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i was wondering if anyone share their experience of using mylicon on their baby. i called my dr's office this am and the nurse said it's okay to give my baby mylicon. my baby is almost 4 months, in good health except for the gas that keeps him up at night and bothers him sometimes throughout the day. thanks!

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We used the generic version in every bottle until he started regular milk @ 1 yr. We would wonder at times if they still worked, and wouldn't put them in a batch of bottles--we had a very uncomfortable baby and it took him a couple days to feel "right again". (Walmart has their Equate brand "Gas drops" for like $3.97 as opposed to $12).

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Love the stuff!!! I had two children with acid reflux and tons of gas. I started using this stuff when they were about a week old and its great. They are instantly relieved with one drop.

I used the generic mylicon drops from Walmart and put them in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE from the time my son was about 2 weeks old until he was about 6 months. A few ladies at work had told me to do this and I thought they were nuts, but it really did work for him... much less crying from gas pains.

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We used the generic version in every bottle until he started regular milk @ 1 yr. We would wonder at times if they still worked, and wouldn't put them in a batch of bottles--we had a very uncomfortable baby and it took him a couple days to feel "right again". (Walmart has their Equate brand "Gas drops" for like $3.97 as opposed to $12).

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Hi! My son is now 17 months old. when he was younger, he had a lot of gas. Being a first time mom, i was really reluctant to give him any drugs. i did start the mylicon and he was like a different baby. mylicon can't really hurt your baby...one thing i found that helped was to sometimes give him the mylicon before he would eat...really did wonders. good luck! cheers, iris

We swore by Mylicon with all of our boys, they had SEVERE gas!! If you have a Walmart near you, there is a cheaper version and it is the SAME thing for about $4/bottle less!!

My doctor told me that mylicon is very harmless and I could give it after every feeding if I wanted to. I was hesitant to use it and she said if it helps, do it as much as needed.

Good luck!

Mylicon is one of those hit and miss products. You'll have parents who swear it works great. You'll get parents who swear it's garbage. I have 5 kids. I've tried it on 3 of them. Worked well on one. I would try it and see if it works. If it does, great. It can be a good tool to use after eating and before bed time. Other things you can do is to feed the child sitting up right as much as possible. Try a different bottle if the gas is that bad, like Podee or Dr Brown's. Buy one to see if it'll work. If it doesn't, you're not out much. I swear by Podee myself with my triplets, lol. Another is to switch to a less gassy formula like Good Start. I used that on my youngest 4 and worked wonders! Most formulas you mix up and you can see tons of bubbles in the pitcher than last a long time. With Good Start, you can mix it up in a pitcher and get some bubbles but they immediately dissolve right down. That's a great test to know it is less gassy, and it goes work. Try not laying them down right after eating, and do some good back patting to get some gas out. Good luck!

mom of 5 including triplets

Hi Lily Ellen -

I used mylicon with my twins and it was liquid gold!! It is very, very safe, but works really well. You will not regret it!! Good luck!

Hi L.-
I used mylicon with my daughter at 4 months and it was fine. It did seem to work sometimes. However, I also used gripe water, which is available at CVS or Whole Foods. I dont' know if you've heard of it, because I hadn't until my friend told me! My friend swears by it, whereas I used both things separately of course, but at different times - like in the middle of the night I would use mylicon becuase she only had to drink a little of it, but during the day I used gripe water because I could get her to drink the full dropper (you have to give your baby more of it than mylicon). Also there is the diet issue - if you're breastfeeding, does he get more gas if you have a certain food or if you use formula, maybe switch brands and it will cause less gas? Also, I don't know what kind of bottles you use, but I use Dr. Brown's and I think that it really does work to reduce the amount of air that my daughter takes in when she is feeding. Whatever the case, it's so difficult when your baby is uncomfortable, hang in there!

I used mylicon on both babies. As a matter of fact, I even put it on baby registry. When i didn't get it, I bought it 8 months pregnant with my second to make sure it was available. It contains a simethicone which dissolves gas bubbles. Its very effective and its pretty safe so you can use it frequently. I would listen to the nurse. I used to use it so frequently with my first because he seemed to have a lot of gas. and im definitely not quick to use medications. I had two natural births due to my skepticism.

