - Naperville,IL

Do you think $13 an hour is a good amount to pay your nanny?
I pay her cash and have one child at 15 months. She works roughly 35 hours a week.
She will do the dishes and pick up a litte. She mainly plays with my baby girl!

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I got a lot less back when I was a nanny I got minimum wage. I think this is way too much. They are babysitting a child and cleaning up after him. I would never pay that much but if you can afford it then by all means, do it if it's no hardship.

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For Naperville (outside of Chicago), yes, I think $13/hour is a decent salary for a nanny watching one child. You'd pay about that here too.

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I am a nanny in the aurora / naperville area. And yes $13 is good for one child. Depending on what all she does. I take the kids back and forth to school, feed them lunch or supper and clear their dishes. I load / unload the dishwasher. Get them dressed and teeth brushed. I take them places for sports etc. I do not do any other laundry, cleaning etc. Mostly I just keep an eye on them and play games etc with them when they want.

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Depends on what she does.

Definitively add more chores for that kind of money.
Why do you think she will be playing with your little girl? It is your first baby and the first nanny isn't it? Look around and you can tell unmistakably who is a Mom and who is a Nanny with any kid on the playground. Moms are the ones who talk, play, pay attention, look human. Nannies are on the phone, distant, ignoring, lost in thought, with sour expressions ...when will this day be over? written over their faces. Better load the Nanny with chores, so she can be really DOING something (that can be verified) for the money you pay her.

I assume since you're paying cash, that she's not filing income taxes or at least claiming the income on taxes and you likewise are not taking the child care credit?

If she is coming to your home, you are her employer and are required to withhold taxes just like any other employer.

If it's cash with no tax withholding, $13 per hour is a good wage, IMO.

When we had a nanny we paid $13/hour for 20 hours a week and my son was 4 at the time and very self-sufficient. I guess it depends on her level of experience and what she expects.

I would think that is a great amount! I got $12 an hour to Nanny my brother's 4 kids that were 5 and under! I thought I got paid well. ;) I would make meals, tidy up, baths, etc. She paid her next one $15 an hour if she did laundry, and driving kids to and from. You could start her at $10 an hour as a trial period, then after a few months if she does a great job, you could increase the pay.

I agree that it depends on what she does. I got away with paying $12/hour but she did nothing but care for my child in my house. For example, she would not even rinse out a bottle etc. let alone do a load of laundry while he napped.

However, If she is happy with it and you are happy with her, that is all that matters I guess.

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