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Has anyone used mylicon for gas relief in their infant? My son is one month old and suffers from bad gas. He doens't cry from it but does fuss a lot. I'm looking for something to give him relief. Does mylicon work? Can it be given regularly or should it only be used for short durations? Any info would be appreciated.

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It worked great for us we used it at 1 month up to about 2 months until her system was able to "get it out" on it's own. I would also suggest if you are breast feeding you watch what you eat. Go to Kellymom.com and you can find a list of trigger foods. If I remember correctly off hand broccoli, cabbage, peanuts, and beans are big no no's! I found out the hard way! Good luck. : )

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YES! That was the best bit of advice I received from my girlfriends when I was going through the same situation when my child was about 2 mos old. We used it when necessary (sometimes after every feeding)...and only had to use it for a couple of weeks by the time the gas "passed" (no pun intended:)) Gas X for infants works just as well. good luck!

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OMG!! I cannot live without Mylicon drops. They are a huge relief. My son is 1 month old, and I've used them for him as well as my 2 older children. Just follow the dosage on the bottle, and you'll be fine. When my son hasn't passed gas, or had a bowl that day, I will give him a drop before or after his feeding. It's a wonder drug!! :) Good Luck!

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YES! That was the best bit of advice I received from my girlfriends when I was going through the same situation when my child was about 2 mos old. We used it when necessary (sometimes after every feeding)...and only had to use it for a couple of weeks by the time the gas "passed" (no pun intended:)) Gas X for infants works just as well. good luck!

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Hi N.,
I didn't have any success with Mylicon. You might try a homeopathic for colic.

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Hi N. - In addition to regular Mylicon or gripe water use, your son might also find some relief from the 'football' hold' where you basically support his head (turned sideways) with your hand while laying him on his tummy across your forearm. His weight is basically on his belly while you hold him, with his legs and arms dangling down on either side of your forearm. Hold him this way for 20 or 30 minutes (not right after feedings though), or as long as you are comfortable. Men are GREAT at holding babies this way so let your hubby or uncle or grandpa take him to give you a break!
Another thing that helped my gassy boys alot was the bicycle pump method where you lay your baby on his back and push his legs up, bending his knees toward his chest, and gently but firmly 'pump' them like he's riding a bike, pushing the knees toward the chest. Not right after feeding though! Sort of hard to explain these things in writing but if you ask your pediatrician I am sure they can demonstrate it for you. My 2 boys were both gassy babies and these movements (along with frequent, persistent burping during feedings and constant Mylicon use) really helped them both. FYI they are now 4 and 6 yrs old and still burping and farting all the time...hee hee ;-) I hope this helps, good luck

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OMG!! I cannot live without Mylicon drops. They are a huge relief. My son is 1 month old, and I've used them for him as well as my 2 older children. Just follow the dosage on the bottle, and you'll be fine. When my son hasn't passed gas, or had a bowl that day, I will give him a drop before or after his feeding. It's a wonder drug!! :) Good Luck!

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It worked great for us we used it at 1 month up to about 2 months until her system was able to "get it out" on it's own. I would also suggest if you are breast feeding you watch what you eat. Go to Kellymom.com and you can find a list of trigger foods. If I remember correctly off hand broccoli, cabbage, peanuts, and beans are big no no's! I found out the hard way! Good luck. : )

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I used it, a lot! I think it worked... and since there is no harm in using it, go for it! :)

My husband also used to lay my daughter on his lap (horizontally across his thighs) and just sort of sway his legs from side to side. My little tiny infant would get so relaxed and let out these (what seemed like) enormous toots!

Might be worth a try!

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mylicon didn't work for my son but what did work was Hylands Colic Tablets! also if you are breastfeeding try eating plain foods...nothing that can cause gas..if you are supplementing with formula that is probably the problem..try Good Start Supreme's Comfort Proteins. If you are using formula and you switch you have to introduce it slowly..one ounce at a time..and put just a little extra water in at first to dilute the formula more..that helps..if you are bfing..you really need to watch your diet..i ate only sandwiches and very bland things.

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My 5-month old gets gassy too and we have been using Gripe Water since he was 2 weeks old when he gets really uncomfortable. I like it because it's natural and has absolutely no negative side effects. It's made with fennel and ginger to help with digestion, and I swear by it! I used to think we could only get it at a health food store, but I've recently seen it at Target and the CVS drug store! Good luck!

