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Name Change - Las Vegas,NV

hi,i need some advice on changing my preschoolers name,i have no idea what would be the procedure and what should i do,how much its going to cost and what difficulties he could face in future because of name change.
currently he only has its name on passport and birth certificate but he is soon going to join preschool.
please if anyone has any idea how should i proceed let me know with the all details like expenses,procedure,how long its going to take etc

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thanks every one for all your responses,i think its a lot of work ,initially i thought it would be something like giving an ad in the newspaper thing but its more complicated..... i just want to change his first name that i dont like. the middle and last will remain the same. iam more concerned about the difficultiues one can face after the name change thats the proof documents etc.....please guide me on that aspect as well thanks

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I would start with the social security office and then go from there. They should be able to advise you as you need a ssn anyway. R.

Dear Fiza,
I beleive the first thing you should do is contact the county clerks office let them know what you need and then take it from there.
Try this website and call them to get more info. I actually have to do the same thing with my daughter because her last name is incorrect onher birth certificate. But because I didn't do anything right away (she is almost 4) the process is a little more involved. I inquired at the Marin County Civic Center and it is going to cost me $300.00. The process takes about a year to finalize and involves, I believe, a court hearing. Don't wait too long to get this done. Good Luck!

you will have to go to court to petition the court for the name change. it should cost about $350. This price was as of a few yrs ago. with your name change you need to bring your proof to the social security administration office. from there you can order your new card, you will have the same old number he was born with. the only that is changing is the name. as far as how long. probably about 3-6 months depending on how much back log there is.

the above responses are correct, you will need to petition the court for a name change. You can do this on your own, but if you have some problems you can contact a Lawyer. My boss, Kirk L. Collins Attorney at Law, does name changes and has assisted people with them, he also handles adoptions too. He is located in Fremont. Even if you just want to ask questions, he has a no cost consultation. You can come in tell him your situation, he will guide you on how the process works. ###-###-#### is our office #.

Make sure you file copies of the name change document away with other important documents. When I married my husband last year, we had to have my stepson's birth certificate and certified name change docs to add him to my benefits. Stepson was given his mom's last name at birth, but then mom wanted it changed to dad's (O, the drama!). Anyway, since his BC doesn't match the name he goes by, we are always needing to provide that court doc, so keep it around.

Dear F.,

You can get a good start by going to the Hall of Records of your local County. They will know exactly what you have to do, or they will know where to send you. Good for you for doing this early in his life, it will not bother him, it will be just a part of his history. If he wants to change it back bad enough when he is an adult, then he can deal with it. But for now you are making wise decisions that will make his life good, and just feel proud of yourself for taking this stand.
Sincerely, C. N.

my son is 11 months and i wanna change his first name would i need his fathers permission even though i have a restraining order against him and have tempory custody of him

Not sure about charge, I think it's free to technically change it, but I think it's $30 for the proof of name change, hehehe...But I am not totally sure about that.

When he goes places he will need his birth certificate and then his name change document and then his ID with his Current name (what ever you are going to change it to). It's kind of a pain but I think if you get him a pass port with his "new" name on it that you won't have to present all that ID every time he goes some where..

We always laugh when I go some one since I had my name changed as a child and then I changed it again when I got married. So I have to have my Birth Certificate , name change document, marriage certificate, and then my Drivers license...


We did a last name change for my son and myself when I remarried. We went to the court and filled out a petition for name change. It didn't cost much, I wanna say under $200 for everything. We had to notify his biological father, and publish the change in a local newspaper(those were the court's requirements). Then we just showed up on our court date and the judge asked if anyone was against the change, and there wasn't, so that was it.
Then of course you have to follow up with going to the social security office, and changing it with the school and such, but it isn't a big deal all in all.
I can't foresee your child having any issues down the road unless you are changing his first name against his will or something. As long as he is okay with the name, or if it is his last name, it shouldn't be an issue. Also you can always register him under an alias before the name change goes through, because it does take awhile, maybe a couple months ? The preschool should work with you and call your child whatever you prefer, and even put down an alternate or hyphenated last name if that is the case.


I changed my son's name when he was 2 years old. It was really easy. Just go to "We The People" they have offices all over southern california. They are a legal documents firm where you pay them a couple hundred bucks and they give you the legal forms to fill out for changing the name, then you return the forms to them when you are done filling them out. Pay some money to run an ad in the local newspaper reporting the name change (required by law) and then after that if no one comes forward to protest the name change you will have a court date where you go in to court to affirm the name change and that is all.

I think you will have to pay We The People a fee for their service, and then you will have to pay to run the ad in the newspaper, and then you will have to pay a court filing fee. It should cost you around $300 bucks to do it all, which is cheaper than an attorney.

You can look up We The People online to get their address and phone number although if you tell me where you live I can look it up for you.

It should take less than 6 months for the whole process. The important thing is to get the paperwork turned in as soon as you can to We The People and then get the ad running. Also don't miss your court date as that will also delay you.

Good Luck!


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