Also, try some other things. If you are breastfeeding,try eliminating gassy producing foods like onions, garlic, broccoli. Or if your bottle feeding make sure u feed the child with the bottle upright and keep the baby sitting up to prevent reflux. Babies have very immature digestive systems and sometimes it just takes a while to adjust to the outside world. Or what about the formula. I breastfed both children and supplemented with bottle. I realized that my second had a better reaction to Organic formula (Similac line has . It doesn't have nasty corn syrup solids which is also found in artifical creamers. Although, I wouldn't switch up formulas frequently because then there is adjustment periods. MD's are real hesitant to switch up, but some have very little parenting experience.

I am a nurse who once worked with babies and now helps delivers them. So there is some advice i would like to give but I know that moms are really skeptical. I have a long line of cultural traditions that we use but I feel if you dont grow up with them you resort to text book.

My first child i would look up everything in a big book. Meanwhile, my mom would be fixing up some tea or using a warm compress or something else making him feel better. I finally learned to integrate the two approaches. Some practices are outdated and some are underrated. So i say that to say that merging the two resources and blending some veteran mom or family approaches with your doctors could be very useful. Hopefully your baby will start feeling better soon.




We used it for both of our children, but don't spend the money on the name brand Mylicon. Instead, get the generic Simethicone (usually right next to Mylicon on the shelf at Target and WalMart). It is just as effective and will save you lots of money in the long run if you use it as much as we did!

Hi, there!
Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

If you're bottle feeding, it's possible that it could be from the formula.-Perhaps an allergy.

If you're breastfeeding, it COULD be from something in your diet. Dairy is the most commom culprit. Soy can also cause it though. Do you drink/eat a fair amount of either of those? If so, you an try eliminating it from your diet for 1-2 weeks & see how your baby does.

Personally, whenever possible, I prefer to treat the CAUSE rather than just the symptoms caused by whatever's causing the problem. You could also try chiropractic treatment for your baby. I just started taking my 7 m.o. to Dr. Robert Smith in Forks Township & he's FANTASTIC!

You could also try Hylands Colic Tablets or consult someone at a good health food store for a more natural remedie.

Hope you find something that works for you & your little bundle of gas! :-)
Take care!

Do not worry about using the mylicon as it is great!!! I didn't need it until my 3rd baby was born and my neighbor introduced me to mylicon and I didn't go anywhere without it!! I kept one at home and one in the diaper bag and wasn't afraid to give it to her and it really seemed to work for her. I had it on hand for my 4th child, but he didn't need it, so there is hope for your next one also! Best of luck with everything!
~D. M~

Mylicon, as we have been told by our pediatrician and Gastroenterologist is very safe, and similiar to us taking tums (very weak) so it can be taken often. We gave it to our newborns with every single feeding for months to help with gas and discomfort and it was very helpful in giving them comfort!

I have used Mylicon on both of my children since they were about 2 months old. As a matter of fact I just gave my 8.5 month old son some last night. You can also give it as needed. It doesn't have any other medicine in it other than that to relieve gas. Don't be scared and hopefully you'll get some rest and so will your baby. Good Luck.

I used it on both of my kids, especially my son. It worked wonders. He was so gassy that when I laid him down, he'd pass gas and immediately wake up, screaming. Mylicon worked wonders. If your doctor said its ok, I wouldn't worry about it. Give it a shot, and enjoy a happier baby.

i used it until my son was well after 1. it worked wonders! he was always very gassy (well still is 5 yrs later!)lol. i would just give it to him put him on his stomach on my lap, pat him, and he would be a happy camper.