They have infant's mylicon and directions for use are on the bottle. However my doctor says it only works for about 50% of infants. I know alot of moms swear by the stuff but it did not work for my son at all. what really helped us was Gripe water. You can find it in drugstores, try wallgreens they always have it. However you should try the Mylicon too it just might work for your baby it just didn't for mine and if it doesn't for yours you might want to try the gripe water. However my sister-in-law loved mylicon and said that gripe water didn't work for her son. You just have to find out what works best for your baby.

Oh my gosh, does it ever!!

My son suffered from terrible gas at 3 months old due to switching to bottle/breast, lactose intolerance, etc. But, yes I used Mylicon when his gas got really bad and usually just following the instructions on the package and my son's doctor.

I did stop when he got older, about six months once we figured out the combo that would help ease his gas. It's different for every kiddo. But, good luck!

Our doc also recommeded, heating pad or warm blanket on the belly. Laying him on his tummy for short intervals and holding him on my lap tummy down.

My son was the same way. We used mylicon, but since he was formula fed, we switched to Enfimil for fussy/gassy babies as well. We would give him the drops before he ate and it seemed to help more than giving it to him afterwards. Good luck.

Mylicon did not work for my son but Gripe Water did. It is an all natural remedy made from ginger root. You can find it at Babies R Us or most pregnancy stores. Good luck!

I dont know about Mylicon, but I do know that if your nursing your baby, you could simply boil up some diced ginger root, and drink it as a tea. its good with honey. ginger is such a good medicine and helps with digestive problems as well as colds. It's a good boost of vitamins too.

Hi N.,
i have given it to both of my children. my son more regularly than my daughter. with my son i would place about two drops in each bottle...this got rid of the bubbles. my daughter doesnt need it as much, haha she's much better at "letting it out".
also if you dont want to use anything, tummy time helps a lot. the pressure on the tummy helps them pass the gas :D
good luck to you and your family...

OMG yes! Get some immediately! Or any generic that has 'Simethicone' as its 'active' ingredient, as Mylecon does.

Simethicone is 'inert' -- which means that it's not absorbed into the bloodstream and it passes out of the body without binding with anything. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simethicone

When I was pregnant I called the Teratogen Registry (a teratogen is an agent that can cause malformations of an embryo or fetus) and they told me that Simethicone is perfectly safe. Also, my older son got the bottle and drank WAY too much of it (it's not a child-proof cap). I called the poison control and they told me that he might have some diarrhea but other than that there would be no problem. There wasn't even the diarrhea.

AND IT WORKS SO WELL! It's a godsend. And they like the taste, too. Get some and enjoy your child's almost instant relief.

And no, I don't own any stock in the company <grin>. Good luck.

It works! It doesn't go into the system so you can use it as you need it. Hopefully it helps him and relieves you of your anxiety.

We swear by Mylicon. My son was fussy for about the first four months and everytime we gave it to him he calmed down almost immediately. You may want to check with the doc on how often you can give but I don't think its a problem to it as needed. Good luck!

I have 3 children and for my first child it was a god send.
We used it as necessary and on the bottle it tells you when and how much. It also doesn't get absorbed into the blood stream so overdosing isn't possible. It works! I give it to all new parents as a gift for the baby shower.
Good luck!

You've got a lot of responses! So, I will keep it short: GRIPE WATER to the rescue!!!!!

I use mylicon with my infant and it is very safe. It isn't actually absorbed into the blood stream; it works on gas in the gastrointestinal system. Mylicon works very well and can be given regularly. I've taken it myself in the past (Gas-X for adults). Good luck and congratulations on your new baby!

Hi there,

We used with great success a homeopathic from Hylands for gas.It worked quite well!!

Good luck!

I have a 16 month old who had bad gas as well. Mylicon does work a little. She was breastfed and formula fed from day 1. The thing that worked the most was finding a formula that she could tolerate best which ended up being Nestle Good Start. Also bottles - I used Dr. Browns which are great for gas. Some other things that worked were tummy time after feeding, giving her leg crunches (which pushes out the gas), and even tho everyone says they dont need water - a little water in a bottle always worked wonders. Not too much and never more than 2 oz. Even my ped agreed this was ok to do.

