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My Toddler's Sweaty Head...

I have a 2 year old daughter, and for some time now she's been waking up from naps and sleep with a very sweaty head. Usually, I just assume she was too hot, even though the ac is usually cranked in the house. The other day she was sleeping in just her diaper and a t-shirt, with a very light blanket draped over her legs. I personally felt like it was slightly chilly in the house, but she woke up with her hair wet and matted to her face and the pillow had a huge sweat stain where her head had been.
I know that some people get cold easily and others get hot easily, but I can't help but feel a little concerned that she shouldn't be sweating that much when it is by no means hot in this house. It always happens when she sleeps, whether she has a blanket on or not. Could there be another medical reason as to why she sweats so much? Some kind of gland disorder? I know I'm probably just being paranoid, but I wanted to get some other mom's opinions on it before I call up the pediatrician about something that may be nothing. But even if it seems silly to worry about, its better to be safe than sorry. I'd hate to shrug it off if it could be something a little more serious than her just being hot.
I appreciate any thoughts or opinions from all the mommies. Thanks in advance

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It is probably nothing, but if you are worried about it you should ask the doctor. It will give you peace of mind. Don't let potential embarrassment prevent you from being proactive. The doctor should be proactive and answer your question without comment, if they do say something to make you feel stupid for asking a question you should put in a formal complaint but that is unprofessional and discourages parents from speaking up.

I see you have a two month old as well, why don't you mention the two-year old's sweating to the doctor at the little one's next check-up. The doctor should be able to quickly tell you if you should make an appointment for your two year old to be checked out more thoroughly.

just so you know, my 3 boys do that same thing...i just always figured it's b/c dh sweats so much especially at night or naptime.

I have a 14 month old little boy who has the same exact problem. No matter what the temperature is or what kind of clothes he's sleeping in, he wakes up with a sweaty head. Personally i'm not too worried about it because it only happens when he's sleeping. I think if there was some sort of gland disorder then they would be sweating all the time not just during sleep times.
I hope this makes you feel a little better and good luck!

My children sweat like that also, I never saw anything wrong with it and they seem to be devloping just fine, although mine are boys so I don't have the hair thing to worry about I'm sure it is a pain trying to pull her hair back into place after nap time. I sometimes wake from naps the same way also and have to break out the curling iron, cannot give you a medical reason why or feel that it threatens my health in any way just one of those things that happens to some people sometimes!
See what the other mamas say but I would not worry...

My 10 year old son has always done the same thing. In fact, when he was younger, I could tell when he was tired because he would start to sweat. His Dad does the exact same thing. Neither have any other medical problems and different bedding/sheets, etc. didn't make a difference. It is just something that is part of who they are. I have never asked a doctor because I figured it was not a big thing since his Dad has always had that same thing and neither seem to have other problems. Sorry for not having a solution. Just thought I would let you know that your daughter is not alone.

Hi J.,

My daughter had sweating problems when she slept too. It wasn't as bad as your daughter's but we think it was what was waking her up every night. Once we switched her onto a regular matress (out of her plastic covered baby crib mattress) the problem got much much better. I think the plastic on the mattress was contributing to her already warm body temp. I hope this helps! Good luck!


My 5-year old also sweats like this. I think he is a sweaty kid but also sleeps warmer than his dad and I because he has a waterproof sheet underneath his regular sheet. He also has a water-resistant cover over his pillow. That didn't occur to me until one night when I ended up sleeping in his bed because he crawled into my bed and it was just too crowded. I was much warmer in his bed than usual.

I think sweating a lot during sleep is normal and you probably don't need to be concerned.

Hi J.,
Two of my children have the same problem and we live here in Okinawa---heading your way actually in a few months! :) I had the same concern and took my eldest daughter to the doctor two days ago and asked about it because she always has sweaty hands, feet and sweats a lot like your child when she sleeps. My son is the same as your daughter, he sweats a lot and I posed the same question. The doctor said that is how kids are and that they will grow out of it.

I wouldn't really be too concerned with it right now, as she is still growing. I know I have concerns for my kids, but I will have to wait and see if it changes when we get to Turkey. It may be the climate too...who knows! :)

I hope we bump into one another when I get there!

All my best, V.

My response is much like everyone elses. I have two girls, six years and six months and they both sweat really bad when they are sleeping. It doesn't matter where or when or what the weather is. My six year old can be cold to the touch with summer pj's on in the dead of winter with a fan on and will still sweat. I've never thought of saying anything to the doctor because she has always done it. I would mention something to your doctor and see what they say if it is really weighing on your mind. Here is a website that I found that has information on the topic. Good luck!


Our daughter (Age 3)has the same problem. When she sleeps, especially in the summer; even when the room is cool she will sweat. Like your daughter it seems to especially affect her hair. She wakes up whether it be from a nap or night time sleeping with sweat soaked hair. It is extremely smelly sweat also! Reminds us of raw hamburger. It is so bad that when she sneaks onto our bed during the night it will wake us up and we have to spray air freshener in the room to disguise the smell. If we bath her the night before she will need one in the morning to get rid of the smell and sweaty hair. We brought her to the DR. for this and they told us it was normal. That all children sweat. She also saw a developmental pediatrician for speech issues and we mentioned the problem to her. She didn't seem to think it was a problem either. If you find out anything different please let me know.

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