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i was wondering if anyone share their experience of using mylicon on their baby. i called my dr's office this am and the nurse said it's okay to give my baby mylicon. my baby is almost 4 months, in good health except for the gas that keeps him up at night and bothers him sometimes throughout the day. thanks!

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We used the generic version in every bottle until he started regular milk @ 1 yr. We would wonder at times if they still worked, and wouldn't put them in a batch of bottles--we had a very uncomfortable baby and it took him a couple days to feel "right again". (Walmart has their Equate brand "Gas drops" for like $3.97 as opposed to $12).

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Love the stuff!!! I had two children with acid reflux and tons of gas. I started using this stuff when they were about a week old and its great. They are instantly relieved with one drop.

I used the generic mylicon drops from Walmart and put them in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE from the time my son was about 2 weeks old until he was about 6 months. A few ladies at work had told me to do this and I thought they were nuts, but it really did work for him... much less crying from gas pains.

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We used the generic version in every bottle until he started regular milk @ 1 yr. We would wonder at times if they still worked, and wouldn't put them in a batch of bottles--we had a very uncomfortable baby and it took him a couple days to feel "right again". (Walmart has their Equate brand "Gas drops" for like $3.97 as opposed to $12).

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Hi! My son is now 17 months old. when he was younger, he had a lot of gas. Being a first time mom, i was really reluctant to give him any drugs. i did start the mylicon and he was like a different baby. mylicon can't really hurt your baby...one thing i found that helped was to sometimes give him the mylicon before he would eat...really did wonders. good luck! cheers, iris

We swore by Mylicon with all of our boys, they had SEVERE gas!! If you have a Walmart near you, there is a cheaper version and it is the SAME thing for about $4/bottle less!!

My doctor told me that mylicon is very harmless and I could give it after every feeding if I wanted to. I was hesitant to use it and she said if it helps, do it as much as needed.

Good luck!

Mylicon is one of those hit and miss products. You'll have parents who swear it works great. You'll get parents who swear it's garbage. I have 5 kids. I've tried it on 3 of them. Worked well on one. I would try it and see if it works. If it does, great. It can be a good tool to use after eating and before bed time. Other things you can do is to feed the child sitting up right as much as possible. Try a different bottle if the gas is that bad, like Podee or Dr Brown's. Buy one to see if it'll work. If it doesn't, you're not out much. I swear by Podee myself with my triplets, lol. Another is to switch to a less gassy formula like Good Start. I used that on my youngest 4 and worked wonders! Most formulas you mix up and you can see tons of bubbles in the pitcher than last a long time. With Good Start, you can mix it up in a pitcher and get some bubbles but they immediately dissolve right down. That's a great test to know it is less gassy, and it goes work. Try not laying them down right after eating, and do some good back patting to get some gas out. Good luck!

mom of 5 including triplets

Hi Lily Ellen -

I used mylicon with my twins and it was liquid gold!! It is very, very safe, but works really well. You will not regret it!! Good luck!

Hi L.-
I used mylicon with my daughter at 4 months and it was fine. It did seem to work sometimes. However, I also used gripe water, which is available at CVS or Whole Foods. I dont' know if you've heard of it, because I hadn't until my friend told me! My friend swears by it, whereas I used both things separately of course, but at different times - like in the middle of the night I would use mylicon becuase she only had to drink a little of it, but during the day I used gripe water because I could get her to drink the full dropper (you have to give your baby more of it than mylicon). Also there is the diet issue - if you're breastfeeding, does he get more gas if you have a certain food or if you use formula, maybe switch brands and it will cause less gas? Also, I don't know what kind of bottles you use, but I use Dr. Brown's and I think that it really does work to reduce the amount of air that my daughter takes in when she is feeding. Whatever the case, it's so difficult when your baby is uncomfortable, hang in there!

I used mylicon on both babies. As a matter of fact, I even put it on baby registry. When i didn't get it, I bought it 8 months pregnant with my second to make sure it was available. It contains a simethicone which dissolves gas bubbles. Its very effective and its pretty safe so you can use it frequently. I would listen to the nurse. I used to use it so frequently with my first because he seemed to have a lot of gas. and im definitely not quick to use medications. I had two natural births due to my skepticism.

Also, try some other things. If you are breastfeeding,try eliminating gassy producing foods like onions, garlic, broccoli. Or if your bottle feeding make sure u feed the child with the bottle upright and keep the baby sitting up to prevent reflux. Babies have very immature digestive systems and sometimes it just takes a while to adjust to the outside world. Or what about the formula. I breastfed both children and supplemented with bottle. I realized that my second had a better reaction to Organic formula (Similac line has . It doesn't have nasty corn syrup solids which is also found in artifical creamers. Although, I wouldn't switch up formulas frequently because then there is adjustment periods. MD's are real hesitant to switch up, but some have very little parenting experience.

I am a nurse who once worked with babies and now helps delivers them. So there is some advice i would like to give but I know that moms are really skeptical. I have a long line of cultural traditions that we use but I feel if you dont grow up with them you resort to text book.

My first child i would look up everything in a big book. Meanwhile, my mom would be fixing up some tea or using a warm compress or something else making him feel better. I finally learned to integrate the two approaches. Some practices are outdated and some are underrated. So i say that to say that merging the two resources and blending some veteran mom or family approaches with your doctors could be very useful. Hopefully your baby will start feeling better soon.




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