Good luck - we hate to see our little ones in pain.

Hi N.,

I also used gas drops with my son and actually still occasionally do (he's 5 1/2 months now). They really seemed to help and my pediatrician has said they are fine to use as recommended on the label. I haven't noticed any ill side effects. I'm the type to avoid medications if possible, but after looking into it a bit I felt comfortable using them. I didn't give them at every feeding, but we would try and determine if it seemed like gas was the cause of fussiness (our little guy would pull his legs up toward is tummy like crazy and that was usually our best sign). I would make sure you don't give it more than recommended on labeling which might require good communication with spouse/other caregivers. By the way I also tried the Target brand and those seemed to work just fine.

Hope that helps!



Try gripe water. Its in most infant sections of the pharmacy/grocery store or even Target or kmart. I have it in the house at all times. It's homeopathic and won't stain like Mylicon does. I still give my 10 year old gripe water when she has indigestion issues. Also, look into switching bottles (all the lactation consultants I had said the playtex drop ins are the best) your baby could be taking in too much air if being bottle fed. If you are a breastfeeding mama, cut all caffienes, sugars, dairy and naturally gassy stuff (broccoli, bean, etc) out of your diet.

Hopefully this helps!


This product should have been in my diaper bag when we left the hospital.

My son had pretty bad colic and the doctor recommended a dose of Mylicon before every feeding. It worked wonders providing relief and rest to my baby and me. I don't think I ever finished the third bottle by the time baby got over colic. I recommend it all new moms to have it handy before baby is even born... just in case.

Best to you,


My nephew needed mylicon and it worked GREAT!! Try it!!

I have been using it for my son who is now 5 and have had good results. I used it on an as needed basis. Maybe 1-2 times a week(?) when he was 0-2 yrs old. I still use it everyonce in awile for him. :-)
Also, I was breastfeeding and during those first 3-6 mos I switched from drinking cow's milk to goat's milk and rice milk. That helped his (and my) gas alot. I thn switched back to cow's milk and occasional goat and rice milk after 6 months. good luck.

I should have bought stock in Mylicon! I am not a big fan of medicating children but my pediatrician told me it has no harm and might as well be candy because it makes them feel so much better. Other than Mylicon, when my son was born until about 6 months, we would do the bycicle with his legs and massage his belly. When we did a pumping leg exercise, he used to toot every time his knees got to his stomach. Mylicon takes the pain of gas away becuase it shrinks the size of gas bubbles. Adult form of mylicon is mylanta gas if you want to try it yourself to see that there is no harm.

I breastfed exclusively and noticed that his gas was worse with certain foods. Everyone told me it was my dairy intake but I took different foods away for two weeks at a time and I found out that cereal was what gave my son gas. Who would have thought!?? Good luck!

You can ABSOLUTELY use it for gas. I used it for our son after he was only 3 weeks old because his gas was so bad. In fact, I used it before every feeding (every two hours or so) for several weeks before the gas subsided. I changed my diet several times to eliminate the gas altogether.

I never used Mylicon because I found that Little Tummies makes one for gas and that worked great. I always worried that Mylicon might be too harsh on my son's little system. I believe they have one under Little remedies or something like that too and that is homiopathic like the teething tablets. Just some suggesstions.... Also, are you breastfeeding or doing the bottle or both? Just wondering because my son had a lot of gas when he was really young and I finally figured out that it was the bottles. I switched to Dr. Browns and he has never had a gas problem since. If you haven't tried it you light want to. Hope this helps. Good luck! Poor little guy.:(


Mylicon is the best! It really helped my son. I usually add it to any baby shower gifts I give.

It does work for many infants. I gave it to my oldest son when he was an infant. Since then, I've seen it recommended by many doctors for many of the infants I cared for in daycare. It is considered to be very safe, even for fairly long-term use as long as you follow the dose instructions from your doctor.

Mylicon worked well for my son but Also to the Dr. Brown bottels really helped. Babies R Us sells them as well other retailers. They're not cheap but worth it

I used Mylicon with my first and it worked fine, but I had better luck with weak chamomile tea with my second. My sister used something called "gripe water" which she found at specialty baby stores and had great success with it. Good luck!