Hi there... I used Mylicon with my daughter and truly believed it didn't work. She turned out to be colicky. She is now almost 7. If I remember correctly, 4 months is past the stage for being colicky. Sounds nutrition related.
I would think twice about using an OTC on a baby so young. I know the medical professional claim it's safe, however, every week there's reports of something man made that is not good for us. You should look into the baby's formula or what you are eating if you are nursing. I'm a big natural/organic user for the past 2 years and I'm so upset with myself for ever giving my kids an OTC or antibiotic. There are many other natural alternatives. We should be finding out the causes of the problems and not just supressing the symptoms. Do some research on the internet, and at the local bookstore. Good luck!

I used it with both of my kiddos - I didn't give it to them with every feeding (but my sister did with her daughter) because I didn't need to. I would tell you to go ahead and use it - it helped my kids sooo much and my husband was always asking if I had it in the diaper bag before we left the house. He did NOT want to be without it!

When my daughter was that age, she had gas too - primarily from the iron, which they need. I used to put the mylicon in her bottles when I made them up the night before - that way I wouldn't forget it. Additionally, because it was from the milk, she got the relief at the same time. And believe me, it works!!! The simethicone goes straight through and is not absorbed, so it can't harm the baby. Once he gets mobile, he won't need it it anymore. Crawling time will make a big difference. As an aside, my brother used it with his triplets, and he sings it's praises!!!

Mylicon is fine to use. I wished I could have bought it by the case for my second child. I used mylicon constantly (within the recommend guidelines of course) for the first two months of his life. It helps tremendously to settle their stomach and help relive the gas so they can get comfortable. Try it, almost anything is worth it if it will give them some relief. Good luck!

As a mother of three boys, now 14,10 and 7,..."Me and Mylicon used to be very good friends." Not one of my boys ever had a problem with the med. My sister in-law also used it with her three kids. We both would recommend using it.

It the best invention ever. Love it! K loved it too.

make sure it is not the formula. sometimes the formula if it is not right, can give him gas.talk to the doctor before you change it though. the mylicon is great,is used it on my son when he was a newborn through about 4 months. sometimes when they are hungry and drink the bottle too fast they can get air in their tummies and get gas. make sure that he burps well after he eats. lay him down on the bed on changing table and rub his tummy in a circular motion that will help also. also bend his legs and move them in a circular clockwise motion. you can also start giving him some rice cereal if you are not opposed to giving him some food. try a few teaspoons.

Hi L.,

I used mylicon on my son who is now 11 months old, but i started using it on him when he was just a few months old. My pediatrician was the one who recommended for him. If your baby continues to have problems with gas you might want to discuss with your concerns with the pediatrician about switching the formula.

My son actually out grew having gas and I never had to switch formula so hang in there and good luck


Hi there!
I vote USE IT!! :) I have a 4 month old, and we've been using the dye free version since he was 2 months old. My baby was very fussy and I couldn't figure out why, after starting the drops (more frequently at first- almost every feeding, now we're using more by occasion) he has completely changed into a happy SLEEPING baby! :)
Does your little one only get gas at night? if not, check your diet (look beyond the broccoli and those "gassy foods)... My son has sensitivities to soy and egg and after eliminating those from my diet, we haven't had to use the drops nearly as much. :) good luck!

Love the stuff!!! I had two children with acid reflux and tons of gas. I started using this stuff when they were about a week old and its great. They are instantly relieved with one drop.

Hi L.. I'm a pharmacist (and a mom of 3) and I just wanted to reassure you that Mylicon is perfectly safe in newborns. In fact, I worked at 2 hospitals that had neonatal and pediatric units and both places used Mylicon regularly to help with gas. It doesn't get absorbed in the body, but you should still follow the dosing directions. Good luck!

I used mylicon drops with my first child - I have to say they really didn't help too much - her gas was caused by a sensitivity to milk -I was breastfeeding and cut out all milk products, and her symptoms cleared up.

It was a lifesaver for us years ago when my daughter was a baby :-)


Hello! I use Mylicon a good bit for our son~ who will be 3 this Fri :) I would recommend it without hesitation...when giving baby gifts, I always put this in it! When he seems gassy also try lying him on his back, rub his tummy some & gently push his legs together up toward his stomach/neck- this may get a few toots out!
Good luck & Have a Happy Easter!!

