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My Toddler Might Be Having Leg Cramps at Night, Any Suggestions

My 3 yr old toddler is having leg pain in the middle of the nite. She's not screaming or anything she just tells me and I rub her leg.(serveral times during the nite) This is the second nite this has happen. has this happen to anyone else. What can be done for a toddler???

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Thanks Ladies!!! We are going to try to add more potassium to her diet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know from personal experience that (if it is leg cramps) eat a lot of kiwi's and/or bananas. They have a lot of potassium (kiwi has more) and that will help.

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My 5 yr old has been going through this lately I assuming it is a growth spurt. I bought this warm packs that you can put in the microwave to warm them. They stay warm for awhile. I have my daughter lay down on the couch or in her room with them on her legs and she says it helps. I also rub her legs too. I also give her Children's Motrin.

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I know someone who has the same problem with her son. It usually happens to him after he has sweated that day. I had her try a glass of gatorade in the afternoon after he was done playing. It has seemed to help. You can try that if this is happening after the child has sweated during the day.

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She's possibly having a growth spurt. My daughter has this too & will complain about her legs hurting. On those days I let her soak in a warm bath & will give her some Tylenol before she goes to bed.

If the pains continue I suggest going to the Dr. just in case.

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My daughter did this same thing, and at 7 still complains of leg pains sometimes. There were times when she was younger that she would limp, or refuse to walk, so off to the specialist we went. They found nothing wrong, but told me that it was a reaction to a virus or other infection making its way out of her body, causing her joints to get inflamed (that is the best I can recall the odd explanation!!) Anyway, they said motrin would work, and sometimes it did. However, I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (a pain disorder) so I think we might have similar problems, and am now looking into a gluten intolerance. It may be a guessing game for a while, but I suggest continuing to do your own research to help find a solutuion. Until then, I can say motrin and a heating pad seemed to get us all back to sleep! Good luck, I empathize with both of you!! ~A.~

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I had these bad as a child. A deficiency in potassium, calcium, magnesium and/or vitamin E can be a cause. Check with your doc or pharmicist for dosages. I got this info from a book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing. Hope this helps.

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I know from personal experience that (if it is leg cramps) eat a lot of kiwi's and/or bananas. They have a lot of potassium (kiwi has more) and that will help.

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You might want to check with his doctor,my newphew had the same thing but the doctor said that its very similar to RLS. RESTLESS LEG SYNDROM we are constantly having to massage his legs becuase he is to young for meds. It doesnt hurt to ask

Dear A.,

Looks like you have some good answers but I'll tell you of my experience. One of my sons had leg cramps when he was three. It seemed to be related to "growing pains", probably having a growth spurt. Massaging the legs worked wonders for him. And we also tried adding potassium and other nutrients as others have suggested. All these things worked for us.


My daughter is now 12 years old and has had leg pains/growing pains since she was little as well. The best thing that I have found that works quickly and the best is the heating pad and Advil and Childrens Motrin when she was younger. The warmth from the heating pad really helps her alot and lets her get back to sleep quickly. I have noticed that she will typically have these pains when she has been out rollerblading, running, bike riding or swimming or just played really hard in general. I can say that the older she has gotten they have decreased tremendously so there is at least hope that your toddler will out grow them.

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