Hi N.,
I used Myilcon when my son was little. However, our Doula suggesting using gripe water and we thought that worked better. Try both and see which helps.

Good luck.

Mylicon definitely works! I used it for all three of my boys. It is safe as well b/c I spoke to their pediatrician about it prior to using it and she agreed that it is safe to use. It will definitely help them release the gas & in the end, your child will feel much better.

I just started using it yesterday, but have only noticed a small difference. Anything is better than nothing. Babies can have it with every feeding, but it says not to give more than 12 times a day. For your baby, you would give him/her .3ml at a time, but it says it on the box. You should try it.

I wish I had bought stock in Mylicon too! Awesome stuff. At the very least try it for a few days to see if you feel like it's working for you. We then also switched my daughter's formula (I have twins so we supplemented the nursing at about 3 months) to that Enfamil 'Sensitive' formula in the purple can and she was GREAT after that. Good luck!

Gas medicane is wonderful! However Mylicon never worked for my kids .... we have always used the Gerber gas drops.

Mylicon was our savior. Both my children had severe colic and digestive issues. I used the mylicon before and after every feeding and sometimes in between. From what i understand it is not absorbed by the body so it is completely safe to use. My kids are 6 and 8 now and have no food allergies or digestive issues whatsoever.

Hi! My baby is 4.5 months, i started giving that to her about 3 weeks old. It says you can give it every other feeding. I have not had a problem with it. I preferred to give it to her in the evenings so she could sleep better, and not deal with a gassy tummy.
Are you breastfeeding? Could it be something you are eating? Or could it be formula? I breastfeed, but even on the blandest diet she had gas, i think some babies are just more gassy.

I tried Mylicon a couple of times for my first baby, but it didn't seem to work. He went through a short phase (I think it was around 4-8 weeks) where he would fuss during his feedings - we weren't sure what it was, but thought it might be gas so we tried the Mylicon. If you think the trouble is getting your son to burp properly, I will tell you the trick that worked well with both of our babies. Sit him up on your lap, support him under the arm pits with one hand open across his chest and gently rub his back in an upward motion with the other hand, you can alternate rubbing with gentle taps going up his back. You want to have him sitting as far upright as possible, this allows the esophagus to elongate and the gas to escape (I really can't burp myself, but my husband says that's how he always has to burp - stretch out his torso and sit up straight to let it out). Once we implemented and perfected that technique, we had good burpers! Hope that helps!

I tried mylicon and it worked so so. I recommed "Gripe Water" it worked much better for me. The brand I used is called Woodward's Gripe Water, and it workes for adults with stomach aches too (I have used it) and best of all you can use it with newborns. I think you can buy it at Henry's or Trader Joes. Try, you will be happy and no fussy baby!


Mylicon doesn't even absorb through the intestines so my pediatrician said we could pretty much use as much as we wanted.

If he's fussy and has a lot of gas, you might want to look at your diet if you are nursing (cut out dairy, many babies are intolerant to the dairy proteins that pass through breastmilk - mine was highly sensitive to both dairy and soy but once I cut those out, he was 100% better). If you are using formula, try a hypoallergenic one like Similac Alimentum. No formula is truly hypoallergenic but Alimentum is the first level of "less" allergenic and you can get it in the grocery store. If that doesn't work, there are "more" hypoallergenic ones like Neocate but you have to special order those online or through a pharmacy.

Good luck,

Hi N.,

I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Research in the last 4 years has shown that allergy is very frequently at the root of gastric problems in infants, even when you don't see other signs, such as eczema or dermatitis. Trying changing your baby's diet. If you're feeding with milk formula, switch to soy or a hypoallergenic (hydrolyzed protein) formula. If you're using soy, switch to milk, goat's milk, or hypoallergenic formula. If you're nursing, cut out the major culprit allergens from your diet: milk, eggs, soy, wheat, corn, fish, tree nuts. After (if)the gassiness dissipate, then add the items back in one by one to figure out the allergen.