I used the generic mylicon drops from Walmart and put them in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE from the time my son was about 2 weeks old until he was about 6 months. A few ladies at work had told me to do this and I thought they were nuts, but it really did work for him... much less crying from gas pains.

I have used that for both of my boys and it worked great. Another thing I used to do before putting them to bed at night was to lay them on their back and take both of their feet and and touch their head with their toes then bring their legs back down to the floor to touch the ground. I did this several times for a minute or so. Not only did they giggle and laugh, but they quit waking up at night with a belly ache. I don't know if it gets the gas bubbles moving or what, but a friend recommended it to me and it seemed to work.

I would say use it.. Both my children used Mylicon at a early age. It is save for them to use early on and can make the biggest difference in your little one..
I agree it could be other things causing the issues but until you find the culprit I would save yourself a headache and your baby a bellyache and use it.. Best of luck to you..

hi! my oldest daughter is 6 now, & she practically lived on mylicon when she was a baby. i hated to give it to her all of the time, but it was the only thing that made her tummy feel better. good luck!

i am a first time mom to a 4 month old as well! when my son first came home, he was painfully gassy and we used mylicon. i would use it maybe 2 times a night...and it seemed to help him a lot. i have read that mylicon is ok to give them as they need it. good luck!

I have been using Mylicon for my son since he was 3 weeks old because he suffers from gas and reflux. It has really helped him. In addition we would lay him on his back and push his legs up and down towards his chest and have a warm compress on his belly.

My acid reflux baby lived on it for 6 months--it was a God's sent.

We gave our son Mylicon drops when he was younger (he's now 5 mo old) and I didn't think they worked. But his gas wasn't as bad as you say you child's is. I have a friend who still uses it and her son will be 2 in May. She swears by it. Good luck!

Use the Mylicon it really works. I used it with my daughter when she was newborn and each time she had gas it took it away quickly. I also used infant massage techniques to help with the gas. There are massage techniques specially for the abdomen to help with gas. The massage helps to move the gas bubbles along the intestines. You can literally feel them sometimes. You can find the techniques on the web or get an infant massage dvd. This site as a few techniques for you http://www.makewayforbaby.com/massages.htm.

Hope this helps. :)

I used mylicon with my first daughter. It worked for the first few times but not much after that. I, too, asked around to be sure that it was safe to use. Everyone assured me it was safe to use each time I fed her. With my second child I used a natural form of Mylicon. It is called Gripe Water. It, too, worked and was safe to give often. I wish you well!

LiliyEllen M,

Mylicon was our ANGEL. We used it when our daughter was about the same age and it made all the difference in the world.


We've used it with all 3 of our children. Great cure for the gases! Happy baby and happy parents :)

I used it so much with my first son, that I had it stocked in my cabinet even before my second son was born 3 weeks ago. I already used it. What a great nights sleep for all of us! Good luck!

Imo mylicon is junk as it's a synthetic and does nothing really. Try going to a healthfood store, and even some Walmarts may carry it I'ts called Bubble be Gone. This is all natural remedy that works really well. It won't harm the baby and you can give it to them from the time they are new borns until they are toddlers. You can also try Gripe Water

When my baby girl was an infant, I used it at every feeding. It is harmless in that quantity and was super helpful to her. I just put it in her bottle and fed her normally.
If you are breast-feeding, you can just give her the medicine out of the measuring device attached to the cap.
I loved Mylicon. I think my daughter was about 10 or 11 months, when we stopped using it altogether.

I used mylicon too, I don't think it helped my son that much at all. Be careful using it too much as the bottle says that it can cause constipation. I nursed him I don't know if you nurse your baby or not. If I did it over again I would have not used mylicon and tried taking probiotics. He also hated to burp so that may also be causing your babies gas. Try finding a position that the baby will burp in. Sitting helps my second one burp. Good luck, they eventually grow out of it!!

Hey there. I used Mylicon with my son a few times but it didn't seem to do the trick. A friend recommended something a bit more natural and safe called Gripe Water. You can usually find this at a natural food store. If you seem to be using Mylicon too much try a safer alternative. It works.
A. P

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