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Mystery Rash on 3 Month Old Forehead

Ok Ladies here goes: My 3 month old son has a strange rash on his forehead. It just appeared last evening. He has been fussing a LOT lately and we think it is due to teething (I know it's early but my oldest daughter got teeth at this age). We stripped him down to ajust a diaper last night and it seemed to fade a little but this morning it's back. The rash feels a little bumpy and warm but doesn't seem to really bother him. Any ideas about what it could be or how to take care of it without having to take him to the doctor? Thanks Guys!

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Ok, he hasn't had any shots isince his 2 month appointment so I don't think it's a delayed reaction to them. I haven't changed his detergent and he hasn't seemed to have a problem with the one we use on our clothes either. I honestly feel that it's heat related. He had a slight fever but I thought that was due to the teething. He now seems fine and has basically been wearing only a onesie for the last two days. I think I was just overheating him. Thank you all so much for your responses!

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Since he is so young, I would call the dr. He's too little to mess around with. It may be nothing, but there's no way to tell.

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It might be eczema. My daughter had that around the same time. Regular baby soap makes it worse so try Aveeno baby wash and lotion. That really helped my Dr. also recommended Cortaid for the patches that didn't go away.

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Hi V.,
I have a couple of questions for you to explore with your little one as part of this response.

1. Does you little guy have a fever?
2. Is he over dressed and getting too warm?

During the winter months it's tough to gauge temperature regulation for all of the people in the house. Sometimes too warm an environment can make a baby get a rash. Considering your explanation, it seems that you found your baby in the morning with the rash on his forhead, and when you took off his PJs (Babies cool down pretty quickly) the rash disappeared.

It's important to note some of the information we now know about SIDS Prevention. One important thing is not to over dress and over heat babies. Research has shown that overheating may be a factor in SIDS.

Hope this helps,
C. the Nurse

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My daughter had a similiar situation! She is 10 months old now, but when she was about 9 months, she cut her first two bottom teeth. While she was cutting them, she had this rash on her arms, legs, and cheeks. It was red, like a lot of little red dots, but she didn't itch it, it didn't seem to bother her either, then when I callerd the Pediatrician, they said as long as she doesn't have a fever, I didn't have to worry about it. They said it could have been an allergic reaction to something. I thought maybe this JOhnson's and Johnson's Naturals baby lotion sample I had gotten? Maybe this greens and multigrain food OI had given her? To this day, I still don't know what caused it, but it went away after about a week, and turned into flat, dry skin, which I still moiturize. But, throughout the teething process, it would come back and go away, mainly on her cheeks, and my husband and I thought it must just be the teething, something about it gives her this rash.

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Well my doc always says, if when you touch the rash the redness goes away, its nothing to worry about. It may be an allergy. Touch it and see.
If it's big and really bumpy and the markings don't fade when you pass your finger on it, I would go see the doc.

good luck and keep me posted

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Yup, it could be heat rash- especially if it's also in the folds of his skin, or eczema, or the rash that comes with cradle cap sometimes (sebhoritic dermatitis, I think it's called), which also shows up behind their necks. If it went away already, great. If not, try washing his face every night before bed with a mild baby wash & see if that helps.

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Has his diet changed? Or better yet, has your diet changed if you are still breastfeeding? Sometimes when you change what you normally eat will affect your baby....Last night my daughter had a rash...looked like a sunburn, she also had a fever of 102. I called the nurses hotline at St. Jude Hospital here in Fullerton...They are really great! I would suggest calling the nurse line and getting some advice then, if they tell you to take him to your doc I would follow up....1-800-870-7537. Or call the hospital where you delievered at and see if they have a registered nurse that you can speak with. Good luck!

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Since he is so young, I would call the dr. He's too little to mess around with. It may be nothing, but there's no way to tell.

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Try Cetaphil lotion. As long as there isn't a fever, you should be ok with the Cetaphil.

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Hi V.

I have 2 kids..15 and 3...me personally I think you should take your son to the doctor. It could be anything..allergic reaction to something..and infection...always better to be safe than sorry...I'd get a professional's opinon


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