Of course, infant digestive systems are still immature and the symptoms could have nothing to do with allergy. Besides using drugs, which can be hard on the infant liver, try doing gentle abdominal massage. Use a circular motion with the heel of your hand and move around the abdomen in a circular, clockwise pattern pattern. Gas tends to accumulate in the large intestine and get trapped in the bends between the ascending to transverse, and transverse to descending sections of the colon. Keep in mind that gas rises, so once it's in the transverse colon, it tends to sit there and push up against the rest of the abdominal organs, which causes pain. You can use the physics of gas to your advantage -- change your baby's position to allow for gas movement as you massage (you can often feel the gas move). Believe it or not, turning your baby upside down for a second or two will allow the gas to burble out of descending colon much more easily (works for older kids and adults, too!) I used to lay my kids belly down in the crook of my arm to do this.

Good luck!

I have used Mylicon with both my boys from the time they were just days old. It works great, and can be used regularly as needed.

My second son has bad gas at night, and this really helps him sleep better, and get bac to sleep quicker.

Good luck!

I did not use Mylicon...myn first suffered big time and I used ...I'm sorry I can't think of the name, but if you go to a health food store in your area they will have it. Just ask they will know exactly what you need, If you live in the desert Henery's carry's it. It natural and not synthetic. It has a great taste. It has licorish root, I think peppermint extract when I think of the name I'll write back. Mylicon is all synthetic and chemicals. This other is natural and you can give it to your baby often and feel comfortable about giving it.

I'll let you know sorry...Any health food store will know

mylicon is safe, and can be used for longer term if needed. THe dosage for that age is 0.3mL, but if that doesn't work you can increase it to 0.6mL. You can then repeat that dosage if symptoms don't go away within 1 hour. Mylicon is mommy best friend, plus they love the taste of it.

Check out Cocyntal- a homeopathic remedy made by Bioron. It is totally safe and works immediately.Any homeopathic store or Wholefoods carry it. Remove dairy and wheat from your diet if you are nursing.
D. Merlin

HI N.,

Congratulations on your new arrival. I have a 2 month old and I have been using Mylicon on a consistent basis and it works wonders....I have found out from various doctors and medical sources that it is extremely safe to use as it does not dissolve in the baby's blood stream....Also what helped my baby is gripe water, maybe you could ask your doctor about it........

Good luck

We used mylicon extensively with our daughter, now almost 4. She was extremely 'gassy' as a 5 1/2 month old when we became a family (she's adopted) and the caretaker said it worked to soothe her severe wind. She literally would wake us up at night with passing gas that sounded like a machine gun. . ...her pediatrician said there was no harm in giving her whatever amounts seemed to work.

She stopped her 'gastric distress' at about one year and has eaten, literally, anything not walking fast enough ever since with no problems (and no more mylicon)!

Good luck with your little one - they make a mylicon that isn't bright pink (read: "stains everything!")

I did! Loved it! I used "Little Tummies" as it is the same thing as Mylecon brand name, but costs less.

my daughter is 9 months and we still use mylicon i think it helps. when i was pregnant two moms who have older kids gave this to me as a shower gift it saved them at nights they said i have talked to doctors and they said there is no harm so if my baby can get relief i will give it to her.

Try Little Tummies. My daughter had bad gas and this worked wonders for us. We used it for 2-3 months at our doctors instruction. It's available just about everywhere in the baby care aisle (Target, drugstores, grocercy stores).

Good luck.

Yes I used it with all three of my kids. It was a life saver. It can be given regularly but I just gave it when my kids were uncomfortable. The other thing I did was start at the top of their stomach and move left to right working your way down, moving the gas thru their intestines and out of their body. My aunt, who is a nurse, told me this. Good luck!

I used Mylicon with both of my daughters and it seemed to have worked. You can put it directly in with their bottle which makes it much easier to give.

My girls had minor issue just because they weren't big burpers, but if your son is relaly fussy, you maybe want to talk to your ped. and look in to sensitive formula?

All the best,

I gave my daughter mylecon, but what i found to be the root cause was the food I ate while breastfeeding. I kept a food diary and determined that milk/dairy was the culprit (as well as spicy foods). The mylecon helped, but see if there is some other reason he is uncomfortable so you can help him out! Good luck!

I also have a newborn (5 weeks old). The dosage of the mylicon for infants is .3ml. Yesterday I went to see the D. about possible colic, she stated that you can up the dosage to .6ml. It's safe enough to be used regularly.

Hopefully after the 2nd or 3rd month the gass/ colic problems will be over.

Hope this helps.

I used it before every feeding with my son. Our Dr said it was fine. That lasted for a few months.

Hi N.,

I am a Chiro and Herbalist natural health care advocate...non drug using Mom of two kids.

Mylicon is one of the few items we researched and found safe to use for our kids.

It breaks up the bubbles in their tummies and brings quick relief. You'll figure out when is the best time to use it...either before he eats or after. Some do better one way or the other. Sometimes we used it before and they wouldn't get the gas.

Also look for 'gripe' water and some items along that line.

If you have a Henry's by you...you can find a slew of items that you might need as time goes by. Products that are natural and safer.

But definitely the Mylicon was a headache saver. [;o)

Coming from a mom who had a colicky baby (bad gas) phazyme (or it generic version) is awesome. I am sure mylicon works just fine as well. If he isn't fussy about it then all the better. No, as long as you don't go over the daily usage, you can continue to use it. My niece had to use it on her daugher for a while, because she had trouble with bowel movements in general & it loosens them. Don't worry about long range usage unless it gets daily & for months on end. As your baby matures (inside) he should have an easier time with this issue. If it worsens or he starts to get fussy about it, you can make his formula with chamomile tea - make a jug of it and make the bottles using it rather than water. It is an awesome tool to help babies tummies! Good luck & God Bless!


Mylicon is wonderful!! MY son used it and it worked wonders for him!! It works so well that they have an adult version of it too. They gave it to me after I had both of my boys. So I can say from personal experience on both ends it works. Usually my son only needed it for about two days so it really depends how how gassy your baby is. I gave to my son when was also about 1 month old so you should be ok there. He didn't have any problems with it. Good luck!!


Dear N.,
With my 7 kids the only thing that worked was Hylands Homeopathic Colic Tablets available at most health food stores (Call around - you may find them pretty easily). Homeopathy is great because it is absolutely safe and works to boost the body's natural defenses and strengthen the immune system, rather than just 'covering up' symptoms. Plus they melt in a drop of water and taste good. At the first sign of fussiness that's what I would do! The health food store may have other kinds of homeopathic remedies too, for gas specifically (I think there is one called Carbo Veg) - I also used their TEETHING TABLETS when they had trouble sleeping well or for other feeliings that made them uncomfortable. If you look up homeopathy on google I'll bet you'll find more info fast. Happy Babying!
R. E (the 7 kid one!)

I have known parents who give their kids mylicon in every bottle and it makes me groan every time. I don't know if there are any potential side effects, but it's medicine and personally I would prefere to give my child as little medicine as possible. And in my experience with infants gas is very seldom the actual reason for fussiness or discomfort- all babies are gassy (to various degrees) because of their young digestive tract. There are so many other reasons newborns can be fussy, but parents always jump to gassy if they can't figure something else out. He could be overstimulated, warm or cold, or it could be the stimulation of his fall reflex, or he could need to suck (babies need to suck for emotional reasons). I wouldn't try mylicon unless nothing else works. You could try infant massage, Dr. Karp's "5 S's" (in The Happiest Baby on the Block- swaddle, swing, shhh, side, suck).

Terri H. - Was it gripe water? I used that for hiccups, too.

Mylicon is the best thing ever! My son, now 6 months old, was having major gas pains and the Mylicon helped almost every time. I started giving it to him when he was only a few weeks old. Turns out, my son might be alergic to dairy. So I had to cut out all dairy. You can give it regularly, but that's only to relieve the gas. Try to find out what is causing the gas and avoid it so he doesn't have to be uncomfortable in the first place. Good luck!

I used mylicon for my daughter during periods of gas discomfort and it did work. It was recommended to me by my brother and I asked my daughter's pediatrician and she said it was ok to use. I followed the directions on the label and my daughter felt better quickly. I don't remember how old my daughter was when she used it but ask your pediatrician.

I used symthacon (sp?) regularly when my son (who's now 12 yrs) was a baby. It really worked and made life bearable for all of us. His gassiness went on for maybe 3 or 4 months. Good luck. This too shall pass.

Yes I used it when my daughter was an infant and still use it from time to time today. It works well, no side effects.

I used it and it worked. But you need to work on what is making him gassy. You don't want to drug him forever.
Good Luck! J.

we used little tummies, he was kind of fussy the first month too, it took us another two months to find that it wasnt bad gas, he has a milk allergy.. :) Little tummies from little remedies worked great, no dye, no artificial stuff...

I used Mylicon a lot when my girls where babies. It really worked. There are some others out there too. I have heard that Gripe Water works as well. Good luck, it's a very trying time when they have gas.

Yes! yes! yes! use it. Bottle says "repeat as needed" I think it is pretty hard to overdose. The stuff is great! It is kind of expensive though and I would reccomend the generic brand, What you are looking for is Simethicone (20mg) drops

Hi N., I used that with a couple of my daycare babies, and it worked great, if you are breast feeding becareful of what you eat, cause the wrong foods you eat will cause you bsby gas. Mother for 24 years J.

We were also very nervous about any medication but our doctor's assured us that Mylicon does not enter the blood stream and is peferctly safe for an infant. You can also not overdose with this medication. We did use it and still do some times and it is very helpful. Good Luck.


I used the Target brand of gas medicine on my daughter from the time she was one month old until she was one year old. It worked just as good as Mylicon but it cost about $4 instead of almost $10.

I started using mylicon for my son when he was maybe a week old. I used it for every meal for probably 4months! It was really the only thing that would work for the gas bubbles that would cause him to cry until he worked them out.

Hi Nicole,

My first son was very sensitive to what I ate. I had to cut out all dairy and even then he would be fussy with gas pains. I used Mylicon drops and my ped told me that because it's not medication, it can safely be given as often as needed. Go with the generic version from WalMart or Target and you'll save a ton of money.

Hope that helps!

My daughter was really gassy too. I used the mylicon or generic infant gas relief (Simethicone). Each time before nursing. It is harmless, passess right through the GI tract, and can be used long term. Our pediatrician had recommended 1/2 a dropper 4-5 times/day, giving it after a feeding, but a baby that young is usually fast asleep after feeding, so giving it before worked much better for us. It sort of worked for her, my friend swears by it for her daughter. Since I was breastfeeding, I found that eliminating all gas producing foods from my diet, made her feel better (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, spicy foods, and bananas...yes, bananas...major gas producer). Also, trying your best to get all his burps up before they become gas in the GI.

Good luck!

Use it!!! It's great we used that for our daughter who is almost 2.. and even now once in a while i give it to her if she get a tummy ache... also you can try gripe water.. whole foods has it..

You may also want to try cutting dairy out of your diet for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.


The best to use for gas relief in an infant is Gripe Water - you can best find it in a store that care products from India such as India Sweets and Spices on Venice Blvd just west of Robertson or I believe you can order it online. I get the Woodwards brand which comes from India. It is a not a drug - it is totally natural and is great for soothing the stomach and calms colic as well. I have a 15 year old and an 11 year old and I used it for both of them when they were babies. Gripe water was my lifesaver.

I used that years ago when mine were babies and it did seem to work. They both would cry non-stop at the "fussy hour" - from about 5-7pm, and the mylicon did seem to help, not all the time, but it did help. They finally stopped the fussy hour around 3 months, but from 1-3 months, it was awful. Some other helpful hints, we would also turn on a hand-held vacuum and the noise would calm them down. They like white noise.

Hi N., I've used mylicon with all three of my children to releive gas pains and aches. I used half the recommended dosage. It really helped for our youngest son, now 3 but when my daughter was young, now 13 it did not help her the same way. So, what we usually did for her was swaddle her and my husband would walk her and bounce gently bounce her. This seemed to help and she could fall to sleep.

All my best, W.

We loved Mylicon drops! They helped so much!!! He did outgrow it around about 1 yr.---but they were awesome! It can totally be given regularly with no ill side effects.

GRIPE WATER!!!!! The best for all tummy problems. My daughter had bad gas and as soon I gave her the Dripe Water she was relieved in a minute. She hated the taste at first and then it gave her so much relief that she would open her month wide after. We used to crack up about it. I tried the mylicon too. did not owrk as well at the gripe water

Not sure if you are breast or bottle feeding...but he may have an intolerance or sensitivity to something you are eating. Such was the case with my DD and once I cut out dairy and soy (along with chocolate, caffeine, citrus and tomatoes) she did much better. Mylicon does work great. It doesn't absorb in their systems so you can use it as much as every feeding if needed.

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